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7 Best Conservatory Electric Radiators For the Money

There’s nothing quite like spending midmorning in the conservatory, but without the right heater, it’s bound to get chilly. After all, conservatories are often built as add-ons to the house, and rarely feature the same level of insulation as the rest of the property.

Conservatory Electric Radiators

What’s more large windows meant to let in as much sun as possible are rather poorly suited to the task of keeping the toasty warm air inside, where it belongs.

Fortunately, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect electric conservatory heater.

No matter the shape or size of your conservatory, there’s an efficient radiator with the construction and feature-set you need to stay warm throughout the day. And with modern advances to design, manufacturing, and materials, you don’t have to spend a fortune upfront to get a great conservatory radiator.

Today, we compare a selection of the best-reviewed electric radiators for your conservatory.

Each of our recommendations is guaranteed to provide years of exceptional service heating your conservatory. And they do it without accumulating a heinous monthly energy bill!

The Best Conservatory Radiator

Whether you’re looking for a freestanding or wall-mounted conservatory heater, you’ll find something to fit your needs below. We took great pains to select our list of the most-recommended conservatory radiators, so read each mini-review to select the best fit for your property.

1. Dimplex Cadiz Eco

Dimplex CDE2ECC Cadiz 2kW Conservatory Heater

The best overall conservatory radiator we can recommend is the Dimplex Cadiz Eco. There are three models on offer: 2000W with electronic climate control, 2000W without, and 3000W with.

Whichever you choose is largely a matter of budget and conservatory size; they are all otherwise identical in terms of features. Dimplex guarantees these radiators with an amazing 5-year warranty, so buy in confidence!

So what makes the Cadiz Eco our top recommendation? Its TPT (twin panel technology) heating system, which allows you to tailor the directionality of your warm production. You can run both panels in tandem for omnidirectional heat, or toggle one or the other off to suit the shape of the room. This is ideal for conservatories which may have a specific seating arrangement, as you don’t burn energy uselessly heating the wall.

The electronic climate control option is really more of quality-of-life upgrade, rather than an essential. Even the basic model allows for 24-hour programming with battery backup (2x AAA) for maximum efficiency. However, opting in nets you a handy backlit LCD display, remote control, and all-digital thermostat for readings between 5-35°C (accurate within 1°). All units come standard with frost and overheat protection, as well.

You’ll love the smooth glide of the oversized castor wheels, which make easy work of transporting the Cadiz’s 8.4kg heft. Because this isn’t an oil-filled radiator, it heats up quite a bit faster. Thus, it provides flexible heating sufficient to move to and from the conservatory as necessary.

Keep the floors clear with the inbuilt cable tidy. All in all, with directional heat control and mobile free-standing design, the Dimplex Cadiz Eco perfectly moulds to the heating needs of your conservatory.

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2. Devola Eco

Devola Eco 2000W Electric Panel Heater

If you prefer the slim profile of a wall-mounted conservatory radiator, the Devola Eco is well-worth your consideration. Offering a range of four models rated at 1000, 1500, 2000, and 2400W, you can select the perfect heater for your floorplan and budget.

Each unit comes standard with an integral precision thermostat, which is accurate down to a half degree. There’s also a 24/7 digital timer with which you can programme the most efficient weekly heating schedule.

Got children? Not to worry–there’s a built-in child lock which prevents curious fingers from experimenting with unsafe radiator settings. The surface of the Devola stays cool to the touch, while the heating elements hide safely inside, ensuring you won’t have to worry about accidently contact burns. With IP24 waterproofing, your unit should be well-resilient to the humidity of your conservatory, as well as spills and splashes alike.

While we’ve billed the Devola Eco as a wall-mounted unit, it can also be deployed as a free-standing radiator. Indeed, it is well-suited to the task at a mere 4kg, and can be moved around freely to best fit your needs.

There’s a generous 1.5m cable, and all mounting options come included in the box. The Eco line is suitable for rooms from 12m2 to 26m2 (1000W and 2400W models, respectively). Buy risk-free with an outstanding 2-year manufacturer guarantee.

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3. Donyer Power Convector Radiator

DONYER POWER Convector Radiator Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

We regularly recommend product lines rather than individual products so you have a variety of choice. However, Donyer Power takes consumer choice to the next level, with its range of five distinct Convector Radiators. But don’t be daunted–the differences are largely quality of life upgrades, and the guts of your chosen heater will be outstanding no matter which you choose.

