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How Much Does Boiler Service Cost in 2024? (Detailed Guide)

The average boiler service cost in the UK is approximately £79-£90 as of 2024. However, boiler service cost ranges depending on seven essential factors.

Below are the eight factors that influence overall boiler service cost in the UK. 

  • Boiler cover policy/warranty: Many boiler cover policies and boiler warranties include the boiler service cost in their premiums.
  • Geographical location: Boiler service costs increase in larger cities or in areas of greater competition.
  • Boiler brand: Some boiler brands are more complex than others. How long a particular boiler takes to service impacts the eventual boiler service cost.
  • Boiler fuel: The fuel a boiler uses impacts the boiler service costs. Oil boilers cost more to service due to the extra work involved.
  • Service inclusions: Different service options will include different checks as standard.
  • Boiler service provider: A boiler service performed by the manufacturer’s engineer costs more than a boiler service by a local tradesman.
  • Optional extras: Additional checks and requested work increases the boiler service costs.
  • Preventative maintenance and additions: Magnetic system filters, scale reducers, hot flushes and routine monitoring all maintain the condition of your boiler between service calls.
UK boiler service costs
Boiler service cost in the UK

In order to fully understand the cost of boiler service, consider that your boiler must receive service once per year. There are two reasons for this service requirement. First, many new boiler warranties have an annual service requirement, and failing to follow through generally voids the warranty. Secondly, yearly boiler serve ensures your boiler remains in top condition and able to serve reliably during the cold weather months. Keep in mind that an annual boiler service is different from a boiler repair and should be scheduled regardless. Annual boiler service will catch any weaknesses or potential issues with the boiler before they become large and costly problems.

Of course, standalone boiler service is often expensive (especially for certain boiler brands and regions of the UK), and you may be tempted to put it off if your boiler seems in good condition. Instead, we recommend that you get boiler cover, which amortizes the cost of boiler service over the entire year. Additionally, a boiler cover plan ensures any other issues that arise with the boiler will be repaired without any additional costs.

Shop around and perform a boiler service price comparison whenever it’s time to prepare for a boiler service. Talking to a range of different Gas Safe engineers makes this comparison more productive for two reasons. First, experts illuminate a range of boiler service costs. Secondly, consulting with engineers allows for the inclusion of extra checks that go beyond a standard boiler service but maintain boiler integrity throughout the year. It’s always advisable to cross-reference the engineer’s Gas Safe number on the Gas Safe register to ensure they are fully qualified to perform the boiler service.

Finally, consider preventative measures which prolong the service life of your boiler. These measures incur some cost between annual service calls, but greatly reduce the chance for catastrophic failure (and expensive repairs). The four key ways to maintain a boiler outside of annual service are as follows.

  • Performing a hot or power flush: A chemical solution is flushed through the boiler with hot or high-pressured water.
  • Installing a magnetic system filter: A filter that collects metallic debris and stops it from settling in the pipework.
  • Installing a scale reducer: Reduces the build of limescale particularly in hard water areas. Limescale accumulates in the boiler pipework causing expensive damage over time.
  • Monitoring your boiler: Keeping an eye on a boiler for any obvious signs of wear and tear, such as consistent drops in pressure which is indicative of a boiler leak.

How much is a boiler service in the UK?

Boiler service in the UK is between £70 and £90. The boiler service cost applies only to the service, excludes any cost of repairs,and is based on a one-off annual service organised by the homeowner. Another boiler service option is to take out a boiler cover plan. A cover plan may cost a little more than a one-off boiler service (£85-250) but comes with two benefits. Firstly, a boiler cover plan includes the labour and parts for any necessary repairs on top of the boiler service. Secondly, a boiler cover plan runs through the entire period of the policy and is not restricted to just one annual service.

What factors affect boiler servicing costs?

Below are the seven key factors that affect boiler servicing costs.

