Ideal Vogue Boiler Review (2021 Edition) + Buying Guide

Ideal Boilers are becoming well known for producing premium products at extremely reasonable prices. They now manufacture over 20,000 boilers per month.

The Ideal Vogue has become so popular, installers are choosing to fit them in their own homes.

Ideal Vogue Boiler REVIEW

Ideal Vogue Boiler (REVIEW)

We’ll start our Ideal Vogue boiler review by introducing you to the product, a bit.


Although our review is about the Vogue (Gen2) range, it’s worth noting that Ideal Boilers are synonymous with quality. So here’s how Ideal boilers stack up. They have three different combi boiler ranges.

  • Logic range with  5-10 year warranty
  • Vogue Gen2 with up to 10-year warranty
  • Vogue Max with up to 12-year warranty.

So what’s with all these numbers? The quality of the aftercare service and warranty claim teams is what makes Ideal Boilers a great choice when it comes to installing a new boiler. Coupled with the fact that HEATABLE work closely with Ideal boilers and are accredited installers for the company, it means they are able to offer the best warranty deal in the market.

Efficiency Rating

The Ideal Vogue C26 and Vogue C40 have an efficiency rating of 91.1% and the Vogue C32 has a rating of 91%. That’s similar to the Logic Plus range, as well as most of the Worcester Bosch boiler range. This also means that like the Logic Plus, it has an energy efficiency grade of A and is ErP compliant.

Stacking Up with the Competition

To get a true bearing on what the Ideal Vogue Combi is like for value for money, it makes sense to put it directly in comparison with some of the best boilers on the market: a Worcester Bosch equivalent, or a Veissmann equivalent.

Worcester Bosch make a 32CDI compact that like the Vogue, it’s incredibly small (and likely to fit into most kitchen cupboards). This is a comparison to the Vogue C32.

Both of these boilers have a 32kw domestic hot water output.

Installation Costs

Ideal Boilers (not just the Vogue) are known for being much easier to swap than any other boiler. In general, this can time. And that’s likely turn into big savings when it comes to overall boiler installation costs.

Here’s what you’ll be paying for an Ideal boiler if using an online boiler installer like HEATABLE. Just give them 90-seconds of your time and fill in a form (no personal details needed) and they’ll tell you what’s the best option for your home.

Ideal ModelPrice (Guide) 
Logic Combi 24kW£1,650Get Quote
Logic Combi 30kW£1,845Get Quote
Logic Combi 35kW£2,245Get Quote
Vogue Gen2 26kW£2,350Get Quote
Vogue Gen2 32kW£2,550Get Quote
Vogue Max 26kW£2,550Get Quote
Vogue Max 32kW£2,690Get Quote
Vogue Max 40kW£2,960Get Quote

Boiler-only prices have the Ideal Vogue C32 sit at around £1,000 and the Worcester Bosch 32CDI Compact between £1,150-£1,200. Prices do fluctuate, but it’s fair to say the Worcester (boiler only) is likely to be around £150-£200 more expensive than the Vogue.

However, expect to pay approximately £250-350 extra for the Worcester 32CDI Compact from a local installer in comparison to the Ideal Vogue C32 after paying for the boiler, flue, filter, controls and fitting.

Additional features of the Vogue

Ideal Boiler Vogue Gen2 Combi (REVIEW)

  • Auto bypass valve and built-in filling loop
  • A service reminder display
  • Easy to access cleaning point
  • Faults are logged and displayed via text
  • Frost protection built-in as standard to help reduces issues in the colder months and reduce likelihood of a boiler breakdown
  • Backlit display with easy to see the pressure gauge
  • Never miss a boiler service with their newly built-in service indicator
  • Reduced mechanical parts for extra reliability (using top brand components such as Honeywell)
  • Compatible with a huge range of additional controls
  • Frost protection technology built in that reduces the probability of a breakdown.

How easy it is to install the Vogue?

Property Size

The Ideal Vogue combi C32 tops the Logic Plus 30kw by a tiny margin. Like the Logic Plus, the Vogue will have no problems heating a 3-4-bedroom property with 1-2 bathrooms, with reasonable demand for hot water.

Any property smaller than this should opt for the Vogue C26. And properties larger than 3-4 bedrooms should consider the Ideal Vogue C40 combi.

Because it really does depend on the hot water demand in your property, but also the number of radiators and towel rails, pease always speak to a heating engineer before choosing a boiler. Or use the HEATABLE website to get the best possible advice and prices on screen in less than 90-seconds by simply filling in a form.

Installation Area

The Ideal Vogue is slightly larger than the Logic Plus (which is 400mm wide) at 450mm wide.

This is the one area the 32CDI Compact is slightly better (if you intend to put it in a kitchen cupboard) as it is less than 400mm.

Check out this spec sheet from Ideal Boilers if you plan to install this in a small area.

Controls and Accessories

24 Hour Mechanical Timer

The obvious choice for the Vogue C32 is the 24 hour mechanical timer. Simple to use, with 7 day functionality.

Radio Frequency Programmer

The RF thermostat is certainly becoming a popular choice.

For a start, this adds 3% efficiency to the boiler according to Ideal.

There’s no need to use different controls for the heating and hot water, as users can do it all from this single dash.

Outdoor Sensor

It’s certainly worth looking into an outdoor sensor. This tracks the temperature of the air outside, and adjusts the heating to suit. On most properties, this converts into a 2% efficiency increase.


Looking for the technical specs for the Ideal Vogue?

For the Vogue C32 combi, the most important specifications are:

  • 32kw domestic hot water output
  • 26kw central heating output
  • 1L per minute flow rate


The Ideal Vogue is without a doubt one of the best combi boilers in the market. It goes head to head with the likes of Worcester Bosch and Viessmann, and does so ever so graciously.

We fully recommend it and advise you to check out whether it’s the right boiler for you by heading over to HEATABLE to try their boiler calculator and get a fixed quote. Takes only a minute and a half to learn what your home needs.

If the prices mentioned seem to be slightly over budget. Check out the Ideal Logic Plus review we wrote here.

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