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Vaillant Eco Tec Pro 24 – Review, Price & Alternatives

Vaillant have been building boilers for over 100 years, and the Vaillant Eco Tec Pro 24 is among their best sellers. The Eco Tec 24 combi is suitable for small properties.

In this boiler review, we’ll cover the features, prices and possible alternatives.


The first thing you’ll want to check in any boiler review, is the heating and hot water output, as well as the flow rate. These are the crucial factors that make a combi boiler suitable (or not suitable) for a property.

In the case of the Eco Tec Pro 24, it has a heating output of 19.1kw. This is what is the minimum requirement for flats and anything up to a small 3-bedroom property. Those with a larger property than this will need to look at investing in a boiler with higher output; 24kw or 30kw for instance.

The hot water output for the Vaillant Pro 24 is impressive, at 23.4kw. This means you’ll have no problems filling a bath. Vaillant suggest that the flow rate on this combi is around 9.6 litres per minute.


Although a new boiler installation is costly, there are savings to be had. Fit an A rated boiler like the Eco Tec Pro 24 means you’ll be saving cash on your heating bills, with over 89% efficiency.

Suitable Installation Area

We’ve seen a rise in homeowners leaning towards compact boilers. Typically, these combis are installed in kitchen cupboards, and help to create open plan living. Unfortunately, the Eco Tec Pro 24 is not one of those boilers.

720mm x 420mm x 338mm means that the Pro 24 is just that little too big to fit in these tight areas.

For that reason, you’ll need to have a suitable installation area in mind. If you currently have a compact boiler (fitted in a kitchen cupboard), they’ll usually be extra costs involved in moving the new boiler, to a new location.


We always advise customers to aim for a combi boiler that’s inclusive of at least a 5-year warranty, which is what Vaillant offer with the Eco Tec Pro 24.

The warranty will be upheld by Vaillant if the combi is fitted by a Vaillant Accredited Installer, as well as receiving an annual service from a Gas Safe engineer.


At time of writing, the Eco Tec Pro 24 is listed on most online plumbing merchants just over £900 (boiler only).

With parts such as a flue, extension, controls and a magnetic system filter, expect to pay in the region of £1750 in total (parts and labour).

Get up to 3 quotes from Gas Safe engineers for free here.

Eco Tec Pro 24 Alternatives

My personal favourite here is the Ideal Logic Plus 24. The Ideal has a much higher heating output at 24.2kw (over 19.1kw for the Vaillant Eco Tec Pro) and hot water output is also 24.2kw (over the 23.6kw from the Eco Tec). The flow rate is also slightly higher at 9.9 litres per minute.

The warranty is the same at 7-years, and the best bit; it’s cheaper. The Ideal Logic Plus 24 weighs in at around £700 (boiler only), so there’s a straight up £200 saving.

Vaillant Eco Tec Pro 24 Review Verdict

We’re confident enough in the Ideal Boilers brand to recommend them. It’s a great alternative to the Eco Tec Pro 24, with more output at a lower price. However, some engineers tend to favour certain brands, and it’s easy to see why engineers love Vaillant, due to their boilers being well known for having excellent reliability.

The best thing to do is get some free quotes from Gas Safe installers. They’ll be able to assess your property and determine which is the best boiler.

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