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The Best Bluetooth Patio Heater With Speakers (Reviews) in 2023

Imagine sitting on your patio getting nice and toasty from your heater’s glow, but you cannot escape the feeling that something is missing. Or, you feel that your infamous garden parties have been lacking a bit of oomph around the fire lately. Perhaps, you are the proud owner of a bar or restaurant with outdoor seating, and you would love to spoil your guests with something more than warmth.

Bluetooth Patio Heater With Speaker

It’s the beat that’s missing. It’s the tune of your favourite songs. It’s the ability to put on some good music on your terrace that would be that cherry on the cake.

Well, here’s some good news: patio heaters with Bluetooth speakers are here, and they are great! They are still new on the heater market but are already bringing new entertainment possibilities to the garden. If you love to spend time outdoors with some music in the background, you might already own a set of portable speakers.

That said, water-resistant Bluetooth speakers — such as those you’d get with most heaters — are explicitly meant for outdoor use, so you needn’t ever fret about water damage. What’s more, they don’t take up any floor space, as they are built into your beloved patio heater; and, they typically function as a light as well. Win-win-win!

In a rush and don’t have time to read, these are the best Bluetooth Patio Heaters (you can read in-depth reviews of each, below):

  1. Star Patio Freestanding

  2. Airwave Infrared Slimline

  3. BU-KO Stainless

  4. Shadow Heat & Beat

A Bluetooth Patio Heater Is a 3-in-1 Entertainment Package

This new breed of heaters offers a 3-in-1 patio entertainment package, with lighting, heating, and background tunes, all thanks to a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone or tablet.

Sadly, being new on the market, speaker-equipped heaters aren’t yet available in too many shapes, sizes, and models. That said, there is a decent enough variety of designs, mounting options, and power sources, that you can easily find a device that works best for your needs.

Should I Choose an Electric or Gas-fuelled Heater?

While scouring the market for the best Bluetooth speaker patio heaters, I found four excellent models. Three of them are electric infrared, and one is propane-fuelled. But before we look at these products, let’s examine the pros and cons of each fuelling option.

What is an Infrared (electric) Patio Heater?

Infrared heaters emanate radiant heat in the direction you point them, heating only the surface at which they are aimed, not the surroundings.

The infrared heat warms up your skin or clothes instantly, similar to the Sun, but without the harmful UV radiation. Infrared heaters can be wall-mounted and freestanding; both mounting options are popular and may be safely used indoors and outdoors.

Pros of Infrared Heaters

  • Infrared heaters are theoretically greener than their gas peers, as they do not directly burn fossil fuels. That said, a large portion of the UK’s energy comes from non-renewable sources, so be sure to check your provider’s fuel mix as you weigh this benefit.
  • Electric heaters do not make any noise, so they won’t obstruct conversations or disturb your moment of relaxation on the patio.
  • Electric heaters don’t require too much upkeep. Dust the unit once in a while, and you’re good to go.
  • Infrared rays produce instant warmth, giving you comfort from the moment you switch on the unit. This direct heat means less heat loss, lower running costs, and a more forgiving electric bill.

Cons of Infrared Heaters

  • Electric heaters have a significant downside — they need an adjacent outlet, and these aren’t as abundant on most patios as they are inside a home. Since most electric heaters come with ridiculously short electric cords, your location choice is even further constrained.
  • Your electric bill is at the mercy of your provider’s rates, which can fluctuate greatly depending on the energy company, your location, the season, and even the time of day if you’re on an Economy 7 tariff.
  • Electric heaters are often relatively compact, and subsequently, produce less heat than their gas counterparts. For instance, you wouldn’t get an infrared heater to keep your entire patio warm, but instead use it to heat a specific surface, like a bench at the dinner table.

Infrared Heater Safety

Like with any heating device, you must follow certain safety precautions when you use electric infrared heaters.

Some (not all) infrared heaters are conveniently treated with cool-touch coating; those that aren’t can get hot during operation, so it’s best to avoid touching them when in use.

Be sure to mount your infrared heater away from probing fingers, or keep it out of the way if it’s a floor-standing unit. Never mount a wall-hung heater too close to the roof or any ornaments.

Use only the electric cord that came with the unit, turn the device off when leaving the room, and always follow the instructions booklet’s safety guidelines.

What is a Gas-fuelled Patio Heater?

As their name suggests, gas-fuelled heaters run on gas. You can connect them to your mains gas, if that’s an option, or use a propane bottle. Most of these devices house the gas bottle in their base, so it’s conveniently out of the way, and you’re free to move the heater around your patio. The gas bottle feeds the burner through a regulator and hose, which are often sold together with the heater.

Gas heaters are much more powerful than their electric versions. Where most electric devices’ output tops out at 1-3kW, a gas heater can easily give you 13-14kW. That’s enough heat to keep an entire, albeit modestly sized, patio warm enough even in the cold months.  Most gas heaters offer you the option to adjust the size of the flame and heat intensity.