  • Presence of a boiler cover policy: Many boiler cover policies factor a boiler service cost into the payment plan.
  • Geographical location: Boiler service costs vary based on location. For example, servicing a boiler in London costs more than a boiler service in the north of England.
  • Boiler brand: Boiler service costs differ from brand to brand as the technical specifics vary.
  • Boiler fuel: The cost of a boiler service varies depending on whether the boiler getting serviced runs on oil or gas.
  • Service inclusions: Different boiler service types cost different amounts. A part service is a cheaper alternative option to the full boiler service. However, a full boiler service is always the recommended option.
  • Boiler service provider: Boiler service costs vary from provider to provider. A boiler serviced directly by an energy provider such as British Gas, or Eon costs more than a boiler serviced by a local company. While the average cost to service a boiler across the UK is £70-£90, a service from an energy provider runs between £100-£125
  • Extras: It is possible to have additional units serviced as part of a single check. A Gas Safe engineer is able to service all of your gas appliances, such as a gas boiler, gas fire, and hob, during a single visit. This results in a higher boiler service cost but a lower cost when considering all three appliances have been serviced.

Does having boiler cover affect boiler service cost?

Having the boiler cover does affect boiler service cost because the price of annual service is factored into cover payment plans. This means there are no additional costs due for the service or any resulting repair work. However, you should check the boiler cover policy to confirm this. As well, check the service policy to ensure the cost of boiler service is included in the cover plan before booking the boiler service.

How does geographic location impact boiler servicing costs?

Geographical location impacts boiler service cost because certain parts of the UK have a higher cost of living than others. For example, London companies charged at least £80 for boiler service in 2021, while the average boiler service cost in Manchester was £70. Check how much boiler service costs in your area using this quotation toolThe level of competition is another factor that affects the geographical local boiler service cost conundrum. Higher competition means lower prices as companies strive to gain and keep clients. While locations with less competition have a little more leeway with their boiler service cost prices. London and the larger cities are the exception to this rule, as higher costs are part and parcel of big city living.

Do boiler service costs go up during the heating season?

Yes, boiler service costs go up during the heating season if you get one-off service. A higher number of problems are encountered as more people use their heating systems. The increased workload on service engineers means a surge in prices for labour and parts. The extra demand on engineers also means additional charges for late callouts or out-of-hours visits. People do not want to be without heating during the winter months. During the summer period, people are willing to wait a little longer for repairs and service. In addition, during the spring and summer months, parts are in more copious supply and, therefore, often cost less to obtain. The increase in the cost of a boiler service during the heating season is restricted to one-off boiler service appointments. For those with a boiler cover plan, the boiler service cost and the resulting repairs – including parts and labour – are built into the cover plan price.

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Does the type of fuel your boiler runs on affect servicing costs?

Yes, the type of fuel a boiler runs on affects the servicing costs. There are four different boiler fuel types, and each one requires a slightly different approach and therefore demands a different boiler service cost. The different boiler service costs apply directly to a one-off boiler service. For boiler cover plans, the boiler fuel type is considered when the policy price is calculated and spread across the policy period. Below is a table defining the different boiler service costs for each of the four boiler fuel types.

Fuel Type Boiler Service Cost Range Boiler Service Cost Explanation
Gas £70-£110 The cost to service a gas boiler is higher as it often includes the service of other gas appliances.
LPG £80-£120 An LPG boiler operates similarly to a gas boiler and as such the boiler service cost is in the same range.
Oil £80-£180 An oil boiler is more extensive, and the boiler service cost is higher. The service involves a lengthy cleaning process due to the fuel’s clogging by-products.
Electric £60-£100 The boiler service cost of an electric boiler is less as the boiler is more compact and the service is less intricate and time-consuming.

Gas boiler service cost

A gas boiler service cost varies as different manufacturers have different inspection parameters. Additionally for gas boilers, it is advisable to request a Gas Safe Certificate. All other gas-based appliances need to be serviced, including the boiler, hobs, and any fires for a gas safe certificate to be issued. The average cost to service a boiler running on gas is £90 and takes around two hours. There is no legal requirement for a homeowner to have a Gas Safe Certificate, however, for peace of mind, this level of check is recommended.

LPG boilers service cost

An LPG boiler service cost is one of the more expensive boiler services. LPG boiler service is performed in a similar way to a gas boiler service and includes the servicing of other appliances. LPG boilers are less common and as such, the knowledge required to service them is more specialist and comes at an increased cost. The average LPG boiler service cost is £100 and takes around two hours to complete.

