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Baxi 600 Review: Why It’s Still One of the Best Small Combi Boiler Models in 2023

We wrote this article a little while ago, when the Baxi 600 compact combi boiler first made its grand entrance into the world of compact boilers. And now, no less relevant, the Baxi 600 range is once again the subject of our review (updated on January 25, 2022). Here, we’ll help you understand EVERYTHING you need to know to make a purchase decision about your new combi boiler.

Baxi 600 Compact Combi Boiler (Baxi 624/Baxi 630/Baxi 636)  

When Baxi unveiled their 600 compact boiler range,Baxi 600 compact combi boiler it slotted itself directly at the top of shortlists for thousands of homeowners in the UK that are looking for a new small combi boiler.

In a nutshell, here’s why: Baxi 600 combi gas boilers are inexpensive to install, have low servicing costs, offer high output, neatly fit into a kitchen cupboard, and come with a generous, 7-year warranty.

Reduced Installation Costs

Let’s start with something I usually leave for the end — the installation cost of a Baxi 600.

Baxi 600 compact boiler

Working in a plumbing merchant, I know your average gas boiler is 40kg. A Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30i, for instance, was 42kg packed. And whilst that might not seem very heavy, try hanging one of those on a wall without any help; it’s no fun. 🙁

And this is why installers love the Baxi 600 compact boiler — it weighs just 29kg, making it one of the smallest combi boilers out there.

I can tell you straight up, installers prefer installing small combi boilers like the Baxi 600 over something heavier. So, if they’re quoting for an installation of a Baxi 630, for example, the quote you get will be cheaper than a Worcester 30i just because it’s easier to install.

Not sure how much your new boiler installation should cost, or where to get it from? Click here to read our boiler installation cost guide.

Low Servicing Costs

Another thing homeowners don’t account for is the servicing costs of a cheap combi boiler. Engineers hate them, and if parts need replacing, due to lack of supply, they’re not exactly inexpensive.

The Baxi 600 combi, on the other hand utilises a pipe behind facility that all engineers love. Combine that with a clear and spacious internal layout of components, and what you get is easy servicing. And if there’s every a faulty part, you can rest assured that spares are in plentiful supply — Baxi is, after all, one of the biggest boiler brands in the UK. So, a replacement part shouldn’t really break the bank.

Dirt Cheap 

Before we delve into the technical details and suitability of the Baxi 600, let’s talk about the price. When I first saw the price of their new release, I had to do a double-take.

If I worked at Baxi, the first thing I’d do is double-check the margins on the 600, as it’s ridiculously cheap when you stack it against comparable products over at Worcester and Vaillant.

As Baxi are a premium brand, you’ll find their prices are typically up there with the most expensive models from Worcesster Bosch and Vaillant. But, whilst the 600 is a premium product, the price definitely isn’t.

For example, you’ll be able to grab the Baxi 624 for around £750. The Baxi 630 you’ll get for around £825-850 (boiler only).

If you don’t know how cheap that is, do a quick search for comparable gas combi boilers from Worcester Bosch. A quick Google search for the Worcester 32 CDi Compact boiler will produce prices of £1,200 and beyond.

So, depending on the kw boiler you need, you’re talking about a saving of around £300 or more for a product built by a brand that’s considered one of the best in the industry.

Cha-Ching! 😊

Tiny Dimensions

It’s all good and well saying that the Baxi 600 is a small combi boiler. But just how small exactly is the Baxi 600 compact boiler? See for yourself:

  • Width — 390mm
  • Height — 700mm
  • Depth — 285mm

Now, that’s small — perfect for homes with limited space!

That compares to the Ideal Logic Plus and the Worcester Bosch Compact. Basically, this is a small and compact gas combi boiler that you can install in tiny spaces like:

  • Airing cupboards
  • Kitchen cupboards
  • Under your stairs
  • In a loft

Awesome Hot Water and Central Heating Output

Despite the compact size, the Baxi 600 range offers 3 impressive power output options — the 24kW (Baxi 624), 30kW (Baxi 630), and 36kW (Baxi 636).

Now, you NEED to get an engineer to spec your property to determine the right boiler size for you.

A 24kW is generally suitable for smaller propoerties, such as flats, apartments, or 2-3 bedroomed properties with low heating and hot water demand. A 30kW model could power anything up to a 4-bedroom semi or a small house, although it’s typically suited to 3-bedroomed semis. And the 36kW is best suited to larger properties with 4 or more bedrooms and high heating demands.  There’s a guide on what size boiler you need here.

High Flow Rate

Either of the Baxi 600 models will get you high output for domestic hot water.

With the Baxi 624, you’ll have access to 10.2L per minute, the Baxi 630 provides 12.2L per minute, whilst the Baxi 636 gets you 15L per minute.

Ridiculously High Warranty Period

I’m always interested in the warranty boiler manufacturers offer on their products. It’s a sure sign of what THEY think of their own boilers. After all, if they think it’s reliable, they’ll offer a long warranty. If they don’t, well, they’ll offer a short warranty.

Typically, we’d never advise getting a boiler with less than a 5 year warranty.

And that’s where the Baxi 600 compact boiler is leaps and bounds above most of the competition. You’ll get a HUGE 7-year warranty period with the Baxi 600. If they’ve got the confidence in their product to offer that kind of warranty, then we’ve got confidence in it too.

Hugely Efficient

You’re going to struggle to find a Baxi boiler that isn’t efficient; the Baxi 600 certainly doesn’t buck that trend.

The Baxi 624, 630, and 636 all have an efficiency rating of A. That means they work at around 89% efficiency. The Energy Saving Trust produced a recent study that found an old G-rated boiler in a semi-detached property, could cost up to £540 per year extra (yes, per year!) in heating bills, compared to an A-rated equivalent.

Given installs for a Baxi 600 compact boiler can start as low as £1,850, it doesn’t take you long to recoup your investment, so you can save money and the planet a little at the same time.

Smart Technology

It’s not just the external design of the Baxi 600 compact boiler range that’s sleek; the behind-the-scenes tech is pretty-cool, too.

If you’re like most homeowners in the UK, you’ll be transitioning to slowly creating your perfect smart home. The compact Baxi boiler is the next step, as it gives you the ability to operate your boiler from a smart phone or tablet.

But it doesn’t stop there. New Government legislation means all new boiler installs need to be Boiler Plus (Building Regulations Part L) compliant.

And besides its high efficiency, the Baxi 600 surpasses regulation guidelines when installed with Baxi’s new smart thermostat, uSense.

Baxi 600 Compact Boiler Review Verdict

We’re impressed all round with the Baxi 600 compact boiler range. They’re a premium brand, offering an innovative and premium product for your heating system, but at a price that’s far cheaper than we’d expect.

If you’re looking for a new compact combi boiler, you should have the 624, 630, or 636 on the top of your short list. And if you do eventually buy it, you’ll have plenty of extra pound notes to rub together, compared with buying a small boiler from other leading brands.

However, if you’d rather swap your existing boiler for a Worcester Bosch, we recommend you check out Heatable. The online boiler installation company has ridiculously reasonable deals on Worcester Bosch installations. You can fill out their 90-second, anonymous questionnaire and get a range of fixed price boiler quotes, like the one we got below.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000

What’s Next?

Hopefully our review and buyer’s guide to the best compact boiler has helped you decide whether the Baxi 600 is for you.

Still got questions? Drop a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.




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