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Best Boiler Cover: Find the Best Boiler and Central Heating Cover in 2024

The best boiler cover is challenging to find in the UK. Numerous providers claim to offer the best boiler cover, but few offer plans that make boiler cover worthwhile for customers. Our team have conducted comprehensive research that assessed 10 UK boiler cover providers and their packages. We analysed these boiler cover providers using the same criteria you should use when choosing the best boiler cover.

Best Boiler Cover
Best boiler cover in the UK

The six best boiler cover selection criteria are as follows.

  • Ensure your boiler type is covered: The best boiler cover provides coverage to the majority of popular boiler types, including yours.
  • Choose the right boiler cover package: The best boiler cover plans have flexible packages from which you can choose coverage that suits your needs.
  • Verify the provider’s reputation: The best boiler cover providers have a strong reputation, particularly with helpline efficiency, callout expediency, and repair success.
  • Consider the exclusions: The best boiler cover does not exclude items that are likely to cause a boiler breakdown (with the exception of sludge buildup, because all boiler cover plans exclude it). Cover plans list their exclusions, and you should scan these as you search for the best policy for your boiler.
  • Factor in the free extras: The best boiler cover comes with annual boiler service as well as a landlord safety gas inspection (also known as the “CP12 certificate”) if you’re a landlord.
  • Consider the call-out fee: The best boiler cover offers a range of callout fees (also known as “excess fees”) from which to choose. For example, £0 or low callout fees entail paying higher premiums but not spending money when a breakdown happens. Conversely, higher excess lets you save on premiums, but you must pay a bit upfront any time a technician visits to perform repairs.

We based our research on the aforementioned criteria, and found three boiler cover providers that offer the best value for consumers. Of these, WarmZilla offer the overall best boiler cover plans. WarmZilla are the best boiler cover in the UK for two reasons. First, WarmZilla tops the list of best boiler cover because their plans have the most affordable £0 excess premiums. Second, WarmZilla is our number one pick because their coverage options are highly flexible. Finally, we prefer WarmZilla over other boiler cover providers because they have no limits on callouts or repair value.

Our roundup below lists 2024‘s best boiler cover plans in the UK, and gives you the necessary tools to choose the most suitable cover policy.

What is the best boiler cover in 2024?

The following four providers offer the best boiler cover in the UK in 2024.

  1. WarmZilla Boiler Cover: WarmZilla top our list of boiler cover providers because their plans have some of the most affordable premiums with a £0 callout fee while offering a comprehensive level of coverage. Check out our review of WarmZilla’s boiler cover here.
  2. YourRepair Boiler Cover: YourRepair Boiler Cover is on our list becuase YourRepair’s plans are flexible and competitive, their support team is quick and reliable, and their technicians boast a 95% first-repair success rate. Read our full review of YourRepair here.
  3. 24|7 Home Rescue Boiler and Heating Plan: 24|7 Home Rescue Boiler and Heating Plan make our list of the best boiler cover packages because it offers the best value for money. 24|7 Home Rescue have the lowest-priced boiler cover and insurance packages in the UK, but the quality of customer service and repairs is high despite the low price point. Check out our comprehensive review of 24|7 Home Rescue here.
  4. British Gas Home and Boiler Cover: British Gas are one of the best boiler cover options in 2024 in the UK because they provide the peace of mind that hiring a large, established company brings. Read our review of British Gas boiler cover here.

The above boiler cover plans are available for homeowners and landlords alike. Homeowner and landlord boiler cover plans are identical, except that landlord boiler cover plans include the CP12 certificate.

What are the best boiler and central heating cover plans for homeowners?

Below are the three best boiler and central heating cover plans for homeowners.

1. WarmZilla home boiler cover (affordable £0 excess plans)

WarmZilla boiler cover
WarmZilla boiler and heating cover plans

WarmZilla are among the best home boiler cover providers on the market for the following four reasons.

  • Affordable £0 excess plans: WarmZilla offer some of the most affordable zero-excess policies on the market. A zero-excess policy means that you pay nothing out of pocket when you call WarmZilla for boiler repairs. The WarmZilla Basic plan costs just £16.90 a month with no excess fee. British Gas charge £32 for a similar policy and 24/7 Home Rescue charge £19.90.
  • Flexible coverage: WarmZilla offer four coverage plans that allow you to bundle central heating coverage, plumbing and drains coverage, and home electrics coverage with your landlord boiler cover. This selection of choices allows you to customize your WarmZilla policy to suit your needs.
  • Annual boiler service included with all plans: WarmZilla include an annual boiler service in all of their home boiler cover plans. An annual boiler service costs between £80 – £100 if you purchase it separately and is a requirement of most manufacturer warranty policies. Boiler services also reduce the cost of repairs by identifying potential boiler problems early.
  • Great customer service: WarmZilla may not be the most established brand in boiler coverage but the provider can boast one of the best TrustPilot scores in the market at 4.6. This score reflects the quality of WarmZilla’s customer service and expertise.

