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La Hacienda Patio Heater (Reviews): Best Outdoor Heaters For 2023

La Hacienda markets itself as a global expert in outdoor heating. And, with over 30 years of supplying consumers with garden décor and heating, there may be some truth to that. In 2017, the company joined forces with Kelkey, True Temper, and Apta — all industry leaders in lawn and garden products — to expand worldwide and combine their 100 years worth of expertise.

La Hacienda’s products range from outdoor décor to firepits, to ovens for alfresco cooking, while the company’s management is focused on innovative product design, quality, and professional customer service. Today, La Hacienda’s merchandise can be found in stores across the UK and online marketplaces such as Amazon.

La Hacienda Patio Heater

In this post, I will list the top 6 outdoor heaters from La Hacienda. All 6 are fantastic choices for your patio, but each comes with its nuances, pros, and cons.

In a rush, here are the best La Hacienda outdoor heaters:

  1. La Hacienda Silver Hanging Halogen Electric
  2. La Hacienda Black Series Nero Revolving Table Top Heater
  3. Diamond Deep Steel Firepit
  4. Kutu Oxidised Cast Iron Firepit
  5. Hacienda Steel Pewter Effect Heater
  6. La Hacienda Geometric 2-Piece Clay Chimenea

Which Patio Heaters Does La Hacienda Offer?

La Hacienda has a lovely assortment of outdoor patio heating products. These include:

  • Electric patio heaters — hanging, tabletop, and floor-standing
  • Firepits and fireplaces
  • Chimeneas — clay or metal
  • Outdoor alfresco ovens

La Hacienda Electric Patio Heaters (Infrared)

Infrared heaters are an excellent choice for a small patio and intimate gatherings. An infrared heater only warms the surface you aim at, so there is little heat loss, which is excellent for both the environment and your wallet. Infrared heaters can be either wall- or ceiling-hung or placed on top of a table.

Hanging heaters are tailor-made for placement above a dining table or a workbench. They are entirely out of the way, so there are no wires for you or your guests to trip over.

On the other hand, tabletop placement is more suitable if you want a mobile heater, but with direct, efficient heat.

La Hacienda Firepits

Historically, freestanding firepits comprised a simple cast-iron bowl, on either three or four legs. Today, there are more firepit designs out there than I can count. However, the traditional look is still popular, because it simple to use and creates that unique, cosy atmosphere.

Fire pits can vary significantly in size and shape, and some versions are small enough for safe table placement. One great advantage of these heaters is their versatility, as they can do more than keep you warm. You can handily use a firepit as a cooking grill, for instance, or fire it up at your campsite for both warmth and safety. Without fuel in them, firepits are relatively lightweight, so it’s easy enough to move them around as you see fit.

La Hacienda Chimeneas

The rustic chimeneas are an increasingly trendy choice for outdoor heating. In most cases, chimeneas are made from metal alloys, cast irIronor clay.

Chimeneas are surprisingly multifunctional. Apart from making a bold décor statement on your patio or backyard, these simple contraptions are potent sources of heat, and can also be used for cooking. Where modern gas heaters (not to mention their electric cousins) fare poorly in lousy weather, chimeneas can keep working in all conditions — their bulky bodies easily shield the burning fuel from rain, snow, and wind.

What’s The Best La Hacienda Patio Heater?

1. La Hacienda Silver Hanging Halogen Electric

La Hacienda Silver Series Hanging Heater Halogen Large Electric

The Silver Hanging Halogen Electric patio heater features a contemporary design and brushed Stainless Steel finish. Its lamp provides both warm light and pleasant heat for smaller areas and comes with a life span of 5,000 hours.

Thanks to infrared halogen technology, the Silver Hanging Halogen Electric‘s heat is distributed efficiently and comes with three heat settings, the highest being 2,100W. The heater’s chain lets you hang the device from your ceiling, so you can stay warm when working in your garage or entertaining guests out on your chilly terrace. You can also hang the heater inside a tent or gazebo if need be.


  • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 35cm
  • Weight: 5.4 kg.
  • Material: aluminium and brushed Stainless Steel
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Heat Output: 2,100W, radiant infrared
  • Water Resistance: IP24 — protected from water spraying from any direction

What do people say about it? According to the reviews, the Silver Hanging Halogen Electric provides a great deal of heat, as long as you’re sitting directly beneath it. Thanks to its subtle placement, this heater is not an eyesore; it merely resembles a large light fixture. It would have been more convenient if the device came with remote control, so you don’t have to get up on a chair to adjust the heat settings or turn it on and off. That said, the 2 control buttons are smartly placed at the bottom of the unit.


