Heating is complicated. Boilers even more so.

We’re here to make them simple.

Whether you need a new boiler or a fix for one that’s broken, you’re likely overwhelmed by the abundance of information on the web.

Our mission is to simplify your quest and answer all your boiler and heating questions — whatever they may be.

Our Story

Back in 2017, HeatingForce started off as a small team of seasoned former plumber merchants who wanted to shed light on a misunderstood, yet deeply loathed topic: boilers.

We wanted the British public to know that boilers are not their enemy; at worst, they’re a capricious friend that needs due care and attention.

So, we brushed up on our writing skills, dusted off the old thesaurus, rolled up our sleeves, and got to work. In the years that followed, our team wrote many dozens of articles addressing every boiler problem under the Sun. And, to help you survive through boiler repairs and replacement, we wrote detailed, no-nonsense cost guides to fixing boilers, replacing boilers, moving boilers, converting boilers, and… well, all things “boiler.”

We’ve also kept our fingers on the industry’s pulse to produce unbiased reviews of dozens of boiler models on the UK market. To make sure that you never end up overpaying for a new appliance, or get one that breaks the next day, we’ve partnered with industry-leading boiler installers, like Heatable.

In recent years, we’ve also amassed buying guides that help you choose an assortment of home and personal comfort items, including home appliances, clothing, and tools.

Fast-forward to the present day, and you’ll find our small but dedicated team working hard to demystify the next frontier in home comfort — the fast-approaching switch to renewable heating technologies.

We also strive to ensure that all our previously published guides are still useful to our readership and packed with the most current information.

The HeatingForce Team

Nick Polishchuk – Managing Editor

Nick is an experienced engineering writer and editor.

Over the past 3 years, he’s extensively covered heating and cooling systems and written about various architectural, structural, and mechanical engineering topics.

As a former construction estimator, Nick is always in pursuit of a balance between quality, cost, and sustainability — a correlation he strives to highlight in all his stories, whether they’re consumer buying guides or reviews.

LinkedIn | You can read all of Nick’s articles here.

Who’s Talking about Heating Force

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