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Ideal Logic Plus 24kw Boiler Review [Worcester 25i Alternative]

Welcome to our review of the Ideal Logic Plus 24kw. This review covers an overview of Ideal Boilers, and a detailed guide to the 24kw Plus boiler.

Ideal Boilers are hot on the heels of the Worcester Greenstar range, mainly due to the fact that they offer an excellent 7-year warranty, and are much cheaper.

Ideal have been getting more and more popular, and now manufacture over 24,000 boilers per month. Here are some reasons why people choose the Ideal Logic Plus 24 over the Worcester 25i.

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Logic versus Logic Plus

It’s important not to confuse Ideal Logic 24 with the Ideal Logic Plus 24. The Logic range is the standard range. This is sometimes branded as the Ideal Instinct 24, and it only comes with a 2-year warranty (albeit, it is quite a lot cheaper).

The Logic Plus is one down from the flagship (Vogue). And, it comes with an extended warranty which is 7 years.

The difference in price is small (around £200). So, by purchasing the Logic Plus 24, you’re essentially paying just £40 per extra year of warranty. And, that’s well worth the money when you consider the installation could cost upwards of £1,600.

Again, the alternative here is to get a Worcester 25i, at the same price, but with a 10-year warranty. You can check prices using this online form.

Price Difference: Logic+ 24 Versus Worcester 25I

The Worcester 25I is the equivalent of the Logic. You can see our review of the 25I here.

The first cost consideration, is the boiler itself. Expect to pay around £750-800 for a Logic 24. The Worcester 25I is likely to set your back around £900-950. So, you are already out around £150-200.

But, the price differences don’t stop there.

To get the top warranty on a Worcester boiler, you’ll need to use their controls, and their magnetic system filter. These items combined are likely to cost an additional £100 in comparison to controls from Honeywell and filters from Fernox or Magnaclean (all good brands).

And, it goes without saying, you’ll need to use Worcester’s flue kits. Which, if you need a vertical flue and multiple extensions, could increase the cost by another £100 or more.

Essentially, a Worcester 25I is going to cost around £350-400 more than an Logic 24+.

That’s true if you use a big national installer, or local installer. HOWEVER…

Bosch have recently invested in boiler installation company, WarmZilla. With WarmZilla getting Worcester boilers so cheaply, most installers can’t compete with them on price.

What this also means, is the price differential between a Worcester 25i and Ideal Logic 24kw is eliminated. You can get a fixed price for a Worcester, using WarmZilla’s boiler calculator.

Features of the Logic+ 24

Now, let’s talk about what the Logic 24 has to offer.

Ideal do an excellent job of designing their boilers. And, incorporating a backlit display is a prime example. It makes it easy to see any fault codes, pressures and it even has a built-in service reminder, ensuring your boiler is always looked after.

Let’s face it. We don’t really care about most technical aspects of a boiler. If it works, and has a good warranty in place for when it doesn’t that’s about it.

But there’s one feature you should care about; boiler frost protection. A lot of boilers struggle in the winter. Condensate pipes and pumps are prone to freezing up, and this can cause a boiler lockout. And, this means calling out an engineer which isn’t cheap.

Ideal have incorporated frost protection into all Logic Plus boilers which should mean you don’t get lockouts, or need to call an engineer.

Logic Plus 24 Suitable Property Size

The Logic Plus 24 combi is the smallest Logic Plus there is. Ideal will recommend using these boilers in small properties. This means 1-2 bedroom apartments, and up to 2-bedroom terrace houses. And that’s only if there isn’t a huge demand for hot water and heating (i.e. 10 or more radiators).

Realistically, we’ve been called out to service the 24 in properties as big as 3 bedroom semidetached houses, and they never have any problems.

There is one scenario where an Logic Plus 30 is going to be a much better move; if you need to run 2 showers at the same time. It’s unlikely that a 24kw boiler is going to have the power to do this.

Compact Boiler Design

Worcester produce what is known as a Compact range. It’s designed to fit into small spaces such as kitchen cupboards. One problem; it’s more expensive.

The Logic Plus 24 comes with a compact design as standard. If you are looking to fit the boiler into a small space, check out the spec sheet below (direct from Ideal).

Ideal’s 7 Year Warranty

There’s no messing around with the Ideal Warranty. It’s 7 years and you don’t have to fit their own branded controls or filters. That’s a great warranty, but you’ll be able to get up to 10 years via WarmZilla if you’re buying a Worcester 25i.

To make sure you don’t breach any of the terms and conditions, take a quick look.

Ideal Controls and Accessories

24 Hour Mechanical Timer

The Logic Plus 24 comes with a built in mechanical timer. It’s simple but effective. That said, the boiler can still be paired with a range of thermostats as well as this timer.

Ideal RF Programmer

If you are looking for something with a bit more function to it, the RF programmer is going to be a good option. The RF programmer allows users to work on a 7 day schedule and incorporates holiday mode and pre-heat.

External Sensors

Ideal Boilers have developed what they call the outdoor boiler sensor. So, your heating won’t just be monitoring the air temperature inside your property, but also the air outside. It will use both temperatures to automatically adjust the heat of the water flowing around your central heating.

Tests have proven that this sensor can improve efficiency by as much as 2%.

Optional Plume Management Kit

The most important flue accessory is the plume management kit. These are used when the flue gases are released to close to windows (usually above the flue). The plume management kit allows you to direct the gases in whatever direction you want.

Ideal Plus 24KW Verdict

This really comes down to brand preference, due to the fact that WarmZilla’s low prices for Worcester installations, means Ideal won’t be saving you much, if anything.

From experience, most homeowners want to go with Worcester. You can get a fixed price on-screen within 2 minutes using their clickable boiler quote form.


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