Cost of Fitting a New Boiler Guide; How Much Can You Expect To Pay For New Boiler Installation?

Welcome to our quick-fire guide covering boiler fitting and installation costs. In this post, we’ll talk about the labour costs associated with boiler replacement. If you’d like to learn more about the overall expenses that come with getting a new boiler, head over to our full boiler replacement costs guide.

Boiler fitting cost

Labour Quotes For A New Boiler Installation

If you’ve already started getting boiler replacement quotes, there’s a good chance that not one of them is the same.

Different Boilers = Different Installation Costs

Different boiler fitters will quote different installation costs. Some of this inconsistency will stem from the type of boiler they choose to fit (for instance, a low-end boiler could be £500, whereas a premium brand’s flagship model might be £1,000 or more).

Other Installation Cost Factors For A Boiler Replacement

That said, other differences in boiler fitting costs will be driven the prices of materials, and the components the boiler installation will require.

As an example, not ALL boiler fitters will install a magnetic system filter. These filters stop heating sludge from clogging your boiler, so they’re a worthy investment. An installation cost quote could be £200-250 higher if it includes a filter.

How Much Does It Cost to Fit a New Boiler (Labour Only)?

Expect your boiler installation costs to be around £350-750 for just labour. This includes copper pipe and fittings for a basic installation in the same location, but not the boiler itself. The other costs missing from the number above are for the flue, magnetic system filter, limescale filter, and more.

There may be additional expenses involved if you wish to move your boiler, too.

Where to Get Prices For a New Boiler

How much to fit a boiler

To get a fixed price for all parts and labour associated with a boiler installation, you can use this boiler price calculator on Heatable’s website. Heatable currently run a promo, so their boiler prices are some of the most competitive in the UK.

How Does Combi Boiler Fitting Cost For Gas, Oil, And LPG Compare?

Typically, we’d not expect installation costs for combi boilers to change based on fuel type. The price for a new combi boiler installation is more likely to differ based on the fitter you use.

However, bear in mind that you’ll need a Gas Safe engineer to install gas boilers, a Gas Safe engineer with Gas Safe LPG accreditation for LPG boilers, and an OFTEC engineer for oil boiler installations.

Also note that larger, oil boilers can be extremely heavy.

Whereas a typical gas or LPG combi boiler might weigh as little as 42kg, oil boilers can be 100kg and beyond. If you’ve got a large oil boiler, especially in a hard-to-access installation area, you may need 2 or more people to install it. It’s likely your boiler fitter is going to account for the additional cost of having a 2nd pair of hands to help them move and fit the appliance.

What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Grab your fixed price online by 3PM, and get next-day boiler installation.

Worcester boilers installed from as little as £1,795.

How Combi Boiler Fitting Cost Is Determined

Obviously, there’s a big difference between £350 and £750 installation costs — the low and high ends of the spectrum we mentioned above. So, why do costs for boiler installation vary so much?

Boiler Weight

As we’ve already mentioned, a heavy boiler is going to mean that the boiler replacement is a two-person job, which will increase costs. Typically, a single person can perform most gas and LPG boiler installations in residential properties.

For oil boilers, you should expect two boiler fitters to complete the install, increasing overall labour costs.

Complexity Of The Boiler Replacement

Some boiler replacements are straight swaps. That means a few connections are loosened, the old boiler is removed, and the new boiler slots in its place. In this fortunate scenario, your boiler installer can get right to testing the boiler and sign it off as Gas Safe.

But not all boiler installations are this simple. If your new boiler isn’t the same as your old one, the engineer might need to change pipework and re-drill holes to mount the boiler. This all takes time, and that’s going to add to the cost of fitting your new boiler.

Additional Installs

There are a few things that might have been included in your installation quote, that are going to increase overall costs for your new boiler. If your install quote includes a cylinder, magnetic boiler filter, or limescale filter, these all need to be fitted. And the cost of fitting these boiler parts can soar into the hundreds, increasing your overall installation cost.

Additional Works

A boiler fitter needs to leave your property in the same state they found it. If the install is complex, they might have needed to drill a new core hole for a flue, remove floorboards, or chip away plaster.

All of these things take time to patch up, and all that time, means more labour cost for installing your new boiler.

Boiler Location

When looking at new boiler cost estimates online, it’s also worth considering where you live. Typical labour rates for boiler install in central London could be as much as 2x that of the price of labour in the North. And that’s going to directly impact the quote you get for fitting a boiler.

Getting The Best Prices For Combi Boiler Replacement

Boiler fitting by Heatable

There are plenty of ways to find cheap combi boiler replacement companies. However, there are some boiler installation providers that are better than others.

Personally, I’d always do one of two things before getting a new boiler installed.

Get A Quote Online

The first is to check out a fixed-price online boiler installer, like Heatable. You’ll find a Worcester 25i boiler installation is £1,649 — that’s £300-400 cheaper than a lot of other install companies will charge.

Have A Home Visit

If you’d prefer an on-site visit to spec your property, and then get up to 3 quotes from local installers, you can fill out this form and do that for free.

What’s Next? Still Not Sure Whether to Replace Your Boiler?

Thanks for reading our quick-fire guide to boiler fitting costs.

Got questions about the best boiler brands to buy, which boiler fitter to use, or whether your install quote is a rip-off? Fire away and leave a comment below; we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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