What’s more, all of them occupy attractive price points under £30!

So let’s dive in: There are two core models in the 2000BS and 2000C. The primary difference between the two is size and power, so if you’ve got a larger conservatory you should opt for the 2000C series. Both lines have Standard and Time variants, the difference being the manual 24-hour timer on the latter. However, the 2000CFan offers a unique feature in the powerful turbofan which goes a long way towards more evenly distributing hot air.

Unfortunately, there’s no unit with both the fan and timer, so you’re going to have to choose one or the other. But many will see this as a feature rather than a bug; if you’re specifically looking for a warming solution that features select bells but excludes the cost-raising whistles, Donyer Power caters directly to you with their Convector Radiator line. All models are incredibly affordable, and work a treat warming you right up.

All models are wall-mountable, but you’ll have to work out your own bracketing solution. Donyer Power does include feet for free-standing mode, so you will in any case be able to use your Convector Radiator out of the box. You can easily tote your radiator around with built-in handles and a waifish 3.76kg weight.

All units offer three heat settings from 750W to 2000W, plus overheat protection for safety.

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4. Wärme Designer Electric Wall Heater

Wärme Designer Electric Wall Heater

Looking for something that makes a bold aesthetic statement while effectively heating your home? Wärme’s Designer Electric Wall Heater is the modern touch your conservatory needs. First, it offers 2000W of nearly instant heating–more than enough juice to blast the chill out of rooms up to 22m2. But don’t assume the Wärme is inefficient–quite the opposite with its fully programmable digital thermostat and weekly timer.

If simplicity is its façade, so too is its functionality with an easy toggle between pre-programmed settings and convenient “instant heat mode”. Visually, it presents a sleek black aspect to offer a functional accent to your conservatory.

At 9.3kg, it’s a fairly hefty unit to mount on the wall, but Wärme includes high-quality mounting hardware to make DIY installation that much easier. Just make sure that you leave 30cm clearance above and below the unit, as it is vital for optimal airflow.

The current iteration of the Designer Electric Wall Heater is the latest of many such models from Wärme. Advances in design and material science allow this unit to boast a near 100% efficiency rating transmuting its energy draw directly into heat. It’s amazing that such performance is neatly packed into a body just 8cm deep.

What’s more, it’s IP22 waterproofed as well, ensuring that the humidity of your conservatory will never interfere with the electronics. Further safety measures include overheat protection and the ability to mount the Wärme out of the reach of children.

Overall, if you’re searching for a highly efficient conservatory heater that has a modern “wow” factor, Wärme demands a second look.

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5. Adax Neo Modern

Adax Neo Wall Mounted Electric Panel Heater

The Adax Neo Modern offers a masterclass on the marriage of form and function. A single glance reveals thoroughly Nordic design sensibilities. With up to 2000W of power packed into a frame hardly 9cm wide, the Neo fits politely into virtually any conservatory space in need of effective warming. There are seven equally slim models on offer, with the largest designed for spaces up to 25m2.

The Neo Modern is a convection heater with a patented ultra-thin, specially coated aluminium heating element. This design not only heats up extremely fast, but prevents burn-off of dust particles and other airborne irritants that might otherwise cause allergy sufferers significant duress. Other wellness features include a safety shutoff in case of overheating, plus a child lock and anti-frost setting.

In terms of quality of life, Adax delivers in spades. There’s a backlit digital thermostat which is accurate down to 0.1°, a fully programmable 24/7 timer, plus a dead-simple on/off switch.

What’s more, there’s a unique adaptive start function which “learns” the best time to start the heating cycle to perfectly meet its preset schedule. You’ll also find a handy open window detector, which shuts the unit down when it senses sudden drops in temperatures to prevent wasted wattage.

Choose from one of three colours available from Adax to perfectly suit the feel of your conservatory. Installation is simple with the included mounting hardware. You can also rest easier knowing your IP20 waterproofed Neo Modern can stand up to moisture. If that’s not enough, buy in confidence with an excessively generous 5-year warranty.

