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Vokera Boilers: Are They Better Than Worcester Bosch?

If you’ve been looking for a new heating system, there’s one brand that’s probably caught your eye; Vokera boilers.

Vokera is a popular brand, with over 500,000 Vokera boilers in use throughout the UK and Ireland. They produce combi boilers, system and open vent boilers, as well as a good range of mter heaters and cylinders.

Their range currently includes:

  • Linea
  • Unica
  • Mynute
  • Compact
  • Condexa

Generally, We Recommend Worcester Bosch Over Vokera Boilers

If you’ve already had boiler installation quotes, there’s a good chance that Vokera boilers have not been quoted. Although they are cheap, they are known not to be as reliable as Worcester Bosch.

Interested in getting a back-to-back comparison for installation on a Vokera boiler, and another brand? You can do that here.

Or, if you want a dirt cheap price on a Worcester Bosch boiler, you can get that online within 2-minutes using Heatable, a boiler comparison website.

Worcester Bosch boilers - Trustpilot review

Model Choice

No two properties are the same. And, this means that even properties of a similar size may require completely different boilers. The type of boiler required will depend on:

  • The heating setup (oil, combi or system)
  • Size of the property
  • Number of radiators
  • Length of the heating circuit
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Demand for hot water
  • Insulation (i.e. a lower EPC rating usually means more heat loss, and therefore, more heating output is required)

Vokera boilers have only a small range. This is partly due to the fact that they don’t have the sales volume of Worcester boilers, so they need to condense their range where possible.

Homeowners with what might be classed as a typical property will easily find a suitable Vokera boiler. But those with an atypical property, may need to explore the more in-depth Worcester range.


Vokera boilers come standard with 2 years warranty. And, that’s never a good sign. Typically, we advise customers to go with boilers that have a warranty of at least 5 years. A good example of this is the Ideal Logic Plus 24 which comes standard with a 7-year warranty and is cheaper than the equivalent Worcester.

Vokera do offer a small range of boilers with a 5-year warranty. This table below covers their combi & system boiler range.


Warranty Length

Combi Boiler Warranty

Vokera Compact 25A 2-year
Vokera Compact 29A i 2-year
Vokera Unica i28kW 2-year
Vokera Vision 25c 5-year
Vokera Vision 30c 5-year
Vokera Unica i32kW 5-year
Vokera Unica i36kW 5-year

System Boiler Warranty

Vokera Mynute 35HE 2-year
Vokera Verve i50 2-year
Vokera Mynute i20 5-year
Vokera Mynute i30 5-year
Vokera Vision 20s 5-year
Vokera Vision 25s 5-year


Vokera boilers do have their own in-house repair and service team. However, on occasion, they do use local contractors. In contrast, Worcester has a dedicated service team of over 80 engineers and offers warranties from 5-10 years if a Worcester accredited installer is used to fit the boiler.

For example, you can get on-screen prices from Heatable here, complete with a 10-year warranty on Worcester boilers.

What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

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Worcester boilers installed from as little as £1,795.


When you start looking at Vokera boiler prices and reviews you’ll notice one thing; they are cheap. They can sometimes be as much as 20% cheaper than the equivalent Worcester. On a typical installation, this could mean saving £300-500. That was of course, before Heatable partnered with Bosch to offer Worcester boilers at ridiculously low prices (you can see just how cheap here).

Unfortunately, there’s a good reason for this. Cheap boilers are made from cheap parts. Vokera boilers use low quality Italian components.

We’ve been called out to lots of breakdowns of Vokera boilers that are just a few years old. Problems we’ve encountered include:

  • Expansion vessels losing pressure
  • Diverter valves need unsticking (or replacing)

Sometimes, paying that little extra up front for a boiler from Worcester, Ideal or Baxi is going to pay dividends in the long run.

Prices and Reputation

For most homeowners that don’t know much about heating, it really comes down to price, and when using a local installer Vokera boilers beat Worcester every single time. The problem is, these boilers really are the lower end of the spectrum.

When quoted with a flue, controls, system filter, chemicals and labour, a Vokera combi boiler will be in the region of £300-500 cheaper. But, now Heatable work with Bosch, they’re able to almost match Vokera boiler prices, on a boiler that comes complete with a 10-year warranty; you can get prices on screen here. To get an idea, they’re running a sale now which brings the price of a Worcester Greenstar 25i down to just £1,649.

What most people don’t consider is the installation usually costs as much as the boiler. So, when a cheaper boiler breaks down, a large labour charge is applied (as well as a new boiler). This is why we recommend going for a reputable brand such as Worcester, and getting the biggest warranty possible.

The Verdict: Vokera Boilers

I’d sooner be fitting a Baxi, Ideal, Vaillant or Worcester than a Vokera. The initial saving of £300-500 just doesn’t offset the large jumps in warranty, and the possibility of forking out £1900+ for a new boiler installation a few years down the line.

Interested in getting a back-to-back comparison for installation on a Vokera boiler, and another brand? You can do that here. And then, compare that directly with Worcester prices on Heatable.

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  1. As a heating engineer of 40yrs of fitting boilers I find vokeras easy to fit and set up and reliable I have today serviced a compact 24 fit by myself19yrs ago. I think there is a bit of boiler snobbery among some engineers .For example a vokera fan can cost£100 a Worcester Bosch £300

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