How Reasonable Are Worcester’s Boiler Prices? [Boiler Only + Fitted]

If you’ve been looking for a new boiler, there’s a good chance Worcester Bosch are on the top of your shortlist. The question is, how do Worcester boiler prices compare to the top boiler brands available in the UK?

This guide covers what you should expect to pay, as well as the two best options to get a Worcester boiler fitted, for less than you’d usually pay for installation from inferior brands.

How Much Does A Worcester Boiler Cost?

Expect for prices (boiler only) to start at around £950, climbing to £2,000; even higher for oil boilers.

Local installers are likely to quote upwards of £2,100 for an installation, although there are national companies that will install the smaller output boilers from £1,770. You can get a fixed price on screen (no personal details needed) here.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar i from Heatable

Worcester Boiler Price Comparison

There’s no doubt that Worcester price their products at a premium. Their boilers are comparable in cost to other premium brands on the market; Baxi, Potterton and Vaillant for instance.

Below is a price comparison for the current range, taken from our page on Worcester combi boilers.

Boiler ModelPrice
Greenstar 25I£950
Greenstar 30I£1,100
25SI Compact£1,100
30SI Compact£1,175
28CDI Compact£1,150
32CDI Compact£1,250
36CDI Compact£1,400

If we look at something like the Worcester Greenstar 25i, you’re talking around £950. You’d be able to get a comparable boiler from Ideal (the Logic Plus 24kw), for around £850.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that the Logic comes with a 7-year warranty, as opposed to the (up to) 10-year warranty you’ll be able to get with the Greenstar 25i.

Realistically though, your boiler installation company isn’t going to be paying those rates. From working in a plumbing merchant, I know big accounts are going to get their boilers at much better rates than your average one-man-band, or someone buying online.

So, although the RRP or average prices for Worcester boilers online might seem consistent, it really depends who fits your boiler, and the prices they’re able to achieve from their supplier. For example, HEATABLE. Meaning? They’re installation prices are about as competitive as they get. Check them out here.

Worcester Boiler Prices And Warranty

So, there’s around £100 in savings to be had by getting a boiler fitted from another well-known brand like Ideal, but you’ll lose out when it comes to warranty.

Alternatively, you could go towards lower end boiler such as Glow-Worm 24kw Betacom 4. That’s going to save you around £300 (purchase price only), but again, you’re losing out on warranty, with just 5-years available; this is the minimum warranty we’d recommend. But, with HEATABLE, you’d actually get a Worcester (with a 10-year warranty) at a similar price. Have a look here.

There are boilers with warranty as low as 2-years, and we’d avoid those like the plague.

The purchase cost of your new boiler is only a small percentage of the installation cost. And, there’s a good chance that a manufacturer has set their warranty at 2, 5, 7 or 10 years for a reason; that’s roughly how long they expect it to last before problems start occurring.

Given the option to save £100-200 versus having a longer warranty, we’d take the latter. And, that’s because we don’t want to be replacing our boiler every 2-5 years at a cost of £1,900+.

Worcester Compact Boilers

A quick note. You may have noticed that there are a couple of Worcester compact boilers mentioned above.

Compact boilers are designed to fit into small spaces; kitchen cupboards would be a good example. If you want a boiler fitted in a small space like this, you’re going to need a compact. A standard boiler like the Greenstar 30i isn’t going to fit in these small spaces.

Typically, you’d be looking at a price increase of around £150 for a compact boiler, in comparison to one of standard sizing.

Worcester Boiler Prices – Fitted

Worcester boiler prices depending on what the installation package includes. As a baseline, you can get an on-screen price for a Worcester boiler fitted here.

As a typical example, for most new boiler installs, you’ll want a magnetic system filter. A quote without a magnetic system filter (including installation), is likely to be £150+ cheaper than one that includes one. And, this is an important part that helps protect your boiler.

Likewise, do you need new controls? Is the boiler installer offering expensive smart controls as part of the quote? Will they be replacing TRVs, whereas another installer hasn’t included that in their quote? What boiler is being offered, and what’s the warranty?

Fixed Prices For Worcester Boiler Installation

But, if you’re looking for a new Worcester boiler, the best prices tend to come from HEATABLE.

Why? They’re 45% owned by Bosch. And, Bosch own Worcester Bosch. I can only imagine how cheap HEATABLE are getting their boilers, and those prices are reflected in their fixed installation quotes online.

Here’s an example. It’s the Worcester Greenstar 25i we mentioned above. With typical prices of around £950, you’d expect to be in the £1,100 range when you include a flue, maybe some extensions, and general fittings to carry out an installation.

If you flick through to the online fixed price we got below (or grab your own in 90 seconds…), you’ll see additional extras add up to a further £329.99.

And, that’s for:

  • Smart thermostat
  • Boiler filter (mentioned above)

All told, you’re talking a material cost of around £1430. And, that doesn’t include the fact that they’ll give a full system clean to protect your new boiler.

We’d expect a local installer, based on those materials and a system flush, to be quoting in the £2,100 range; give or take.

Due to HEATABLE having a Worcester Bosch connection, you’re actually looking at prices from £1,770, with finance available at around £12.94 per month, which is a darn’ good deal.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar i from Heatable

And, if you compare that to our post covering the cost of installing boilers, you’ll see other national installers are pricing a lesser Ideal Logic (2-year warranty), at £489 more expensive.

So, Are Worcester’s Prices Reasonable?

If you’re looking at a local installer fitting your new boiler, there’s a good chance you’re not going to get the best deal on a Worcester.

They just don’t have the buying power of big national installers. And, although their labour rates might be competitive, a lot of the overall installation cost is tied to the purchase price of the boiler.

But, if you’re looking to get a Worcester boiler fitted and want comparable rates to what a local installer would charge for a brand with less warranty, HEATABLE is the place you need to be heading.

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our guide to Worcester Bosch boiler prices.

We regularly write up helpful hints and tips, from boiler reviews to explanations of fault codes. So, feel free to bookmark this page and use our search box to cover any questions you might have.

Still got questions about which is the best boiler to install? Drop a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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