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Best Thermostatic Power Shower for your Money: Reviewing Top Power Showers in 2023

Welcome to our 10-minute review of the best power showers in the UK. This review will cover EVERYTHING you need to know before you purchase a brand new power shower in 2024.

Thermostatic power showers

Don’t have time to read? Here is our list of the top power shower models (There’s one for every price range)

  1. Triton Power Shower — Best all-rounder power shower, made by a reputable UK manufacturer, and Quiet Mark approved. Ideal for replacing older Triton power shower models.
  2. Mira Vigour Power Shower — Slightly more economical alternative to the Triton power shower, but offers a similar suite of features, quality, and performance.
  3. Bristan Power Shower — Best warranty terms, but slightly lower flow rate than that of the Triton or Mira power showers.

How We Tested and Chose Our Best Power Shower Picks

To help you find the best power shower, we tested over a dozen models based on the following criteria:

  • Water pressure
  • Ease of use
  • Durability

We also considered factors such as the warranty terms, the price, and consumer reviews — just in case someone had a different experience than us.

Best Power Shower Models for Your Bathroom in 2024

Below, we’ll cover our top picks for the best power shower, with a focus on thermostatic showers that use an electric pump to boost pressure and flow rate.

#1 – Triton Power Shower

First up, we’ve got the Triton thermostatic power shower.

Triton power showerIf you’re like us, you’ll be digging through a tonne of shower reviews online before deciding exactly which one to buy. And when you do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the Triton — just as we were. It’s got one of the highest volume of reviews online, and for good reasons:

  • Reasonable price
  • Manufactured by one of the most popular brands in the UK
  • Great for properties with incredibly low water pressure


You’ll find a lot of cheap power showers with ZERO warranty. And, that gives you an indication of what these companies think about their own products.

That’s not the case with Triton — they’re a bathroom brand that’s well known for having some of the most durable shower products on the market. And, with your purchase of the Triton thermostatic power shower, you’ll get a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Flow Rate

Like all electric power shower models, the Triton has a built-in electric pump that helps combat poor flow rates. When we tested the Triton power shower, got a flow rate of around 14 litres per minute; you can compare this to a traditional tap, which produces around 9 litres per minute.

Design and Ease of Use

Let’s face it, electric power shower design is usually pretty basic. There’s nothing special about the Triton, either, but it’s fairly slimline in comparison to many of the cheaper alternatives.

It utilises a simple push button start, and you’ve got a numbered dial on the front of the unit to adjust temperature.

Temperature Control

The thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) on the Triton can regulate temperature effectively to within 2 degrees of whatever you’ve currently got it set at. So, if you do experience a sudden drop in water pressure, you won’t be subjected to freezing or scalding water.

And, we were happy to see that there’s even a temperature stop, which protects you from accidentally setting your shower heat too high.


You want your shower to last, and there are certain precautions that many brands don’t take, which makes their showers unreliable.

One of those things is an auto-shutdown. If the shower water supply falls too low, the pump in your power shower is going to work overtime. Eventually, it’s going to burn out, and you’ll need a costly replacement, so this is a nice type of safety feature.

The auto-shutdown feature recognises when pressure gets too low and turns off the shower, so the pump isn’t being overworked.


There are, certainly, inferior products out there that are less expensive than the Triton. But because there are so many online suppliers, you can usually find the Triton for WELL below the RRP.

What’s Included

The shower head included in the purchase price gives you 5 spray settings from which to choose. The head is connected to a stainless steel hose, which is anti-kink and reinforced for improved durability.

And, to fix it all together in your bathroom, you’ll also get a flexible riser rail kit.

Who Should Buy the Triton Power Shower?

If you’re looking for a basic-looking but well-priced shower product from a leading manufacturer, this is the one for you and your bathroom.

You’ll get durability, flexibility in terms of installation area, and a great flow rate of around 14 litres per minute. And as we’ve mentioned, there’s a tonne of companies offering up the Triton well below the RRP.

Check price on Amazon

#2 – Mira Vigour Power Shower

Looking for a direct alternative to the Triton? The Mira Vigour shower is exactly that. Everything from price through to flow rate is somewhat similar, so it really just comes down to the design you prefer for your bathroom.

Mira Power ShowerWarranty

Like Triton, you’ll get a solid 1-year warranty on your Vigour from Mira. However, whilst Triton don’t offer any additional protection, Mira comes with a range of warranty packages, allowing you to extend the protection on your power shower for an EXTRA 1-3 years.

Flow Rate

Like with the Triton thermostatic power shower, the Mira Vigour produces a high flow rate of 14 litres per minute.

Design and Ease of Use

The design does differ in comparison to the Triton: the Mira Vigour is more minimalist, having cut back the size of their controls.

Temperature Control

But, like the Triton, you’ll have straightforward controls allowing you to adjust temperature anywhere up to 65°C. And, you’ll have a built-in “safe” maximum temperature.


There’s no need to prime the Mira Vigour, but there are removable filters that should be maintained — this is Mira’s way of prolonging the life of your shower.

