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How Reasonable are Worcester Boiler Prices? [Boiler Only + Fitted]

If you’re trying to find a new boiler for your heating and hot water, there’s a good chance Worcester Bosch boilers are on the top of your shortlist. The question is, how do Worcester boiler prices compare to other brands available in the UK in 2024?

This guide covers all you need to know about 2024 Worcester boiler prices (fitted and boiler-only), and walks you through the best ways to get a Worcester Bosch boiler installed.

Worcester Boiler Prices

How Much is a Worcester Boiler?

If you’re looking at the boiler only, expect Worcester gas boiler prices to start at around £950 for combis. This figure climbs to £2,000 for oil boilers like the Greenstar Heatslave II or Greenstar Danesmoor system boiler, and closer to £2,500 for the Greenstar Heatslave II External and the Greenstar Danesmoor External system boiler.

Local installers are likely to quote upwards of £2,400 for boiler installations by a Gas Safe engineer. That said, some national companies will install a top-tier model like the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 for less. You can get a fixed price on screen here; no personal details needed.

Worcester boiler prices

Comparing Worcester Boiler Prices

There’s no doubt that Worcester boiler prices are on the higher end of the range, and comparable, or higher, than other premium brands on the market — Baxi, Potterton, and Vaillant, for instance.

Worcester Bosch Gas Boiler Prices

Below you can compare Worcester Bosch gas boilers’ prices for the current combi boiler range (you can learn more about Worcester Bosch system boilers here). Bear in mind that these prices may differ by region, and fluctuate significantly thanks to the market’s current volatile state.

Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler Model


Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 25kW £1,100
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 30kW £1,200
Worcester Bosch 25 Si Compact £1,100
Worcester Bosch 30 Si Compact £1,175
Worcester Bosch 28 CDi Compact £1,150
Worcester Bosch 32 CDi Compact £1,250
Worcester Bosch 36 CDi Compact £1,400
Worcester Bosch 29 CDi £1,200
Worcester Bosch 34 CDi £1,300
Worcester Bosch 38 CDi £1,400
Worcester Bosch 42 CDi £1,700

If we look at something like the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000, you’re talking around £1,100. You’d be able to get a comparable combi boiler from Ideal (the Logic Plus 30kW), for around £900.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that the Logic comes with a 7-year warranty, as opposed to the (up to) 10-year warranty you’ll be able to get with the Worcester Bosch 4000.

Realistically though, your boiler installation company isn’t going to be paying those rates. From my experience working in a plumbing merchant, I know big accounts are going to get their boilers at much better rates than your average one-man-band, or someone buying online.

So, although the RRP or average Worcester boiler prices online might seem consistent, it really depends who fits your boiler, what the supplier quotes them, their labour costs, overhead, profit, and other factors. For example, is an online installation company with a tiny overhead and a stellar relationship with Worcester Bosch. So it’s no wonder that their prices for gas boilers are some of the best on the market. You can check them out here.

Worcester Bosch Danesmoor Floor Standing Oil BoilerWorcester Bosch Oil Boiler Prices

Worcester’s oil boiler range is pricier than the gas boilers we discussed above. Regular, system boilers, and combi boiler prices tend to be in the same spectrum. For example, a Greenstar Danesmoor System should cost between £1,800 and £2,400, whilst a Greenstar Heatslave II can set you back anywhere between £2,300 and £2,500, excluding installation.

Worcester Boiler Prices and Warranty

So, there’s around £200 in savings to be had by getting a boiler fitted from another well-known brand like Ideal, but you’ll lose out when it comes to warranty.

Alternatively, you could opt for a lower-end combi boiler, like the Glow-Worm 24kW Betacom 4. Doing so will save you around £400 (purchase price only), but again, you’re losing out on warranty, with just 5 years of coverage — which is the minimum warranty term we’d recommend. But, with Heatable, you’d actually get a Worcester Bosch, with a 10-year warranty, at a similar price. Have a look here.

Now, there are boilers with warranties as low as 2 years, and we’d avoid those like the plague.

The purchase cost of your new boiler is only a small percentage of the installation cost. And there’s a good chance that a manufacturer has set their warranty at 2, 5, 7 or 10 years for a reason; that’s roughly how long they expect it to last before problems start occurring.

