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Emergency Boiler Installation Guide, Costs & Timeline

Got a problem with your boiler and can’t wait? No problem. There are various Gas Safe registered companies throughout the UK that offer emergency boiler installation and repair. But, what is an emergency, how much is an emergency replacement going to cost, and how quickly will the job get done? Safety Concerns First up, let’s… Read More »

Boiler Gas Valves – Faults, Fixes & Replacement Costs

Welcome to our 3-minute guide to boiler gas valves. In this guide we’ll quickly explain how they work, common problems, as well as the potential replacement and repair costs. What A Boiler Gas Valve Does The gas valve on your boiler controls the flow of gas to the pilot light and burner. It’s controlled by… Read More »

Our 5-Minute Guide To Central Heating Inhibitor

Welcome to our 5-minute guide that covers: What Is Central Heating Inhibitor? The 3 Things You Need To Protect Your Heating System The Best Central Heating Inhibitor Why You Shouldn’t Keep Topping Up Boiler Pressure If you don’t know already, central heating inhibitor is one of the crucial products that protects your heating system. And… Read More »

The #1 Best Knee Pads For Construction Work

Welcome to our 3-minute review of the best knee pads for construction work. Whether you’re a plumber, heating engineer or plasterer, you need to keep yourself protected. And there are plenty of different knee pad inserts for construction work that are suitable. Below, we’ve got two options. The King Of Construction Knee Pads ( Our Top… Read More »