Best Rattan Patio Heater on the Market (Reviews) in 2021

Are you looking for a patio heater but finding the typical, industrial look unappealing? A rattan patio heater may be a good fit for your outdoor space.

In this guide, you’ll find out all about rattan patio heaters, and have a look through the top 5 models on the market.

Rattan Patio Heater

What Is a Rattan Patio Heater?

Rattan patio heaters feature an up-scaling in the design look, typically with a base covered in rattan. This nuance makes them look less industrial, and make them a more elegant fit a patio decor. Function-wise, a rattan heater is no different from any other patio heater. All rattan heaters I was able to find for you are gas-fuelled patio heaters.

What Is Rattan?

Rattan is a naturally growing tropical plant that makes an excellent weaving material. It is native to the world’s tropical regions, and once grew in abundance in certain parts of Asia, Australia and Africa with over 600 different species.

Rattan is similar to bamboo, with its strong and durable fibrous nature. Thanks to its light weight, Rattan is a popular furniture material, while various types of Rattan are also used to make baskets and other woven goods. Certain kinds of Rattan are edible, yet others are robust enough to build houses in rural areas.

When well cared for, Rattan plants are highly renewable. They can grow at the incredible speed of up to two centimetres per day, which is more than half a metre every month! The plant is full-grown after two years, while other hardwoods can take 25 years before they are grown and usable.

Rattan supports many farms, especially across Southeast Asia, where it is popular to grow and harvest. It provides local people in small communities with a regular income in an uncomplicated and labour-intensive industry. Sadly, the recent high demand in has jeopardised the sustainability of rattan cultivation. If the stem of the plant gets cut before it’s mature, the plant is unable to regrow, and is lost.

In its natural habitat, rattan sustain other plants, yet it also relies on other vegetation to survive. Rattan is vital to the ecosystem, and so it’s essential that the rainforest where it grows is preserved.

For these reasons, synthetic materials are created to mirror Rattan without risking exploitation of nature.

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What Are the Best Rattan Patio Heaters?

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to — here are the five best rattan patio heaters for the money.

1. HOMCOM Rattan Heater

The HOMCOM patio heater is an excellent solution for those chilly evenings during summer, fall, and spring. The heater has a stainless steel metal frame with powder coating, and a rattan base cabinet that houses the gas bottle.

HOMCOM 12KW Patio Heater Free Standing Outdoor Garden Heating Rattan

This heater looks especially lovely when placed next to your garden rattan furniture. The gas bottle cabinet incorporates a table-top to place your morning coffee while enjoying the garden in the comfort of your heater. The heat output is adjustable, and the top reflector makes sure the heat efficiently distributed.


  • Dimensions: 81 x 221 cm
  • Weight: 21.7 kg
  • Power source: propane or butane only
  • Output: 12kW
  • Material: Rattan/Powder-coated stainless steel
  • Bottle housing dimensions: 5 X 35.5cm
  • Safety: not mentioned

What do people say about it? The HOMCOM Rattan patio heater is sturdy, stable and easy to assemble. The integral side table feature is also quite popular. The heat output is strong, and one customer noted that one bottle of gas lasted an entire summer. Apparently, it is a bit hard to light, but disperses a great deal of heat once it is on. Some customers complained about missing, or incorrect parts after delivery.


  • The extra function as a side table is convenient
  • Easy assembly
  • Strong heat output


  • A regulator is not included with the purchase
  • A little hard to light
  • No mention of safety features

To summarise

The regulator is not included in the package; however, this is clearly stated in the product description, so it’s hard to fault the vendor.  Overall, the HOMCOM is a reliable and sturdy patio heater. Its lovely rattan base gives the heater a sense of belonging amidst your patio decor.

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2. Firefly Ios Freestanding Gas Heater with Rattan Base

The classic Firefly patio heater has been re-imagined with a rattan base. The pole and burner are made from powder-coated steel, giving it stability and sturdiness.

Firefly Ios Freestanding Gas Heater with Rattan Base 12KW

The Firefly comes with an anti-tilt safety switch, which promptly puts out the fire should the unit fall over. It comes with wheels, so you can place this rattan patio heater wherever you want quickly. The base housing the gas bottle has a door, so you can replace the canister easy when needed. The heater also has a powder-coated rust-proof steel table, which is set at the perfect height for your guests to stand around and rest their drinks.


  • Dimensions: 221 x 45.5 cm
  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Power source: Gas
  • Heat output: 12 kW
  • Material: Stainless steel/Rattan
  • Safety: Anti-tilt safety switch off

What do people say about it? The Firefly rattan heater kicks out an impressive amount of heat, and features a quality build. Some customers note that it can be a bit hard to get going, as the ignition button seems to freeze.

The chrome on the unit is starting to tarnish rather quickly when exposed to the elements, so a protective cover is a must.


  • Several safety features
  • Regulator included


  • Hard to ignite

To summarise

This Rattan patio heater has multiple safety features that make it family-friendly and safe around children. The heater is elegant, powerful (12kW!), portable, and safe, and most buyers seem satisfied with their purchase.

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3. Enders Rattan Patio Heater

Enders is a well-trusted brand in the outdoor furniture market, making this rattan base patio heater a reliable choice for your garden setting. It’s both visually appealing, and built with quality.

Enders Rattan Patio Heater

The base, column, and bottle housing are made of powder-coated stainless steel, with artificial rattan covering the housing. For your safety, the Enders rattan patio heater has a tilt-over safety stop and a flame-failure safety control. The heater comes with wheels for easy movement to the desired location.


