Best Electric Shower and Most Powerful (Review) in 2021

We went through and analysed a bunch of electric showers on offer in the UK trying to find which is the most efficient, and the most powerful.

Our research focuses on those units that deliver more power. We’ll be covering the best electric showers from top brands in their 2020-2021 range, so use our findings to make an informed purchase.


Best Electric Shower in 2021

There are 6 recommendations below for the best electric shower — so there’s one to suit every budget.

#1 – Triton Seville 10.5kw Electric Shower

Electric showers like the Triton Seville 10.5kw are ridiculously popular, and not just for their capability as a shower.

Triton Seville Universal Electric Shower, 10.5 KWIf you’ve ever had a boiler installed, you’ll know they’re not cheap. Typically, you’d expect to pay £2,000-£2,500 for a mid-range boiler, in a medium-sized property.

The Triton electric shower doesn’t rely on the boiler to heat water. Instead, it uses an internal element. And, that means your boiler isn’t being used.

The less it’s used? The longer it lasts. So, by buying an electric shower like the Triton Seville, you’ll be saving a tonne of cash on boiler repairs, or even worse, a replacement.

Triton Seville Reviews

The first thing you’ll notice if you search for the Seville, is the incredible amount of online reviews it’s amassed since it was first launched.

I’m not sure about you, but when I buy anything online, I always check out what these reviews have to say. Of the 1,000+ reviews online (yes, over 1,000!), the majority are positive. And that’s pretty-much because the Triton comes straight from a UK brand that’s reliable

The Triton Seville is cheap, and at 10.5kw, it’s powerful too.

Installation Area

The problem with cheap electric showers (and the most expensive ones, for that matter), is the installation area they need isn’t very flexible. There are fixed points that need to be secured, and that means installing in a new area, or matching up to existing pipework is a lot harder than it needs to be.

Triton have incorporated 5 entry points for both cables and water feeds. That means whether your plumber is fitting this in a new area (a extension for instance) or swapping out an old shower, the installation is easy. And, an easy installation means that it’s going to cost much less than a complex installation.

Ease Of Use

There’s literally nothing complicated about the Triton electric shower. You’ll get a number control dial on the front of the control panel, move from 1 to 2 to increase the temperature (and so on); that’s it.

If you’ve bought the 10.5kw version mentioned here, there is a chance it might be too powerful, and that’s not a problem either. There are 3 flow rate settings on the control panel here. Most stick to the highest flow rate setting. However, you’ve also got the option to switch to ECO mode, and for rinsing, there’s even a cold setting.

Shower Head

Included in the purchase is a flexible shower hose and head. The head allows you to switch between everything from a light spray, to a concentrated blast; there are 5 settings in total.

What’s Included

The Triton 10.5kw includes:

  • Electric shower
  • Warranty details
  • Rail riser kit (inc. brackets)
  • Installation manual
  • Shower hose
  • Soap dish


The RRP of the Triton Seville 10.5kw is just over £100. However, there are plenty of online stores offering it on deal for much less. And, that’s mainly because these stores sell an absolute tonne of them. They buy them in huge bulk, and pass on the savings to us.

Who Should Buy The Triton Seville 10.5kw?

With the Seville, you’ll get a high flow rate thanks to the 10.5kw output. But, you’ll also be taking much of the daily strain away from your boiler. And, that’s thanks to the internal heating element. That means your boiler will last longer. And let’s face it, replacing a shower is much cheaper than replacing a boiler.

If you have strong electrical output and you’re looking for the best CHEAP electric shower, this is the one for you.

Check price on Amazon

#2 – Bristan Bliss 10.5kw Electric shower

Next up, we’ve got the Bristan Bliss 10.5kw electric shower. If you’re looking for a unit that’s more modern looking than the Triton, and have a little more budget to play with, this is one of the best electric showers on the market.

Bristan Bliss 3 Electric Shower, 10.5 kWBristan Bliss Reviews

You’re going to struggle to find any electric shower with the volume of reviews that the Triton Seville has. And, although the Bliss from Bristan doesn’t have that volume of reviews, they are positive.

Like Triton, Bristan are one of the most well known electric shower brands in the UK.

Installation Area

And just like Triton, Bristan has made sure that the installation of the Bliss, is easy. Assuming your existing shower incorporates standard UK fittings, the Bristain Bliss should bolt straight onto the current electrical and water inlets.

