Vaillant Boiler Service: What Are The Costs For Servicing A Vaillant Brand Boiler?

Welcome to our 2-minute guide to Vaillant boiler service costs. If you have another brand of boiler, we’ve detailed average boiler service costs here.

Need a Vaillant boiler serviced, but don’t want to get ripped off? We’ve got you covered.

In our 5-minute guide to Vaillant boiler servicing costs, we’ll explain exactly what you should expect to pay for maintenance and repair, where to find quality boiler engineers, and how to decide if you need a new boiler.

Want to book in a quote online for your Vaillant boiler service before we carry on? You can do that here.

Prefer to stop wasting money on your tired boiler? Use this online boiler calculator from Heatable to work out what a new boiler will cost for your property.

How Much A Vaillant Boiler Service Costs

£70-90+vat from small heating companies.

This boiler maintenance price will increase to £85-120+vat for larger companies that employ dozens of engineers.

I’d be suspicious of any heating company offering a boiler service below this cost. As a precaution, before you book a repair always take their Gas Safe registration details and check them here.

What Repairs Are Covered In A Vaillant Boiler Service Plan?

If you’re due an annual service on your Vaillant machine, but you also have a fault with your boiler, don’t expect the engineer to fix it for free.

A boiler service is exactly that, a service.

Advise your engineer of the potential fault in your Vaillant boiler system, and explain that you want a service done after the fault has been fixed.

Extra Support and Products? What’s Included In A Vaillant Boiler Service Plan

Boiler engineers will be ticking things off their service list when they’re at your property.

If you’re a landlord, you’ll need a Gas Safety certificate to be provided after the Vaillant boiler repair service is complete.

This isn’t compulsory for homeowners, but it’s advisable. It gives you some come back if there’s an issue with the repairs or services.

You’ll also be able to assess what’s been done.

For instance, using a flue gas analyser, they’ll check the flue gases are within tolerance.

The details of the boiler tests can be provided via printout using some flue gas analysers. Alternatively, they should be written on the Gas Safety certificate.

If possible, ask your engineer to inspect internal boiler parts of the Vaillant system.

Some boiler parts (such as the heat exchanger) are extremely expensive. If the engineer notices they are blocked with debris, paying them to clean it out could save you 100s of pounds in the long run.

As well as a let-by test (gas leak test), ask them to check your Vaillant boiler’s pressure. If your boiler is losing pressure, the fault needs to be found and fixed.

Finally, if you have a boiler filter fitted, get the engineer to clean it out.

These filters will build up with debris. If they are not emptied, this debris will continue to circulate in the heating system and cause damage.

Remember, confirm exactly what’s included with your Vaillant boiler service with your engineer before going ahead.

Don’t just assume they’ll do all of the above as part of their boiler service package.

What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

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Should You Have An Annual Servicing Or Book A One Off Service Maintenance For Your Vaillant Boiler?

Repairing a boiler is expensive. And, most boiler problems can be avoided, by a simple annual service to check that it can be brought back to good working condition.

As we mentioned above, things like cleaning out the heat exchanger, or servicing the boiler filter to stop sludge build up (that could cause a pump to get blocked and a boiler to lockout) an on annual basis is a great value that will save you a tonne of cash in the long run.

Where To Find And Book A Vaillant Boiler Service Engineer

There are 100s of qualified engineers throughout the country who are experts at Vaillant boiler maintenance, care and repair as well as general heating system servicing.

We only work in the Birmingham and Warwickshire area. That said, we have contacts throughout the country. You can get a boiler maintenance quote here.

My Engineer Says I Need A New Boiler, Are They Ripping Me Off?

Believe it or not, there’s just as much money to be made by being an efficient Vaillant repair engineer, as there is being an installation engineer.

So, don’t jump to conclusions and assume just because a new Vaillant boiler installation has been recommended, it’s not the best route forward.

Each boiler repair, maintenance and installation service plan is different.

But, if your boiler is out of warranty, is over 5-years old, and has a potential repair bill of over £500 or more, it’s worth considering a replacement.

As you know with anything mechanical (such as cars), once one mechanical part fails, others soon follow. To spend £500+ on a repair for a boiler that might only last a couple of years, is a complete waste of money.

If a new boiler installation is on the cards, have a flick through our guide to new boiler installation costs here. If you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them.

What’s The Next Step For Your Boiler?

Get Vaillant boilers prices service by filling out this quote form.

We’re always happy to help with anything related to central heating and boilers.

So, if you are unsure about anything relating to your boiler maintenance or service, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.



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