There is one disadvantage to choosing WarmZilla home boiler cover: WarmZilla do not include the option to bundle your home boiler cover with pest control and home security.

WarmZilla’s homeowner boiler cover plans are priced between £13.60 and £35.99, depending on the level of coverage and the callout fee you choose. The prices above are typically heavily discounted, and you’re able to see the current promotions for WarmZilla’s home cover here.

2. YourRepair boiler cover homeowner plans (95% First-repair success rate)

YourRepair boiler cover
YourRepair homeowner boiler cover plans

YourRepair Boiler Cover is one of the best boiler cover for homeowners for the following four reasons.

  • 95% first-repair success rate: YourRepair technicians are successful at repairing boilers during their initial callout 95% of the time. This high first-repair success rate means that there’s a high chance of your boiler getting back to business after the very first visit. Boilers that are irreparable are eligible for replacement by YourRepair under certain circumstances.
  • Boiler replacement guarantee: YourRepair pledges to fit you with a replacement boiler if they can’t repair your existing boiler (as long as it’s less than 7 years old). This boiler replacement guarantee is a valuable perk that sets YourRepair apart from its competitors, most of which don’t replace irreparable boilers.
  • Annual boiler service included with all plans: YourRepair includes annual boiler service (a valuable extra) with all its plans at no extra cost. Annual boiler service keeps your boiler running at peak efficiency, helps avert breakdown before they occur, and is mandatory for keeping the boiler warranty valid. YourRepair plans offer real value with this add-on, considering that annual boiler servicing costs between £80-100 as a standalone service.
  • Reliable, round-the-clock support: Our team got through to a phone support agent in only 15 minutes on a busy, cold December day. The support team initiated a callout right away, and the technician arrived on site within 12 hours of the call.

The only minor issue our team identified in YourRepair’s terms of service is that their plans exclude the following seven boiler manufacturers from coverage.

  • Potterton
  • Powermax
  • Chaffoteaux
  • Sime
  • Servowarm
  • Elm Le Blanc
  • All back boilers

However, these manufacturers are not popular in the UK, so this exclusion isn’t a significant issue for most households with a gas boiler.

YourRepair’s 5 plans range in price from £8 to £16 per month, and the company guarantees the monthly price for three years after you sign up. This price guarantee means that you needn’t worry about surprise price increases for the next three years. YourRepair usually has special deals and promotions on its plans, so you can check out their latest offers here.

3. 24|7 Home Rescue homeowner boiler cover plan (best budget boiler cover plan)

24-7 Home rescue
24|7 Home Rescue homeowner boiler cover plans

Below are the four reasons we picked 24|7 Home Rescue as the runner-up for our list of the best boiler cover plans in 2024.

  • Cheapest plans on the market: 24|7 Home Rescue consistently has some of the least expensive boiler cover plans. Plans start at £5.99 per month, and 24|7 Home Rescue has frequent sales events that let you save even more. 24|7 Home Rescue is a worthy option to consider if you’re looking for a budget boiler care provider.
  • Four excess options: 24|7 Home Rescue offers four excess options, ranging between £0-£95. This ability to choose an excess amount gives you more flexibility to tweak your cover premiums.
  • Unlimited callouts: You can call an engineer using 24|7 Home Rescue’s customer support helpline as often as you need when your boiler breaks down. Unlimited access to repair services is usually only available from a boiler cover provider’s premium plan, but 24|7 Home Rescue includes it in all their packages. The opportunity to call a technician as often as needed means that you continue to receive support even if your boiler’s condition is deteriorating.
  • 24/7 Emergency helpline: Our team used 24|7 Home Rescue’s emergency helpline to request urgent boiler repairs, and the support agent arranged for an engineer to visit us in a mere 10 minutes. The engineer arrived within six hours of the call and fixed our boiler on the first try.

24|7 Home Rescue has one minor flaw: unlike YourRepair, not all of its plans offer complimentary annual boiler service. However, this exclusion of the boiler service only applies to the most basic, budget boiler breakdown plan. Have a look through 24|7 Home Rescue’s cover plans yourself at this link.

