WarmZilla Boiler Installation (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

If you’re shopping around to buy a new boiler then you may well have seen WarmZilla and their mascot, Derek the Dinosaur pop up.

WarmZilla is different because they make buying a boiler easier, cheaper, and quicker. Nobody has time to wait around for a surveyor to price a new boiler and try and upsell you on things you don’t need and give you an installation date weeks or even months into the future.

WarmZilla boiler install - review

With WarmZilla you can go online (www.warmzilla.co.uk), fill out a short survey, and get an instant fixed price quote. Not only will this quote remain the same price (no hidden extras) but because they don’t employ salespeople the price is often much lower.

Who are WarmZilla?

WarmZilla was formed by two engineers that have worked at every level of the heating industry and between them have over 25 years of experience.

It was from this experience that they began to see that technology wasn’t being implemented in the heating industry to benefit the customer experience.

Customers were having to wait weeks for someone to come round and provide a quote, getting the recommended three quotes this way was a job in itself, and that’s all before you’ve been given an installation date.

WarmZilla gives customers the ability to get an instant fixed price boiler quote online in a few minutes and get a new boiler installed in a day or two, not a month or two.

WarmZilla Reviews

WarmZilla is rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot, with an average review score of 4.7 / 5. An impressive 95% of customers reviewing WarmZilla have given them the highest grade of ‘Excellent’.

They also have excellent reviews on their Google Business page and their Facebook page.

What types of boiler do WarmZilla install?

WarmZilla installs gas, LPG, and oil boilers. However, with LPG and oil installations you will need to speak to an advisor on the phone or live chat. This is down to oil and LPG installations being a bit more complicated and therefore more difficult to quote on through an online survey.

WarmZilla fit system, combi, and regular (heat only) boilers, depending on the heating and hot water demands for your home.

How does WarmZilla work?

WarmZilla works by saving you time and money. As an online business WarmZilla doesn’t have to cover the costs of a sales team on the road and they pass these savings on to you.

They’re so convinced that they are the cheapest that they offer a ‘Best Price Guarantee’, meaning that if you find a cheaper price on a like-for-like boiler with installation then they guarantee to beat it – by £50!

Buying a new boiler can be an expensive business and you’ll probably want to shop around but it gives peace of mind to know that WarmZilla check prices daily to make sure they offer the best value for money. So you know you’ll be getting a great deal.

WarmZilla passes the power back to you to choose when you want your boiler installed and gives you prices that can’t be beaten. It’s easy to see why they are fast becoming a big name in the heating industry.

The WarmZilla Boiler Quote Process

You’ll click through a multiple-choice form, which asks for information regarding the type of boiler you have, the number of showers, the size of your property, and so on.

The WarmZilla Boiler Quote Process

Essentially, this determines the type of boiler that’s suited to your property, as well as hot water and heating demand.

Then, there are other questions relating to the installation area. These include things like:

  • How close the flue is to the window
  • The type of flue currently fitted

Some of these questions relate to additional parts installers need to purchase for the job.

More importantly, they’re ensuring that your current boiler setup is Gas Safe. If it’s not, they’ll need to make sure that’s the case before the job is finished.

WarmZilla Boiler Replacement Costs

So the WarmZilla process sounds really easy and you’re ready to get a quote but how much can you expect to pay for a new boiler? The price varies from home to home, the heating requirements of a 1 bedroom flat will be much lower than a 5 bedroom home with 20+ radiators.

This is where the WarmZilla survey comes in, you don’t have to provide any personal information to get your quote, just a couple of minutes of your time.

WarmZilla Boiler Replacement Costs

Prices start from £1,499 inc VAT and can go up to around £2,500 inc VAT for a premium boiler with a high kW output. The fact WarmZilla offers a ‘Best Price Guarantee’ means that they think they offer the best value and that they’re willing to back it up by matching any like-for-like quote and giving you a £50 cashback too.

What’s Included in a WarmZilla Boiler Replacement?

With every WarmZilla boiler installation, you don’t just get the boiler – you get everything you need to ensure your boiler will live a long and healthy life.

  • System Cleanse

Before every installation a system cleanse is performed using inhibitor to clear out any rust and debris (sludge) to stop it getting into your new boiler.

Sludge is the #1 killer of boilers so your system must be prepared before your new boiler goes in.

  • System filter

If the system cleanse is the cure then the system filter is the prevention. Fitted on the return pipe of your boiler, the system filter catches all of the sludge heading towards your boiler, keeping your boiler working for longer. The filter is cleaned out during your annual service.

  • Gas Safe Installation

WarmZilla uses a network of Gas Safe registered engineers around the U.K known as WarmInstallers. The team are experienced heating engineers with a dedication to keeping you warm and ensuring they look after your home as if it were their own as they install your boiler.

  • Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat allows you to control your temperature from a phone, tablet, or even Alexa (or similar device).

They are a useful piece of technology and they can save you money on your heating bills by allowing you remote control, like turning it off if you forget to do it before you leave. You still get a wireless wall-mounted thermostat if you’re more of a traditionalist but it’s a nice option to have.

  • Guarantee

Depending on what brand you go for you can get up to a ten-year guarantee with a WarmZilla boiler. Currently, they are offering 5-year guarantees with Vokera boilers, 7-year guarantees with Ideal boilers, and 10-year guarantees with Worcester boilers.

Buy your boiler on finance with WarmZilla

Can’t afford to buy your boiler outright? Let’s face it if we have that kind of cash lying around we’d probably spend it on something a bit more fun than a boiler.

Boiler finance gives you the best of both worlds, get that new boiler you need and still have some cash to have a little break away.

We already know that replacing a boiler can lead to cost savings of up to £70 per month with increased heating efficiency and WarmZilla is offering finance starting from £9.70 per month. Your new boiler could be paying for itself!

WarmZilla offers the option of paying no deposit too, so if you haven’t got any savings and your boiler has let you down then this could be the perfect solution. You can spread the payments out over ten years if you need to keep the monthly payments low.

Can I get a boiler on bad credit?

If you have bad credit, it’s no problem, their providers, Vendigo, have a high acceptance rate. If your boiler needs replacing, don’t keep on wasting money on repairing it, get the peace of mind of having a new boiler installed with a guarantee covering any issues.

Who should buy a boiler from WarmZilla?

At the prices WarmZilla are selling boilers at and with the extras you get, we would say anyone that needs a boiler would benefit from getting it at WarmZilla.

People often go to well-known companies like British Gas and end up paying more and waiting longer for their boiler installation. Get a quote from WarmZilla when you’re pricing up your new boiler and see what they can do – there are very few companies out there that can compete on price and based on their reviews so far – they’re offering a great service.

To get your fixed price boiler quote – click here.

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