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Baxi Boilers: Prices, Installation Costs And Homeowner Reviews

When people think of getting their boiler replaced, there’s usually one brand that stands out, and that’s Worcester Bosch.

There’s no doubt that in terms of branding, Worcester are the most well-known. But, there are other brands that are high quality, and are perfect alternatives; Baxi boilers are a perfect example.

Baxi boilers

Baxi have been going since 1866, and still manufacture their products in the UK. I say products, because their parent company is BDR Thermea Group, and they own brands that include:

  • Potterton
  • Main Heating
  • Heatrae Sadia
  • Megaflo
  • Remeha
  • Andrews Water Heaters
  • Potterton Commercial

And, in a competitive market, you don’t build a brand as big as Baxi have (and then add to it, with other heating brands), unless your products are top quality, and prices are competitive.

Baxi Boiler Reviews

Like purchasing any old product on Amazon, it’s worth doing some research when it comes to buying your new boiler. So, I went and found some reviews…

Trustpilot is probably the most frequent place one could check — their review rating on Trustpilot is very high, at 86% for Excellent and Great. And that’s from almost 30,000 user opinions – which is huge.

Baxi boilers - Trustpilot reviews

How Do Baxi’s Boiler Prices Compare With The Competition?

If you’re tossing up between a few brands, and assuming you’ve found a comparable boiler from others, there are two main things you need to consider to help you make a final decision:

  • Warranty
  • Price

Baxi’s warranty on their combi boilers is up to 10-years, and that’s up there with some of the longest in the industry.

Being a high-quality brand and offering long warranties, don’t expect this brand to stack up against cheap and unreliable boilers.

We’re talking about the ones that are known for being unreliable and offering just a few years warranty.

There’s a good reason to avoid these cheap brands; most of the cost of your new boiler installation, isn’t the boiler. The majority of the cost, comes from fittings, parts and labour. So, you might as well spend a few extra quid, and get something that’s going to last.

Typically, Baxi are up there with the more expensive, and that includes Worcester and Vaillant.

But, if you do need a combi boiler, there’s a new release from Baxi that’s ridiculously cheap; the Baxi 600.

We’ve already wrote up a quick review of the Baxi 600 and labelled it as one of the best compact boilers. It’s available as a 24kw (624) or 30kw (630) and comes with a 7-year warranty. In our opinion, it tops the list for being the cheapest when looking at comparable boilers from leading brands.

If you live in a small-medium sized property, that’s where we’d be starting our search.

Baxi Boiler Prices

To give you an idea when comparing Baxi against other brands, we’ve listed some estimates for their boiler prices. Please note, these prices are for the boiler only (i.e. no flue or additional fittings), and don’t include the cost of installation.

Typically, you’ll be able to get the equivalent Worcester Bosch boiler fitted for a similar price or cheaper via Heatable, with a 10-year warranty.

Combi Boiler Prices

Boiler Prices
424 Combi 24kw (5-year warranty) £675
428 Combi 28kw £730
624 Combi 24kw (7-year warranty) £760
630 Combi 30kw £835
Duo-Tec 24kw (7-year warranty) £760
Duo-Tec 28kw £880
Duo-Tec 33kw £980
Duo-Tec 40kw £1,080
EcoBlue+ 24kw (7-year warranty) £790
EcoBlue+ 28kw £860
EcoBlue+ 33kw £1,000
Platinum 24kw (10-year warranty) £850
Platinum 28kw £1,000
Platinum 33kw £1,075

Heat-Only Boiler Prices

Boiler Prices
412 12kw Heat Only (5-year warranty) £700
415 15kw Heat Only £740
418 18kw Heat Only £775
424 24kw Heat Only £800
430 30kw Heat Only £850
EcoBlue Advance Heat 13kw (7-year warranty) £800
EcoBlue Advance Heat 16kw £850
EcoBlue Advance Heat 19kw £900
EcoBlue Advance Heat 21kw £930
EcoBlue Advance Heat 25kw £950
EcoBlue Advance Heat 30kw £990

System Boiler Prices

Boiler Prices
EcoBlue System 12kw (7-year warranty) £915
EcoBlue System 15kw £935
EcoBlue System 18kw £965
EcoBlue System 24kw £990
EcoBlue System 28kw £1,050
EcoBlue System 32kw £1,150

Fitting Costs For Baxi Boilers

Without knowing the exact boiler you need, or additional materials required, it’s hard to gauge the exact installation costs.