4. British Gas home and boiler cover (most established boiler cover provider)

British Gas
British Gas homeowner boiler cover plans

British Gas ranks below YourRepair and 24|7 Home Rescue, however it is still one of the best boiler cover plans. Here are three reasons to still consider British Gas in 2024.

  • Strong reputation: British Gas are a well-known, established provider of boiler cover with a level of trustworthiness and customer care that smaller, cheaper providers generally lack. British Gas have been around for over a century, in which time the company has become a reputable provider of heating and energy products. British Gas boiler cover is your best option if you want ultimate peace of mind.
  • Cheapest no-frills plan: British Gas have the least expensive basic boiler breakdown cover plan. The plan doesn’t cover annual service, accidental damage, or repairs to the central heating system, but it fully protects your gas boiler and controls from breakdowns and includes all parts and labour for only £2.50/month. This low price is an absolute steal considering you get British Gas’ premium customer care and prompt, efficient service.
  • Straightforward repair booking: You needn’t wait on hold on the phone for an agent to answer when your boiler breaks – British Gas offer a straightforward way to book an engineer online. It took us a mere 5 minutes to get confirmation that an engineer is on their way to fix our boiler during our tests.

The biggest issue with British Gas is that their comprehensive plans (especially those that include boiler service) are priced above the industry standard championed by companies like YourRepair, starting at £17.00/month. But the premium price is normal among well-established, national heating companies such as British Gas.

Browse through British Gas boiler cover plans here.

What are the best boiler and central heating cover plans for landlords?

Below are the best boiler and central heating cover plans for landlords.

1. WarmZilla landlord boiler cover (four flexible cover options)

WarmZilla boiler cover
WarmZilla landlord boiler cover plans

WarmZilla top our list of the best landlord boiler cover providers for the following four reasons.

  • Flexible plans: WarmZilla’s four landlord boiler cover plans allow you to bundle your landlord boiler cover with home electrics, plumbing, and central heating coverage. WarmZilla also offer you the option of choosing between a £0 excess and £95 excess fee for all of their plans. 
  • CP12 certificate: All of WarmZilla’s landlord boiler cover policies cover the cost of a CP12 certificate. Landlords are legally required to secure an annual boiler inspection and the accompanying C12 gas safety certificate. Not all boiler coverage plans include these costs but WarmZilla include it in all their plans. 
  • Help with boiler replacement:  WarmZilla may offer to pay to replace a boiler beyond economical repair if that boiler was installed fewer than 7 years ago. WarmZilla offer a £400 voucher for beyond economical repair boiler installed more than 7 years ago. WarmZilla do not guarantee either offer, however. 
  • Great customer service: WarmZilla is among the highest reviewed boiler coverage provider on TrustPilot with a score of 4.6. This high score indicates that customers enjoy the standard of WarmZilla’s customer service.

A downside of WarmZilla’s landlord boiler cover is that it does not cover any damage to boilers in properties left unoccupied for more than 30 days. This exclusion could be a problem for landlords who may not always have tenants in their property. 

WarmZilla’s landlord cover premiums range between £18.60 and £44.00, depending on your prefered coverage and callout options. WarmZilla offers heavy discounts on the aforementioned prices, and you’re able to find the most current deals here

2. YourRepair landlord boiler cover plan (get a CP12 Certificate with any plan you choose)

YourRepair boiler cover
YourRepair landlord boiler cover plans

We picked the YourRepair landlord boiler cover homeplan as one of the best boiler cover products for the four reasons below.

  • CP12 certificate included with all plans: YourRepair offers the CP12 certificate with each of its landlord boiler cover packages. The CP12 certificate is the only major factor that differentiates landlord boiler cover plans from those meant for homeowners, but many cover companies exclude this certificate from their cheapest landlord cover plans. However, YourRepair issue the CP12 certificate with annual boiler service (also included with each plan) regardless of which plan you’re on.
  • Help with boiler replacement: YourRepair can help you replace a boiler that’s broken beyond repair in two ways. First, YourRepair may decide to replace your boiler free of extra charges if the boiler is less than seven years old. Second, YourRepair may contribute towards installing a new boiler if your broken one is older than 7 years.
  • Unlimited callouts: All YourRepair boiler cover packages for landlords include unlimited callouts. Unlimited callouts become a valuable feature as the boiler ages and starts to break down more frequently – especially if the warranty term has already expired.
  • Unlimited repair value: There are no limits on how much YourRepair pay to repair a busted boiler that’s covered by its plan. Unlimited value of repairs gives you peace of mind if the boiler’s warranty is expired and its components begin to fail with a greater frequency.