  • Dimensions: n/a
  • Power source: Liquid propane gas
  • Heat output: n/a
  • Material: rattan/steel

What do people say about it? The Enders rattan patio heater is very durable, and produces sufficient heat. One customer notes that they will highly recommend the Enders patio heater as it has lasted them for years. The assembly of the unit takes roughly 1 hour.


  • Weather-proof
  • Durable


  • Nothing obvious

To summarise

Between Enders’ reputation as a trustworthy brand, and the heater’s excellent reviews, the Enders seems like a reliable choice. The heater has a lovely, simplistic design, and its output is apparently quite strong. Crucially, Enders offers proven durability – an essential quality for an outdoor device.

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4. Palm Springs Rattan Wicker Patio Heater

This elegant rattan patio heater from Palm Springs conveniently stores the gas bottle in a rattan wicker cupboard, and provides a less ‘industrial’ look than most other gas heaters.

Palm Springs Rattan Wicker Patio Heater

The canister housing provides a flat table-top surface, so you have a place to rest your drinks, or a book, while enjoying the warmth radiating from the aluminium top reflector. The heat is adjustable with a maximum output of 13kW. It is easy to use and comes with a click-on gas regulator. You turn the gas off, then push the button, and the regulator will lift off. The regulator is included in the purchase.


  • Dimensions: 218 cm / Rattan table-top 65 x 65 cm
  • Power source: propane or butane
  • Heat output: adjustable – up to 13 kW.
  • Material: Stainless steel / rattan

What do people say about it? Overall, the consensus is that the Palm Springs is a fantastic heater that looks more expensive than it is. It’s sturdy, and provides a powerful heat output, though a bit of patience is needed to get it lit. The table-top surface on top of the canister housing is a convenient little nuance, which makes the heater a talking point. The instruction manual is very vague though, so the assembly is up to you to figure out.


  • Convenient table-top design.
  • Comes with a wheel kit.


  • Vague instruction manual.
  • No mentioning of safety

To summarise

The Palm Springs patio heater can easily withstand wet weather and provides strong, stable heat. As with anything, it will last longer if you care for it, so buy it a cover, or make sure you have a place to store it indoors. The Palm springs patio heater conveniently comes with wheels for easy movement and simple storage. The flat table-top is quite handy, too. Overall, this is a very decent buy.

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5. Glow Warm 13 kW rattan patio heater

This 224 cm-tall rattan-base Glow Warm patio heater is a large, meant to provide you with comfortable, yet powerful heat from its top reflector.

Glow Warm 13kw Rattan Gas Patio Heater (Brown Rattan)

The base housing the gas canister are made of steel with a rattan covering. The Glow Warm patio heater is light-weight and comes with a set of wheels, so you can easily move it around and store it. To make your life even simpler, the heater has a battery operated ignition button.


  • Height: 224 cm
  • Diameter: 85cm
  • Power source: Gas-fuelled
  • Heat output: 13 kW

What do people say about it? Overall, the Glow Warm rattan patio heater comes highly recommended. It requires a bit of time to assemble – roughly 1 hour – but the assembly is simple enough for most. Note that it needs AAA batteries for the ignition button – something that’s not mentioned in the manual. It produces powerful heat, and most folks who bought the Glow Warm patio heater are pleased with their purchase.


  • Strong heat output.
  • Wheel kit provided.


  • Assembly time is a bit long.

To summarise

The Glow Warm rattan patio heater is a bit of an underdog. It is modest, but well-designed to fit your patio furniture despite its gargantuan size. The heater also produces a great deal of heat, impressing almost anyone who purchased and reviewed it.

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Gas Heater Safety and Maintenance Tips

Since all these rattan heaters are gas-fuelled, I thought I’d include a few quick, pertinent safety tips for you.

Using a gas heater is generally considered safe, and they always come with one or more safety mechanisms. Standard safety measures include:

  • Tilt-over safety stop
  • Anti-tilt weight plates, and
  • Flame failure shut-off

That said, these devices are not a replacement for good sense and a safety-minded approach to operation.

Patio heaters are designed for outdoor use, preferably in semi-open spaces with adequate ventilation. This helps to avoid a build-up of carbon monoxide, which can be fatal in the worst cast scenario.  To this end, never use a gas patio heater indoors (it’s also a fire hazard), or in a garage when the doors are shut. Make sure you keep a reasonable distance between the heater and ceiling and walls to avoid overheating.

It is also essential to keep the heater’s valve compartment, and burners, clean. You may not consider insects to be much of a hazard to your patio heater, but these pesky creatures can get into the burner or similar openings, and spin webs or build nests. In the worst case scenario, this could lead to problems with the gas flow. So, keep the patio heater clean, and make frequent inspections of the entire unit (just make sure the heater is cold before starting the inspection and cleaning).

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Do Rattan Patio Heaters Need a Cover?

Yes, they do. Rattan is a hardy material, which can be left outside. That said, like anything else exposed to the elements, your rattan patio heater will see some damage, no matter how good its quality is. Instead of dragging the device in and out every day and night, simply shield it with a decent cover.

Parting Words

Rattan heaters are a great, stylish way to spruce up your patio decor while keeping warm. I hope that my guide will help you choose a safe, reliable heater for your home. If there’s anything I missed, or if you’d like to share a personal experience with any of these models, kindly leave our readers a comment below.

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