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The Best Patio Heater Cover to Shield and Protect Your Outdoor Heater

Patio heaters keep us warm during winters, cold summer nights, and those fickle swing seasons in between. They handily warm-up the air in our backyards, patios, and gazebos. In a strange year like this one, with socialising limited to the outdoors, patio heaters have quickly soared in popularity across the globe’s colder regions. But how can we ensure that these devices last long and don’t succumb to the wear and tear brought on by bad weather?

In this post, we’ll look at some of the best patio heaters covers available online, and learn how to choose the right product. 

Patio Heater Cover

But first:

Do I Need a Patio Heater Cover?

Yes, it does. Most things that you leave outdoors will need some protection from the elements, and the same goes for any patio heater. Like any other object you’ve spent money on, you will want to shield it from rain, snow, hail, and bird droppings. 

The good news is that instead of dragging your patio heater in- and out every day and night, you can easily protect with the right cover. 

When out of use during long warm summers, or winters too severe for mingling outdoors, storing your patio heater safely under a cover will protect it from dust, bird droppings, water damage and more. So, again, yes – please buy your patio heater a cover.

But how do you choose the right one without breaking the bank? There are lots of affordable covers out there, but you must be sure to get a quality product that doesn’t disintegrate with the first gust of wind.


What Makes a Good Patio Heater Cover?

  • Fabric

You want your cover to shield the heater against rain, snow, dust and the rage of the elements in general. So, the first thing you must look out for when choosing a quality cover is the fabric. Ideally, it should be made of durable, water-resistant material. Some materials will absorb water, which can make the heater rust. It’s best to choose a cover with air vents. These will let the moisture out and let the cover dry quickly, also warding off mould growths and the like. 

  • Dimensions

Another important consideration when you want to protect an object from rain and dust is the fit. You want to make sure it is covered completely, with no tiny crevices for dust and water to invade. A loose-fitting cover will not protect your heater well, so make sure you have the right dimensions before you make your purchase. 

Because patio heaters differ significantly in size, you want a cover you can easily adjust to fit your device (#1 on our list does this really well). 

  • Ease of use

Consider the hassle of putting the cover on and taking it off every time. It can be quite a struggle, especially when no one’s around to lend a hand. To make sure that you don’t get frustrated enough to skip the covering altogether, find a cover that’s easy to take on and off. 

See if your chosen cover comes with zippers, how many zippers it has, and whether these are made of quality material. If you are going to unzip the cover twice a day, you’ll need some heavy-duty zippers that won’t rust off and break. 

The 7 Best Patio Heater Covers 

Now that I’ve reviewed the basics of choosing our heater cover, let’s get down to our top-7 list. 

1. Ravenna Stand Up Patio Heater Cover

Ravenna Stand Up Patio Heater Cover

The Ravenna heater cover is made of woven Polyester with UV-stabilised coating and a water-resistant laminated undercoating; these give it superb durability. For extra strength, the Ravenna heater cover comes with double-stitched seams. Remember, I talked about fabric quality? This is what I meant.

To prevent moisture from being trapped inside the cover, it has air vents. On windy days, these also help to keep the cover in place as gusts can pass right through them. For extra hold, there are both rig –and grip strips and an adjustable elastic hem. Double zippers make covering and uncovering more straightforward.


  • Fitting measurements: H214cm, dome: 86cm. base: 47cm
  • Material: Woven Polyester w/UV stabilised coating/PVC/
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Dual zippers

What do people say about it? Most reviews agree that the Ravenna heater cover is a good fit for most heater of this style, thanks to the adjustable elastic hem and the rig- and grip straps. Some commend the double zippers, and the convenience they offer. Per the reviews, the material is as heavy-duty as it sounds.  


  • Adjustable, heavy-duty material


  • None

To summarise

The Raveena is a superb choice for a heater cover, with an excellent, durable material (which is half the battle). Also, the Raveen features different ways to fit your patio heater, while the adjustable elastic hem, rig- and grip straps, and padded handles, make it easy to put on and take off. There is an array of colours you can choose from to match the cover with your patio furniture.

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2. Bosmere Protector 6000 patio heater cover

Bosmere Protector 6000 Dark Green Round Patio Heater Cover

 The Bosmere Protector 6000 is made from PVC-backed Polyester and is UV-stabilised so that it can protect your standard-sized heater year-round against bird droppings, dust, sun, wind and rain. The cover’s material is easy to wipe off and protect against mould and mildew. It has double-sewn seams for extra strength, and heavy-duty cords and cord locks with eyelids of brass for sturdy anchorage. Sturdy bungee ties secure the cover in place when the winds get strong.


