2021 Back Boiler Removal and Replacement Cost Guide

Welcome to our 5-minute back boiler removal and replacement cost guide. We’ll cover everything from what a back boiler is, to your replacement options, as well as the average cost of removing and replacing a back boiler in your house.

Got questions regarding back boiler removal and replacement? Leave a comment at the end, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Most people with a back boiler in the house are likely to want to upgrade to a combi design. And, the most accurate way to get a removal and replacement price, is to use Heatable’s installation price calculator.

This is a company worth your attention, with competent installations, 10-year warranties, and prices as low as the outstanding Worcester Greenstar 30i at just £1,770).

Worcester Bosch Greenstar i from Heatable

They have a clickable form, covering important details about your property. From there, they can give you a fixed price on screen in less than 2 minutes.

What Is A Back Boiler?

Back boilers are a heating system that are integrated into fires.

If you have central heating, can’t see a boiler, but have a fireplace; it’s a back boiler fire.

Why Houses Have Back Boilers

Back in the 1960s, back boilers became popular. Like combi boilers today, they were the latest technology.

They were fitted in properties up until around the early 80s. Then regular, system and combis started to take over.

Should You Remove And Replace A Back Boiler With A Combi Boiler?

Back boilers are not energy efficient. And, that means you’re losing cash on your utility bills. 

Replacing an old back boiler with an up-to-date A-rated boiler will save you cash. Many newer A-rated boilers are over 89% efficient.

If you are having problems with your back boiler, it’s rarely a financially viable option to fix them.

Due to the age of these units, it’s likely other parts will deteriorate within the next few years and you’ll need to remove and replace your back boiler anyway.

We’d always advise upgrading from a back boiler to a new combi boiler where possible. You can get a fixed price on screen using this form.

Back Boiler Removal Costs

First, you’ll need your back boiler removed. If you already have a central heating system installed and want your old back boiler removed, a removal is likely to cost around £600-800.

That will include removal of the boiler and capping pipework. More importantly, the back boiler and pipework needs to be decommissioned.

Back Boiler Replacement Costs

Most back boiler replacements are called system upgrades. A system upgrade is converting one central heating system to another.

In this case, that’s converting your back boiler heating system, into an energy efficient boiler.

This could be gas, LPG, electric, or oil. And, the system setup could be regular, a system, or combi.

The Cost Of Removing & Replacing A Back Boiler With A Combi

If you’re removing and swapping a back boiler for a combi boiler, expect to pay around £3000+.

That would assume a Worcester 30i boiler was fitted (costing around £1,300 including flue, controls etc).

The Cost Of Replacing A Back Boiler With A Regular, Or System Boiler

The cost of replacing the back boiler fire with a regular or system boiler will be similar to a combi, assuming the same KW boiler is used.

Expect to pay around £3000 for a 30KW regular installation or system boiler, as a replacement for your old back boiler.

Replacing A Back Boiler, In A New Location

Back boiler replacement cost doesn’t just consist of a new boiler.

All boilers need a flue, to vent gases from the boiler.

Back boilers flue through the chimney, whereas newer boilers use a horizontal (to go through the side of a wall) or a vertical flue and extensions (to go through your roof).

You’ll need to plan a new location for your boiler. And, most of the time that’s ideal. It can be tucked away, rather than being on show.

If you are looking for your back boiler to be replaced with a combi in a small cupboard (such as in the kitchen), manufacturers design boilers especially for these cases.

A typical example is the Worcester Bosch CDI Compact range, and Ideal Logic Plus’s.

Both boiler ranges will fit in a standard kitchen cupboard.

Typically, you should expect to pay an additional £300-600 to move your boiler to a new location during installation. You can double check the cost of different locations (airing cupboard, loft, kitchen and so on) here.

Back Boiler Replacement Costs (Full Central Heating Installation)

There are plenty of properties that would benefit from a full central heating installation. Remember, even if pipework is in place, it’s likely 40-50 years old if it’s being powered by a back boiler.

So, how much does back boiler replacement cost, including all pipework?

That’s not an easy question to answer. The price will vary from property to property.

A typical 3-4 bedroom property with 8-10 radiators, all pipework, and an A-Rated combination boiler, is likely to cost around 5,000 for removal of the back boiler and replacement with a combi system.

Take that as a guideline. The difficulty of laying pipework, the size of radiators, the size of the boiler (and type) will all contribute to the cost of a full central heating system.

And, if you need to replace a back boiler with a “system” boiler, you’ll need a cylinder, and additional pipework.

What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Grab your fixed price online by 3PM, and get next-day boiler installation.

Worcester boilers installed from as little as £1,795.

Additional Costs For Regular And System Boilers

Regular and system boilers have additional components to make central heating work. These can include cylinders and hot water tanks.

If these need removing, replacing or upgrading, this will be at an additional cost. For cylinders, we’ve created a cylinder installation cost guide.

How To Remove Back Boiler And Get It Replaced, At A Competitive Price

Without visiting a property, it’s hard to determine the right route to take for a new boiler. Some properties will need a small combi boiler (24kw), whereas others will need a large (40kw+) system boiler.

When having any part of your central heating removed and replaced, it’s important to get more than one quote.

What To Check With Your Engineer When They Come To Quote A Removal & Replacement

Replacing a back boiler is a big investment. As we’ve mentioned, each property is different, so you’ll want to get an advice (most engineers will give this for free as part of their quote).

One of the most cost effective ways to get a back boiler replaced and upgraded for a combi, is to use Heatable. Given they’re currently running a promo, boiler installation prices here are lower than most national companies, and even local installers in many cases.

Using A Local Installer For Back Boiler Removal & Replacement

If you do use a local installer for removal and replacement of your back boiler, here’s a few things you’ll expect from your engineer (you can find local installers here):

  • Their Gas Safe credentials.
  • Where the flue will be located.
  • Recommended boiler, and it’s warranty.
  • That the quote is a fixed price.
  • The quote includes boiler filter installation (so your system doesn’t gunk up).

More Questions About Back Boilers?

Thanks for reading our back-boiler replacement cost guide.

If you have any questions regarding back boiler removal or replacement, leave a comment below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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  1. Paying British Gas £35 monthly, to keep our (1982) baxi back boiler system functional. Although, following the annual service they say the boiler should be replaced.
    Cost of removing and installation of a modern system, leaves me perplexed.
    Uncertainty leaves me resigned to costly heating costs, instead of an expensive loan.

  2. I need to replace my baxi back boiler to a combi boiler. What is the likely cost for this replacement including removing old boiler and installing the combi boiler

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