One issue we identified with the YourRepair Landlord Boiler Cover is that it does not cover accidental damage. Accidental damage is possible (and unforeseeable) when you’re renting your place to other people, so this exclusion is regrettable for landlords. However, your boiler should still be protected if you require your tenants to pay for their tenant insurance.

YourRepair’s landlord boiler cover plans range in price between £12 and £20, but the company often offers deals and promotions, so check out the pricing yourself here.

3. 24|7 Home Rescue landlord boiler cover plan (best budget boiler cover for landlords)

24-7 Home rescue
24|7 Home Rescue landlord boiler cover plans

The 24|7 Home Rescue Landlord Boiler and Heating Plan offers a budget alternative to YourRepair. 24|7 Home Rescue provides the following benefits to landlords.

  • Least expensive boiler cover plans: 24|7 Home Rescue offers some of the cheapest boiler cover in the UK. Landlord boiler cover plans start at £8.99/month, and even the most comprehensive plan costs just £11.99 – that’s cheaper than most providers’ budget options.
  • Accidental damage assistance: 24|7 Home Rescue promises to undertake repairs and offer assistance if accidental damage causes an emergency that’s covered under your plan. This clause means that you remain protected if your tenant inadvertently damages your boiler or heating system.
  • Four excess options: 24|7 Home Rescue allows you to tailor your chosen plan to your budget with four excess options, ranging from £0 to £95 per claim. This flexibility allows you to save on your monthly premiums if you don’t mind putting a bit of money aside to cover the excess. Conversely, the excess options let you pay a bit more every month and rest assured that a potential boiler emergency cannot incur extra costs.
  • Superb customer service: 24|7 offers expedient, reliable service so you can get your boiler emergency sorted out as soon as possible. We got through to a phone agent without having to hold, and an engineer arrived on site 5 hours later to fix our leaky boiler. The service is not instant, of course, but 5 hours is still a short time to get a heating system emergency resolved.

The most glaring issue with 24|7 Home Rescue is that their budget landlord boiler cover plan does not offer a CP12 certificate. This exclusion means that you’re essentially paying £2 more per month than you would as a homeowner, but don’t get the one thing landlords need from boiler cover: a landlord safety certificate. That said, all other plans include the CP12 certificate.

Check out 24|7 Home Rescue landlord boiler cover packages here.

4. British Gas landlord home and boiler cover (most reputable boiler cover plan for landlords)

British Gas
British Gas landlord boiler cover plans

Following are the reasons British Gas is on our list of the best boiler cover for landlords.

  • Peace of mind: British Gas give you the comfort of knowing that your boiler and heating system are protected by an industry-leading, century-old company. British Gas are an established national company with a massive, reliable nation-wide network of skilled Gas Safe engineers. Expect your boiler emergencies to be resolved quickly and without hassle if you’re covered by British Gas.
  • Accidental damage coverage: British Gas protects landlords’ boilers and heating systems against accidental damage, which is a valuable benefit to have when you rent a home to strangers. Accidental damage protection means that British Gas has got you covered if your boiler or heating system breaks down due to the inadvertent actions of your tenants.
  • Up to £1,000 in repairs per callout: British Gas cover repairs up with up to £1,000 per callout. This is a high amount for a single repair call, considering that boiler replacement costs in the vicinity of £2,200. Such a high amount of coverage means that your breakdown should be fully covered under most circumstances.

One major issue with British Gas boiler cover is the price of its premiums (especially compared to YourRepair). Monthly premiums start at £19.00 per month – more than double the cost of a 24|7 Home Rescue landlord boiler cover plan. However, these prices are normal for national, well-known corporations such as British Gas. You are, after all, buying peace of mind.

Compare British Gas landlord boiler cover plans here.

How do I pick the best boiler cover?

Follow the six steps below to pick the best boiler cover plan for your needs.

  1. Make sure your boiler is covered: Boiler cover plans exclude boilers of certain fuel types and those made by some manufacturers.
  2. Choose the right boiler cover package: Boiler cover options range from bare-bones breakdown-only plans to comprehensive home care packages.
  3. Verify the provider’s reputation: Some boiler cover providers have a better reputation than others, particularly regarding their service efficiency.
  4. Consider the exclusions: Boiler cover plans come with an extensive list of exclusions, and you should know what items are not covered before signing up for boiler cover.
  5. Factor in the free extras: The best boiler cover includes annual boiler service and CP12 certificates for landlords.
  6. Consider the call-out fee: Higher callout fees translate to lower premiums, and vice versa.