It’s suitable for mains pressures of 0.7 bar to 10 bar.

Ease Of Use [And Design]

Where the Bristan Bliss differs from typical electric showers is its design. Straight away, you’ll notice how much better it looks than a traditional white unit offered elsewhere.

Beyond that, you’ll get 3 flow settings to flick through. They’re the same as the Seville, being cold (for rinsing), ECO and hot.

But, you’ll get a temperature indicator. And, that means you can see (rather than freeze yourself by feeling) the temperature of the water; you’ll know when it’s ready.

Shower Head

Like the Triton, you’ll get multiple spray options from the shower head. But, there’s also a built in water pressure sensor. Like a normal thermostatic shower, that means if there’s a drop in water pressure when your washing off, you won’t be frozen or scalded; temperature is going to stay constant.

What’s Included

Included in the purchase of the Bristan Bliss is a complete package:

  • Electric 10.5kw shower
  • Riser kit
  • Hose retainer
  • Soap tray (built-in)
  • Rub clean handset
  • Adjustable brackets (top and bottom)

You’ll be able to choose from both black and white, and the purchase is inclusive of a manufacturer’s warranty.


The RRP of the Bristan Bliss electric shower is nearly double that of the Triton Seville. However, like a lot of bathroom products, you’ll regularly find them online for less.

Durability [Bonus]

Anything connected to water, or a heating system, is affected by limescale. That’s a build-up of mineral deposits, that come from water. This can block dishwashers, boilers and even showers.

The Bristan Bliss comes with a unique phased shut down feature. That means that all hot water is flushed from the shower, before the unit turns off. Thaat reduces the build-up of limescale, prolonging the life and efficiency of the shower.

Who Should Buy The Bristan Bliss 10.5kw?

If you need a powerful shower like the 10.5kw Triton, have more of a budget to play with and want something that looks modern, the Bristan Bliss is for you.

Sure, it’s not the cheapest electric shower on the market, but it certainly deserves its price tag. And with integrated features such as the phase down/flush-out, it protects itself and that means you won’t need to invest in an expensive replacement any time soon.

Check price on Amazon

#3 – Mira Sport Max 10.8kW Electric Shower

Mira isn’t a brand that’s as well-known as Triton and Bristan, outside of the industry. Mainly, as their focus is to a more premium market, and many bathroom merchants focus on cheaper products.

Mira Sport Max 10.8 kW Electric ShowerThe Mira Sport Max 10.8kw is the perfect middle ground between the Triton Seville and the Bristan Bliss. It’s not digital, but it offers a slightly more modern design when directly compared to the Seville. And, it’s got the biggest kW output of all the showers on this list; it’s powerful.

At my time working in a bathroom/plumbing merchants we sold a tonne of Mira Sport Max showers, and here’s why.

Mira Sport Max Reviews

The volume of reviews online is like that of the Seville from Triton, and like the Triton, they’re positive. Build-quality is certainly one of the main reasons people use the Mira brand over many other cheap electric shower brands on the market.

Installation Area

You’ll need an electrical supply rating of 45 amp, and 15mm inlet connector.

More importantly, the adjustable riser covers any holes left by a shower kit installed prior; no expensive bills for a tiler to come and patch up your bathroom, ready for your new shower to be fitted.

Ease Of Use [And Design]

Like the Seville, the Sport Max from Mira is super-simple to use. You’ll get individual push buttons for low, high and eco modes, and a control dial to adjust temperature. And, it’s a pretty-big one, so you’ll be able to adjust the temperature to be super-specific.

Shower Head

You’ll get a “larger than most” shower head included in your Mira Sport Max purchase. It’s 110mm with 4 spray adjustments. The nozzles are easily to clean with a simple rub, and a quick wipe will remove any limescale build-up so it doesn’t get blocked up (leading to you needing a replacement).

More importantly, there’s Opti-Flo technology that’s unique to Mira. That’s going to stop the water scalding or freezing you if the hose or showerhead gets blocked, or there’s a sudden fluctuation in water pressure.


As we’ve mentioned, Mira isn’t a cheap brand, but they’re well known for being sleek looking and incredibly reliable.

Expect to pay over £200 for the Sport Max, although the RRP is actually over £300.

Durability [Bonus]

Like the Bristan Bliss, there’s a function to try and combat limescale build-up with the Mira Sport Max. The Mira Clean Scale keeps the unit, hose and showerhead free from the majority of limescale. That means evenly distributed water temperature, longevity for the shower unit, and improved efficiency throughout its life.

