Confused? Here’s Our Central Heating Installation Cost Guide

Confused about gas central heating installation costs? Or, are you renovating a property and there’s no gas central heating at all, so you’re looking around for quotes?

In the next 5-minutes, our 2021 guide will explain the cost of central heating installation, and the small print you need to watch out for in your quotes.

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Our Central Heating Installation Cost Guide

To help you understand (and estimate) the cost of central heating installation, we’ve split our guide into quick, bite-sized sections.

Keep in mind that your costs may vary substantially from what we’ll discuss below. And that’s simply because every property is unique, and there is a tonne of variables that can influence how much you pay for your new central heating system.

How much to install central heating?

Typically, you can expect to pay £3,500-£4,500 to install a new central heating system. This figure includes a branded combi boiler, copper pipework, and labour. Prices will increase or decrease depending on the size of your property, the current state of your pipework, and the type of boiler you choose.

Why do central heating installation quotes vary so much? 

Central heating installation cost varies mainly based on what’s already in your property (i.e. your pipework and radiators).

The boiler you choose is yet another factor to consider — the brand, the power output, and the features all make a difference.

And so does your preferred installer. We’ve all seen the news articles — British Gas quoting £6,000 or more for a central heating installation.

But let’s not abhor British Gas for central heating installation costs that are seemingly through the roof. The venerable conglomerate may be well within reason for charging this much, since there are plenty of properties where £6,000+ is a very reasonable price for a new central heating system.

So, let’s dive in and have a look at all the factors that may affect the cost of your central heating installation.


Does your house already have pipework?

This is the most important question to answer. Since installing new pipework from scratch is time consuming and incredibly costly, it can mean the difference between saving and spending thousands of pounds.

If you don’t see any radiators, or you’re using electric heaters, there’s a good chance there’s no pipework. Consequently, you need a whole new central heating system. And we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but the quotes you’ll receive won’t be cheap.

On the other hand, if there’s a gas boiler, oil boiler, or radiators already installed in your property, it’s good news. The pipework for your central heating is already there, and there’s a good chance the radiators don’t need replacing. Even if they do, you’ll still save lots of time and money because you don’t need new pipework.

On a side note: If you’re considering new radiators (not always a terrible idea, as newer radiators are more efficient), you can jump over to our detailed guide on radiator installation costs here.

The Cost of Installing Central Heating and a Combi Boiler – No Current Pipework In Home

There are a tonne of factors that will dictate the installation cost. For instance, what size boiler do you need?

A low-end 24kW combi boiler could be as cheap as £500, but a high-output 42kW combi boiler could be £1,500 or more. And, that’s without labour.

A Ideal Logic Plus 30 is a worthy candidate for 3-4-bedroom properties with 1-2 bathrooms with reasonable hot water demand.

The full cost of central heating installation, including a 30kW Ideal Logic Plus combi, 6-10 new radiators, valves, and all pipework should be in the region of £3,650-4,100 + VAT.

The Cost of Installing Central Heating and a Combi Boiler – Pipework Present

If you’re property falls into the second bracket and already has central heating pipework, that’s excellent news. You’re not actually having a full central heating system installed; it’s just a boiler swap (and possibly, a few minor upgrades).

Also, there’s a good chance the radiators are already where you want them, and pipework to the radiators and boiler is likewise present.

So, let’s use the same boiler example as above. Assume you have a 3-4-bedroom property with 1-2 bathrooms and reasonable hot water demand; an Ideal Logic Plus 30 will be suitable. And, since you don’t need to cover the cost of copper tube and labour, you can expect to pay £1,750-2,100 altogether in this scenario.

Which boiler are you planning to install?

If you’re like most homeowners, there’s a good chance you want to get a boiler from quality, well-known brands. Naturally, opting for a high-end boiler will drive the cost of your new central heating system up.

That said, don’t discount other leading brands in the industry. Many offer on-par quality and warranty at a reduced cost.

For example, if you want to balance cost and quality, we’d suggest you check out Ideal Boilers.

Unlike Worcester, you don’t have to pay extra for a compact boiler (i.e. the Worcester CDI Compact), as all Logic Plus and Vogue boilers will fit in a standard kitchen cupboard as standard.

Personally, I’d avoid the Logic simply because it has a short warranty. Meanwhile, the Logic Plus has a warranty of up to 7 years, whilst the Vogue is covered up to 10 years.

Yet another recommendation would be the Baxi 600 compact boiler. It’s a new release from Baxi that offers excellent value for money. Buy an Ideal or Baxi 600 over a Worcester Bosch, and you’ll have a few extra pounds notes left after your central heating installation is complete.

Other Factors That May Increase the Price of New Central Heating

Here are a few more things that may increase the cost of a central heating installation, so you know the installer isn’t pulling the wool over your eyes:

  • Moving radiators
  • Installing a boiler in a new location
  • Any additional pipework
  • Upgrading the gas main in line with current Gas Safe standards
  • Purchasing a higher quality boiler, we’ve detailed combi boiler prices here
  • Changing the flue from horizontal to vertical (or vice versa). This requires drilling holes in walls, and cementing afterwards
  • Converting a “system” boiler (uses a hot water cylinder) to a combi boiler system

Where to Compare Heating Installation Prices

Get itemised quotes from at least 3 installers — that’s going to give you a much better chance of finding the best deal. We’d always get quotes from local installers (you can do that here), as they tend to be 10-20% cheaper than national installers.

Accredited Central Heating Installers & Warranties

If you want to get maximum warranty from your new central heating system and boiler, do your research first.

A typical example is the Worcester Bosch warranty. Their basic warranty starts at 5-years. This will jump straight to 7-years (on the exact same boiler) if you use a Worcester Accredited Installer.

Some Worcester boilers have up to a 10-year warranty, which drops to 8 if you don’t use one of their installers.

What Does a Central Heating Installation Quote Include?

You’ve got 3 quotes. All installers seem trustworthy, and you’ve checked their numbers on the Gas Safe Register.

So, go with the cheapest, right?

Not necessarily. Always get written quotations detailing everything that is included with your central heating and boiler installation.

If you don’t want to get stung, here are some things you’ll want included in your heating installation quote:

  • A magnetic system filter with system inhibitor. This protects your central heating system
  • For those with existing pipework, a hot flush at the very least. This will get rid of sludge build up (which passes through the boiler, and can cause problems)
  • If you are in a hard water area, a scale reducer
  • Price inclusive of controls (thermostat etc)
  • Is any warranty on labour included?

If You Need Central Heating Advice

Unsure whether the quotes you’ve been offered are reasonable? Compare them with online quotes here.

Not sure what boiler you should pick?

Not a problem. Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. Hello,

    Are you aware of any companies that offer interest free credit on the installation of gas central heating? We are purchasing a house that has night storage heaters so we know we’ll need all the pipework etc. but I’m wondering if this is something you’ve come across?

    kind regards

  2. Hello, we are looking to move into a house that has night storage heaters in rural Wales we want to install an oil fired combi boiler heating system. Do we need additional quotes for getting the oil storage tank and the pipe work for that or is this something the heating engineers do?

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