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5 Glow Warm Patio Heaters for Warm and Cosy Atmosphere

Glow Warm is a well-known, global manufacturer of quality gas-fuelled patio heaters of countless shapes and sizes. Their assortment of products probably has something in store for anybody looking for a quality heater, and in this guide, I’ve compiled Glow Warm’s cream-of-the-crop models.

But before we get into my top picks, let’s discuss gas heaters in general.

Glow Warm Patio Heater

Are Gas Heaters Any Good?

Gas-fuelled patio heaters are by far the most powerful. They produce a substantial amount of heat compared to an electric, or wood-fired heaters.  If you come across a natural gas run heater, and you already have a natural gas mains at your house, then this is your most cost-efficient, and energy-conscious option.

That said, a patio heater hooked up to the mains gas limits the heater’s mobility, as it will always be tied to a certain radius from the point of connection.

If you’re looking for a more portable option, propane- and butane-powered patio heaters are a better choice for you. These heaters rely on a gas cylinder for fuel, so you can move them pretty well anywhere you like. These patio heaters come in many different design and styles, and they are generally equipped with a set of wheels, making them even more versatile in use.

The only downside, of course, is that you need to keep replacing the gas cylinder.

What Are the Different Styles of Gas Heaters?

Quartz Tube Heater

Quartz Tube heaters are a stylish choice that look great on any terrace or decking. The tall, slim design makes them suitable for patios where the floor space is limited, and they are also easy to move around and place wherever you like.  It’s best to place such heaters where there’s little wind, as the design makes it susceptible to tipping in gusts, putting the glass tube in danger.  The heat gets dispersed in a 360° area.

Mushroom-style Heater

The mushroom-style heater is another popular type. This design fits most settings and does not obstruct the décor. They come in different sizes and are well suited for a place with limited space, or in a scenario where your guests will be standing or walking around the deck as the heat is dispersed from the top. If you are not within 1- 1.5 metres of the top reflector, a mushroom-style heater will be less efficient as the heat will rise and vanish.

Bullet-style/Table heater

Bullet-style, or table patio heaters will keep you and your guests comfortable and warm in any outdoor sitting scenario. They are designed to fit under a table or stand and disperse direct heat.  These smaller heaters cover less area, and are not a recommended choice if you have small children or pets, who can knock it over and create a hazard for themselves and the surroundings.

Firepit Gas Heater

Firepit Gas heaters are, like bullet-style heaters, best-suited for sitting-down occasions.  Other than keeping your guests warm, they also create a fantastic ambience with a real flame and a rustic appeal. They only heat small areas and are compact (often portable, in fact), but will quickly become the focal point in any crowd.

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What Are the Best Glow Warm Patio Heaters?

1. Glow Warm Bullet Patio Heater

Glow Warm Bullet Patio Heater 11kw - Table Floor

The Bullet patio heater is built with a Stainless Steel body, a black powder-coated housing, and a chrome-plated burner guard. It’s compact, efficient, and has an adjustable heat output. The unit’s height makes it suitable for both standing and seated crowds. It has a button for easy ignition, and comes with a set of wheel for portability. The Bullet patio heater has a Flame Safeguard system for enhanced safety, as well as a tilt-over switch.


  • Dimensions: 1.3 m
  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Power Source: LPG Gas
  • Heat Output: 11 kW
  • Safety: flame safeguard system and tilt-over switch

What do people say about it? The consensus? It’s a gem. The Bullet gas patio heater produces an impressive amount of heat — one reviewer pointed out that his guests tend to overstay thanks to the warm and cosy atmosphere this Bullet Patio Heater from Glow Warm creates.

The material, too, is highly durable. The assembly takes little effort, and can be performed alone — it’s possible to set up the heater in less than half an hour, thanks to the clear instruction manual.


  • Tilt-over safety switch
  • Flame safeguard system
  • Come with hose and regulator
  • Versatile use


  • Heavy but manoeuvrable

To summarise

Judging by the overwhelmingly positive consumer reviews, the Bullet gas patio heater is an excellent Glow Warm product that gives off tonnes of heat, lasts long, and is easy enough to put together.

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2. Glow Warm 13 kW Mushroom Patio Heater

Glow Warm 13kw Gas Patio Heater

With its modern design, this Stainless Steel mushroom-style patio heater from Glow Warm is a popular choice, and a superb option for any home or business. It comes with a set of wheels for enhanced portability and storage, and a battery-powered button for hassle-free ignition — all you need is a set of AA batteries. Should the unit get knocked over, its tilt-over safety switch will instantly turn off the gas supply.


