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New Oil Boiler Installation Costs: Homeowner’s Guide

There are still millions of homes not connected to mains gas in the UK. And, that means using either LPG or oil.

In our 5-minute guide to new oil boiler installation costs, we’ll explain:

  • The expected cost of a replacement boiler
  • What things can affect the quotes you receive
  • The best oil boiler brands

How Much Does A New Oil Boiler Cost?

An oil boiler can cost anywhere from £1,000-3,000. It depends on the size of your property, and the flue, extensions and elbows needed. To get the best deal, you can get free quotes here, and compare up to 3 different prices (including materials).

Here are 3 examples of oil boiler prices from Worcester Bosch:



Worcester Greenstar Utility 32/50 Regular




Worcester Greenstar Danesmoor Utility 18/25 Regular


Worcester Greenstar Danesmoor External 12/18 Regular




How Much Does Oil Boiler Installation Cost?

Oil Boiler Cost

A typical boiler will cost around £2,000 including the flue, elbows and extensions.

Cost Of Labour For Oil Boiler Replacement

Expect to pay around £675-975+VAT for installation.

Total Cost Of Installation

That brings the total cost of an oil boiler installation, including all materials and labour, to just over £3,000 for the average property.

Get Oil Boiler Installation Quotes Here

When Will An OFTEC Engineer Charge Extras?

Not all installations are simple.

And, that’s why OFTEC engineers will price jobs on a case-by-case basis.

They simply can’t offer exact quotes without viewing the property.

Factors that might increase the cost of the installation include:

  • Pipework needs to be re-rerun because it’s not up to standard
  • You’re converting the central heating system (i.e. from a regular boiler, to a combi oil boiler installation)
  • A magnetic system filter needs to be installed
  • You want the boiler or cylinder moved to a new location.

How Much Does Oil Central Heating Cost To Replace?

If we’re assuming a 3-bedroom detached house with 10 radiators, a complete central heating installation will cost in the region of £4,500-5,500.

This assumes there is no pipework or radiators in the property currently.

Every section of pipework that is already in place will reduce the cost of the installation.

And, if there is a complete run of central heating pipe and all radiators present, the price of the installation only relates to a boiler swap (which we mentioned above should be around £3,000).

Don’t just agree to the first quote you get. Local installers tend to be much cheaper than national boiler installation companies. You can compare up to 3 oil boiler quotes for free here.

How Long Will An Oil Boiler Last?

Warranties are usually an effective way to gauge how long products last. Worcester tend to offer 7-9 years on their oil boiler range. But, some other reputable brands offer more.

For instance, Grant offer a 10-year guarantee on their Vortex Oil range.

That’s all just an indicator. We’ve been called out to replace oil boilers that are 20 years old, and have only just given up.

Want it to last beyond the guarantee?

Make sure you get an annual oil boiler service.

This won’t just prolong the life of your boiler, it will ensure an OFTEC engineer picks up on a potential problem, before it comes a real problem!

Types of Oil Boilers


Because of the size of oil boilers, many people prefer external over internal. These can be fitted outside.

A combination oil boiler installation works with a boiler only – no hot water tanks or cylinders.

It will heat up hot water on demand. It heats water as it passes through the boiler, rather than relying on a storage tank (and, that’s great news if you’re trying to save space).

There’s a tonne of boilers in the 18kW, 25kW and 32kW range. And, that’s good enough to heat a 4-bedroom property with 1-2 bathrooms.


Once you start going over the 32kw range (i.e you have a large property with 2 bathrooms), you’ll be looking at either a system or regular boiler.

A system boiler installation works in conjunction with a hot water cylinder. So, you turn on a tap and the shower, and they are fed from pre-heated water in the hot water cylinder.

In the case of the combi oil boiler mentioned above, the boiler simply wouldn’t be able to keep up with the hot water demand; whoever’s in the shower is about to get a nasty surprise!


A regular oil boiler installation will usually consist of the boiler, cylinder and a storage tank. And, that means you’re going to need a lot of space.

But, like the system boiler, it’s an excellent choice for properties where hot water demand is high.

Is A Combi, System Or Regular Oil Boiler The Best?

The answer really lies in your heating and hot water needs. And, that’s why we’d always suggest getting a qualified engineer to come and inspect the property.

As a general guide. Properties with up to 4 bedrooms and a maximum of 2 bathrooms will be fine with a large combination boiler.

Properties larger than this will work much more efficiently with a regular or system oil boiler.

Top Oil Boiler Brands

There are two brands that have consistently dominated oil boiler market for years:

Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch manufacturer a vast range of oil boilers for almost every type of property; both residential and commercial.

Checkout their Greenstar and Danesmoor oil boiler range.


Looking for an alternative to Worcester?

Grant are as reputable as they get in the oil boiler industry.

If you’re looking for a quality oil boiler at a reasonable price, and with a 10-year guarantee – look no further than the Grant Vortex range.

Compare up to 3 oil boiler quotes for free here.

What’s Next?

We’re always happy to offer any oil central heating or boiler advice. Whether that’s checking a replacement quote isn’t too expensive, or helping you pick the right boiler.

Got a question?

Leave us a message in the comments and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.




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  1. Elaine Hosty says:

    Hi, I’ve had a quote for a new
    oil boiler for £4100 + VAT bringing it to £4920. We have a 4 bed house with one main bathroom and 2 en-suites. I would like to know if this is a reasonable quote or not.
    Thank you.

    1. heatingforce says:

      Hi Elaine,

      What make/model oil boiler is it? And is it a straight swap for a broken boiler, or is there other work involved?


  2. Beryl Lee says:

    I’ve had a quote for the following installation in a 6 bedroomed detached house:
    Could you please advise a reasonable quote for this work:
    1- remove existing oil boiler and bottom section of flue, remove redundant pipe work in the boiler room and old controls
    2- supply and fit a Grant Vortex boiler house model oil boiler 26/35 kw
    3- supply and fit low level balanced flue
    4- remove 10 existing radiators and supply and fit the following new radiators in existing positions with alterations to pipe work as needed Ground floor – Hall – 600mm x 2000mm k2
    Snug – 600mm x 1000mm p+ existing radiator in wc fit new TRV and L/S valves

    First floor – sitting room – 600mm x 1200mm p+
    bed1 – 600mm x 1000 mm p+
    family bath – 700mm x 1100 mm k1
    landing – 600mm 2000mm p+
    bed2 – 600mm x 1600mm p+
    master bed – 600mm x 1600mm p+
    cylinder room- 600mm x 1000 k2 – NOTE currently no radiator – this will become nursery
    Bedroom3 – 500mm x 1200 p+ Total of 9 replacement radiators plus 1 new to nursery

    5-convert system to fully pumped with 3 zones 1 for hot water, 1 for ground floor heating , 1 for first floor heating
    6- each zone will be controlled by a seperate time clock and thermostats, all new radiators will be fitted with TRV’s and L/S valves except the landing and hall – reason main thermostats are fitted in these areas
    7- 25 Litre expansion vessel
    8- flush system with cleaner
    9- fill system on completion with anti corrosion inhibitor
    10- 22mm auto bypass
    11- new pipe work to boiler room along with zone valves and controls
    12- all unheated pipe work in boiler room to be lagged
    13- new central heating pump and valves
    14- new filter to heating system
    15- new oil filter to oil line
    16- 5 years warranty on boiler
    17- 2 years warranty on our workmanship
    18- all rubbish removed from site

    1. Alex Ion says:

      Hi Beryl, we don’t do the work ourselves, I’m sorry.
      Look into the links in our article. You can get quotes HERE.

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