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Boiler Pump Cost: How Much You’ll Pay For a New Pump in 2023

Any boiler engineer will tell you that one of the most common repairs they carry out is related to boiler circulator pumps.

Sometimes, these pumps can be easily fixed, but more often than not, you’ll need to replace one — and that’s why we’ve created this quick guide to boiler pump replacement costs.

But before you start worrying that installing a new pump may be too costly, let us put your mind at ease — it’s still much cheaper than getting a brand new boiler.

Boiler pump cost replacement guide

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How Does a Central Heating Pump Work?

Pump location in the boiler Simply put, a central heating pump (aka boiler pump or circulator pump) circulates the hot water to radiators, taps, and towel rails.

In your system, the diverter valve determines whether the boiler heats mains water for your taps or the water in your central heating system. If you’re asking for heat, the diverter valve will send central heating water through the boiler’s heat exchanger, after which the circulator pump will force the hot water to leave the boiler via the “flow” pipe.

The hot water then travels around the network of pipes, radiators, and towel rails, and eventually returns to the boiler via the “return” pipe.

Eventually, this hot water cools and comes back via the return, and the cycle continues.

Do You Need a New Circulator Pump?

It depends on the type of fault. Some, like airlocks, can be easily cleared out. More serious problems, on the other hand, may entail repairs.

But since heating pumps are not particularly expensive, it’s rarely worthwhile to fix an old pump that’s likely to break down in the near future anyway.

Troubleshooting Guide for Central Heating Pumps

We’ve covered these faults in greater detail in our guide central heating pump problems here. That said, here’s a quick troubleshooting checklist you can use to determine if the pump needs to be replaced or repaired.

#1 – The pump is not circulating water

A lack of water circulation usually points to a seized propeller in the pump. If this is the case, you may also hear a vibrating noise coming from the pump. Alternatively, there may be an issue with the motor; especially if the pump is hot to the touch.

If your pump is in good working order otherwise, a gentle tap should free the seized components. However, if the problem keeps recurring, your pump has likely reached the end of its useful service life, and you’ll need to get a replacement.

#2 – There’s a noise coming from the circulator pump

If you hear any unusual noises coming from the pump and your boiler is locking out, chances are there’s an airlock in the device.

Luckily, the fix is simple — if your pump has a bleed screw, all you have to do is turn it to release the trapped air. When the hissing stops, and a small amount of water leaks out, the airlock should be gone and you can close the bleed screw.

#3 – There’s a leak from the pump

Boiler pumps can leak for various reasons, such as blown seals, corrosion, or the pump coming loose.

If you find that the pump is not securely fastened, tightening it could solve the problem. Otherwise, you’ll have to check whether the seals are intact; if they’re not, you can either replace the seals, or replace the pump itself — especially if it’s old and experiencing faults frequently.

Finally, check the pump for signs of corrosion. If you see that this is the cause of the leak, you’ll have to install a new pump.

#4 – No power to the circulator pump

If all your electrical appliances are working but the pump isn’t, the likely cause of the problem is either the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) or faulty wiring. Either way, get a Gas Safe engineer to come and inspect your pump.

#5 – The pump won’t turn off

In the rare event that your circulator pump won’t stop working, you may be dealing with 1 of the these 3 issues:

  • Faulty PCB
  • Malfunctioning pump overrun stat
  • Mid-position valve that’s sticking

In either of these scenarios, an engineer can determine the best course of action and help you decide whether to repair or replace the pump.

Typical Circulator Pump Replacement Costs

There’s going to be a few factors that determine the price of a replacement pump.

  • Ease of installation (access to boiler, and pump)
  • Type of pump purchased (i.e. lower quality pumps are cheaper)

How Much Do Central Heating Pumps Cost?

Like anything, different manufacturers and models will cost different amounts. Expect to pay £95-150 for a high-quality pump.

Cost of Replacing Circulator Pumps

You’ll pay £185-300 for a circulator pump replacement unless you’re covered by a boiler care plan. This includes all materials and labour. So, labour is in the £100-150 range.

You can expect to pay more for labour if your pump is not located in the boiler and the central heating has no isolation valves. This will force the engineer to drain your entire system before replacing the pump.

Grundfos Pump

Top Circulator Pumps

Your engineer will be able to advise on the most suitable heating pump replacement for your property. Always get advice from a heating engineer before making a purchase.

Typically, older boilers will have Wilo pumps. Wilo are not known to be a reliable brand. For this reason, many boiler manufacturers have switched to other brands.

So, if there’s an element of choice involved, we’d always go for a Grundfos or DAB pump (we wrote a review of the Grundfos UPS2 here). Other top pumps to consider include:

Keep in mind that since combi boilers have this pump inside their casing, for safety reasons you should call a heating engineer to install the pump — even if you purchase it yourself online.

Consider This When You Get Your Boiler Pump Replaced

When pricing installation for boiler pumps, heating engineers have to factor in their travel time as part of their quotes. They’ll already be at your property and will have spent time removing the boiler casing.

While they are there, it makes sense to ask them to service the boiler (you can learn about how much a boiler service should cost here), or at least give a visual inspection to the most important and expensive parts. Even a one-off boiler service like this may help you catch defects early and avoid having to make an emergency call if a boiler component abruptly fails.

Sick of your tired and unreliable boiler? You can get a fixed price on screen within 90 seconds using this clickable form.

Heatable boiler installations

What’s Next?

We’re happy to answer any questions in the comments below. Whether that’s choosing the best pump, or deciding whether the quote you’ve received is reasonable.




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