Pros of Gas-fuelled Heaters

  • Propane-fuelled gas heaters can vary significantly in size, which, of course, affects their portability. But even the bulkiest and heaviest gas heaters can be moved around, as they don’t rely on fixed outlet locations for power. The more cumbersome, floor-standing versions may be challenging to manoeuvre thanks to their breadth and weight, but the wheel set they typically come with makes the job a bit easier. All you need to do is tilt the unit and then push it to your preferred location.
  • Gas-fuelled patio heaters can produce the most heat. The warmth they create is also far less dry than that of electric heaters, so it’s not as irritating for your sinuses.
  • The real, flickering, flame adds cosiness to your outdoor setting that an electric heater just cannot match.

Cons of Gas-fuelled Heaters

  • Unless you can hook up your heater to the mains gas, now and then, you’ll have to replace the gas bottle. If you’re really out of luck, the gas may run out during your next social gathering. That said, the replacement frequency largely depends on hum much you use your heater. Generally, a 13kg bottle fuelling a heater with a 13kW output will last about 12 hours on the maximum heat setting. Keep in mind that heaters are never sold together with a gas bottle for safety reasons, so you’ll have to purchase one separately.

Gas-fuelled Heater Safety

It’s crucial to be extra safety-conscious when operating gas heaters and hanging around real flames, especially if you have smaller children and pets.

It’s also vital to keep the heater clean to prevent hoses and regulators’ blockage and perform regular checks on gas pressure and mounting. It’s critical never to use a gas heater in places without proper ventilation, or indoors, as the resulting build-up of carbon monoxide can be fatal. Be sure to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when assembling and operating the unit.

The Best Bluetooth Heater with Speakers?

1. Star Patio Freestanding Bluetooth Heater

Star Patio Outdoor Freestanding Electric Patio Heater with Bluetooth Speaker

The Star Patio Freestanding Bluetooth affords a combination of infrared heating, built-in speakers, and LED-lights. The device comprises a cool-touch mesh pillar with the infrared heating element encased inside; the latter boasts an impressive lifespan of 8,000 hours.

This heater has an output of 1500W, which creates enough heat to warm up 12ft2 in a confined space. Conveniently, the Bluetooth speaker and LED light are remotely controlled.

Apart from the cool-touch surface, the Star Patio Freestanding Bluetooth also features a tilt-over safety switch and is rated IP54 — meaning that the heater is fully protected from water splashing from any direction. This model is SGS US certified and comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Dimensions: 110 x 29cm
  • Weight: 57kg
  • Material: aluminium, steel
  • Power source: Electric 120V
  • Heat Output: 1500W
  • Safety: Cool-touch surface and tilt-over safety switch
  • Weather resistance: IP54 — protected against water splashing from any direction

What do people say about it? The Star Patio Freestanding Bluetooth can be used indoors and outdoors, and the reviews vary greatly between buyers who use it in these different settings. Folks who’ve used it outside point out that you must sit fairly close to the heater to feel any benefit, while those who have it in their homes, or enclosed spaces, are generally more satisfied with the heat levels.

Most consumer reviews commend the Star Patio Freestanding Bluetooth for its convenient 360° heat dissipation. The quality of both the light and sound is apparently impressive, too. The heater connects to WiFi without issues, and the remote works well, despite having a somewhat limited range. One user mentions that the power cord is slightly short, but this issue seems to plague most electric heaters on the market.


  • Quality sound
  • LED light feature
  • Direct infrared heating
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use
  • Cool-touch surface
  • 1-year warranty


  • The electric cord is a bit short.
  • The remote control has a limited range.

To summarise

The Star Patio Freestanding Bluetooth is not the most powerful heater out there but does the job at shorter distances and enclosed spaces. According to consumer reviews, remote-controlled speakers and LED lights work as advertised. Overall, the product offers excellent value for your money.

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2. Airwave Infrared Slimline Electric Bluetooth Patio Heater

Airwave 1500W Infrared Halogen Slimline Electric Garden Bluetooth Patio Heater

The Airwave Infrared Slimline feels more like an entertainment centre than a heater. It delivers 1,500W of heat, WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled speakers and colour-changing LED lights all in one, and is sure to be the talking point of your next barbeque.

The Airwave Infrared Slimline features a Stainless Steel base that helps keep the unit firm and stable during wind gusts. With an IP44 rating, the heater can withstand water spraying from all directions, making it safe for outdoor use provided it’s under a roof. (You also have the option of adding on a cover when you purchase this model).

Both LED-light and speakers are remote controlled and can operate without the heating element, so your heater doesn’t have to sit idle on steamy summer days.


  • Dimensions: 130 x 45 cm
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Power source: Electric 240V
  • Heat Output: Infrared 1500W
  • Weather resistance: IP44 — protected from water spraying from any direction

What do people say about it? The consensus among reviewers is that the Airwave Infrared Slimline is an lovely-looking heater that works just as advertised. The speakers are not the loudest, and the heater isn’t the most powerful, sufficient for intimate patio gatherings. The tall, slim design makes it a fitting choice for decks where space is limited. It connects to the Bluetooth without issues, but — surprise, surprise — the power cord is too short. 