Oil boilers boiler service cost

An oil boiler service cost is the most expensive service out of the common household boilers. An oil boiler service must be performed by an Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) qualified engineer. The average oil boiler service cost is £130 and takes approximately 2 hours to complete. An oil boiler service includes the cleaning of the different components including the main boiler, the flue, the oil burner, and the oil filter. Additionally, the fuel tank is inspected and a full combustion test is performed.

Electric boilers service cost

An electric boiler service cost is the cheapest of all boiler types. Electric boiler services are quick and usually accomplished in an hour. An engineer will check the electric boiler for any faults or signs of damage. The average electric boiler service cost is £80. An electric boiler does not need an annual service but it is advisable to schedule one to ensure any unseen issues or wear and tear is addressed before becoming an issue. 

What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

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What do boiler service costs consist of?

A boiler service cost consists of two core parts. Firstly, the boiler is checked for any safety issues. This includes faults or leaks. Secondly, the boiler’s overall condition is checked, and a note is made of any points for concern. This includes items that need fixing or those that are showing signs of wear and tear, whose replacement is advisable. Additional checks can be requested but come at additional expense. During a boiler service, the following eight checks are commonly made.

  • Check the internal and external flue
  • Check the boiler flame
  • Check the burner, heat exchanger, and spark electrode are working properly.
  • Confirm case seal integrity
  • Confirm water-level control, low-water cutoff, and safety valves are in good working order
  • Check the expansion vessel is working correctly
  • Clean the necessary boiler parts
  • Fire up the boiler to check for any working faults

The scope of a check varies based on the boiler make and model, as different manufacturers have different requirements. The full list of checks is printed inside the boiler’s installation manual. Many boilers have a magnetic filter or benefit from a hot flush process. While some boiler service costs will include these, others may have an additional charge related to them. The boiler service cost is based on just the service. Any repairs resulting from the service are not part of the service cost. Varying boiler service costs only apply to one-off boiler service events, as services occurring as part of an ongoing boiler cover plan are all-inclusive of extra checks and repairs. The following ten boiler parts may require repair or replacement after a boiler service.

  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
  • Fan
  • Pump
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Boiler Expansion Vessel
  • Flue
  • Automatic Air Vent
  • Burner
  • Overheat Thermostat
  • Gas Valve

The provision of a Gas Safe Certificate adds additional cost to a boiler service. There is no legal obligation for a homeowner to obtain a Gas Safe Certificate, but the certificate acts as proof of service. Landlords are legally required to maintain a copy of the certificate and provide one to any tenants in situ.A Gas Safe Certificate contains the following information.

  • Details of any flue or appliance that has been inspected.
  • Details of the engineer (Gas Safe number, signature, and name).
  • Homeowner’s address/Landlord’s name and address (sometimes, the agent’s name and address are used).
  • Any issue relating to gas safety and what type of action has or needs to be taken to fix the problem.
  • Test results for any appliance or flue tested. Flues will be tested with flue gas analysers, and some will be able to print out results on-site.
  • Any safety defect identified and any action required or taken to rectify it.
  • Confirmation of the results of the operational safety checks carried out on the appliances.

Are there any additional services that make a boiler service cost more?

Yes, there are seven additional services that make a boiler service cost more.

  • Pressure check: Any pressure drop indicates a leak somewhere in the system.
  • Parts inspection: Removing the casing to check the crucial internal boiler parts for wear and tear is important not only for peace of mind but also for the Gas Safe Certificate.
  • Debris removal: The flue, in particular, is prone to becoming blocked with debris. This impacts the ventilation in the boiler, leading to efficiency problems.
  • Gas level inspection: Gases released through the flue are checked using a Gas Analyser to ensure they are within acceptable levels.
  • Magnetic system filter installation: A magnetic filter catches debris as it builds in the boiler, preventing it from spreading into the boiler and causing damage.
  • Central heating inhibitor installation: An inhibitor breaks up debris as it forms makes it easier for the magnetic system filter to collect.
  • Hot flush or power flush: A hot flush is pushed through the boiler and flushes out debris. This process cleans the boiler and helps it run more efficiently..

Parts inspection

A standard boiler service cost does not include a service of all boiler parts. Requesting for them to be checked as part of the boiler service helps catch issues before they escalate. A parts inspection means a higher boiler service cost. However this cost is negligible when offset against the potential replacement or repair costs of boiler parts. The following are the four core parts that engineers inspect during a boiler service.

