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Radiator Installation Costs – Moving, Replacing & Adding Radiators/TRVs

Here’s a cost guide for radiator installation as well as moving radiators to a new location, the addition of thermostatic rad valves and adjusting pipework to suit different sized radiators.

We’ll discuss how and why prices can vary below the cost guide.

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Radiator Installation Costs

Removal ready for decorating, and then return and put it back

In most cases, it makes much more sense to simply replace the radiator. Labour ends up costs more than the radiator itself (unless it’s a large expensive rad). Install a new radiator and TRV where possible. But that’s not just the only reason.

It’s likely they are full of sludge. You can run a power flush or hot flush (quite costly), but as we mentioned here, that doesn’t always fix the problem. And can actually cause even more problems!

Newer radiators can be up to 50% more efficient (saving you cash on energy bills).

Expect to pay around £100-125 to have a large radiator removed, and for a plumber to then return and fit it in the same location.

Installation of new radiators, fitted in the same location

Number of radiators to be installed

Estimated cost of installation

6 £600
7 £665
8 £760
9 £810
10 £900
11 £935
12 £1020
13 £1105
14 £1148
15 £1230
16 £1312

Additional costs

Addition of a thermostatic rad valve £30.00 (each)
Additional radiator installed (including pipe-work) £175
Move a radiator to a new location (including pipe-work but not radiator) £175
Bleed all radiators £70-100
Adjusting pipe-work to suit a different sized radiator £40-60


What affects radiator and TRV replacement costs?

Everything below is going to affect the cost of installation.

Brand and model

If you search for a 600mm x 1200mm single panel radiator (very popular), you’ll find that prices range from £60-200. Quite a swing.

This is particularly the case for those looking for designer radiators. For example, the Max Heat Aspen 600mm x 1200mm is a whopping £290.

Size of radiators

Price estimations above are based on 600mm x 1000mm single radiators which is a nice average in most properties. If your property is above this average, the cost of replacement is going to increase.

So, a 600mm x 1000mm single can be purchased for £60 upwards whereas a 600mm x 2000mm double panel radiator could be as much as £300.

Each plumbing and heating merchant usually stocks its preferred budget brand. Stelrad, Quinn and Eco-Rads (Heat Line) have always been popular in my experience.

If you find a room in your property is cold and want to upgrade, you may not need to. As mentioned earlier, newer radiators can be up to 50% more efficient, so naturally the room is going to feel warmer.

Chat to the heating engineer as they’ll be able to offer their opinion on whether upgrading to a larger radiator is really necessary. If you want to figure out exactly what size radiator you need, this BTU calculator will do a good job of helping you out.

Size (pipework)

People with larger rooms tend to upgrade to larger radiators. Not in length and width but instead, in thickness.

There are 3 types of radiator to choose from:

  • single panel (single convector)
  • double panel (single convector)
  • double panel (double convector)

Going up or down in size is likely to require some minor adjustments to pipework, so expect to be charged accordingly.

Type of TRVs

The cost of installation for a normal white/chrome TRV will sit at around £30. But they are less than £10 to purchase.

If you want something a bit more snazzy (full chrome maybe), this cost could easily be increased to £50-60 per TRV (including installation).

Budget TRVs are the most popular, but we do fit Drayton TRV4’s as well as the Danfoss RAS chrome radiator valves.

Ease of relocation (if applicable)

If relocation is the aim, ease of that relocation is going to factor in big time.

Does the new pipework need to go through brickwork, plaster, coving or skirting?

Because every obstacle presented makes the job more difficult. Unfortunately, that’s also going to make it more expensive.

Size, brand and ease of installation (additional radiator fitted)

A lot of the installations we arrive at where an additional radiator is required are usually a below average sized rad. For example, the last property we visited wanted 600mm x 600mm single radiator fitted in their hallway.

When these radiators can be purchased for around £50 and as a result, don’t warrant a £175 price tag for installation.

Depending on the difficulty of installing new pipework, the price is much more likely to be £125.


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  1. Mark Corbett says:

    My dad was charged £690 for one additional basic radiator to be installed in a loft conversion. Do you think it is likely he was overcharged?

  2. heatingforce says:

    Hi Mark,

    It sounds expensive, but I wouldn’t jump to conclusions without knowing the size of the rad (and type/quality), the additional pipework involved and any patching up that needed to be done afterwards.


  3. Julian James says:

    Been charged £518 to replace two trv4 valves.
    I presume that’s bit of a rip off?
    More accurately should it take 3.5 hours?
    Would have included draining system / bleeding some radiators. But no other complications.
    Best regards

    1. heatingforce says:

      You sure that isn’t for the whole house? 🙂

      The system needs to be drained, refilled and bled regardless of how many new valves/rads you have fitted. So, that’s a fixed cost, but still!

  4. Ben Thornton says:

    14 rads and values £1450 does this sound about right all like for like

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