Make sure your boiler type is covered

Find out whether the plans you’re looking at cover your boiler type and fuel. Most boiler and central heating care plans cover major boiler manufacturers and models, and have an explicit list of excluded manufacturers in the plans terms and conditions. Be sure to read through these exclusions to confirm that your boiler is not affected. Likewise, make sure that the boiler cover plans you’re considering cover your boiler fuel type, as most only protect gas boilers.

Choose the right boiler cover package

There are two general factors to consider when deciding on the level of coverage. First, consider what level of coverage is right for your boiler and central heating system, taking into account items that your boiler warranty and home insurance already protect. The different policies must not overlap and cover the same item twice – cover providers generally don’t issue refunds to compensate for an overlap. Second, consider how much you’d like to spend on your boiler cover. Boiler cover premiums increase with the level of protection the plan offers. Most plans have introductory pricing for the first year of the contract, after which the premiums generally go up. Learn what the introductory pricing is before you sign up and note the date when the premiums are due to increase. Then, shop around for a new plan before your premiums rise.

Below are the four typical cover options and their price ranges.

  • Boiler breakdown cover: Boiler breakdown cover protects your boiler and controls if they stop working and require repairs. Boiler breakdown cover monthly premiums range between £2 and £12.
  • Boiler and central heating cover: Boiler and central heating cover protects the boiler, its controls, hot water cylinders, water storage tanks, radiators, towel rails, and pipework. Boiler and central heating cover ensures repairs should any of the aforementioned components require them. Monthly premiums for boiler and central heating cover range from £6 to £20.
  • Boiler, central heating, and plumbing cover: Boiler, central heating, and plumbing plans protect all plumbing fixtures within your home but generally exclude fittings. Monthly premiums for boiler, central heating, and plumbing cover start as low as £8 and go up to £22.
  • Boiler, central heating, plumbing, home electronics, pests, and security cover: This is the most comprehensive plan that covers home electronics, security, and pest damage on top of boilers and central heating. Comprehensive cover packages cost £18 and up per month.

Note: Boiler cover premiums differ based on the boiler make, model, age, the excess amount you select, and whether the plan includes annual service.

Verify the provider’s reputation

Some boiler cover providers are well-established utility companies and already household names. Others providers are new entrants to the market and you may not have heard of them before. The quality of service doesn’t always correlate to how long a boiler cover provider has been around. However, make sure you’re comfortable with the company’s reputation before signing up with them. Pay particular attention to customers’ feedback related to the provider’s helpline. The helpline hold times should be short, and you should be able to request service promptly once your boiler has broken down.

Consider the exclusions

Items that boiler cover plans exclude are listed on the plan’s terms and conditions page. Most boiler cover plans do not cover the cost of repairs, not dispatch assistance, if any of these exclusions apply when your boiler stops working. Find a list of the eleven common boiler cover exclusions below.

  • Boiler age: Boiler cover plans generally don’t cover boilers older than 15 years, though some exclude boilers seven years or older.
  • Boiler life: Some boiler cover companies do not renew their cover plans for customers whose boiler has reached a certain age (usually 15 years).
  • Boiler model: Different plans exclude different models, though Potterton, Powermax, Servowarm, and other less popular boilers are often not covered.
  • Accessory components: Boiler cover plans generally exclude the gas supply line and boiler flue.
  • Pre-existing faults: Boiler cover plans do not protect you from breakdowns caused by a fault that existed before you signed up. This exclusion applies to design flaws and problems that developed over time.
  • Limescale or sludge-related issues: Boiler cover plans do not cover the removal of sludge or limescale, nor the replacement of parts affected by debris blockages, if these cause your boiler to break down.
  • Deliberate or negligent damage: Boiler damage caused through negligent or intentional actions is not eligible for coverage under boiler cover plans.
  • Accidental damage: Many (but not all) boiler cover plans exclude accidental damage from their list of insured breakdown causes. Pay attention to this exclusion if you’re a landlord – you don’t want to have to pay out-of-pocket to fix any boiler damage your tenants cause inadvertently. Opt for a plan that covers accidental damage (like this one from 24|7 Home Rescue) if anyone other than yourself uses the boiler.
  • Boilers beyond economical repair: Most boiler cover plans do not replace boilers that are deemed beyond economical repair (those that can’t be fixed without incurring major costs). However, some boiler cover companies (like YourRepair) offer replacement boilers if a covered boiler is beyond economical repair.
  • No-claim period: All boiler cover plans have a no-claim period immediately after you sign up. A no-claim period leaves you without coverage for a certain time, typically 14 days. No-claim periods are designed to prevent boiler owners from getting cover to repair an existing fault.
  • Repair cost limits: Some boiler cover plans limit how much they’ll pay for repairs. For example, British Gas have a repair value limit of £1,000.