Who Should Buy The Mira Sport Max 10.8kw?

If you don’t want to go full-on digital with something like the Bristan Bliss, but the Seville is a bit too boring, the Mira Sport Max is a great middle ground. And, the fact it’s 10.8kw means it’s the most powerful electric shower on this list.

There is a slightly cheaper option in the Sport Max range from Mira. They’ve current got a 9kw Sport Max on offer. The RRP is similar, but it can usually be found slightly cheaper than the 10.8kw equivalent.

And, although both the 9kw and 10.8kw come with preventative measures to combat limescale and prolong their life, you do have some insurance; Mira currently offers 2 years warranty on all of their electric showers.

Check price on Amazon

#4 – Triton Martinique Electric Shower

So, you like the price of the Triton Seville, but it looks a bit old school?

Triton Martinique Luxury Electric ShowerThe Triton Martinique 10.5kw is the next step up in terms of both design, and price. It’s not digital like the Bristan Bliss, and not as expensive as the Mira Sport Max.

Triton Martinique Max Reviews

You’ll find that most Triton electric showers have a tonne of online reviews. Obviously, nothing is going to compare to the Triton Seville, with over 1,000. But, the Triton Martinique doesn’t just have positive reviews online, it has hundreds of them.

And, that’s something that you’re just not going to find if you’re looking for cheap electric showers from no name brands.

Installation Area

Your plumber will need to fix this to your cold mains and connect using 15mm compression fittings.

There’s an adjustable riser kit, and that means you can install it to cover up existing holes in tiles, if you’re swapping out an old shower.

Ease Of Use [And Design]

The Triton Martinique is similar in operation to the Seville, it just looks a lot-lot sleeker. You’ll get a push button for starting/stopping the shower and the normal 3 power settings; cold rinse, ECO for summer and high for winter.

Shower Head

The shower heads on all Triton showers are known for being versatile, and the Martinique isn’t any different. You’ll have 5 spray settings and that means anything from a soft spray, right through to a power shower type setting to clear up the mess your kids have left behind.


As we’ve mentioned, this is the next step up from the Seville, so don’t be expecting to pay the same price. Triton electric showers start at around £100, with this one having an RRP of £175. That said, it’s rare that showers sell for their actual RRP.

Have a shop around, and you should be able to shave off a couple of notes in comparison the Martinique’s RRP.

Durability [Bonus]

You’ll notice the Bristan Bliss has a shutdown feature that flushes the hot water from the shower, before turning off. This is important, and something a lot of even the best electric showers don’t have.

But, the Triton Martinuque does. It’s this shutdown procedure that helps flush out limescale particles from the shower system. Without doing this, the hose and showerhead become blocked quickly. Not only does this mean that temperature isn’t spread evenly throughout the shower head, it can mean the shower’s working overtime to deliver water, wearing out sooner than it should.

So, this feature doesn’t just improve efficiency and operation, it prolongs the life of the shower too.

What’s Included

Included with the purchase of the Triton Martinque you’ll get:

  • Chrome hose and shower head
  • All brackets and fixings to fit the riser rail kit
  • Soap dish
  • Shower
  • Installation instructions
  • Warranty information

Who Should Buy The Triton Martinique 10.5kw?

All Triton electric showers currently have a warranty of 2 years, something you won’t get with cheap brands.

At 10.5kw, it’s one of the most powerful electric showers on the market. So, if you’re looking for a non-digital electric shower, but don’t have the budget for the Mira Sport Max, this could be the next best option from a well known brand.

Check price on Amazon

#5 – Triton Collection 2 9.5kw Electric Shower

Let’s start by making sure one thing’s clear; this isn’t the most powerful shower on the market. If you’re looking for the most powerful electric showers, you need to be heading for the 10.5kw and 10.8kw examples on this list.

Triton Collection II Contemporary Electric ShowerIf you can deal without that tiny bit of extra power and flow rate, the Triton Collection 2 is definitely a good choice. It’s minimalist design makes this one of the best looking showers in the UK.

Triton Collection 2 Reviews

Naturally, there are dozens of Triton Collection 2 reviews online. Quite a lot less in comparison to the likes of the Seville, but that’s a given, as it’s not as cheap, or as generic in terms of design.

