Viessmann Boiler Reviews and Boilers Buying Guide (2022)

If you’re in the market for a new boiler, there’s a good chance you’re getting overwhelmed by the options. Not only does Viessmann have a few models that will be suitable for your property, but there are also lots of other brands to choose from too.

Viessmann boilersPopular brands for oil, LPG and gas boilers include:

  • Viessmann (best prices with HEATABLE, largest installer in the UK)
  • Worcester Bosch
  • Baxi
  • Grant (Oil)
  • Ideal Boilers
  • Potterton
  • Vaillant

Please note, in bold are the best brands and also the ones we recommend most. So, if you take anything away from the next 5-minutes, let it be this – stick to those brands!

Below we’ll cover Viessman boiler reviews, prices, the current range and the warranty on offer.

Ready to find out if a Viessmann boiler is right for you?

Viessmann Boiler Reviews

Viessmann Vitodens 100 W1Here’s the problem with boiler reviews; there are hardly any online.

Besides from opinions offered by heating engineers, the reviews are really limited to the annual Which? Best Boiler Brands survey.

This survey reaches out to around 10,000 property owners and just over 200 heating engineers each year, asking them what they think of the 11 best boiler brands (depending on the brand they own/install).

What the most recent review by Which? uncovered was:

  • Viessman Boilers got an overall review rating of 84% based on reliability, customers overall scores, and engineer’s opinions
  • They were named the “Most Reliable Boiler” brand
  • Received 5 stars for “Reliability” and “Customer Satisfaction”
  • Over 66% of Viessmann owners would recommend the brand to a friend

Basically, they did well.

Viessmann Boiler Prices

When you have a look around at the different brands offering boilers, whether that’s an oil combi, or a regular LPG, you’ll find the price differential is high.

I worked in a plumbing merchant for two years, so I know Viessman boiler prices are up there with the premium brands. It’s German engineering that you’re actually bringing home, so it makes sense.

When I say premium, you’re looking at brands like Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi and Potterton.

BUT, if you’re on the fence between Viessmann and Worcester, there’s another thing to consider.

Viessmann Vitodens 050-W from Heatable

HEATABLE are a recently launched online boiler installation platform. What does that mean for you? HEATABLE supply and fit Viessmann boilers at incredibly low prices starting at £1,670.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar i from Heatable

You can get a fixed boiler price online within 90 seconds, with no need to input any personal details. Then, compare that with prices you’re being quoted from local installers. Or compare them with the Worcester Bosch prices that start at £1,770.

Review Viessmann Boilers Prices Versus Reliability

And this is something many people forget about; reliability.

A boiler’s warranty only lasts so long. Once you’re out of warranty, the repair costs are on you – they’re rarely cheap.

You can see a quick guide to boiler repair costs here, to give you an idea.

According to the Which? survey, a reliable boiler such as Viessmann (in comparison to unreliable brands), could save you around £233 in repair bills over a 6-year time frame.

Viessmann boiler prices are higher than most, but only by a few hundred pounds. So, what you save on boiler repairs, you have invested in a more reliable boiler.

Review Boilers Installation Prices for Viessmann

Boiler prices are one thing, but installation costs are another.

Viessmann boiler prices including installation are going to be similar to the likes of Vaillant, Baxi and Worcester if you use a local installer. Even if you own a small property, with a local installer you should be expecting quotes upwards of £2,000 including installation. That’s going to get you something basic like a 24kW combi. Remember though, if you’re installing a large kW boiler, or an oil boiler, this installation price is going to jump considerably.

However, online comparison service HEATABLE, who are the largest installer of Viessmann boilers, has them on offer with a 10-year warranty attached. The Vitodens 050, a Which? Best Buy boiler, starts at just £1,670.

Boiler Models & Warranty from Viessmann

Before we delve into the models in the Viessmann boiler range, or whether they’re better than the likes of Worcester Bosch – we need to talk about warranty.

Viessmann Boiler Reviews UK

If you’re not an engineer, this is the one thing you need to be paying close attention to.

The warranty a manufacturer offers on their boilers gives a clear indication of what they think about the quality of their own product.