Factor in the free extras

Some boiler cover packages offer free extras you should consider. Below are two notable free extras you often get with boiler cover plans.

  • Boiler service: The best home boiler cover packages come with annual boiler service. Annual boiler service is a valuable perk – servicing your boiler regularly is a condition for boiler cover, and standalone service costs around £100.
  • CP12 certificate: The best landlord boiler cover packages offer CP12 certificates along with annual boiler service. Getting a CP12 certificate signifies that the boiler on the property you rent is gas safe, and is a legal requirement if you’re a landlord.

Consider the callout fee

The call-out fee is a one-time fee you must pay for every service request you make under the boiler cover plan. Call-out fees range from £0 to £100, and have a negative correlation with the boiler cover premiums. The lower the callout fee, the higher the premiums, and vice versa.

Best boiler cover FAQs

Below are answers to some common questions about the best boiler cover.

What is boiler and central heating cover?

Boiler and central heating cover is a service that combines aspects of home insurance and emergency repairs. Firstly, boiler and central heating cover provides emergency repairs and protects you from paying out-of-pocket if something goes wrong with your boiler or central heating system. Secondly, boiler and central heating cover gives you access to prompt emergency repairs by a Gas Safe engineer and ensures that your equipment returns to normal operations as soon as possible. Some boiler cover providers fit a replacement boiler if the existing one is beyond repair. However, companies generally only offer replacement boilers when the boiler that’s covered under their policy is under seven years old.

How does boiler cover work?

Boiler cover works like a home emergency cover. You pay monthly premiums, and when something goes wrong with your boiler, you ring up your provider’s helpline to request a Gas Safe engineer to visit your home and perform repairs.

Whether or not you pay anything out-of-pocket when you make a boiler cover claim depends on two things. First, your boiler cover plan’s excess amount determines whether you pay a call-out fee any time you request repairs under your policy. Excess fees range from £0 to £100, and the higher the excess, the lower your monthly premiums. Second, your boiler cover plan may have a limit on the value of repairs, in which case you’ll have to pay any amount incurred during repairs that exceeds this limit.

Some boiler cover companies cover the cost of a replacement boiler if the broken boiler is irreparable. This replacement guarantee is not universal among boiler cover providers, and generally only applies to broken boilers that are less than seven years old.

Do I need boiler cover?

Answer each of the questions below to find out whether you need boiler cover.

  • Does your home insurance provide boiler cover? Some home insurance policies include boiler and central heating cover, which eliminates the need to have a separate boiler cover policy. Check your home insurance policy or call support to find out whether the policy includes boiler cover. Don’t splurge on a separate boiler cover plan if your home insurance includes it already.
  • Do you rent? You don’t need boiler cover if you rent because your boiler and heating system belong to the landlord. It’s your landlord’s responsibility to repair your boiler and heating system in case of a breakdown, not yours.
  • Are you a landlord? You should have boiler cover if you’re a landlord because the law compels you to fix boiler and central heating breakdowns at your tenants’ residence. Landlord boiler cover plans help you get your tenants’ boiler problems resolved quickly, protecting you from legal action by the tenant.
  • Is your boiler under three years old? Boilers under three years old are unlikely to break, especially if they have a long standard warranty term and are made by a reputable manufacturer. Consider self-insuring instead of getting boiler cover if your boiler is under three years old and is made by a reputable manufacturer – doing so helps you save money and still protect yourself from unforeseen emergencies.
  • Do you value peace of mind? Consider buying boiler cover if you value peace of mind. Research conducted by Which? shows that boiler cover is not a cost-effective option for homeowners, as the total cost of premiums surpasses the costs of annual boiler service and repairs. However, even quality, reputable boiler models experience significant breakdowns that demand pricey repairs or even a boiler replacement. Such low-probability, high-impact events can leave your family without heating or hot water for a prolonged period if you don’t have boiler cover. In contrast, a low-cost boiler breakdown cover policy guarantees that any breakdowns (no matter how unlikely) are short lived.

Why spend money on boiler and central heating cover?

Below are the key reasons to spend money on boiler and central heating cover.