  • Dimensions: 224 x 85 cm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Power Source: Propane gas
  • Heat Output: 13 kW
  • Safety: Tilt-over safety switch

What do people say about it? Most consumer reviews note that Glow Warm 13 kW Mushroom Patio Heater provides intense yet comfortable heat, and there is a decent balance between price and value. It’s relatively easy to put together, with an average assembly taking about 45 minutes. The manual fails to mention that the ignition button requires batteries, which obvioiusly leads to some confusion. That said, once you figure out that you need the batteries, the ignition process itself is effortless.


  • Great value for money
  • 12-Month Manufacturer Warranty
  • Wheel kit


  • Instruction manual could use an update

To summarise

Overall, mushroom patio heater models are the top-selling heaters on the market. They are versatile, powerful, portable, and their design fits most outdoor settings without taking up too much space. The 13 kW Mushroom Patio Heater from Glow Warm is no exception — you get tonnes of heat and superb value for your money.

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3. Real Glow 15 kW Flame Patio Heater with Glass Tube

Real Glow 15 KW Flame Patio Heater with Glass Tube

The Real Glow 15 kW Flame Patio Heater from Glow Warm is a stunningly beautiful patio heater. It features a glass tube with a real flame inside, which sits on top of its Stainless Steel and aluminium body.

The visible flame makes a luxurious sight for any private garden party, or even in a commercial setting, such as a restaurant or market fair. It radiates up to 15 kW of heat in a circular area, keeping the folks gathered around nice and toasty. It can accommodate a large, 13kg gas bottle, meaning less frequent gas bottle changes are required. Real Glow 15 kW Flame Patio Heater has adjustable heat controls, an anti-tilt safety switch, an automatic shut off safety device, as well as a wheel kit for portability.


  • Dimensions: 190 x 46 x 56.5 cm
  • Material: aluminium, powder-coated metal and stainless steel
  • Power Source: Calor Patio Gas /BP Gas Light /Flogas Leisure
  • Heat Output: 15 kW, adjustable
  • Safety: Tilt-over safety switch and automatic shut-off safety device

What do people say about it? Consumer reviews claim that Real Glow 15 kW Flame Patio Heater is easy to assemble thanks to a thorough instruction manual, and the heat is powerful yet not too overwhelming. You can feel the warmth emanating from the fire within about a 1.5-metre radius. Conveniently, the control panel is placed at waist level, so anyone can reach it without having to stand up. The real flame in the glass tube also functions as an ambient light, creating a cosy atmosphere. Buyers note that despite its height, the heater is quite manoeuvrable.


  • Strong heat output
  • Beautiful design
  • Solid construction
  • Easily movable
  • Supplied with hose and regulator


  • Cover not included

To summarise

The Real Glow 15 kW Flame Patio Heater seems to be the epitome of luxury. It has everything you could want — solid construction, ingenious design features, and comfortable, adjustable heat. Paired with a flickering glow, this heater creates the perfect atmosphere in any outdoor setting. The Real Flame is easy to move around and place wherever you feel the need for warmth. It is equipped with a number of safety features needed for a unit like this.

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4. Glow Warm 13kW Rattan Gas Patio Heater

Glow Warm 13kw Rattan Gas Patio Heater (Brown Rattan)

The Glow Warm 13kW Rattan Gas Patio Heater looks and works much like the mushroom patio heater I listed earlier. The heater’s base, which houses the gas canister, is made up of a Stainless Steel frame with a lovely Rattan cover. Rattan is a popular choice for outdoor furniture, as it is a natural and durable material that requires little maintenance.  Rattan looks fantastic and fits into most outdoor surroundings with its wood-like appearance.

This heater has an adjustable heat setting from 5kW-13kW. Like its mushroom counterpart, the 13kW Rattan Gas Patio Heater from Glow Warm comes with a set of wheels for easy movement and storage. It’s worth mentioning that the heater is manufactured with a reinforcement ring to withstand periods of over 8 hours of continuous use.


  • Dimensions: 224 x 85 cm
  • Power source: Propane
  • Heat output: 13 kW
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Bottle tank dimensions: up to 13 kg
  • Safety: Tilt-over safety switch

What do people say about it? Compared to similar Rattan-covered heaters on the market, this Glow Warm model is cheaper, yet well-made — a balance that gets it tonnes of praise from reviewers. The Glow Warm 13kW Rattan Gas Patio Heater has a powerful heat outpue and great aesthetics, making it the natural focal point of the terrace. The heat is dispersed evenly from the top, and is easily adjustable to the desired level.


  • Beautiful Rattan cover
  • Powerful heat output.
  • Wheel kit provided.


  • Nothing obvious

To summarise

It is refreshing to see a patio heater that deviates from the ubiquitous industrial Stainless Steel look; the Rattan base give the Glow Warm 13kW Rattan Gas Patio Heater a more natural aesthetic. With its high heat output, portability, and attractive price point, this heater definitely offers great value for the money.

