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How Much Does It Cost To Move A Boiler To A New Location?

Looking to find out the cost of moving a boiler to a new location?

You’re in the right place — we’ve created a 5-minute guide that covers boiler relocation cost averages. Here, we’ll cover the average expenses associated with moving a boiler, and explain a few things that can affect the price.

Boiler Relocation

Can You Move a Boiler?

Yes — in most cases, a Gas Safe engineer should be able to move your boiler unit from one place to another. Likewise, they should have no problems with installing a replacement boiler in a new spot.

That said, there are plenty of factors in your central heating system that could affect such a move, so you should always ask a Gas Safe heating engineer to survey your property and help you establish the feasibility of such a move.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Boiler?

Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere from £350-750 to move a combi boiler to a new location, including parts and labour. If you’re moving a different type of boiler, the fitting costs may be a bit higher. For example, regular and system boilers may cost more to move if you also need to relocate the hot water storage cylinder, expansion tank, and the associated pipework (you shouldn’t need to move the water tank in your loft).

Expect to pay around the £350 mark for moving combi boilers several feet, £500 for an average move, and towards £750 for a move that involves a lot of pipework and entails higher labour costs (other side of the house, drilling through walls, relocating services, etc).

Whether you’re moving a combi, regular, or system boiler, you can grab a quick quote for boiler relocation here.

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to get a boiler installed in a new location, we’d recommend Heatable; you can get a fixed price online using their clickable form. They move fast, too, typically performing Gas Safe certified installations within 24 hours of your request.

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Boiler, and Move It to a New Location?

The price to relocate a boiler will vary from as little as £150 to £500, excluding the installation and boiler cost.

The best example of ACTUAL fixed prices we could find online come from Heatable. As your engineer is already on-site fitting a new boiler, the cost of moving it is reduced slightly.

You can fill out Heatable’s 90 second anonymous survey to get a fixed price online; this will include the cost of moving a boiler, cost of installation, and new boiler costs.

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Do Engineers Charge Different Prices For Oil, Gas and LPG Boiler Relocation?

The price of boiler relocation relates to the cost of moving services, such as water and gas, to the new location. Since gas boilers need a gas pipe to be installed in the new location, whilst LPG and oil boilers don’t, the cost of moving a gas boiler may be higher.

That said, oil boilers weigh more than their gas and LPG peers, and thus require more labour. So in the end, it may be a wash.

Since so many variables are involved, the only way to estimate the cost of moving your boiler accurately is with the help of a professional, Gas Safe engineer.

What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

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Factors That Affect the Cost of Moving a Boiler 

Here are some of the variables you can expect to impact the cost of moving a boiler.

Cost of moving a boiler

Overall Time Taken, And Materials Used

All things considered, the longer the job takes, and the more materials used, the higher the cost of moving the boiler.

Moving a boiler a few feet will be towards the lower end of the cost estimate.

However, a lot of people that want to change the boiler location need to move their appliance further than a few feet, to new spots, such as:

  • Upstairs
  • Into The Loft
  • To the kitchen cupboard
  • Downstairs
  • Into A Garage
  • To Another Room
  • Into a utility room (or from utility rooms elsewhere)
  • To a storage space

Additional Pipework Required

Boiler pipework is made of copper, which isn’t particularly cheap.

The more copper pipework a gas fitter uses, the higher the cost of moving the boiler will be.

You’ll be paying not only for the additional copper, but for the gas fitter’s time, too.

Extension, Flue Pipe Needed

If you have a boiler flue that comes out of the side of the wall (horizontal flue) and you want to move the boiler into the loft, you’ll have to pay for a different flue, and more flue parts.

What you’ll need is a vertical flue and 1-2 extensions, so it’s long enough to penetrate the roof.

As an example, Worcester vertical flues are around £100, with each extension costing £45-55.

Apart from the flue system, the heating engineer will also have to move the condensate pipe, which will range in price depending on how long it needs to be, and what diameter you opt for.

Additional Works Besides Boiler Fitting

Laying pipework is not the only factor that affects the price of moving a boiler to a new location.

Depending on the job, other tasks that take time (and cost money) will include:

  • Lifting and reinstalling floorboards
  • Drilling holes through walls for pipe and the flue
  • Patching up holes in the drywall
  • Install a new Carbon Monoxide alarm

And that’s why moving a boiler a few feet in the same room can be nearly half the price of moving a boiler to a completely new room.

Moving an Older Boiler, or Replacing With a New One

With typical boiler relocations costing around £500, as a rule of thumb it’s worth considering a replacement. Obviously, there are exceptions — if your boiler is only a couple of years old and under warranty, you don’t need a new one.

However, there are combi boiler models that cost around £800 with a 7-year warranty, such as the Ideal Logic 30.

If you have an old boiler, you’ll likely save this amount on your heating bills within a couple of years and still have 5 years left on the warranty.

To get an idea of what a new boiler may cost you (installed in a new location), you can use Heatable’s calculator and get a range of pixed price boiler quotes. Otherwise, you can get a quote to move your existing boiler here.

What’s Next?

Hopefully, our quick guide to boiler relocation costs will help you anticipate the expenses before you proceed with the boiler move. If you have any more questions, please leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. Marie cronin says:

    I need my copper tank moved as l use gas and do not know what purpose it serves and you can get smaller stainless steel ones but l need to keep the cost low it only a few feet away l need it moved would appreciate a reply please Thank you in advance my phone number is 0857589489

  2. sharon says:

    Hi i’m looking to relocate my hot water cylinder.
    I live in a fairly old, small, housing association bungalow.
    The cylinder (therefore my airing cupboard) is in the kitchen. My fridge freezer- due to lack of kitchen space- is in a cupboard in the hall next to the bathroom. Call me old fashioned but I feel they might serve me better if they swapped places. haha
    can you give me some idea of cost and would I also need an electrician

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