  • Subtle design
  • Heats a decent surface area


  • The cord is too short
  • No remote control

To summarise

La Hacienda’s Silver Hanging Halogen Electric is unpretentious, powerful (for an electric heater) and functional. Once installed, it’s conveniently out of the way. It’s a good buy if you need to stay warm while doing work in your garage or conservatory, or if you plan to entertain small-enough dinner parties in your gazebo.

Check price on Amazon

2. La Hacienda Black Series Nero Revolving Table Top Heater

La Hacienda Black Series Nero Revolving Table Heater Electric

The Nero Revolving Table Top Heater from La Hacienda’s Black series is a stylish, cost-effective and sophisticated choice for the patio floor or table. It heats quite a large area despite being so compact and is equipped with an oscillating inner reflector that radiates heat from 120° to 360°. You can change the heat levels between 600W and 1200W. Thanks to the unit’s handles, you’re free to bring it with you wherever you go. For safety, a tip-over safety-switch will shut off your device if it tips over.


  • Dimensions: 23 x 23 x41cm
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Power Source: corded electric 240V
  • Heat Output: Infrared 1,200W
  • Safety: Tip-over safety switch

What do people say about it? The Nero Revolving Table Top Heater‘s consumer reviews tend to agree that this heater provides just the right amount of heat, and cools off promptly after you shut it off. It’s light enough to carry around, and the oscillating function comes in handy when you’re entertaining several guests. Like many electric appliances, and notably outdoor heaters, this heater gets its share of criticism for having a short power cord. That said, of all the cables I’ve come across, 1.8 metres is quite generous.


  • Sufficient heat output
  • Cools down quickly after use
  • Lightweight


  • Short cord

To summarise

The Nero Revolving Table Top Heater is a durable, portable unit that gives off a substantial amount of heat despite its tiny size. Its lightweight comes in handy when you’re changing locations, and the oscillating function distributes heat to all those gathered at your table.

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3. Diamond Deep Steel Firepit

La Hacienda Diamond Deep Steel Firepit with Cooking Grill, Bronze Effect

The Diamond Deep Steel Firepit from La Hacienda is made from steel and has a brushed bronze finish with a laser-cut pattern. The bowl itself is deep — perfect for fires large and small. The price includes a chrome-plated cooking grill, which you can place over the pit to enable alfresco dining.

A mesh cover will protect you from flying sparks, and a metal tool is for safely taking the lid off when it’s hot. You can opt for charcoal as your fuel if you intend to use the Diamond Deep Steel Firepit as a cooking grill.


  • Dimensions: 66 x 66 x 55cm
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Material: Steel
  • Power Source: Wood logs or charcoal
  • Safety: Mesh cover

What do people say about it? Most positive reviews note that the Diamond Deep Steel Firepit is quite large, so you can build as big a fire as you want. The unit feels a bit flimsy, though, and may rust quickly (though many reviewers are fond of the look, and some firepits come “oxidised” out of the box).


  • Large


  • Rusts quickly
  • Heavy

To summarise

The Diamond Deep Steel Firepit is meant to hold a large fire, so it can keep a decent-sized crowd toasty and comfy during an outdoor event. What’s more, it doubles as a charcoal grill, which is another handy feature if you like to entertain out on your deck or in your garden. Since some reviewers mention rust problems, it may be wise to invest in a cover for this firepit — especially if you plan to store it outdoors. To me, the Diamond Deep Steel Firepit seems like an obvious choice if you’re after intense, wood-fired heat.

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4. Kutu Oxidised Cast Iron Firepit

La Hacienda Kutu Oxidised Cast Iron Firepit with Steel Stand

The Kutu Oxidised Cast Iron Firepit is a low maintenance heater that only needs a few small logs to produce that cosy ambience you get with the crackling of a real wood fire.

This minimalist, cast iron firepit is simple, elegant, and won’t rust on you, as it’s already rusted by design. Its finish is natural and continues to oxidise over time. The cast-iron bowl is held up by a sturdy steel stand with three legs and the same rustic finish.


  • Dimensions: 21 x 47cm
  • Material: oxidised cast iron
  • Power Source: wood logs or charcoal

What do people say about it? Customers commend the Kutu Oxidised Cast Iron Firepit for its aesthetics, portability, and durability. The firepit is lightweight, which leaves some reviewers questioning whether it’s indeed made with cast iron. That said, other buyers report using this firepit on their patios for years without noticing any wear and tear. As a company, La Hacienda gets big points for helpful, prompt, and friendly customer service.


  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Excellent customer service


  • Nothing obvious

To summarise

The Kutu Oxidised Cast Iron Firepit features a simple, traditional design, and its no-frills nature is reflected in the price. It’s an inexpensive heater that still gets top points for durability, ease of use, convenience, and, of course, aesthetics.