Throughout the UK, there are low, moderate, and hard water areas. The harder the water, the more minerals it contains. And, it’s these minerals that lead to limescale build-up on both the shower door and tiles, as well as in the shower head itself. This build-up can block up a power shower, leading to expensive repair bills, or even a shower replacement.

The removable filters reduce limescale and catch debris in the water, so the shower doesn’t get blocked.


As we’ve mentioned, the Mira Power shower is a direct competitor to the Triton, but it’ll probably cost you a bit less. The current RRP of the Mira Vigour is around £250, but since a lot of sellers offer this model, there’s a price war — it’s rare that you’ll pay the full RRP.

What’s Included

As far as accessories go, you’ll get your electric power shower, a shower head with 4 levels of adjustment (that’s 1 less than the Triton, by the way), installation instructions, and a riser kit.

Who Should Buy the Mira Vigour?

If you’re looking for a slightly more economical alternative to the Triton power shower (with more warranty options) Mira may be a good choice. At my time working in a plumbing/bathroom merchants, we sold a tonne of both Triton and Mira power showers — they’re both reliable showers with the same flow rate.

We’d recommend both electric showers, so it comes down to the design you prefer for your bathroom.

Check price on Amazon

#3 – Bristan Power Shower

If you’ve purchased bathroom products and accessories in the past, there’s a good chance you already know about the Bristan brand — one of the leading shower, tap, and bathroom accessory manufacturers in the UK.

Bristan Hydropower Thermostatic Electric Power ShowerAnd, the Hydropower 1500 power shower is one of their most popular showers. For good reason, too, as it’s similar in quality to both the Triton and Mira, with a similar RRP.


As we’ve mentioned above, the manufacturer’s warranty gives you a good indication of how reliable their products are. After all, they don’t want to be footing the bill, so won’t offer a warranty at all if their products are not durable (i.e. cheap brands).

And, even though the Bristan Hydropower has a similar price point as the Triton and Mira, the standard warranty is better. You’ll get 1-year for the Triton/Mira. For the Bristan Hydropower? You’ll get 2 year  for parts and 1 year for labour.

Flow Rate

The biggest downfall of the Hydropower shower is it’s flow rate. The Mira and Triton both get 14 litres per minute, but we only got 10 litres per minute with the Bristan. So, it’s definitely not the most powerful shower out there.

But the question is, does it matter? Power showers are designed for low pressure water systems that struggle to deliver 2-3 litres per minute (9 litres per minute is about the average for a tap).

So, although the flow rate isn’t the “best in class”, it’s above what’s provided to most shower units throughout the UK.

Design and Ease of Use

This is one of the most minimalist power shower models you can get for your bathroom. And that makes it perfect for most bathrooms, but in specific, those that struggle for space. So, if you’re in a small bath, or tiny shower enclosures, this will help make that enclosure feel a little bigger than it is compared with other showers on the market.

You’ll get Bristan’s updated riser rail, which is a vast improvement on the three showers the Hydropower replaces (New Team N1000XT, NT1000XT Power Shower and Showerforce SF 1000 XM).

As with the Mira and Triton, there are simple push button controls for the shower, including one for ECO (improved water efficiency). And, a nice touch is the fact that the Hydropower has rear pipe entry, meaning there are less ugly fittings exposed in comparison to other units available in the UK.

Temperature Control

You’ll get the standard dial for temperature control, but since this power shower is thermostatic, you’re protected if there’s a sudden fluctuation in water pressure or heating. The thermostatic valve in the Bristan Hydropower is one of the best; it will be able to regulate the temperature between -1/+1 degree of the temperature original set.


The warranty here speaks for itself — it’s the biggest one on offer from our “best power shower” list: 2-years for parts and 1-year for labour. So, you can be sure this power shower will last.


If you’re looking for a cheap power shower for your bathroom, this is also where the Bristan comes up trumps. Its RRP is well below the Mira and Triton.

But, unlike the Mira and Triton, it’s unlikely you’ll be finding deals much below the RRP. The Hydropower is already competitively priced, so it doesn’t seem like retailers have much margin to move on price.

What’s Included

You’ll get a shower head that’s got 3 spray settings to adjust. That’s bolted to the wall with their upgraded riser rail, which looks more stylish than Bristan’s previous models. And, you’ll get all the instructions and fittings needed to install this shower in your bathroom.

Who Should Buy the Bristan Hydropower?

If you’re looking for a cheap power shower from a leading brand, that’s durable, has excellent online reviews, and a big warranty, the Bristan Hydropower is definitely the one for you. And, whilst the 10 litres per minute flow rate looks low (compared with the 14 of the Mira and Triton), it’s still better than what most properties have in the UK.

Check price on Amazon

Power Shower Buying Guide

Even on the dreariest of mornings, a power shower can give you the physical and mental boost you need to start your day with a positive attitude. And if you’ve ever had one, you can probably never go back to the drizzly old excuse for a shower you had before — which is why you’re shopping for a power shower now.

Above, we’ve listed the top power showers in the UK in 2024. But if you prefer to do more research and find a model yourself, go ahead and read our quick guide to finding the best power shower to suit your needs.

