Ideal Logic L2 Fault Code Explained [And How To Fix It]

If you’re seeing the Ideal Logic L2 fault code being displayed on your boiler, this guide to going to cover everything you need to know to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Boilers show fault codes to give a repair engineer an indication of what the problem might be. In the case of the L2 fault code, there’s a problem that’s causing the flame on your boiler to go out.

This presents a different set of problems to a boiler that can’t establish a flame (most likely ignition related). Regardless of the fault code being displayed, it’s likely your boiler will lock out, and won’t work until the problem is fixed, and the boiler has been reset.

How To Fix The L2 Fault Code On Ideal Boilers

Typically, the L2 fault code will relate to a gas supply issue, or an issue that requires a boiler to be taken apart. For that reason, you’ll need to call a Gas Safe boiler repair engineer to fix the problem.

What Causes The L2 Fault Code To Be Displayed?

Flame Sensor Failure

The flame sensor on your Ideal Logic boiler could be to blame for the L2 fault code being displayed.

Your boiler is controlled by the printed circuit board (PCB). If the PCB doesn’t receive a signal from the flame sensor that a flame is present, it’s going to shut off the gas supply, and display a fault code.

Your engineer will need to test the flame sensor to ensure it’s working correctly. If it isn’t, the fix is a simple case of your repair company switching out the old flame sensor for a new one.

Gas Valve Fault

On some occasions, the L2 fault code could have been caused by the gas valve. It’s the job of the gas valve to regulate the flow of gas into your boiler. When you turn up your heating, or turn on hot water, the valve will open. When you turn off your heating or hot water, the valve will close.

As the gas valve is made up of moving parts, over time, it can become stiff or get stuck. In the case of the L2 fault code on Ideal Logic boilers, it’s likely the gas valve is stuck partially closed, when it should be fully open. It’s, therefore, not keeping up with the gas demand of the burner, and the flame is going to go out.

Your boiler repair company may be able to free the valve. However, the cost of labour for a repair isn’t cheap, so on most occasions, it makes sense to replace the gas valve. Typically, this is going to cost around £300.

If the gas valve and other parts are failing, it might be worth considering a replacement. You can get prices on-screen for that replacement, using this clickable form.

Low Gas Pressure

If you’ve had a new and larger output boiler fitted, it might be that your gas main hasn’t been upgraded to modern spec. And, this is going to mean that your boiler isn’t getting the gas it needs. Upgrading the gas pipe work to a larger diameter is needed.

However, it’s worth checking the gas pressure into the property. It might be that the gas supplier isn’t providing gas into your property at a high enough pressure. If this is the problem, you’ll need to contact your gas supplier.

Condensate Pipe Blockage

During winter months, it’s typical for condensate pipes to freeze over. The condense pipe allows condensed (and harmful) gases to escape from your boiler. If they’re not escaping, your boiler becomes dangerous. And, that’s why it’s displaying the L2 fault code, and has locked out.

If the condensate pipe freezing over is the problem, it can be fixed by thawing it out with warm water. Once done, your engineer will be able to route the pipe as close to vertical as possible. Condensed gases will flow quicker, giving them less chance to freeze. And as an extra precaution, they can use lagging to protect the condensate pipe from the elements.

Gas Meter Blockage

Like the condensate pipe, the gas meter is prone to problems during winter months, and this could be the issue that’s causing the L2 fault code to be displayed on your Ideal Logic boiler.

On the gas meter, your boiler repair company will want to pay attention to the regulator on the meter. And as with the condensate pipe, they’ll want to lag the meter, or box it in to protect it from the elements.

Once they’ve done this and the meter’s regulator thaws out, they’ll be able to reset your Ideal Logic boiler to clear the L2 fault code.

Will You Need To Replace Your Ideal Boiler?

It’s unlikely you’ll need to replace your boiler if the L2 fault code is being displayed. However, there are some instances where it might make perfect sense.

For instance, if the gas valve has failed (and a replacement is needed, at a cost of around £300), other parts are deteriorating and your boiler is out of warranty, a more cost effective long term solution would be a replacement – you can get fixed prices on screen for a brand new boiler from £1,795 here.

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our guide to the L2 fault code on Ideal Logic boilers.

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