Installation Area

Of all the best electric showers on the market, the Triton Collection 2 is one of the easiest to fit. They’ve incorporated their Swivel-Fit technology. And, that means that there’s a 180 degree swivel. That makes fitting the shower easy, as the water inlet can be on the left or right – so the it’s flexible in terms of the installation area that can be used.

Ease Of Use [And Design]

As we’ve already mentioned, the 9.5kw Triton Collection 2 is one of the coolest looking showers for those that don’t have upwards of £500 to play with. You’ll also be able to pick it up in a range of colours from Gun Metal, Riviera Sand and Steel Effect, all the way to White and Black.

You’ll get a low profile and slimline shower unit, and use it with integrated soft press power buttons.

Shower Head

The hose and shower head are easy to rub clean, and that means you’ll get consistent water/heat distribution. And, you’ll have 5 spray patterns to choose from.

When the unit recognises low pressure at the shower head (which could lead to heat increases/reductions), there’s a warning indicator on the shower.


The RRP for the Triton Collection 2 currently sits around the £260 mark. However, like many of the other top electric shower brands online, there are regular deals to be had, so make sure you shop around.

Durability [Bonus]

Like many of the other best electric showers in the UK, you’ll get a phased shut down. This helps to remove limescale from the shower unit. That means it’s going to work more efficiently and last longer, thanks to a reduction in limescale build-up.

What’s Included

With The Triton Collection 2, you’ll get:

  • 2 Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Hose and showerhead
  • Adjustable top bracket
  • Riser rail kit
  • Installation guide

Check price on Amazon

#6 – Bristan Glee 10.5kw Electric Shower

There are 100s more showers from top brands such as Triton, Bristan, Mira and Aqualisa we could add to this list; but we’ll round it out with the Bristan Glee 10.5kw electric shower.

Bristan GLE3105 W 10.5 kW Glee 3 Electric ShowerThe Glee is essentially, a step down from the more popular (and more expensive) Bliss. On the RRP, you’ll be saving £40, and most of that saving comes down to a simpler and more traditional design.

So, if you like the look of the Bliss, but would prefer to save a few quid and have a shower that’s easier to use in the process; the Glee is for you.

Bristan Glee 10.5kw Reviews

Let me tell you right now, the reviews online for the Bristan Glee aren’t bad, but they’re probably the worst in this list. Most of the disappointment from the reviews from temperature control unit failing. I believe this issue has now been rectified by Bristan, so the Glee is much more reliable.

Installation Area

The installation for the Bristan Glee needs to have access to 0.7 bar – 10 bar of mains water pressure. Bristan make installation easy, by ensuring that the footprint of the unit will cover up any holes used for fixing on your old shower.

Ease Of Use [And Design]

Whilst the Bristan Glee looks similar (i.e. stylish!) like the Bliss, it’s much easier to use, even if your face is covered in shampoo. That’s thanks to the easy to use dials and knobs on the front of the shower. You’ll be able to flick between flow rate settings, as well as between cold, ECO and hot.

Shower Head

There are 3 modes of adjustment on the shower head, enabling you to get that perfect spray. And for easy cleaning, Bristan have made sure this is “rub-free”.


The RRP here drops from the Bliss (over £200), to under £200. But, there are plenty of discounts available online, so you’ll usually be able to get it slightly cheaper.

Durability [Bonus]

You’ll get the phased shut down system with the Bristan Glee. As the shower empties out remaining hot water after you turn it off, this removes limescale. And, no limescale means no blockages. That’s going to lead to a shower that’s energy efficient and lasts and long time.

What’s Included

You’ll get everything you need for a smooth installation including:

  • Glee shower
  • Hose and showerhead
  • Riser kit
  • Warranty information (2 years parts and 1 year labour, as with all Bristan electric showers)

Who Should Buy The Bristan Glee 10.5kw?

If you’re loving the style of the Bliss but want the extra 1kw of power and the more generic design in terms of controls, the Glee is the best electric shower for you.

And, in the process of buying it, you’ll have a few extra notes left in your pocket too!

Check price on Amazon

Which Electric Shower Brands Should You Buy?

Still not sure which shower you want to buy?

There are a tonne of cheap electric showers available online. The problem? Most of them have awful build quality and are a far-cry from the most powerful showers on the market.

You may (or may not) like our top picks for the best electric showers mentioned above, for aesthetics, or otherwise. And, we’re not forcing you to purchase any one on our list.