  • Solve problems quickly via a dedicated 24/7 emergency helpline: A boiler cover plan allows you to request emergency repair service via a dedicated, round-the-clock phone line and have an engineer visit within (usually) 24 hours of the call. Some boiler cover providers (like British Gas) have an online request form that allows you to make a claim and ask for an engineer’s help without waiting on hold on the phone. In contrast, insurance companies do not dispatch technicians to perform repairs. Instead, they simply pay for your out-of-pocket expenses after approving your claim. You’ll have to find a technician on your own and wait for them to become available before your boiler gets fixed if you rely solely on a home insurance policy.
  • Parts and labour are covered: Boiler cover plans typically cover all parts and labour associated with repairs. Even if there are limits on repair value, these limits are sufficiently high to cover the repair or even replacement of most boiler and central heating system components. For example, British Gas have a £1,000 repair limit per callout, whilst a boiler’s priciest component – the heat exchanger – generally costs around £500 to replace. Boiler warranties and home insurance policies generally don’t offer coverage that extends to all boiler and central heating system components the way a cover plan does.
  • Wide range of coverage options: You’re able to customise your boiler cover plan to protect various systems and equipment at your home, not only the boiler. Boiler cover offers protection to parts of the central heating system, plumbing, electrics, home security, and even pest control.

How do I save money on the best boiler cover plan?

The following are four ways to save money on the best boiler cover plan.

  • Pay annually: Paying boiler cover premiums annually is generally cheaper than paying them monthly. Pay upfront to protect your boiler for a full year to get the best savings if you don’t mind making a larger, lump-sum payment.
  • Select a high excess fee: Opting for the highest excess fee reduces your premiums significantly. However, you’ll need to have some money set aside to cover the excess in case of an emergency. The cash remains available to you if nothing happens to the boiler, and you’re able to pay the lowest premiums possible for boiler cover.
  • Cover only what you need: Carefully consider which components of your home’s heating, plumbing, and electronic systems require additional cover, and which are already protected by an insurance policy. You’ll pay less in premiums if you cover only those items that are not protected by other policies.
  • Switch boiler cover providers often: Switching boiler providers at the end of your contract is a good idea for two reasons. First, your introductory pricing usually expires after the first year, so your premiums are likely to rise after the first twelve months of coverage. These premium increases are significant, and often double what you’re used to paying. Cancelling your existing coverage just before it gets more expensive is an effective way to save money. Second, opting for a new boiler cover provider gives you a chance to take advantage of new introductory pricing for another year just as your existing provider is about to charge you more. Consider the following tips when switching boiler cover providers.
  • Use comparison sites: Boiler price comparison sites allow you to analyse different boiler cover packages (along with the most current pricing) side-by-side. However, note that price comparison sites receive income via affiliate leads from the boiler cover providers they list. This affiliate relationship means that the comparison sites generally only show those boiler cover providers who agree to pay commission for leads.
  • Use cashback sites: Cashback sites offer cash back when you sign up for boiler cover using their service. The cashback site gets a lead fee (also known as a commission) from the boiler cover provider if you sign up for boiler cover through their site, and they split this fee with you. You get a rebate of £20-£80 off your annual boiler cover premium when you use a cashback site.
  • Ask for discounts: Haggle and ask for discounts when speaking with prospective boiler cover providers. Ask your existing provider for a new deal before your introductory pricing expires, and threaten to switch providers if you don’t get a deal you like.

Is boiler cover better than boiler insurance?

Yes, boiler cover is better than boiler insurance for two reasons. Firstly, boiler cover guarantees fast repairs. A technician is generally able to visit your residence and start fixing the boiler issue within a day of the call if you’re covered by a boiler cover plan. In contrast, you’ll have to book an appointment with a Gas Safe technician by yourself if you rely solely on insurance. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to find an available Gas Safe engineer to visit your property on short notice (especially during the busy cold season). Secondly, boiler cover ensures that your out-of-pocket expenses are minimal (if at all existent) during a boiler emergency. Expect to pay around £100 for a callout if you have the maximum excess fee on your plan (and thus pay the lowest monthly premium). Conversely, you pay less per callout (if anything at all) by decreasing the excess and increasing the premiums. Either scenario results in you spending between £0 and £100 to fix a broken boiler. In contrast, insurance policies leave you liable for the full repair costs until the insurance company approves your claim and reimburses you.

The two aforementioned reasons boiler cover is better than home insurance are no reason to forgo getting home insurance, as each service serves a different purpose. That said, be sure to check what each policy covers and eliminate overlaps between home care and home insurance. You’ll be able to pay less on your premiums by removing overlapping coverage.

Is boiler cover better than a warranty?

No, boiler cover is not better than a warranty – cover plans and warranties complement each other. Below are the two ways boiler cover and warranties complement each other.