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5. Glow Warm Outdoor Propane Firepit

Glow Warm 14kw Outdoor Propane Gas Table Fire Pit (Bronze)

This beautiful gas fire pit from Glow Warm is bound to be the centre of attention in any garden party! It functions as both a heater and a convenient side table for you and your guests to sit around.

The gas cylinder that fuels the unit is well-concealed beneath the table and the heating element soaks your lucky guests with an impressive 14kW of warmth. The hinged doors give you access to the control panel, where the rotary piezo ignition is placed for easy on-and-off controls. The variable flame control puts you in command of the heat output and the size of the flame sparkling in the glass pebbles. The burner area in the middle can be closed off with a lid when the pit is not in use.

It’s CE-certified to meet European safety standards and is equipped with a Thermocouple flame failure device.


  • Dimensions: 66 x 97 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Material:
  • Power Source:  Calor Patio Gas /BP Gas Light /Flogas Leisure 5 kg bottle
  • Bottle dimensions: 5 kg
  • Heat Output: 14 kW
  • Safety: Flame Failure device

What do people say about it? The vast majority of consumer feedback praises the fire pit for flawlessly matching the vendor’s description. It takes a bit of time to put together — 60 to 90 minutes if you’re alone — but is quite sturdy once it’s assembled. At the highest heat-level the Glow Warm 14kw Outdoor Propane Gas Table Fire Pit produces intense heat, and its table-shaped design offers yet another significant advantage.


  • Serves as both heater and table
  • Adjustable heat control
  • Sturdy


  • Sold without a cover

To summarise

The awesome thing about a gas-fuelled fire pit is that it lights up in any weather conditions, without the hassle, or even danger, of using matches or lighters. The Glow Warm 14kw Outdoor Propane Gas Table Fire Pit is conveniently designed with a table that surrounds the fire pit, providing you with a convenient place to put down your glass and snacks while staying warm and comfortable. It’s ornate, handy, and powerful, and if one’s to trust consumer reviews, you won’t regret this purchase.

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Are Gas Patio Heaters Safe?

Modern gas-fuelled patio heaters are generally safe, but of course, accidents can happen. Below, I’ve listed some essential safety considerations that will help you avoid such accidents. Most importantly, however, you should always follow the safety instructions outlined in the manual provided with your heater.

Safety Features

Most gas heaters are, at a minimum, equipped with a tilt-over safety mechanism. This safety feature may be referred to as anti-tilt safety stop or a tilt-over switch, depending on the manual. It’s a feature that automatically shuts off the unit’s gas supply if it gets knocked over. That said, floorstanding heaters are large and heavy, and they can do a great deal of damage even if they fall with the gas supply shut off (I know I wouldn’t want to have one landing on me). This is why some models also come equipped with a heavy-weight plate for greater stability. If the heater does not have a heavy-weight plate, then make sure you place it out of the way, or firmly anchor it. You tie the heater with a rope, or stabilise the sides of the base with a few bricks.

Cool It Down

Any gas heater is bound to get hot when in use, so avoid having small children and pets nearby it, and place it sufficiently far from walls, the ceiling, and anything else that may be endangered by the emanating heat. Never hang anything on, or near the patio heater to avoid overheating and causing a potential fire.  When you want to cover the heater for storing, make sure it has cooled down properly.

Outdoor Use Only

Gas heaters are meant for the outdoors. They can be operated in semi-open spaces, as long as you have proper ventilation to prevent a build-up of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, which can be fatal when inhaled for a long time. Even though some gas heaters may be marketed as safe for indoor use, I will urge you not to turn one on inside with the doors closed.

Keep It Clean

Few people think about this, but it’s essential to keep your gas heater clean. At a minimum, give your heater a good scrubbing after storing it for extended periods. It’s particularly vital to keep the heater’s valve compartment, and burners clear of debris to avoid blockage. You may not think that insects present any danger to your patio heater, but spiders and other small creatures can get into tiny openings and spin their webs or build nests. In some cases, these could block your gas flow and create a considerable hazard. Keeping the gas heater clean and making frequent inspections is not just a safety measure — it will also help your treasured outdoor item last a lot longer. To prevent a nasty burn, make sure the heater is cold before starting the inspection and cleaning.

Cover It

An easy way to avoid debris build-up is to use the cover provided with the heater, or order one if it didn’t come with your purchase. It’s simple enough to find one that fits, as most heaters have a standard size for each type. A cover will protect your heater from dust and bird droppings and also keep it dry.

One Last Bit of Safety Advice

Always check the manual for the recommended gas pressure. 37Mbar is common in the UK, but the pressure varies across Europe, and under- or overpressurising your device can cause gas leaks or even explosions.

Parting Words

Have you tried any of the Glow Warm models I listed above? Or any other, for that matter? If you have, please leave our readers a comment below.

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