Alpha Boilers Reviewed: Range, Prices And Alternatives

If you’re looking to buy a new boiler and think about getting one from Alpha Innovation, this guide is what you need.

Below, we’ll cover online reviews, Alpha boiler prices, and suitable alternatives from leading brands.

Basically, in the next 5-minutes, you’ll know if Alpha are the right brand for you.

Alpha Boilers Review

Are Alpha Boilers Any Good? 

Yes, Alpha boilers are a great option if you’re looking for a boiler that performs just as well as most premium brands but costs less. Although they’re still rather new to the UK market, Alpha boilers are both reliable and budget-friendly, and their consumer reviews attest to the same (as you can see below).

Alpha Boilers - Trustpilot UK

Alpha Boilers Reviewed

The Alpha Combi Boiler Range

Alpha has a range of combi, system and regular boilers on offer. The most popular products in the range are combis, and include the:

  • E-Tec Plus
  • E-Tec
  • Evoke

Alpha Boiler Prices

Alpha tend to be priced into the lower end of the market. For instance, their flagship combi in 30kW form is only around £900. A lot of comparable brands would be charging this for a boiler with a much lower warranty.

The biggest problem with Alpha is that many independent merchants don’t stock them, as they’re not massively popular with installers or homeowners. Instead, you tend to find that merchants focus on Worcester Bosch, Ideal Boilers, Baxi, Potterton or Vaillant.

If we compare the E-Tec Plus (10-year warranty) with Worcester Bosch, it’s likely to be roughly £200 cheaper (not including installation).

So, you could save money if you can find an installer that fits them.

Alpha Boiler Installation Prices

For the 30kW Alpha E-Tec Plus, you’d be looking at £900 for the boiler and a few hundred more for general fittings, a flue and a filter. So the installation cost is likely to be in the region of £2,000.

That’s comparable to something like the Worcester 30i when you use Heatable. As Heatable have great connections with most boiler manufacturers on the market, they get their boilers cheaper than average, and that’s reflected in the installation price; it’s going to run at a similar cost to Alpha boilers, and you’ll get the same 10-year warranty.

Heatable new boilers

This makes a huge difference. You could be getting a Worcester installed for a similar price, rather than paying £200-400 more.

Basically, if you’ve already had a quote for an Alpha boiler from a local installer, it makes sense to get a comparison with another brand like Worcester, and you can do that here.

If you’ve not had a quote from a local installer for an Alpha boiler, you can get started here.

Alpha Boilers Warranty

Besides the kW output on offer, the main difference between the Alpha combi boiler range is the warranty on offer.

Ideally, you want to be aiming for a boiler with a warranty of 5-years or more. That’s not to say there aren’t cheaper alternatives with a lower warranty. There are plenty of boilers being offered with much less, 2-years on many occasions.

Whilst you might save a few notes now by buying a boiler with a lower warranty, it will come back to bite you. Typically, a boiler manufacturer is going to offer a warranty that matches the durability of the product.

A 2-year warranty? Expect to be forking out for boiler repair bills soon. You’ll save £100-250 now on the overall installation cost but risk paying for repairs, or possibly even a new boiler in just a few years.

The most popular boilers in the range come with the following warranties:

Boiler ModelWarranty
E-Tec Plus*Up to 13-years

*E-Tec Plus Warranty

A 10-year warranty is huge. Even better is the fact you can get an additional 1-year by fitting a Cyclone boiler filter.

Or, you can go the whole hog, fit a Premier Pack, and get an additional 3-years, so 13-years in total!

Which Size Alpha Boiler Do You Need?

When we say “size” here, we mean the boiler’s capacity in kW. Before you purchase a boiler, you must know what boiler size is suitable for your property. Oversize your boiler, and you’ll be spending more than you need to on energy. Get one that’s too small, and you’ll be freezing.

And while there are several variables in this calculation, you can use the table below to get a rough idea:

Boiler SizeRadiatorsBathroomsProperty Type
24kW-27kW10 or fewer1Apartments, 1 & 2-bed houses
28kW-34kW10-152Medium size 2-4 bed homes
35kW-42kW15-202+Larger Properties

Alternatively, you can use an automated boiler size calculator, which can be found here. Simply answer a few questions about your property, and you’ll get your recommended size on your screen.

You’ll get a fixed price for brands other than Alpha on screen, as well. We’ll keep those and compare them to local installers later in this article.

Alpha Boiler Alternatives

If you’d like to explore your options beyond Alpha, there are plenty of other boiler brands offering comparable products at roughly the same prices and with great warranties. As we’ve mentioned, the likes of Worcester Bosch boilers can be found for a similar price from a UK installer that has a connection directly to Bosch; you can check prices for them online using their price calculator.

And, if you’re still not sure about the best route to take – we’ve covered our top picks for the best boiler companies here.

For specific boiler model recommendations, we’ve created a guide to the best combi boilers too.

Get a Quote for an Alpha Boiler

If you’d like to know how much a new Alpha boiler will cost you, the fastest way to get some numbers on your screen is to use Heatable. The online boiler installation firm is still rather new to the market but already has fantastic deals with big names like Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, and, you guessed it, Alpha. And since Heatable’s business model allows for a relatively small overhead, its customers can benefit from some of the lowest prices in the UK.

To get your Alpha quote from Heatable, you’ll have to fill out a brief questionnaire about your property (and don’t worry, you needn’t supply any personally identifiable details). Then, simply scroll through the list of boiler suggestions until you see the Alpha model that’s best suited for your home. If you need the replacement urgently, Heatable can start work the next — as long as you send your request before 3 pm the day before.

Here’s the deal I got after answering Heatable’s questionnaire:

Screenshot of Heatable Alpha boilers quote

Parting Words

Thanks for reading our guide to Alpha boilers. Hopefully, that’s given you enough information to make a calculated purchase decision, as well as a rough idea when it comes to overall installation costs.

Still got questions? Drop us a line via our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

And don’t forget to bookmark, we regularly post up boiler reviews and repair advice.

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