  • Heat exchanger
  • Pump
  • Fan
  • Gas valve

Boiler pressure check

Checking that a boiler maintains its pressure is crucial because any drop in pressure indicates water leaking from the boiler or elsewhere in the system. Boiler leaks are serious problems and cause extensive damage if left unresolved. A pressure check increases the boiler service cost, but the cost is offset by the peace of mind that the boiler is in optimal working order.

Debris removal

Removing debris from inside a boiler is not part of a standard boiler service. A boiler’s efficiency is impeded if debris is allowed to accumulate. Over a longer period of time, debris compaction causes large and more expensive problems. Adding debris removal to the boiler service cost is the cost-effective way to maintain a healthy boiler all year round.

Gas level inspection

Boilers expel gases through the flue. A gas analysis confirms that exit gases fall within the acceptable range. Abnormal results indicate a problem within the boiler that requires attention. As with other additionally requested boiler service checks, the increase in the boiler service cost is offset by the fact damage is being found and repaired early, saving money overall.

Magnetic system filter installation

A magnetic system filter is an additional filter fitted to the boiler that pulls all magnetic debris particles from the boiler and stores them. A magnetic filter prevents debris from accumulating in the boiler. The boiler service cost increases when this filter is installed, but it extends the longevity of the boiler by offering maximum system efficiency.

Central heating inhibitor installation

A central heating inhibitor works alone or in conjunction with the magnetic system filter. A central heating inhibitor breaks down large debris clumps as they form. This makes for easier collection in the magnetic filter and/or reduces the extent and severity of debris build-up throughout the boiler. A standard boiler service cost breakdown does not include this check but requesting it is worthwhile.

Hot flush or power flush

A hot or power flush is pushed through the boiler and flushes out any debris build-up, clearing the system and increasing the boiler’s efficiency. The standard boiler service cost does not include a flush but the benefits of having it done outweigh the additional cost.

Does a boiler’s brand affect boiler service costs?

Yes, a boiler’s brand can affect the boiler service costs. Having a qualified engineer appointed by the boiler manufacturer is likely to result in a higher boiler service cost. Despite the fact that the boiler service does not differ too much from one brand to another. A one-off Worcester Bosch boiler service performed by a qualified local engineer costs less than having a Worcester Bosch engineer perform the same service. There are benefits of having a manufacturer-approved engineer perform the service, as they have a heightened knowledge and understanding of that particular brand of boiler. Potential faults pertinent to a boiler brand and model are noticed sooner than when the check is performed by an engineer with more generalised boiler knowledge.

National companies charge more for boiler service than local trades

Yes, typically, national companies charge more for a boiler service than local tradespeople. When looking at boiler service costs, there are three tiers to consider.

  • Manufacturer engineers: Engineers directly from the manufacturer are often the most expensive boiler service cost. These engineers have a detailed knowledge of the boiler that justifies the additional cost, but the service does not include anything extra.
  • National engineers: Engineers that work for national companies charge less than manufacturer engineers and often have a generalist spread of knowledge for all boilers. They perform the same checks as the manufacturer’s engineers. National companies often run special offers to reduce the boiler service cost.
  • Local engineers: Local tradespeople are smaller businesses, reliant on local custom. As a result, their costs are lower despite performing the same checks as the other engineers. Smaller local tradespeople may not have the customer service capacity of larger companies; however, a reliable, local tradesperson often develops and sustains close relationships with their customers. Use this catalogue to find a local Gas Safe engineer.

A boiler service should not be decided on price alone. While a Vaillant boiler service costs more than the cost of a boiler service by a local tradesman, some find additional peace of mind knowing someone familiar with Vaillant boilers has performed the service.

How often should I have my boiler serviced?

A boiler should be serviced annually. An yearly boiler service is often a requirement for any boiler warranty. Failing to have the boiler serviced by a Gas Safe Engineer every twelve months results in the warranty being voided. The primary benefit of having an annual boiler service is maintaining the integrity of the boiler and preventing dangerous gaps in heating. Any issues or signs of wear and tear are found before they get too severe.