However, if you make sure you stick to the companies on our best electric shower brands list below, you’ll be definitely be on the right track.

I’ve combined this list from my experience, as well as from data taken from the Which? homeowners survey that asked consumers about their experiences, and which electric shower brand they thought was the best.

Unlike many industries, there’s not a tonne of brands offering quality electric showers. And, that’s why we’ve limited our “top” list, to just 4.

The Best Electric Shower Brands In 2021

  • Aqualisa
  • Bristan
  • Mira
  • Triton

What KW Electric Shower Do I Need?

The higher the KW output of an electric shower, typically, the higher the flow rate.

There are scenarios where the flow rate needs to be improved, and you’d be better suited to buying a low KW electric shower (such as an 8KW).

This would be the case if you have:

  • Weak electrical output in your property
  • Low mains water pressure

There are electric showers available with an integral pump.

For weak electricity output, you’d want to buy a small electric shower, and utilise a pump. For those with low mains pressure, you’ll be able to get away with a larger electric shower (such as a 10.5KW), and the integrated pump helps boost the flow rate.

If you want maximum power, head for our list of the best power showers.

Electric Shower Installation Costs

So, now you’ve chosen your new shower, it’s time to get it installed. But, how much does electric shower installation cost?

This isn’t an easy figure to put a number on. For a start, labour rates vary throughout the UK. Typically, swapping out an existing unit with a new one, would cost in the region of £150-200.

However, if the job holds a higher level of complexity, or it’s a fresh install (i.e. there’s no pipework), the cost is going to spiral quickly; you could be looking at £400.

These costs are for labour only, so the cost of the electric shower needs to be accounted for separately.


Got any questions, or have a shower not mentioned on the top list?

We’d love to hear from you; leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

And, we regularly review top bathroom and heating products. You can bookmark our blog here and pop back soon.

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  1. Thank you for your information, I have just fitted a 10.5 Brisban bliss with a 10″ rainfall shower head and it works like a dream

  2. Hi, I found your article very useful, thanks, I was wondering why you did not include an Aqualisa shower as it was No.1 on your best shower brands list?

    1. We numbered it by mistake 🙂 Those are just great brands. Update made.

      We plan on reviewing/testing the Aqualisa soon. Then we’ll update this article here.

  3. Triton showes might be good on paper but as the Google and Trustpilot reviews show they rapidly turn out to be aload of unreliable rubbish with Triton charging unfortuate owners pretty well the cost of a new shower to service them

    1. Hi Martin,

      I would disagree after testing, using or reading Amazon reviews. People are happy with Triton. I think it’s normal a small bunch to have issues (no product is flawless) but I would say the Seville above, for example, is one of the best power showers.

  4. Which of these brands and what power wattage is best for family shower which is used quite frequently. I have got through 4 electric showers in 13 years.

    1. Personally I would go for the Triton Collection 2 (the design factor would play an important role to me) or the Triton Seville if you don’t need the looks.

    1. Hi Juliet, we have no experience with it, nor did we test it.
      I wouldn’t want to make a recommendation on something I’m not sure of.

  5. Hi I have an 9.5kw shower fitted at the moment but it needs replacing, it has 6mm cable going to it and 15mm pipework however when it is switched on the lights dim around the house. Do I need to replace it with a lower kw and if so which are the best ones for pressure

    1. Most likely, but I don’t want to give electrical advice here. I think you should call an electrician and see why this is happening. He’ll know what to do.

  6. Hi there. This article is really interesting and very useful. Thank you! Could you just confirm or maybe check the links on the Briston Glee and the Briston Bliss? The images you have used for both products make them look different but when the the links take you to the product pages on the Briston Glee it looks like they are going to the Bliss? Iam a little confused if they are actually different. Wonderful article though, this is going to be so valuable when picking our new electric shower. Many thanks

  7. HI, can you tell me which electric shower supports water pressure below 1 bar please? I see there are some down to 0.7, do any brands sell them that accept lower than that?

    1. The Bristan Bliss and the Bristan Glee both are suitable for mains pressures of 0.7 bar to 10 bar. They would be two great choices.

  8. I had a Mira sport air boost. It lasted less than 3 yrs and the force the water came out of the shower head was very poor. Can you suggest the key features of an electric shower i need as i replaced it with a mira jump which was 10.5k and this time the strength of the water is worse. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Joanne, the strength of water has to do with more than just the kW of the shower.