  • Takes up little space
  • Looks great
  • Produces enough heat for smaller gatherings


  • Short cord

To summarise:

The Airwave Infrared Slimline is a complete entertainment centre of heat, colourful light, and music, that’s perfect for decks with limited space and enclosed areas. It’s compact, portable, and remote-controlled, and comes with the standard range of safety features.

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3. BU-KO Stainless Patio Heater with Speakers

BU-KO Outdoor Patio Gas Heater with Speaker

The BU-KO Stainless is a powerful gas-fuelled floor-standing unit that’s a smart option for larger open spaces. And, yes, it comes with Bluetooth speakers.

The heater stands more than 2 metres tall, with a single glass tube spanning its height and housing a real flame. Meanwhile, the Pagoda-shaped aluminium reflector at the top evenly disperses the 13kW of heat to the surrounding area. The fixed inner plate, door, and sturdy base are all made with 201-type, powder-coated Stainless Steel, which can withstand extreme temperatures.

A built-in safety valve automatically shuts off the heater’s fuel supply if tilted, and the device is CE-approved per European safety standards. You get a high-quality regulator and delivery hose when you buy the BU-KO Stainless, and, conveniently, the BU-KO Stainless also comes with a set of wheels for easy movement and storage.


  • Dimensions: 227 x 50 cm
  • Material: 201 Stainless Steel
  • Power source: LPG gas
  • Heat Output: 13 kW/ 42.000 BTU/h
  • Safety: Tilt-over safety switch and safety guard
  • Weather resistance:

What do people say about it? The BU-KO Stainless radiates a gentle, yet powerful heat, which can be felt within a 3-metre radius. You can adjust the heat intensity to the desired level, and the flickering flame creates a nice background light.

While the speakers are not embedded in the heater, it’s simple enough to mount them to the unit. They are not the most powerful speakers, apparently, but produce enough decibels for a smaller party. The assembly takes a while — about 1 hour — but the video provided with the instruction facilitates the process.


  • Strong heat output
  • Thorough video guide for simplified assembly
  • Outdoor cover provided with the purchase


  • The Bluetooth speakers are not built into the device

To summarise

The BU-KO Stainless is a powerful, durable heater with a decent set of Bluetooth speakers. You get a cover with your purchase, so you can store the device outdoors without worrying about corrosion, bird droppings, and spiders building webs inside the burner. It’s a top-selling speaker-equipped heater, and most consumer reviews applaud the product.

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4. Shadow Heat and Beat 2kW

Heat Outdoors Heat and Beat Infrared Patio Heater with Bluetooth Speaker

The Shadow Heat and Beat patio heater from Heat Outdoors is a brand-new electric, wall-mounted heater. The heater’s anodised aluminium body encases the heating element and is available in 3 colours: silver, black, and white.  It comes equipped with two Bluetooth speakers and three LED backlights to brighten up the surrounding area.

The Heat and Beat has an output of 2kW (not too shabby for an electric heater), and its heating element — the Ultra Low Glare infrared lamp — boasts a life span of 7,000 hours. For extra efficiency, the unit comes with a parabolic reflector.

For convenience, the Shadow Heat and Beat affords remote control over its heat, music and lighting, which can be adjusted via Bluetooth from your Android or iOS device. The Bluetooth range is a generous 200 metres, which is optimal for extensive gardens and commercial settings.

The heater’s lamp gives off a cosy amber light and has a dimmer that lets you control the brightness level.

The Shadow Heat and Beat has a rating of IP65, so it’s entirely dust- and splash-proof, and safe outdoor use. The device is equipped with a mesh guard to keep fingers away from the heating element for added safety.


  • Dimensions: 11 x 73 x 13 cm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg.
  • Material: anodised aluminium
  • Power source: Electric
  • Heat Output: Infrared 2kW
  • Weather resistance: IP65 — protected from low-pressure water jets from any direction

What do people say about it? The Heat and Beat heater from Heat Outdoors is the new kid on the block, so it naturally lacks reviews. That said, the ones I came across tend to be positive. As one user noted:

 “I have purchased the new HEAT & BEAT outdoor heater. It looks great and sounds great, and I am very happy with the service I have received. I would definitely recommend this heater to anyone thinking about buying one”.


  • 3 LED lights
  • Light dimmer
  • Long lamp life
  • 2,000W output — high for an electric heater
  • Safety mesh


  • Short power cord

To summarise:

So far, the Shadow Heat and Beat is the only speaker-equipped heater on the market that can be wall-mounted, making it one of a kind. It’s thoroughly designed for maximum heat output, safety, the longevity of parts, and simple remote control. What’s there not to like?

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Parting Words

Whilst there aren’t many speaker-equipped patio heaters on the market yet, I hope this post shortlists the best ones currently available. If you’ve tried using any of these heaters, or perhaps another model that I omitted here, please share your experience with our readers by leaving a comment below.

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