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6. Adax Neo Modern Skirting Panel

Adax NEO Modern Electric Skirting Panel

If you though we were done praising Adax, we regret to inform you there’s even more good news! For those of you with dwarf conservatory walls, the Neo Modern Skirting Panel slims down yet another of the three physical dimensions to offer a perfect fit.

All four models (rated from 600-1200W) sport the same 84mm wall projection as the standard Neo Modern, plus a width of just 200mm. Adax offers wattages from 600W-1200W to fit rooms from 7.5m2 -15m2.

Please note: install Neo Modern Skirting Panel horizontally only, with at least 10cm of clearance above the floor. Just like its full-sized counterpart on this list, the wall bracket mounting system comes standard in the box.

Be aware that the 1.2 power cable exits to the right; you’ll need to be judicious positioning the largest unit to ensure a good reach.

In all other ways, Adax’s two models are identical. You have the same great digital thermostat and 24/7 timer via crystal-clear LCD display; open window detection and adaptive start; in addition to child lock, overheat protection, and anti-frost settings.

There’s still the impressive IP20 waterproofing on offer here, as well as rounded edges that avoid getting caught on clothing and upholstery. And yes, Adax still guarantees your satisfaction with their all-European build quality up to 5 years. Choose from between white and black colouring.

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7. Futura Electric Wall Panel 1000W

FUTURA Electric Wall Panel Heater Space Radiator

Last but certainly not least is the Electric Wall Panel from Futura. In opposition to how we’ve handled the other reviews on our list, we’re only going to recommend the 1000W version of this heater. After all, the average conservatory in the UK is scarcely over 9m2, so the 1000W Futura offers power to spare without going overboard on the monthly utility cost.

And, for under a hundred quid, you certainly get a lot. The Futura features three modes of operation: optimised for maximum comfort, energy economy, and to keep frost away during extended periods of non-use. What’s more, you have the ability to tailor your weekly heating schedule through the use of an all-digital 24/7 timer. The thermostat operates across an incredible range from 5-50° C, within a half degree of accuracy.

Advanced features include a child lock so you don’t have to worry about the little ones making mischief unmonitored in the conservatory; as well as open window detection which shuts the unit off when it detects a sudden drop of 5° or more.

Overall, the Futura is geared for efficiency, and costs a mere 10 pence per hour to operate.

At just 4.2kg, this beast of a unit certainly punches above its weight class. The Futura is dead simple to carry and position within your conservatory, with a generous 1.5m cable.

You can choose to mount it on the wall, or leave it freestanding with included hardware. In the former case, it juts out a modest 8.5cm, while in freestanding mode it occupies a bashful 26cm deep footprint. Overall, the Futura Electric Wall Panel 1000W represents incredible value, guaranteed by the manufacturer for 2 whole years.

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Conservatory electric radiators: How to choose?

If you’re anything like us, you have to get the best value for money. While modern manufacturing and technology have brought costs down on across a wealth of advanced heating features, it can nevertheless be daunting to comparison shop.

While we stand by our above recommendations, you can’t be faulted for wanting to know in abstract what makes a great electric conservatory heater. Below, we cover a few key features so that you may make the most informed purchase decision.

Size of your conservatory and budget

If you’ve got a large conservatory, you won’t be well-served by an underpowered radiator. Quite the opposite–your small heater will draw an excessive amount of power in order to bring the temperature in the over-large space up to its thermostat temperature. It’ll do a poor job of it too; you’ll be cold and uncomfortable, and thoroughly miserable when you see the power bill your junior unit managed to accrue.

Of course, there’s some risk in getting too much radiator for a small space, as well. The most obvious deterrent should be the upfront purchase price–larger heaters tend to be quite a bit more expensive than their smaller counterparts.

There’s also the issue of sheer bulk; if you haven’t got much floor space to begin with, an oversized radiator will quickly wear out its welcome. Even worse, it may present a tripping hazard or even fire risk as it is more likely to come into cramped contact with curtains and upholstery.

Use the goldilocks method of searching for “just right”. If you’ve got a larger conservatory, the increased upfront cost will almost certainly balance out with the long-term energy savings of a well-fit heater. In the opposite case, why pay more than you need to heat a room of modest size, especially if that wasted horsepower crowds the stable?


