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This Is How Much A Boiler Pump Replacement Costs

Any boiler engineer will tell you that one of the most common boiler repairs they carry out, is related to the pump.

Sometimes pumps can be fixed, but in most cases, a boiler pump replacement is in order.

So, if you’re having a problem with your boiler, it might not be dead yet. A lot of the time, a new boiler pump installation is all that’s needed to get your heating running for years to come.

Before we carry on, you can get someone to fix your boiler pump here.

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In our 3-minute guide to boiler pump replacement costs, we’ll cover:

  • How A Boiler Pump Works & Do You Need A New One?
  • Typical Boiler Pump Replacement Costs
  • Which Heating Pump Should You Buy?

How Does a Boiler Pump Work & Do You Need A New One?

Water enters your boiler via the return, and leaves via the flow. And, as water comes in via the return, it is heated. A central heating pump circulates the water to radiators, taps, towel rails and showers.

Eventually, it comes back via the return (hot), and the process continues.

Do You Need A New Boiler Pump?

There’s a few signs that you need a new pump, or least a repair.

  • You can hear the pump running, but water on the flow pipe isn’t hot (it’s not circulating the water)
  • The pump keeps getting airlocks and is incredibly noisy, causing the boiler to lockout
  • It’s leaking
  • There’s no power
  • It won’t turn off

We’ve covered central heating pump problems in more detail here.

Each problem needs to be taken on a case by case basis.

But, because heating pumps are not particularly expensive, it’s rarely worthwhile to fix an old pump, that’s likely to break down in the near future anyway.

Typical Boiler Pump Replacement Costs

There’s going to be a few factors that determine the price of a replacement boiler pump.

  • Ease of installation (access to boiler, and pump)
  • Type of pump purchased (i.e. lower quality pumps are cheaper)

How Much Does A Boiler Pump Cost?

Like anything, different manufacturers and models will cost different amounts. Expect to pay £95-150 for a high-quality pump.

How Much Does A Boiler Pump (Including Installation) Cost?

To cut a long story short, expect to pay £185-300 for a boiler pump replacement. This includes all materials and labour. So, labour is in the £100-150 range.

Which Heating Pump Should You Buy?

Your engineer will be able to advise on the most suitable heating pump replacement for your property. Always get advice from a heating engineer before making a purchase.

Top Central Heating & Boiler Pumps

Here’s a handful of the most popular boiler pumps on the market.

Typically, older boilers will have Wilo pumps fitted. Wilo are not known to be a reliable brand. And, many boiler manufacturers have switched to other brands for that reason.

If there’s an element of choice involved, we’d always go for a Grundfos or DAB pump.

We’ve wrote a review of the Grundfos UPS2 here.

Other top pumps to consider are:

Consider This When You Get Your Boiler Pump Replaced

Boiler engineers have to factor in their travel time as part of their quotes. They’ll already be at your property and will have spent time removing the boiler casing.

While they are there, it makes sense to ask them to service the boiler (you can learn about how much a boiler service should cost here), or at least give a visual inspection to the most important and expensive parts.

What’s Next?

Sick of your tired and unreliable boiler? You can get a fixed price on screen within 90 seconds, using this clickable form.

And, we’re happy to answer any questions in the comments below. Whether that’s choosing the best pump, or deciding whether the quote you’ve received is reasonable.




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