  • Dimensions: H179cm/ Top D124cm/ Bottom D56cm
  • Weight 1.52kg

What do people say about it? Among reviewers, the Bosmere Protector 6000 cover gets most points for the quality material, which apparently rivals that of most other covers on the market. It is waterproof, yet it lets the patio heater breathe, and thus prevents rust.

But there were some negative comments, too. It turns out, the plastic zippers are somewhat fragile. Also, the fit is not as customisable as Raveena’s. Some buyers have had to tie the cover around the middle to prevent wind gusts from lifting it up. 


  • Large in size.
  • Material is breathable and waterproof.


  • The fit is not always easy to adjust.
  • Zippers lack quality.

To summarise

The material is quite durable and lives up to the task of protecting your heater against rain and, mould. The Bosmere Protector 6000 cover is large, and with some creative adjustments, it will fit most heaters of this type. 

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 3. AmazonBasics round stand-up patio heater cover

Amazon Basics Round Stand Up Patio Heater Cover - Black

The AmazonBasics round stand-up cover is marketed as the perfect patio heater cover for everyday use, and also for the off-season. It fits most stand-up heaters with a dome at the top. The cover is made of woven Polyester with a water-resistant backing to protect from rain, snow, sun and dust. It comes with air vents, and these minimise the chance of condensation by letting the air flow through. These air vents also stabilise the cover when wind gusts are strong. 


  • Weight: 1.66kg
  • Measurements: H: 241
  • Diameter: 91,44x 91, 44
  • Fabric: woven Polyester with water-resistant backing
  • Heavy-duty zipper

What do people say about it? 86% of Amazon reviewers give this cover a 5-star rating. Apparently, the cover is an excellent fit for most freestanding patio heaters, and the material seems strong. Many like that the cover comes with multiple, heavy-duty zippers so you can take it on and off your heater with little effort. That said, some buyers griped that the fabric fades after a while. 


  • Great fit.


  • Fabric fades easily.

To summarise

The AmazonBasics stand-up patio heater is durable and handy for everyday use. It’s made of a tough material that lasts longer than just a single season (despite the fading colour). The fit works well for most stand-up heaters, which means your device is better protected from the elements. It comes with a fair amount of heavy-duty zippers, so you can quickly put the cover on and off many times without damaging either the cover or the heater. 

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4. Ravenna pyramid cover

Ravenna Cover For Pyramid Torch Patio Heaters, Taupe

Ravenna pyramid cover is designed to fit over pyramid-shaped patio heaters. It’s made of an impressively durable material that comprises woven Polyester with PVC, UV-stabilised coating, and water-resistant laminated undercoating. To keep your heater safe from moisture and mould, the Ravenna Pyramid heater cover has air vents; these provide maximum ventilation and keep the cover in place. For extra hold there is both rig –and grip strips and an adjustable elastic hem. Top-to-bottom double zippers make covering and uncovering easy.


  • Fitting measurements: H229 /53x53cm
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Material: Woven Polyester, PVC, water-resistant laminated undercoating
  • Double heavy-duty zippers

What do people say about it? Most buyers have been content with their purchase. Here’s the consensus: 

The Ravenna’s thick, dense material boasts much better quality than its peers. It has a perfect fit for most pyramid heaters, and the rig- and-grip (velcro) closures are handy. Sun fades the colour of the cover after a few years (but that’s a long time, isn’t it). 


  • Excellent quality.
  • Adjustable for a perfect fit.


  • None

To summarise

Buyers of this cover are incredibly pleased with the quality. The Ravenna is made of heavy-duty material that fits and seals the heater perfectly. The extra features of the rig-and-grip together with the adjustable elastic hem, adds to the perfect fit. The Raveena offers superb value for your money and gets much acclaim from its buyers. 

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5. Hausen black pyramid cover

Hausen Black Pyramid Real Flame Garden/Outdoor Patio Gas Heater PE Cover

BUDGET OPTION: Specialists in home and leisure, the Hausen people claim this cover is a must to keep your heater in top condition. It is rainproof and made of lightweight Polyethylene material that fits the Hausen pyramid flame patio heaters, as well as other similar models. Double zippers are added for easy accessibility.


  • Measurements: H221cm/ W53cm/ L61cm
  • Weight: 360g
  • Material: Polyethylene

What do people say about it? The majority of reviews give the Hausen Pyramid cover either 4 or 5 stars. Most comments are positive, too. 

Buyers like that this product is manufactured from a lightweight material. Many find that the dimensions are large and make for a comfortable fit, especially with the zippers down the side. (That said, make sure you secure it firmly when winds are strong, as it will be bellowing around otherwise.) There are a few buyers that worry about the cover only lasting one season, as the heater’s sharp edges can apparently make their way through the cover’s top.


  • Lightweight material with an easy fit.


  • A sharp edge on the top of pyramid-shaped heaters has not been taken into account, and can easily penetrate the cover.