Given the option to save £100-200 versus having a longer warranty, we’d take the latter. That’s because we don’t want to be replacing our boiler every 2-5 years at a cost of £2,000+.

Worcester Bosch Compact Boilers

A quick note: You may have noticed that we’ve listed a couple of Worcester Bosch compact combi boilers above, like the Greenstar Si Compact.

Compact boilers are designed to fit a small living space; in fact, they’re meant to be installed in kitchen cupboards. If you want a boiler fitted in a small space like this, you’ll need a compact model. A standard boiler, like the Greenstar 30i, isn’t going to fit into these small spaces.

Typically, a compact boiler will set you back around £200 more than a standard-sized model.

Worcester Boiler Prices — Fitted

Worcester boiler prices depend on what the installation package includes.

As a typical example, for most new boiler installs, you’ll want a magnetic system filter. A quote without a magnetic system filter (including installation), is likely to be £150+ cheaper. And whilst you’re able to save a bit of money upfront, you’ll lose out on an important part. Magnetic system filters catch debris from the hot water as it circulates, helping protect your boiler and central heating system from blockages and other problems.

Likewise, do you need new controls? Is the boiler installer offering expensive smart controls as part of the quote? Will they be replacing TRVs, which another installer hasn’t included in their quote? Which boiler is being offered, and what’s the warranty?

All these factors will affect the total cost of installation.

Below, we’ll walk you through how much you can expect to pay for some of Worcester Bosch’s most popular boilers, including installation.

Keep in mind that these numbers are approximate, and assume a straight, one-for-one swap, without moving the boiler to a new location. If you want to get more accurate pricing, you can browse through on-screen prices for a Worcester boiler (fitted) here.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 30kW Combi Boiler

Worcester Bosch’s most popular combi gas boiler, the Greenstar 4000, is an ideal match for small-to-medium properties with modest demand for hot water. Like other models in this range, the Greenstar 4000 is compatible with Greenskies solar panels.

When using your local Gas Safe heating engineers, you should be able to get the Greenstar 4000 installed for anywhere between £2,200 and £2,400. Online companies like Heatable should charge you about the same or less — you can check your prices here. Needless to say, you can expect to pay more when using large national companies, like British Gas.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000

Worcester Bosch CDi CompactWorcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Compact 36kW Combi Boiler

If you’re after a compact combi, i.e. one that would fit into a kitchen cupboard, the Greenstar CDi Compact is an excellent choice.

You can get it installed for £2,900 or so using your local trades.

You can check prices online here.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Style 35kW System Boiler

This Worcester Bosch system boiler is a suitable option if you’ve got a larger home and an existing system boiler you need to replace.

Assuming that the Gas Safe heating engineer can use your existing hot water cylinder, you should be able to get this boiler fitted for roughly £3,100.

You can get a more accurate online quote here.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Ri 23kW Regular Boiler

If you’re looking to replace an existing heat-only boiler with a new one, this Worcester Bosch regular boiler may be a good model to consider.

Though it’s powerful and has a high enough flow rate to provide plenty of heat and hot water to a medium-sized property, it’s still small enough to fit into a kitchen cupboard.

Using local trades, you can get this model fitted for approximately £2,900.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life 35kW Combi Boiler

This powerful combination boiler is a stellar choice for larger properties that have more than one bathroom.

It’s got an energy efficiency of 94%, and Worcester covers this boiler with a lengthy, 12-year warranty when fitted by  Worcester-accredited installer.

You should be able to get it installed for £2,900 or so when using local trades.

How to Get Fixed-Price Quotes for Worcester Boiler Installation

If you’re looking for a new Worcester Bosch boiler, the best prices tend to come from Heatable.

Let’s use one of the Worcester Bosch combi boilers we mentioned above as an example — the Worcester Greenstar 4000. With typical prices of around £1100, you’d expect to be in the £1,200 range when you include a flue, maybe some extensions, and general fittings to carry out an installation.

If you flick through to the online fixed price we got below (or grab your own in 90 seconds), you’ll see additional extras add up to several hundred pounds more. These include:

  • A smart thermostat
  • A boiler filter (mentioned above)

All told, you’re talking a material cost of around £1,600, which doesn’t include the fact that they’ll give a full system clean to protect your new boiler.