      If everything else is in good condition, yes, you should aim for the highest kW specs to get great results. However, if the shower is fitted on wrong pipes, or if your building installation has problems, I don’t think there’s much it can do.

      I would call a local engineer for an assessment, first. Regarding your question, which one would we suggest, I think the Mira Sport Max or the Triton Bliss are two great options.

    1. Check this table:

      Rating Watts (kW) Maximum load from the supply Amps Recommended Minimum Cable Size to be Used
      9000 (9kW) 39.13 10mm2
      9500 (9.5kW) 41.3 10mm2
      10,000 (10kW) 43.47 10mm2
      10,500 (10.5kW) 45.65 16mm2

  9. Hello, thank you for the guidance. I live in a very high limescale area and have had 2 new showers in the last 8 years! I want something with a bit of oomph but don’t want to spend a fortune when the limescale messes all my appliances up. Can you recommend the best for me please

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be able to do that off the top of my head. But will research this and get back with a story.

      However. There is something you could consider — look into water filters a bit. Helps with chlorine, limescale, etc. It will help lower your replacement costs with your appliances and make your life a whole lot better with purified/cleaner water.

      I am not sure what the costs are, but an article on the site will soon fix this 🙂

  10. We are about to change our Aqualisa that we’ve had with our new build property. To summarise, its was great to look at modern and sleek (aqualisa lumi 10.5kw electric shower) however, after 6 months we started to have problems with it, the motor died. On replacement, we were told that it burnt due to not enough pressure so they change it to a higher kw and our electric bills shoot up. Another 12 months later the unit started to leak water and we were told it will cost around £70 to repair. We were also told the issue is limescale related (there’s no mechanism to minimise that and the area is hard hit with limescale in water supply). my neighbour also informed me that other residents have had similar issues with their Aqualisa. Aqualisa customer service is a nightmare. You wait on the line like hours regardless of time of day.
    So, we are looking at options, Like the idea of getting a rainfall shower head with the Bliss, I suppose you have to buy them separately? We wanted to put a modern looking electric shower with rainfall head but havent seen any so far!

  11. Hi my Mira Hydra, digital display, shower has just stopped working. It looks like there’s no power getting to the unit, the on/off button has an illuminated ring when in standby mode. I’ve checked the fuse box and the pull switch and all looks OK, about to look inside shower to see if there’s any obvious reason. Would solenoid malfunction give impression of no power going to unit? If not the wiring or solenoid any suggestions as to what might be wrong. Unit is 3.5 years old, light – moderate use, no prewarning worked one day not the next. Thanks.

  12. I am more interested in durability, long lasting and power with which the water flows than how it looks because I spend less than 10minutes twice a day in shower and looks doesn’t matter to me as I don’t leave my bathroom door open to show off. Which Will be better? I suspect the Mira but I am unsure

  13. Mira for reliability?
    Am replacing 7kW Heatrae Sadia that was installed over 33 years ago. Could probably have been repaired until a couple of years ago.
    It will be recycled with full honours
    However, what to replace it with?
    Anything super powerful after that long likely to knock me over 😉
    Seek energy efficient, safe, easy to preset favoured temp & reliable* (it ain’t easy to find trustworthy trades people especially since the Amazon/local check a trade types of online review guides have become more abused. Very many older people here are now finding this a big problem)
    Wondering about Mira sports 9kW to allow for those criteria & possible future user satisfaction.
    Any suggestions welcome.
    Many thanks, Tommy

  14. Proposing to replace an old 10.5kW Triton Opal 3 (with dodgy thermostatic controls) with a Mira Sport Max 10.8kW. 10mm2 from supply to switch, short 6mm2 to shower. Don’t intend to upgrade cables. Difficult enough connecting 10mm2 into the 45A ceiling switch. Would not fancy trying 16mm2. My guess is that the Triton boiler is heavily scaled. Had considered trying to take it out and descale, but probably not worth the trouble. Any advice appreciated.

  15. Budget is not a problem for me.. I just want the most powerful water flow from the shower head.. for an electric shower, I currently have a Mira sport model bought approximately in 2012..
    It has been a very good reliable shower but not as powerful as I would like.
    What would you recommend?

  16. My Dolphin shower has just died after 15 years and Dolphin want £3000 to replace the unit am i being conned thanks Vince

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