To summarise

The Hausen cover is a very cheap option for protecting your Pyramid patio heater during the off-season season. It is made of a remarkably lightweight polyethene material, which makes it easy to handle, and put on and take off your heater. So, overall, it’s a good, low-budget option, but it may not last you more than 1 season. At this price point, I wouldn’t expect it to either. 

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6. Woodside heavy-duty patio cover

Woodside Heavy Duty Waterproof Outdoor Garden Patio Heater Cover Protector

Woodside promotes itself as an industry leader in “garden leisure” products. The Woodside heavy-duty cover is made from double-sewn, PVC-backed, woven 600D Polyester, with taped seams. Air vents are added to promote circulation to ward off condensation and mould. The cover comes with a zipper for easy access. A nylon cord and eyelets are included to ensure a tight fit.


  • Measurements: H180cm/ Top D: 124cm/Bottom D: 56cm
  • Colour: Green
  • Material: Woven Polyester/ PVC

What do people say about it? 86% of reviewers give the Woodside either 4 or 5 stars and leave mostly positive feedback, albeit with a few frustrations. Here’s what they think. 

The Woodside cover’s material is not only durable in heavy rain but also dries up quickly. Oddly, this cover does not fit the heater all the way to the bottom. The specifications tell you this before you purchase, but it seems rather strange to fashion a cover that lacks some 20 cm at the bottom. The shape, too, is a bit off.  


  • Waterproof material.
  • Special cord for securing to the heater.


  • Too short.
  • No UV-stabilisation,which allows quick fading.

To summarise

The Woodside heavy-duty cover boasts the Amazon choice award, which recommends products with stellar ratings and fair prices. The Woodside cover is a really cheap option compared to many others on the market. It does its job of keeping your patio heater dry and safe. The odd fit is a minor issue, as it only exposes the bottom where a lack of protection is less consequential. 

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7. Landrip patio heater cover

Landrip Patio Heater Cover Waterproof Garden Heater Cover, Heavy Duty

A cover that fits smaller-sized, mobile electric patio heaters is a rare sight. Yet, thanks to its shape, the Landrip patio heating cover is versatile, and you can count on it serving multiple purposes. It’s made of 420D Oxford cloth, which creates a firmer texture and gives the cover durability. It is water- and dustproof and doesn’t tear easily. The cover has UV-stabilised coating and comes with laminated waterproof backing. The click-close belt around the middle, as well as the elastic hem cord with toggles, ensure a tight custom fit. The cover comes with a storage bag for easy storage and transport.


  • Measurements: H120cm/ 50x50cm
  • Material: 420D Oxford cloth (PVC)
  • Weight: 300g

What do people say about it? Here’s a summary of what the buyers think.

The material is outstanding – it’s highly durable and definitely waterproof. The design, and dimensions, make it quite versatile in use. The belt, the adjustable cord, and side straps provide a secure fit over most smaller heaters.


  • 90- day guarantee.
  • Strong, lightweight material.


  • None

To summarise

The Landrip patio cover is made of an excellent material that does exactly what you want your patio heater cover to do. Thanks to the 420D Oxford that’s added to the PVC, it protects your device from rains snow, dust and wind.

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What’s the Best Material for a Patio Heater Cover?

Most patio heaters covers are made from a plastic-based material. These are the most common ones you will come across:


Polyethylene is a cheap, waterproof, and lightweight material composed of thermoplastic. It is easy to handle, but not as durable in the long run because of its delicate nature. (So really, it’s only waterproof until it gets a small tear). 

Because of its light weight, polyethylene easily bellows in the wind if the fit is not spot-on. So, if you choose a polyethylene cover for your patio heater, make sure you can tie it securely.

Woven Polyester w/PVC backing

Woven Polyester with PVC backing is the most common material in patio heater covers. It is a bit heavy compared to the polyethylene but creates a nice subtle texture for the surface, and has extra waterproofing thanks to the vinyl coating on the reverse. It is a robust, long-lasting material. Its coating is often fire retardant and commonly has UV-stabiliser in it. It’s a fitting choice for your patio heater cover if you’re looking for both durability and aesthetics.

When you see a material listed as Polyester, with a range of numbers behind it and the letter D, what you’re looking at is the fabric’s density. ‘D’ stands for Denier, which is the traditional way to measure yarn density, while the number tells you the value.

Parting Words

I hope that my list of options, as well as the selection tips, will help you find a sturdy cover for your outdoor heater. Remember, patio heaters may protect you from the cold when you’re outdoors, but they too need shielding from the elements. So, if you don’t want to discard your investment after a single off-season, get your patio heater cover now. 

Is there anything I’ve missed? If you have an experience you’d like to share, please leave our readers and us a comment below. 

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