For example, a horizontal flue will cost around £90. With a couple of extensions, a vertical flue could cost £200 or more. And, that’s just one of dozens of variables.

As a guestimate, if you want your boiler protected with a magnetic system filter (advisable), and assuming there will be some additional works (moving a flue, re-piping gas mains, core drilling for a flue in a new location and so on), expect to add on around £1,100 onto the cost of the boiler.

In this £1,100 will be all materials from copper pipe work and fittings, to flue extensions and the flue itself.

So, as an example, a reasonable price for a Baxi 624 Compact Combi boiler would be around £1,775. Again, take this as a guestimate, different boiler installations take different amounts of time, and the cost of materials varies, as does the cost of labour throughout the country.

Naturally, Baxi boilers are directly compared to Worcester Bosch. You can get a Worcester Bosch boiler fitted for a similar price (if not cheaper) via Heatable. And, that’s because Heatable have made a substantial investment in having great relationships with boiler manufacturers, they’re ensuring installation prices are competitive.

You can use their clickable form to get prices on-screen (takes less than 2-minutes).

How Much Does A Baxi Boiler Cost To Run?

If you’re on the fence when it comes to replacing your boiler, it’s worth considering the running costs of your current appliance.

A recent survey by the Energy Saving Trust suggests that for large properties, savings of £305 per year can be gained. You can read their full survey here.

There’s a good chance you’ve seen a range of boiler replacement companies offering boiler finance (a guide to getting boilers on finance can be found here).

Heatable new boilers

Typically, you’ll find deals from £17 per month. And that means, even if you’re only saving £204 per year on energy bills, your new boiler will be paid for, simply due to the energy savings you’re making monthly.

How Long Should The Warranty Be On Your New Boiler?

If you’ve researched other boiler brands, you’ll see there are warranties available from 2-years upwards. Typically, we’d not recommend buying a new boiler that has a warranty that’s less than 5-years.

The cost of boiler repairs can spiral quickly out of control. Some parts (a PCB replacement for instance) can cost upwards of £400 to fix. And if the boiler is already old and out of warranty, you’ll start to come dangerously close to it being more cost efficient to simply replace the whole appliance. That’s definitely not something you want to be doing after just 2-years.

So, we’d stick to 5-years as a minimum. The extra cost to get a warranty of 5-years is minimal, and well worth the price. If possible, we’d suggest stretching for 7-years. And as you can see above, there are plenty of Baxi boilers that come with warranties in the 5-10 year range.

And you can compare their prices with Worcester, by using this clickable form.

Baxi Boiler Alternatives

There are plenty of quality boiler brands besides Baxi. But, there’s no doubt that they’re up there with the best of the best.

If your boiler installer is recommending Baxi, besides their obvious quality, it’s likely they’re choosing Baxi for a reason. Most likely, it’s because a boiler in their range is most suited to your central heating system layout, or, they’re going with something like the Baxi 600 Combi, which offers excellent value for money.

However, if you’re not sure if Baxi is the right brand for you, check out our guide to the best boiler brands. One of the best is certainly Worcester, and you can get them installed at competitive rates here.

Which Type Of Baxi Boiler Do You Need?


Combi boilers heat hot water on demand. That means you’ll not need a hot water storage tank. If you have a small-medium sized property with no cylinder or cold feed in the loft, you’ll need a Baxi combi boiler.


Heat-only boilers use a cold feed that’s usually located in your loft. If you have a cold feed, it’s likely you’ll need a heat-only boiler.


Where a combination boiler won’t be able to provide enough hot water demand (large houses with multiple bathrooms), a system boiler is most likely suitable. Instead of relying on a combi boiler to heat hot water on demand, hot water is stored in a cylinder.



What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

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What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our guide to Baxi boiler prices, installation costs and reviews.

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