It may not be your primary consideration, but it’s important to weigh how much humidity your conservatory heater is likely to face. After all, moisture and electronic components are an ill match on the long-run. That’s why we took care to mention the waterproofing rating in each of our product reviews. Sure, it’s not as important of a consideration as if you were selecting a radiator or a heater for the bathroom, but you should still shoot for IP20 or better.

Of course, don’t discount the possibility of spills! After all, the conservatory is a place of leisure, and a spilled tea could wreak havoc on unprotected electrical components. On the long run, humidity can corrode wiring and heating elements, harming efficiency at best or presenting a fire or allergy risk at worst.

Quick-firing vs. long-term heating

In the world of heaters, there’s often a trade-off between how fast your heater kicks into gear, and how efficiently it heats over long periods of time. This is where it’s useful to think critically and realistically about how you use your conservatory.

Is it a place where you spend a brief amount of time with tea and the morning paper? Shoot for something like a ceramic fan-blown heater, which rapidly converts energy into heat and disperses it with equal aplomb. On the other hand, if you spend rather more time in your conservatory, a slower burn may suit you better. Oil-filled radiators are the default option, though there are plenty of oil-free, slim-line heaters rated for long-term efficiency as well.

In short, match the tool to the task for a more comfortable, safer, and more cost-effective solution.


Unless your conservatory is exceptionally well insulated, you’re probably not going to leave your radiator running on a constant basis. Once again, you’ll probably want to skew your search towards conservatory radiators which heat up quickly. Try to match the timer to run the heater to match your schedule, and to shut off when you leave.

After all, the alternative of leaving it on all day is a recipe for higher heating bills. It’s not because leaving a heater on is categorically wasteful, either (many radiators are designed specifically for that task). A poorly insulated conservatory will bleed out that hot air, tasking your heater’s thermostat with a much hard job of reaching the temperature you’ve set. The inevitable result will be an overactive heater which draws too much power to maintain par.

Not only is this wasteful, it could even lead to component failure and dangerous overheating.

Tangential to the topic of insulation are windows. It’s not uncommon–even on a cold day–to open up a conservatory window to let some fresh air in, speak with a neighbor, or any other reason. If your radiator has open window detection, it will quickly cut the power, rather than step on the gas in order to compensate for that sudden temperature drop. You’d be surprised just how much energy is consumed in such situations by heaters without this advanced functionality!

Safety provisions

Last but not least, make doubly sure your chosen radiator makes some provisions for the reality that all things fail eventually. Good manufacturers build their products to last, sure–but there nevertheless must be failsafes in place to protect your family when things go wrong.

A faulty thermostat, for example, can cause your heater to improperly read the ambient temperature of the room. This may lead to your radiator burning full steam ahead, overheating in the process of trying to reach an impossible temperature.

Anti-frost settings should also be considered safety feature. Letting your radiator freeze over is a great way to get components to shift, crack, and break. Once the ice is gone and you try to fire up your radiator, you may find that it doesn’t function when you need it. Worse yet, the broken components could pose a fire hazard! Anti-frost protection expends the smallest bit of energy throughout periods of low usage to prevent this from happening.

Don’t discount tip-over protection, either. The most careful person in the world will still have accidents, and knocking over your heater can lead to serious problems. A tip-over switch works just like overheat protection in the way that it instantly cuts the power should it detect anything amiss. If you have large pets or kids, this can be a literal lifesaver.

Sadly, most wall-mounted units will not possess this feature, and it somewhat defies the design. In this case, try to make sure your wall-mounted conservatory radiators don’t have sharp edges and corners which can catch on the clothes or appendages of passersby.

Final thoughts

Your conservatory isn’t like the rest of the house, and as such buying the perfect conservatory heater takes special consideration. The above buyer’s guide should put you in the critical mindset you need to scour the radiator market with confidence. However, if you’d prefer to just take the opinion of an expert, each one of our recommendations is ideally suited to provide exceptional warmth without drawing too much energy.

We’ve covered a wide range of individual conservatory heaters as well as product lines, so that you can make the best decision for your home and budget. Follow the links to get the best prices, or to read more customer reviews.

What special considerations does your conservatory demand?

Do you have any questions about any of our recommended products? Do reach out to us in a comment below.

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    What electric radiatorwould you recommend for glass conservatory 9m2 with tile effect roof

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