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Oil Boiler Service Cost & FAQs: The Homeowner’s Guide to Service

If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s this — oil boilers are expensive. Not just to replace, but to fix, as well. So, in our 5-minute guide, we’ll cover typical the oil boiler service cost, tell you how often to service a boiler that runs on oil, and answer other frequently asked questions.

Oil boiler service cost

Before going any further, an important note: It’s a legal requirement for annual boiler service to be completed by an OFTEC registered engineer (oil boiler equivalent of the Gas Safe register) — whether the boiler is new or usedThat’s why we only connect our readers with OFTEC registered engineers. You can get servicing quotes for your oil boiler here.

Oil Boiler Service Cost

Let’s answer the big question first: how much does oil boiler service cost? Oil boiler service cost

The average cost for an oil boiler inspection session is £70-90+ VAT. Boiler service prices will vary throughout the country; for instance, you can expect to pay more in London than in Liverpool. 

Not sure how much OFTEC engineers in your area charge for their oil boiler service, and want a quick service quote?

No problem — click here to find out.

How Often Should You Service Your Oil Boiler?

Wondering how often to service a boiler that runs on oil? Oil boilers require service by an OFTEC qualified engineer every 12 months. That’s similar to LPG and gas boiler servicing, which must be performed annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

You can learn more by checking out our boiler service cost guide here.

Is Oil Boiler Service Cost Worth It?

Paying out the £70-90 service cost on an annual basis may seem like a waste of money. Believe us, it’s not — it’s actually a very prudent investment. 

Here’s why.

Without Annual Service, Your Manufacturer’s Warranty is VOID

Most boiler manufacturers’ warranties require homeowners to get a heating engineer to service their boiler every 12 months. If they don’t use this annual boiler service, the warranty could be void.

It’s no different with oil boilers. Check the small print in your warranty terms and conditions and there’s a good chance you’ll find that the warranty only stands if you service your boiler annually by an OFTEC oil boiler engineer.

Oil Boiler Repairs and Unavoidable Costs

A lot of problems with oil boilers are completely unavoidable. And getting your boiler serviced is the best way to uncover these problems before they deteriorate and start costing you real money.

The oil boiler service cost typically includes a visual inspection of crucial and expensive parts. So, your heating engineer will let you know which parts need to be replaced before they damage your tank, heating system, and other important parts.

Efficiency and Money Savings With Boiler Service

A poorly maintained central heating system is an inefficient one. And, inefficient boilers costs cold, hard, cash.

For example, sludge build-up is a common boiler-killer. As it builds up in your oil boiler, it’ll make it less efficient; in simple terms, you’ll spend more money on heating oil and get less warmth in return.

If an engineer cleans out crucial components during your boiler service, consider fitting a boiler filter. This device helps remove the debris from the heating system and prolongs the life of your oil boiler so you’re not burning through money on heating oil. Over time, annual service will save you money on your energy bills. 

Check the System Regularly to Avert Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

OFTEC engineers can perform annual service checks on your boiler and system to ensure your family isn’t exposed to poisonous fumes.

Carbon monoxide isn’t just a threat — it’s a killer. So, if not for anything else, get your oil boiler serviced to make sure your family is safe.

What You Should Expect From An OFTEC Oil Boiler Engineer

So, you know why it’s important to get an annual check-up, and you understand the average oil boiler service costs. 

But what should this service include?

Typical annual oil boiler service should consist of three procedures:

  • Checking all parts are working correctly and not excessively worn
  • Testing the safety of the system
  • Analysing the efficiency of the boiler; low efficiency can point to hidden problems.

Oil Boiler Servicing Checklist (OFTEC CD/11)

When a heating engineer completes the service, don’t take their word for it. Make sure the engineer confirms they’ve done everything on the service checklist below.

And if possible, get every step of their services in writing. If there’s a problem, there’s a good chance the manufacturer will want service history proof to honour their warranty.

Proof of works and services will come in the form of a OFTEC CD/11. This form details all works completed, as well as any advisories:

  1. Check all parts relating to safety, such as the pressure release valve and burner lockout
  2. Assess pipework to the boiler checking for any leaks
  3. Analyse the gases pumped out by the flue (they should use a gas analyser for this) to check they are within tolerance
  4. Make sure there’s no water in your oil tank

Need a Replacement Boiler?

If your old boiler is out of warranty and malfunctioning often, it may be time to consider investing in a new boiler. And if you’ve got access to gas mains, getting a gas boiler is the most cost-efficient option. If you don’t however, you’ll be glad to know that most gas boilers are easily converted to run on LPG.

To get boiler replacement quotes from local installers, click here. Then, compare the prices with those from Heatable — the online boiler installer typically has excellent deals on new boilers, including installaton by a Gas Safe engineer. You can check their range of fixed price boiler quotes by filling in this anonymous questionnaire about your property.

Any Questions About This Guide?

Greenstar Heatslave II - External oil boiler

We’re always happy to offer oil boiler and heating advice. If there’s anything we missed in our guide, or you have any questions, please leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.




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