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5. Hacienda Steel Pewter Effect Heater

La Hacienda Steel Squat Pewter Effect Patio Heater

The Hacienda Steel Pewter Effect heater is a wood-fired, chimenea-style patio heater, meant to heat a smaller outside area. It features steel construction, with cast iron legs for added sturdiness, and the entire heater is coated with a heat-resistant finish.

The mesh door at the front of the chimenea keeps you at a safe distance from the flames, whilst a rain lid shields the fire from rain and snow. This model can warm a small patio with a decent amount of heat.


  • Dimensions: 72 x 32cm
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Material: steel and cast IrIronower Source: wood
  • Safety: mesh door

What do people say about it? What a gem, they say! The Hacienda Steel Pewter Effect Heater may come in a small, unimpressive package, but once it is assembled — a quick feat, apparently — it’s quite the looker. Best of all, it produces tonnes of good old-fashioned heat. The front mesh door is made of thin material but is quite robust. One buyer shared that his kids love to roast marshmallows on it and that he successfully used the chimenea to make baked potatoes on a cold winter evening.


  • Cheap
  • Sturdy
  • Reliable
  • Small


  • Nothing obvious

To summarise

The Hacienda Steel Pewter Effect Heater may not cost much, but it looks, feels, and performs like any top-tier heater, and it’s got plenty of positive reviews to back up this reputation. If you’re looking for a versatile, rustic-looking wood-fire heater that’s safe around children and pets, look no further.

Check price on Amazon

6. La Hacienda Geometric 2-Piece Clay Chimenea

La Hacienda Geometric 2 Piece Clay Chimenea, Medium-Sea Blue & Red

As its name suggests, the Geometric 2-Piece Clay Chimenea comes with 2 pieces, flue and grille. When the top — the flue — is on, you use it as a heater. Once the flue is off, and you place the chrome grille (included with the purchase) on the clay bowl, your cooking can begin. You can turn the unit back into a chimenea just as quickly by removing the grille and replacing the flue.

The Geometric 2-Piece Clay Chimenea has cast iron legs for greater stability, and its body is hand-crafted and painted by artisans.

A clay chimenea needs curing before use, so make sure you follow the instructions provided in the manual.


  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 87 m
  • Weight: 21 kg
  • Material: Clay and steel
  • Power Source: Wood-fired

What do people say about it? Numerous people who purchased the Geometric 2-Piece Clay Chimenea complain that it cracked quickly after initial use, despite them following the curing instructions. On the other hand, folks who succeeded to keep theirs in two pieces are quite pleased with their purchase. It looks fantastic on the patio and provides an adequate amount of heat for four people to feel comfortable sitting around it. It works great as a small barbeque as a well!


  • Beautiful look
  • Comfortable output
  • Multiple uses as heater and BBQ


  • May crack easily

To summarise

The Geometric 2-Piece Clay Chimenea has an unmatched aesthetic, versatile function, and superb heat output. Following the curing instruction should spare your purchase from destruction, but some users have reported otherwise. Did they cure it wrong? I don’t know, but you’ve been warned.

Check price on Amazon

Are La Hacienda Patio Heaters Safe?

Yes, if you follow the right safety procedures. These may vary depending on the fuel type, but all La Hacienda patio heaters should be safe with a bit of common sense.

Electric infrared patio heaters from La Hacienda live up to basic safety standards. They are IP-rated for outdoor use and have a tilt-over safety switch.

Now, for the common sense stuff.

The housing on an electric heater can get hot, so don’t touch it. Install your heater at a safe distance from the ceiling, wall or anything else that may be flammable. To this end, always follow mounting and safety instructions that come with the heater and keep electricity and water apart.

Here’s another safety tip: check the cords, plugs, and brackets immediately upon your unit’s arrival. Should you observe a fault, return the product and don’t try to operate it.

Fire pits and Chimeneas are a risky choice if you have small children or pets. They are often sold with some necessary safety measures, like a mesh cover to protect from sparks and such, but fires are still a considerable hazard in the open air, require constant supervision.

The fire in a chiminea is more enclosed than in a firepit, but be aware that all wood-fired devices take much longer to cool down than electric, or even gas-fired units. With this in mind, give your heater time to cool off before you touch it.

I’ll also suggest that you use a cover to keep dust, bird droppings, and moisture away from your heater, regardless of its style or fuel type. This simple investment (if you didn’t get a cover with your purchase) can prolong your device’s life span and keep it safe.

La Hacienda Patio Heater: CONCLUSION

La Hacienda is a market-leading outdoor heating brand, and I hope that my humble guide will help you navigate their top-tier products.

Have you used any of the heaters I listed above, or any La Hacienda product, for that matter? Perhaps you feel passionate, one way or another, about a completely different heater model and would like to share your experience? If so, kindly leave our readers and us a comment below.

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