We’d expect a local installer, based on those materials and a system flush, to be quoting in the £2,300 range; give or take.

But thanks to Heatable’s low overhead, you’re actually looking at prices closer to £2,100-£2,200, which is a darn’ good deal on today’s boiler market. If you compare this to our post covering the cost of installing boilers, you’ll see other national installers are pricing an Ideal Logic (2-year warranty), at £144 more.

So, are Worcester Boiler Prices Reasonable?

If you’re looking at a local installer fitting your new boiler, there’s a good chance you’re not going to get the best deal on a Worcester Bosch. They just don’t have the buying power of big national installers, like British Gas. And, although their labour rates might be competitive, a lot of the overall installation cost is tied to the purchase price of the boiler.

But, if you’re looking to get a Worcester Bosch boiler fitted and want comparable rates to what a local installer would charge for a brand with less warranty, Heatable is your best option.

Worcester boilers quotes from Heatable

FAQs on Worcester Bosch Prices

Before we conclude, we’d like to take the time and answer some of your most pressing questions about Worcester Bosch prices.

What is the average cost of a Worcester Bosch boiler?

The average cost (boiler-only) of a Worcester is between £1,200 and £1,300. Keep in mind that this price varies by region and doesn’t include installation. You can get a more accurate quote by filling in this questionnaire about your property.

Are Worcester boilers expensive?

Worcester Bosch group manufactures premium boilers, which tend to be on the higher end of the price range. In fact, their prices are comparable to boilers made by the likes of Viessmann and Vaillant.

Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t find a Worcester at reasonable prices. Some local installers buy these boilers in high volumes, and are thus able to offer attractive rates to their customers. Likewise, online installers like Heatable tend to charge less thanks to their low operating costs.

What is the average life of a Worcester boiler?

You can expect a Worcester boiler to last at least 10 years, though most make it past 15 before requiring a replacement. A good way of telling how long a boiler will last is to look at the standard warranty that’s offered at the time of purchase. A shorter warranty term typically means that the manufacturer expects their product to malfunction sooner, and vice versa.

Are Worcester boilers made in the UK?

Yes, according to Worcester Bosch, the company manufactures their boilers at a plant in Clay Cross Dervyshire, which is located between Nottingham and Sheffield.

What size boiler do I need?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer: to size your boiler properly, you must account for several different variables that may not be easy to quantify. That said, you can use the table below to get an rough idea:

Boiler SizeRadiatorsBathroomsProperty Type
24kW-27kW 10 or less1Smaller properties. Typically, apartments and 2-bedroom terrace houses.
28kW-34kW 10-15 radiators2Medium-sized properties. 2-4 bedrooms.
35kW-42kW 15-20 radiators2Large properties

If you’d like help with sizing your boiler, get a Gas Safe heating engineer to survey your property. Alternatively, you can fill in this calculator from Heatable and see what size models the online installer recommends.

How much does a 30kW boiler cost?

Depending on the brand, a 30kW gas boiler can cost anywhere between £600 and £2,000, boiler-only. With installation, this range goes up to £1,200-£3,000.

For example, Worcester’s Greenstar 4000 30kW — a popular Worcester combi from a range that’s won multiple Which? Best Buy awards — costs about £1,200 for just the boiler.

To get it installed, however, you’ll have to part with anywhere between £2,200-£2,400. You can get your own installation quote here.

How good are Worcester boilers?

Boilers manufactured by Worcester Bosch are some of the best on the market. They’re built in the UK using quality parts, offer high levels of energy efficiency, and come with an array of simple, user-friendly controls.

Overall, Worcester Bosch boilers are considered some of the best on the UK market, and their ranges have gotten Which? Best Buy recommendations multiple times.

Which Worcester boiler is the best?

Worcester’s Greenstar 30i has been the company’s best-selling model model for a while. However, since 2021, the range has been replaced by the Greenstar 4000 range, which has since gained in popularity among UK households.

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our guide to Worcester Bosch boiler prices. Feel free to bookmark this page and use our search box to cover any questions you might have. Likewise, please drop us a line if you’d like to share your own experience with buying a Worcester, or any other boiler.

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