ATAG Boilers –Reviews, Prices, Warranty And The Best Alternatives

If you’ve been on the look out for a new boiler, one of the lesser known brands worth a mention, is ATAG Heating.

When it comes to choosing a new boiler, the focus should be selecting a brand you’re comfortable with, rather than a brand offering a boiler specific to your property. And, that’s because most manufacturers offer something to fit every type of property, whether that’s domestic or commercial.

So, below we’ll cover the ATAG boiler range, the warranty on offer, online reviews from existing customers, expected installation prices and all the best alternatives.

About ATAG

ATAG aren’t one of the most well known boiler brands in the UK. We’ve listed some of the most popular boiler makes here, which include the likes of Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Vaillant and Ideal.

But, that’s not to say they’re not any good. ATAG have been designing and producing boilers for around 70 years. Nowadays, they’re using stainless steel and brass for most components, which tends to make for a much more reliable appliance.

Alongside that, the boilers they produce are some of the most energy efficient in Europe. And, that means not only low heating bills, but low emissions too.

Online Reviews

Unfortunately, you’ll not find the volume of reviews for boilers as you would for other products, like items on Amazon for instance.

That said, there are still reviews out there. For ATAG reviews, we’d suggest heading over to Trust Pilot.

As you can see, there are over 2,800 reviews with most being positive, and averaging a strong 5/5 stars.

One thing you’ll notice when reading the ATAG reviews on Trust Pilot, is that it’s not just the quality of the boilers people are happy with, it’s also the customer service. And, that’s something that can’t be said for all boiler manufacturers.

Which ATAG Boiler Do You Need?

Most manufacturers will have their range split into three sections; combi, system and regular.

To determine which boiler you need, you can read this guide covering the different types of boilers.



This is the most popular type of boiler for small-medium sized properties. This is what you have, if you don’t have a cold feed in the loft, or a cylinder – it doesn’t need either, as it heats hot water on demand.


System boilers are installed in older properties, or, those with a higher hot water demand (multiple showers working at once). If you have a cylinder, chances you have a system boiler.


A regular boiler is like a system boiler, but you’ll have a cold feed/storage tank, which is usually located in a loft space.

ATAG Combi Boiler Range

We’ll focus on the combi boiler range from ATAG for now, but many things mentioned below are the same for both the system and regular boilers that we’ve mentioned above.

The most popular model in the ATAG combi boiler range is the IC Economiser.


There are three sizes on offer in the IC Economiser Range:

  • 27kw
  • 35kw
  • 39kw

The 27kw is more suited towards small-medium sized properties, where as the 35kw is solely designed for medium sized properties. And finally, the 39kw is going to be suited towards large properties.

However, if you’re property is extremely large, with lots of radiators and the need for multiple taps and showers to be running at once, you might need a system boiler.


One thing we like about ATAG boilers, is their warranty. As standard, all ATAG boilers come with a massive 10 year warranty.

In comparison, you’ll see lesser boilers being offered with 2 years and in some instances, even 1 year!

Our opinion is always, if a manufacturer could offer a longer warranty than 2 years, they most likely would. If they don’t have confidence in their product’s longevity, then neither do we.

As a minimum, we’d be suggesting 5 year warranty when investing this kind of cash, and ATAG surpasses that benchmark by a considerable margin.

On a side note, the warranty on offer here at 10 years, is comparable to Worcester Bosch boilers, when installed by HEATABLE, so that’s another brand worth comparing back to back with ATAG. You can check prices for Worcester boilers here.


Most people purchase their new boiler with warranty and price in mind, which is fair enough.

But one thing worth noting, is the efficiency on offer from different boiler models; ATAG heating are up there with the best.

They’re A-rated, meaning you’ll instantly save cash on your heating bills compared with an older boiler that’s not A-rated. According to the Energy Saving Trust, that could be as much as £320 per year.

Considering most boiler finance companies offer deals from around £17 per month, that could mean a new boiler essentially, pays for itself.

But, ATAG are better than most when it comes to efficiency.

All modern boilers will use a flue gas recovery system, which recycles waste gases into energy, and therefore heat. But, models like the ATAG Economiser recovery this energy twice, which naturally means that efficiency is improved.

That being said, you’ll get similar efficiency from a new Worcester boiler, and you can check prices for those here.

ATAG Boiler Prices

So, they provide plenty of power to heat your home and provide more than adequate hot water, the question is, how do ATAG’s boiler prices stack up to other leading brands?

This is the only negative when it comes to ATAG boilers; they’re not as cheap as you might think. In fact, they’re comparable to brands such as Worcester, Vaillant, Baxi and Ideal.

Mostly, that comes down to the fact that they’re not in high demand, and lower volume is always going to mean that price is higher than it could be. At the plumbing merchant I worked at, over two years we didn’t sell a single ATAG boiler, but sold 1,000s of Worcester/Ideal boilers over the same period.

So, unless you find an installer that fits them in volume, and who buys from a merchant who buys/sells them in high volume, it’s likely you’ll get another leading brand for the same price, or less.

Typically, this is going to mean paying around £2,000 for a 27kw IC Economiser. If you compared that to a Worcester Bosch 25i here (the equivalent boiler), you’d be looking at prices starting at £1,770.

ATAG Vs Worcester Boilers

The question is, should you install an ATAG boiler, or go for another leading brand such as Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Baxi, or Vaillant?

There certainly isn’t anything wrong with ATAG boilers. In fact, in terms of warranty, customer support and efficiency, they’re up there with the best.

But, when there are brands with a much bigger reputation at the same price, Worcester and the likes is where I’d be putting my money.

As an example in terms of prices, you’ll see using this quick on-screen multiple choice form, you can get the likes of Worcester Bosch or Ideal Boiler for the same price, or cheaper than an ATAG.

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our guide to ATAG boilers.

Still got questions about replacing your boiler for a new one? Drop us a line via our contact page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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