Each boiler manufacturer (including Viessmann) will have low, mid and high range boilers. And throughout that scale, a larger warranty is going to be attached.

How Much Warranty Do You Need For Your Boiler?

If you go and check out a lot of the low-quality brands, you’ll see warranties of 1-2 years.

Admittedly some quality brands only offer 2 years on their low-end products, but they do have warranty extension packages, and higher-end boilers with 5-10 years in many cases.

Let me tell you right now – 1-2 years warranty – that’s not enough, by any stretch of the imagination.

If I was replacing my boiler tomorrow, I’d want 5-years as an absolute minimum.

What Viessmann Boilers Have 5 Years Warranty (Or More)?

ModelStandard warrantyExtended (when installed by HEATABLE)
Vitodens 050-W3-year warranty10-year warranty
Vitodens 100-W5-year warranty10-year warranty
Vitodens 111-W5-year warranty10-year warranty
Vitodens 200-W/222-F3-year warranty10-year warranty
Vitodens 242-F2-year warranty10-year warranty

The Best Viessmann Boilers In Their Range

Viessmann Vitodens boilers

We’re happy with most models in the range, but think the best are:

There are plenty of warranty extension options there, but you’ll need to make sure the installation is completed by a Viessmann trained engineer like HEATABLE and bank a 10-year warranty on your boiler install.

The general rule of thumb here is if you do choose to buy a Viessmann boiler, make sure it’s installed by someone that’s had official training by the Viessmann brand.

What Size Viessmann Boiler Do You Need?

Different Viessmann boilers are designed for different heating setups (LPG, Gas, Oil), but also different sized properties.

You’ll need to have a Gas Safe engineer spec your property.

They’ll take into account the length of the heating run as well as the amount and size of radiators to determine which is the best Viessmann to install.

Buying A Boiler That’s Too Big

This isn’t a huge issue, besides the fact that the boiler itself is going to cost much more than a smaller one.

So, you’ll have spent money that you didn’t need to.

Buying A Boiler That’s Too Small

This is a huge issue.

If you buy a Viessmann boiler that’s too small, you’re going to have all sorts of problems including:

  • Radiators not getting hot
  • Shower and tap water not getting up to temperature
  • Excess strain being put on the boiler, leading to premature breakdowns and expensive repair bills

So, make sure your boiler is spec’d correctly by a Gas Safe engineer.

Before You Buy – Compare Viessmann Boilers vs Worcester Bosch Boilers

There’s definitely nothing wrong with Viessmann boilers; they are actually the largest manufacturer of boilers in Europe.

Viessmann boilers vs Worcester boilers

I mean they are ruthlessly efficient — talking about German engineering, stainless steel heat exchangers and high-quality parts.

But keep in mind. The actual boiler you purchase for your property is going to depend on a few things, it’s not always down to brand preference.

For example, you might:

  • Use a fuel type other than gas, so may need a wall-hung or external oil boiler
  • Need a compact boiler that fits in a small cupboard (kitchen for instance)
  • Have high hot water and heating demand in comparison to similar properties

Combined, this might mean that there’s a perfect boiler on offer from an alternative brand.

Pretty much any qualified heating engineer is going to agree that these are the best boilers on the market.

How To Pay For Your Viessmann Boiler

If you have cash upfront for your boiler replacement, great. But, not everyone does. After all, nobody really plans to replace their boiler. And, not many of us have £2,000 in our piggy-bank to spare.

You can get quotes for boiler replacement (paid on completion of the installation), or you can go down the boiler finance route.

There are multiple UK companies now offering finance packages for Viessmann boilers.

Typically, the best deals start around £13 per month, and some even offer 0% interest.

Viessmann Vitodens 050-W from Heatable

You can get quotes from multiple Viessmann boiler installers, for both upfront payment and finance. But for Viessmann, it’s likely you’ll get the best prices from HEATABLE. You can get online fixed prices by filling out a few basic details about your property here.

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 5-minute Viessmann boiler reviews and buying guide.

Hopefully, this review has helped you understand whether a Viessmann boiler is right for you, and what you need to do next.

Still got questions about having a new Viessmann boiler fitted?

Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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