How to reduce the cost of boiler service

One way to reduce the financial impact of having a boiler service is to find a suitable boiler cover plan. A boiler cover plan removes the hit of a single boiler service cost spreading it over equal instalments. In addition to reducing the burden of a boiler service cost, a boiler cover plan includes protection from any leaks or malfunctions that occur during the policy period. The boiler service cost associated with a one-off boiler service only covers the cost of the service and not any of the resulting repair work. A quality boiler cover plan includes the boiler service and any repair work and labour costs incurred during the cover period.

How to protect your boiler between service appointments?

The following are four key ways to protect your boiler between service appointments.

  • Hot flush or power flush: A hot flush protects a boiler in between service appointments by flushing out any debris build-up from the system.
  • Magnetic system filter: A magnetic filter protects the boiler between service appointments by filtering out magnetic debris from the system to stop it from clogging the pipework. 
  • Scale reducer: A scale reducer protects your boiler between service appointments by breaking down and removing any limescale from the system.
  • Monitoring: One of the most effective ways to protect your boiler between service appointments is to keep a close eye on it. Learn the signs of potential problems and take early action to remedy them.

Perform a hot flush

A hot flush entails flushing out any debris that has gathered in the pipework. During a hot flush, an engineer will run a chemical solution through the boiler before flushing it out with hot water. A power flush follows a similar process to hot flushes, where water is pumped through the system at a much higher pressure. An effective way to clean a boiler between services, but older systems and pipework struggle due to the force of the flush.Running a hot flush or a power flush between boiler service appointments helps to keep the boiler running at optimal efficiency. Taking care of a boiler throughout the year helps keep boiler service costs low by reducing the chance of faults and expensive repairs.

Install a magnetic system filter

Installing a magnetic system filter helps to protect a boiler between service appointments by filtering out metallic debris, stopping it from clogging the pipework. The magnets attract metallic debris and catch it in the filter, ensuring the boiler continues to run as efficiently as possible. Using magnetic system filters cuts down on potential boiler service costs.

Use a scale reducer

A scale reducer helps protect a boiler between service appointments, especially in a hard water area. Limescale can build up in a boiler’s pipework and cause damage to various components. Reducing this helps to keep the eventual boiler service cost low by minimising the need for expensive repairs.

Monitor your boiler

Knowing the signs of what to look for in a boiler is a great way to keep a boiler protected between boiler service appointments. Checking for any signs of a leak or drops in pressure, which are signs of damage that require urgent attention from a qualified Gas Safe engineer.

Where can I find a Gas Safe engineer to service my boiler?

You can find a Gas Safe engineer by checking the Gas Safe register or using this catalogue of local engineers. Any engineer certified to work on gas appliances must be on the Gas Safe register. Ask for their Gas Safe number and cross-reference it against the register when gathering quotes for your annual boiler service. Ensure any Gas Safe engineer provides you with a written quote for the work. A written quote protects both parties from potential disagreements and clarifies exactly what is and what is not part of the boiler service cost. Requesting additional checks that can help maintain your boiler is done at this stage. A written quotation has the engineer’s Gas Safe number on it to make it easier to validate everything and ease your concerns.

FAQs about boiler servicing

Below are frequently asked questions relating to boiler servicing.

Does one-off gas boiler service cost more?

No, a one-off gas boiler service does not cost more than an annual boiler service plan. A one-off gas boiler service costs approximately £70-90. Most annual boiler service plans cost the same, except the payments are spread evenly over the year. An annual boiler service plan ensures a boiler gets serviced every twelve months, which catches any issues as they arise. While a one-off gas boiler service is performed at your discretion.

When should I service my boiler?

A boiler should be serviced once a year. There are five key reasons to regularly service a boiler.

  • Warranty validation: Many new boilers have a clause in the warranty that requires an annual service to be performed. Failing to do so voids the warranty.
  • Breakdown prevention: A regularly serviced boiler will run more efficiently and be less likely to break down due to any mechanical wear and tear. The caveat is the age of the boiler at the time of its last service.
  • Increase boiler longevity: A regularly serviced boiler is going to work for longer. Most boiler warranties offer 5 to 10 years of cover. The potential lifespan of a boiler is double that when correctly maintained.
  • Reduce running costs: A well maintained boiler is an efficient boiler. When a boiler is in top working condition, it costs less to run during the year.
  • Lower risk of carbon monoxide poisoning: A poorly maintained boiler is liable to develop a carbon monoxide leak. A small carbon monoxide leak is cause for concern; a large leak is potentially fatal.

