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Joule Cyclone Cylinders – Price & Alternatives

Joule hot water cylinders are an Irish company and are the fastest growing cylinder brand in the UK. They offer a huge range of ErP compliant cylinders that rival the likes of Gledhill and Stelflow.

In fact, many of our local merchants have started stocking Joule over other brands. There are two major reasons that plumbing merchants are choosing to stock the Joule Cyclone cylinders over better known brands:

  • Quality -unlike other manufacturers, they don’t use cheap plastic outer casings, so they are less likely to get damaged
  • Price – Joule cylinders are generally 10-15% cheaper than well-known brands in the UK

Although the Joule Cyclone un-vented cylinder range sits in the B-D efficiency range, they are now building A-rated un-vented cylinders on request.

All Joule Cyclone cylinders incorporate:

  • ​Single high recovery coil
  • Smooth tube coil construction for durability and performance
  • Compression connections fitted as standard
  • Bevelled stat pocket for better fitting
  • Metallic grey wipe clean rigid case for premium appearance
  • Pre plugged secondary tapping for ease of installation
  • All Connections clearly labelled
  • Butt Welded process used throughout
  • Robotically welded
  • Branded quality components

Cyclone cylinder sizes available are as follows:

Cylinder Type


A-Rated Cylinders

125L Indirect Standard


150L Indirect Standard


170L Indirect Standard


200L Indirect Standard


250L Indirect Standard


B-Rated Cylinders

150L Indirect Standard £582.56
170L Indirect Standard £606.83
200L Indirect Standard POA
250L Indirect Standard POA
300L Indirect Standard POA
100L Indirect Slimline POA
125L Indirect Slimline POA
150L Indirect Slimline POA


The obvious alternatives come from Gledhill and Stelflow (RM Cylinders).

Cylinder Installation

If you are looking for a vented or un-vented cylinder installation service, get advice and free quotes from heating engineers. Qualified heating engineers will be able to advise on the best brand and setup for your property.

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