How a Power Shower Works

A power shower is an appliance that amplifies the water pressure you get out of a shower head. It takes water from your home’s hot and cold feeds, then boosts the pressure using an electric pump to create a more powerful spray. If your home has low water pressure, a power shower can make all the difference in your morning routine.

Power Showers vs Electric Showers

There’s some confusion about the difference between a power shower and an electric shower. Mainly, because a power shower also uses electricity to pump the water through the device, thus increasing its pressure. So, whilst a power shower does use electricity, it only does so to power the pump — it is not an “electric shower” in the universally accepted sense of the word.

What are electric showers?

Electric showers are a bit different. A traditional electric shower doesn’t take water from both hot/cold feeds; it only requires a cold water feed. Using an integral element, it heats water at its source. This means water doesn’t need to be heated by your combi boiler, because all the heating takes place directly in the unit, in the bathroom, while you’re showering.

What are thermostatic showers?

A “thermostatic shower” is utilises the hot and cold water feeds, as well as a shower pump, but has a thermostatic mixing valve to reduce the chance of sudden temperature fluctuations.

These variations in temperature come from an abrupt drop in water pressure (for example, when a toilet flushes), and can lead to an uncomfortable (freezing) or even downright painful (scalding) experience. A thermostatic shower protects you from these unfortunate occurrences.

Can I Install a Power Shower in My Home?

It depends on the type of boiler you have; if you’ve got a combi — then no, a power shower is not an option. That’s because combis get water directly from the mains, and the power shower pump has no way of boosting mains pressure.

However, a power shower should work just fine with a system boiler, and will perform the best when integrated into a conventional boiler system. In the latter scenario, the shower would get a gravity-fed water supply from your cold water tank and hot water cylinder, then boost the pressure with its pump.

Power Shower Companies

There are a lot of companies offering cheap power shower models. The problem? They’re exactly that — cheap.

And, unfortunately, these inexpensive showers tend to have low, inconsistent flow rates, and are prone to low pressure. There’s also a good chance they’ll lack the visual appeal and reliability that you get from leading manufacturers.

Below, we’ve curated a list of the top power shower brands available in the UK. So, if a unit on the list above doesn’t stand out, you won’t go far wrong by buying a power shower from one of these companies.

Best Power Shower Brands for Smart Consumers to Buy

  1. Triton
  2. Bristan
  3. Mira
  4. Creda
  5. Aqualisa

Power Shower Installation Costs

So, you’ve bought your new power shower with all its accessories. Now, you need to install and fit your shower in your bathroom —  which will likely set you back around £150-250. That’s the price excluding the shower itself, and any additional parts and tools (pipework and additional fittings).

The price differential comes into play depending on where in the UK you are, and the complexity of the install and fit. For instance, if this is a new bathroom without pipework, that’s going to take more time (and cost more) than swapping out an existing unit with one that bolts straight onto the existing cold/hot water feeds.

Time to Buy Your Next Power Shower

Thanks for reading our 10-minute review guide of the best power shower models available in the UK. Still got questions about a new shower for your bathroom? Or, have a power shower that’s not mentioned on this list?

We’d love to hear from you. Write a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. Yvette says:

    I like the sound of the Bristan due to option the rear entry pipe as I would like to hide the piping behind a panel and have a fixed ceiling head with this system ,Is that possible?

    1. Alex Ion says:

      Most likely Yvette, your installer should know how to do these things.

  2. Mrs Susan Smith says:

    Having just moved house we have inherited 2 electric showers Aquatronic 3+. The power of both of these showers is different…one reasonable but the other a waste of time. Therefore am looking to replace both with a much more powerful showe. We do not have a Combi boiler. Just a condenser boiler.Therefore am I correct in assuming that it would not be possible to have a Thermostatic power shower installed? Please…what would you recommend?

    1. Alex Ion says:

      I would get a local engineer to come for a quick check-up and “audit” of the installation for a more detailed look at it. Answering your question is not just a simple yes and no. Other things may cause you trouble. Going for better thermostatic power shower is a good idea, but first check with your installer you don’t have other issues to fix first.

  3. Angela Hunn says:

    I have had my power shower more then 10 years when I put it on and turn it of the water stops but the motor carry on I have to keep turning it on and of do I need a new unit

  4. Fran says:

    Hi, We have inherited an Aqualisa Aquastream MK2 power shower, which now needs replacing. (It has gravity fed hot and water pipes, plus booster pump)We need to put in an equivalent which will cause minimal disruption, to the rest of the bathroom. One option is to get the Aquastream Mk3-which might be most straightforward, but I wondered if you can recommend a different make (a bit cheaper) that might be a good match? I don’t really know where to start with a decent equivalent. Many thanks

  5. Solenne Guest says:

    We are in the process of getting our loft converted. We were going to get a 9kw electric shower (as our cylinder is too small to supply two showers) but apparently our water pressure is a little on the low side (1.0 bar). Would a power shower solve these issues for us or would the small cylinder still cause problems? Thank you!

  6. jackie says:

    im looking to replace a creda power shower with top right hand feed (hot left , cold right) can u suggest one that has same fittings

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