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Baxi Duo Tec Combi Boiler: Should You Buy It?

If you’ve been looking for a new boiler, there’s a good chance you’ve already considered Ideal, Vaillant & Worcester. But, Baxi Duo Tec combis are usually overlooked.

One reason the Baxi Duo Tec tends to be an excellent choice, is price. At time of writing, the 24kw Duo Tec HE is priced at around £700; like the Ideal Logic Plus 24kw.

More importantly, that’s around £200 cheaper than the Worcester equivalent, for a boiler brand that’s known for offering exceptional quality.

You can get great advice and free boiler installation quotes.

These engineers can help advise on the best boiler for your property, and get it at the best price.

Baxi Duo Tec Guarantee

Baxi offer an extensive 7-year warranty for their Duo Tec range. So, in that respect, it matches the Ideal Logic Plus.

And, the 7-years on offer from Baxi, is more than enough. Typically, we’d suggest avoiding boilers with less than 5-years in warranty. The cost of repairing boilers isn’t exactly low, so you want to avoid being responsible for them, for as long as possible.

The warranty will be upheld, as long as a Gas Safe registered engineer services the boiler once a year.

Baxi Duo Tec Combi Boiler Prices

The Baxi Duo Tec might be one of the best boilers out there, but how much does it cost? And, how does that compare to equivalent combi boilers from their main competitors?

Baxi Duo Tec 24kw£775
Baxi Duo Tec 28kw£875
Baxi Duo Tec 33kw£950
Baxi Duo Tec 40kw£1,025

The Ideal Logic Plus is the direct competitor here, given the warranty is exactly the same. And in terms of price, they’re similar too. Ideal Boilers tend to run regular promotions, so you can expect to pay anything from £700-800 for their Logic Plus 24kw. Basically, the same price as the Baxi Duo Tec.

Baxi Duo Tec Dimensions

We’re regularly asked which boilers will fit in a standard kitchen cupboard. Unfortunately, the Baxi Duo Tec isn’t one of those boilers. It’s 780mm high and 450mm wide, making it just slightly too big.

Customers looking for a smaller boiler will tend to go for a Worcester Compact CDI or an Ideal Logic Plus. For those looking for a longer warranty (10-years), the Ideal Vogue is also an option.

If you’re looking for a boiler that fits into small spaces and are stuck on the Baxi brand, we’d suggest checking out their latest release, the Baxi 600 compact boiler.

Energy Rating

It’s a pretty standard thing these days that combi boilers have a high energy rating, and the Baxi Duo Tec range is no different. It’s 89% efficient which sounds good, but it’s slightly lower than the Worcester range.

That said, there are new rules for boiler installers, meaning they need to be installing heating systems that comply with Boiler Plus. And, the Baxi Duo Tec is Boiler Plus compliant, not to mention, being endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust.

Online Reviews

I’m a sucker for online reviews. Whether I’m buying a boiler or a pair of hiking boots, I want to see what the people that own this product have to say.

And, although you’re not going to find 100s of reviews on Amazon like with other products, there’s a review site called Reevoo, where Baxi is quite active.

I stuck in the Baxi Duo Tec, and it popped up with over 400 reviews, with an average review rating of 9.3/10.

Baxi Duo Tec Output

Combi BoilerHeating OutputHot Water OutputFlow RateSuitable For
Duo Tec 24HE20kw24kw9.8/lpm1-2 bedroom apartments
Duo Tec 28HE24kw28kw11.5/lpm2-3 bedroom houses
Duo Tec 33HE28kw33kw13.5/lpm4-5 bedroom houses
Duo Tec 40HE33kw40kw16.4/lpm5+ bedroom houses

Although this gives a rough guide of what size Duo Tec boiler you need, it’s always worth speaking to a Gas Safe engineer before installing a boiler. They’ll be able to tell you which boiler to use, but also, if your mains pressure isn’t high enough.

If they suggest the water pressure is too low. Read this guide on what to do next.

The Difference Between a Duo Tec HE & GA

There’s two simple differences between the Duo Tec HE & GA models.

First, “GA” stands for gas adaptive. If your property isn’t connected to mains gas and you run LPG, the GA model is the one you’ll want; you won’t need to purchase any adapters to run LPG.

Secondly, the standard warranty on the Baxi Duo Tec GA is just 2-years, and that’s quite a drop from the 7-years that customers get with the HE. Of course, the work around for this is to purchase an LPG conversion kit for the HE model.

Like the Duo Tec GA, the models include the following:

DuoTec 24 GA

DuoTec 28 GA

DuoTec 33 GA

DuoTec 40 GA

The Alternatives

Worcester Bosch have a similar entry level boiler. For smaller properties, they have the 25I, and for larger properties they have the 30I. However, if it was my property, I know for the same price I could get an Ideal Vogue which comes complete with a 10-year warranty.

We’ve also reviewed the best combi boilers here.

Another option comes straight from Baxi; the Platinum HE. This is essentially a Baxi Duo Tec HE with a few upgraded parts. What this means though, is that it comes with an impressive warranty of 10-years. And, as it only costs around £200 more, it’s certainly worth the extra cash.

The Baxi Platinum HE models are as follows.

Platinum 24 HE

Platinum 28 HE

Platinum 33 HE

Platinum 40 HE

We’ve created a detailed guide to the Baxi Platinum here.

The Review Verdict

We’d certainly have no problems fitting a Baxi Duo Tec HE over a Worcester equivalent. Many of the Baxi’s we’re called out to fix are over 15 years old which is certainly a testament to their quality.

Need a new boiler installed? Still not sure if the Baxi Duo Tec is right for you? A heating engineer will be able to assess your property, decide on the best boiler, and give you quotes (you can get a free on-site quote here).

However, we’ve found that the Ideal Logic Plus range offers similar warranty, at the same price, and is just as reliable. Parts are readily available so if something does go wrong, they usually end up a lot cheaper to fix.

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