Worcester Greenstar 30i Boiler Review [And The 2 Best Alternatives]

Up until 2015, Worcester produced the 28i Junior. This has since been replaced with the Worcester 30i combi boiler in the Greenstar range, which is now one of their fastest selling combis.

In this review of the Worcester 30i combi we’ll cover:

  • New features
  • Price
  • 2 alternatives

It’s important to understand that the Worcester 30i is a mid-range combi boiler, and won’t be suitable for those with high hot water demands. Typically, this would be fitted in a 3-bedroom semi-detached property.

And, even in these properties, if you need to have 2 showers running at once, you’ll need a larger combi boiler such as the Ideal Vogue 40kw, or a different system setup altogether.

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How Much Does The Worcester 30i Cost?

Typically, you’ll find that Worcester are up there at the high end, in terms of price. Expect to pay around £1,050 for the Worcester 30i. That’s the boiler only, so you’ll need to fork out extra for things like the flue and extensions (where applicable).

And, that’s going to translate into an installation price of over £2,200 from most local engineers.

However, there is a way to get a Worcester 30i slightly cheaper, and that’s via Heatable.

Heatable are a boiler installation company. Naturally, Heatable are supplied with Worcester boilers, including the 30i, at preferential rates. And, that translates to a much cheaper new boiler for you.

You can head over to Heatable here. We just did and saw that we’d be getting a fixed price installation on a Worcester 30i of £2,030. And, that’s cheap.

HEATABLE Worcester Bosch Greenstar i 30kW

As you can see from the fixed price they’re offering here, it’s not just a basic installation. You’ll also be getting:

  • A smart thermostat from Honey Well, worth nearly £200
  • Free central heating system clean, to help prolong the life of your boiler
  • A boiler filter to help catch any heating sludge, worth around £130.

It’s worth noting all that, because if you choose to get a quote for a new boiler from elsewhere, you can check the itemised quote, to see if it includes the above.

Ease of Service

The new version of the 30i combi has been setup to make it much easier to service. This isn’t just good news for installers, but also for owners. The ease of servicing means that the cost of a service is likely to be less.

The control panel also gives a lot more information than it used to. This means that in some cases, problems can be diagnosed over the phone with a gas engineer. That means a quicker and cheaper fix.

Part of the reason it’s now easier to service is the fact that the expansion vessel is extremely easy to access.

No More Frozen Condensate Pumps

One of the big problems with all boilers in winter is frozen condensate pipes and pumps.

Worcester upgraded their boilers to include a CondenseSure Siphon technology to try and combat this problem. And you’ll see a double edged benefit.

  1. No more frozen condensate pipes and pumps.
  2. No more expensive call out charges to gas engineers.

Display Panel

Compared with the old 28i Junior, the 30i has a much simpler display panel design. This isn’t just better looking, but it’s easier to use.

Users can set heating and hot water temperatures directly from the panel, as well as see any fault codes if the boiler is having problems.

Increased Output

Worcester have been working on improving the output of all their range.

This means it now has 25kw of domestic hot water output. Previously, this was 24kw.

On a similar not, the flow rate has improved to 9 litres per minute (this was originally 8.5 litres per minute).

What this means for you, is that you’ll have greater heating power, and hot water will heat up much quicker.

No more cold showers!

Great Warranty

It comes with a standard 5-year warranty. This increases to 6 years when using their own branded magnetic system filter.

Better still, using Heatable, you can get up to 10 years warranty!

Awesome Range of Controls

The built-in controls on the digital display allow you to precisely set your hot water and central heating temperatures to a level for optimum comfort.

Worcester produce a great range of controls for all of their boilers. One of the most popular is the Worcester Wave, which is a smart way to control your central heating system.

The Wave can be connected by Wi-Fi. And, using their app, you can control your heating from the comfort of your sofa.

What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

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Deciding Between the Worcester 30i and Worcester 30si Compact

One of the most common questions we’re asked by customers looking at the 30i, is what the difference is between that and the 30si Compact. After all, they are both combis.

The 30si Compact is Smaller

Like the Ideal Logic 30 Plus, the 30si Compact is small (as the name suggests). The general ideal behind all of the SI Compact range, is that they can be fitted in small spaces. So, if you are looking to install the boiler in a kitchen cupboard, under your stairs, or a small storage area – this could be the boiler for you.

It’s More Expensive

Worcester boiler prices change all the time. But, the Compact range is consistently more expensive than the standard Greenstar range. Expect to pay around £100 extra for the boiler. All fittings and controls are the same, so there’s no price difference there.

Differences in Heating Modes

If your purchasing the Worcester Compact, expect to see improved efficiency over the 30i. The 30i is pretty standard in the way it will condense only in the central heating side.

The Compact is able to do this for central heating, but also for hot water.

So, is The Compact Better Than The 30i?

The short answer, is no.

The small improvements in efficiency mean that the Worcester 30i still remains more popular. The price difference just doesn’t make the Compact a particularly appealing choice.

The only time the Compact is chosen over the 30i is when it needs to be installed in a small space.

You can compare the differences in price within 2 minutes on Heatable’s easy quote form.

Alternatives to The Worcester 30i

There are alternatives, mainly coming from Baxi and Ideal Boilers.

There are two equivalent boilers in the Ideal range that could be potential alternatives.

Essentially, here is what you need to know.

The Ideal Logic Plus 30 comes with a 7-year warranty as standard.

Price wise, this boiler is going to work out approximately £150 cheaper than the Worcester 30i.

This increases to around £250 if you choose the Compact. But, if you get a Worcester 30i installed with Heatable, prices are likely to be the same.

The Ideal Vogue C32 comes with a 10-year warranty as standard which is why this is truly their flagship product. Remember, getting a Worcester boiler installed via Heatable, will mean you have access to that same 10 year warranty.

After the boiler, flue, filter and timer has been purchased and fitted, the Vogue will work out to be around the same price as the Worcester 30i.

The Review Verdict

If you have your heart set on a Worcester, choose the 30i if you are not restricted by space, and the 30SI Compact if you are. You can get prices on both here.

If you want to save money, and still get a good warranty (7-years), the Ideal Logic 30 Plus is an excellent choice. We’ve written a detailed guide to boiler installation costs here, if you want more information.

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