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Common Halstead Boiler Faults [And How To Fix Them]

Halstead boilers had their hay-day 10-15 years ago. Although their popularity has declined rapidly, they were reliable. And this is why we are still called out to Halstead boiler faults today.

It’s worth mentioning that no boiler problems should attended to without the help of a boiler repair specialist. You can get help here.

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It’s an offence to work on a gas appliance without being Gas Safe registered. And that’s for safety reasons.
Halstead Boiler Fault 1: Water isn’t getting to temperature (or no hot water)
Halstead Boiler Fault 2: Ignition Failure but The Boiler Makes a Noise
Halstead Boiler Fault 3: Ignition Failure but Fan is Working
Halstead Boiler Fault 4: Boiler was Noisy (and now it’s stopped working)


Halstead Boiler Fault 1: Water isn’t getting to temperature (or no hot water)

If you’ve already called out an engineer because you’re not getting hot water, or the water is not getting to temperature, it’s likely they’ll head straight for the diverter valve.

The older the boiler is, the more likely the diverter valve is to fail. As Halstead stopped making boilers in 2012, there’s a good chance your boiler is already 5-10 years old.

The diverter valve allows your boiler to switch seamlessly between providing heat and hot water. If you have heat but no hot water, it’s likely it is jammed open on the heating side of the system.

Fixing Hot Water Faults

A boiler repair specialist may inspect the diverter valve and find that it’s just the diaphragm that needs replacing. Even if this is all that needs replacing, it makes sense to replace the whole diverter valve whilst the boiler is in bits.

Depending on the exact model and availability of parts, expect to pay around £250-300 to have this boiler fault fixed.

Halstead Boiler Fault 2: Ignition Failure but The Boiler Makes a Noise

Ignition problems are common in all brands of boilers, not just Halstead. The type of ignition fault will depend on the cycling process the boiler goes through before it stops working completely.

What should happen is:

  1. The boiler is turned on.
  2. You’ll hear a small click which is the air pressure switch.
  3. The fan should be making a soft humming noise.
  4. The boiler tries to fire but fails.

If this is the case, there’s a good chance the problem lies with the gas valve. By hearing the fan and ignition, that’s pretty much ruled those components out as being part of the fault. The fault lies in the fact the ignition is not getting the right levels of gas.

Fixing Ignition Failures

It’s easy to jump to conclusions. A gas engineer will need to come out and check the gas valve to ensure its operating correctly.

They can do this by using a volt meter and checking the valve is getting voltage. If it’s not, this is a simple fix. Simply replace the gas valve.

But there is a problem. A gas valve for a Halstead boiler can be as much as £250. With labour, you could be looking at nearly £350. If your boiler is particularly old, it doesn’t make sense to spend this amount of money on it.

If your fault is like above but the boiler doesn’t try to ignite (clicking sounds), you might be in luck. It’s likely this relates to the ignition leads and these can be as little as £100 depending on the exact model of Halstead you have.

Halstead Boiler Fault 3: Ignition Failure but Fan is Working

Even when boilers have a fault, they tend to go through their usual start up cycle and either lockout, or stop at a certain point. If you find your boiler is going through the usual cycle, including the fan being operational, there are two likely causes.

  1. The air pressure switch
  2. The PCB

Fixing Ignition Failures (Air Pressure Switch and PCB)

Hopefully, we’ll find the cause to be the air pressure switch. It’s common that the air pressure switch is the blame if you see the boiler ignite for a split second and then turn off again.

I say hopefully, because an air pressure switch will be around £150 fitted. Although that’s still a large expense, it’s a lot cheaper than it could have been.

In fact, sometimes the hoses leading to the switch have become stuck or kinked. All it needs is for these hoses to be re-routed correctly.

If the air pressure switch doesn’t seem to be the issue, its likely to either be the fan (try to listen for the fan when the boiler starts up) or the PCB.

PCB replacement is usually quite a big job. A Halstead PCB will likely cost £275-325 including labour.

If your boiler is old and unreliable, it makes sense to invest in a new one, rather than investing hundreds in repairs. You can get prices for a new boiler here.

Halstead Boiler Fault 4: Boiler was Noisy (and now it’s stopped working)

The way a boiler operates just prior to it developing one of these common problems can tell us a lot about what went wrong.
If you have noticed your boiler rattling excessively, there’s a good chance the fan is to blame. Over time these fans become worn and stiff and eventually, they are prone to seizing. An engineer will check this by switching off the boiler and then trying to turn the fan by hand.

Fixing a Noisy Boiler

Although the most obvious thing to do would be to replace the fan, there is a potential quick fix. If there is no internal damage to the fan, sometimes lubricant can be used to free the fan (GT85 or WD40 for instance).

Unfortunately, this is only likely to last for a few weeks at best.


A lot of the common Halstead boiler faults we come across are not quick fixes. The majority end up costs £150-300 to repair. For those with older boiler its certainly worth considering getting a get prices for a new boiler here.

The efficiency of newer boilers will save you hundreds of pounds every year.

If you have a Halstead boiler fault that has not been mentioned, please leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to answer your question.


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