  • Warranties have exclusions and expiry dates: You should get a boiler cover plan that fills the gap warranty exclusions leave. For example, a manufacturer’s warranty generally does not cover boiler controls, yet these devices often malfunction and leave occupants without heat or water. In contrast, even the most basic boiler breakdown plans cover repairs to boiler controls.
  • Some boiler cover plans have limits on repair costs: Many boiler cover plans limit the value of the repairs they cover. The limits are generally reasonable. For example, British Gas has a limit of £1,000 per callout. However, your boiler may need repairs that are so extensive that the cover plan does not cover them all. In a situation where the boiler cover plan leaves some of the repair costs for you, you may be able to turn use the warranty to replace or repair broken parts.

Note: Always tell the Gas Safe engineer your boiler company sends whether or not you have a warranty on your boiler and what it covers before they commence repairs. Giving the engineer an idea of what’s covered under the warranty will help them perform repairs in the most economical manner and avoid accidentally voiding the warranty.

Can you get cover for an old boiler?

Whether you obtain cover for an old boiler depends on how old the boiler is. Most boiler cover providers offer cover for boilers up to 15 years old. However, the majority of boiler cover plans do not replace irreparable boilers that are over seven years old. The conditions differ between boiler cover providers and their policies, so be sure to read the fine print before you sign the contract.

Does boiler cover come under house insurance?

No, boiler cover does not come under house insurance. House insurance and boiler cover are separate services. House insurance allows policyholders to make claims for insured items that sustain damage within a home, whilst boiler cover gives policyholders access to fast repairs and covers the majority of the repairs’ costs. That said, some home insurance plans include boiler cover in the policy.

What is the “excess” in boiler cover?

“Excess” in boiler cover is the amount the policyholder pays for every call-out (“excess” is often referred to as the “call-out” fee). Excess fees range between £0 and £100 per call-out, and you can set the excess fee when you sign up for your boiler cover plan.

Monthly boiler cover premiums are lower when you have a higher excess fee, and higher with a lower excess fee. Boiler cover premiums are highest when the excess fee is £0.

Can I change my boiler cover provider?

Yes, you canchange your boiler cover provider, but only at the end of your 12-month contract period. Terminating your boiler cover contract before the contract expiry date incurred termination fee due upon payment of your final bill.

Changing your boiler cover provider offers an effective way to keep your premiums low. Boiler cover providers typically raise your premiums after the first year of service, so changing your boiler cover company at the end of the first year allows you to find a new policy with low, introductory rates.

What is the annual boiler service?

Annual boiler service is a yearly checkup that determines whether your boiler is running safely and efficiently. A Gas Safe engineer performing annual boiler service assesses the boiler’s startup and operation, checks the gas pressure, and inspects the flue. You get a report with the engineer’s findings at the end of the boiler service appointments. The report contains the engineer’s findings on the status of your boiler’s safety and efficiency, and recommends fixes if any are required.

Annual boiler service is mandatory for landlords, and is a prerequisite for all boiler owners who want to keep their boiler warranties and cover plans valid. The best boiler cover includes annual boiler service on homeowner and landlord plans.

Can I keep my boiler cover if I move?

No, you cannot keep your boiler cover if you move, since the boiler that’s currently covered remains at the old residence. However, you’re able to negotiate a new deal with the existing boiler cover provider. The company may even agree to waive the contract termination fees if you sign another contract with them after moving to a new house.

How soon can I make a claim after taking out boiler cover?

How soon you can make a claim after taking out boiler cover depends on your provider and the boiler cover package you choose. Most boiler cover companies have a no-claim period to prevent customers from taking out cover on a boiler that’s already broken. The majority of providers have a no-claim period of 30 days. However, some no-claim periods are as short as 14 days.

Do I lose boiler cover if I switch energy suppliers?

No, you do not lose boiler cover if you switch energy providers. Your energy contract and boiler cover are separate services, and giving up one should not lead to you losing the other. However, you may lose your boiler cover if your plan is from your energy provider. Many energy providers (such as British Gas) offer boiler cover services, and you lose your coverage if these services are bundled with the energy contract.

How long does a callout take if I have boiler cover?

How long a callout takes if you have boiler cover depends on two factors. First, the callout response time depends on the breadth of your provider’s technician network. Providers with large, nationwide networks of Gas Safe engineers are able to respond to a callout within a working day. In contrast, smaller providers with fewer technicians struggle to respond quickly. Second, the callout response time depends on the time of year. The cold season forces most of the nation’s households to operate their boilers for long hours, and boiler breakdowns happen with greater frequency. Getting a Gas Safe technician takes longer during the busy cold season than at other times of the year.