A boiler service is needed any time the boiler starts leaking or you fear it is showing signs of a problem. Below are eight commonly seen signs of a boiler problem that warrant a boiler service.

  • No hot water
  • No pilot light, or the pilot light keeps going out
  • The thermostat is not working
  • Unexpected boiler shutdown
  • Funny noises when the boiler is in operation
  • Unexpected and unexplainable increase in utility bills
  • Any individual concerns with the boiler

Can I service my own boiler?

No, you cannot service your own boiler. The service is performed by either a registered Gas Safe engineer on gas boilers and an OFTEC engineer on oil boilers. It is dangerous for unqualified people to handle appliances that run on gas or oil. In addition, qualified engineers have the knowledge to spot potential issues before they become large problems.

How long do boilers last?

Most modern boilers last for 15 years. The actual lifespan of a boiler varies based on how well-maintained the boiler is and also the finer technical specifications of the boiler. One technique for gauging how long a boiler is expected to last is to look at the warranty period. Boilers that come with a longer warranty are expected to last longer than those with short warranty periods.

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What are the legal obligations of boiler servicing?

The legal obligations of boiler servicing are two-fold, depending on whether you are a landlord or a homeowner. As a homeowner, there is no true legal obligation to have your boiler serviced. However, many modern boiler warranties include a boiler service clause. This clause requires the policy owners to have the boiler serviced annually. Failure to do so results in the warranty being declared void. The warranty often stipulates particular credential requirements for eligible servicing engineers. Landlords are legally obligated to have a boiler service in line with the manufacturer guidelines. Additionally, any gas boilers must have an annual gas safety check. Copies of the relevant service and safety certificates are kept for two years. Additional copies are provided to any tenants in occupancy.

Is a boiler service worth it?

Yes, a boiler service is worth it. A boiler is a vital component in any household heating system. There are five key reasons why an annual boiler service is a worthwhile outlay.

  • Ensures maximum boiler integrity and lifespan
  • Reduces the change of water, gas, and carbon monoxide leaks
  • Reduces the risk of boiler breakdown and the cost of repairs
  • Ensures boiler warranty remains valid
  • Ensures boiler functions with optimum efficiency

A boiler service is worth it any time a heating system shows signs of a problem. A boiler service is recommended even if the problem does not appear to be directly related to the boiler, such as issues with thermostat controls.

Should I get a boiler cover plan or a boiler service?

The decision to get a boiler cover plan or a boiler service depends on personal preference. A boiler cover plan and a boiler service cost approximately the same amount. However, the cover plan spreads the payments through the year. A boiler service checks a boiler’s current working condition, while a boiler cover plan offers ongoing protection against leaks or breakdowns. Additionally, many new boiler cover packages include an annual boiler service as part of their standard service.

Is standard boiler service different from a boiler manufacturer’s service?

No, there is no difference between a standard boiler service and a boiler manufacturer’s service with regard to the checks and work carried out. The benefit of having a boiler manufacturer’s service is that the qualified engineer doing the work will be highly familiar with that specific boiler make and model. While a standard boiler service is performed by a qualified engineer familiar with a wide range of boilers. The boiler service cost is a consideration factor for many. Having a local company perform the service is a cheaper option compared to paying for a manufacturer’s service. Some boiler warranties stipulate that a boiler must be serviced annually by a manufacturer-approved service engineer. 

How much does it cost to service a commercial boiler?

The average cost to service a commercial boiler is £200, excluding VAT. The actual cost of a commercial boiler service will vary based on the specific type and output of the boiler. Commercial boilers suffer more wear and tear than residential units, and as such, it is recommended to have a commercial boiler service once every six months. A commercial boiler service is different from a domestic boiler service as there are different requirements and governances in place for non-domestic properties. A regular half-yearly boiler service catches any potential issues and minimises the risk to the business that would arise from having a faulty boiler.

How can I save money on boiler service?

The best way to save money on a boiler service is to make a boiler service price comparison. Shop around the different companies and gather as many quotes as you can with enough leadup time before you need the appointment. This allows you to make a conscious decision based on what you feel is the best offer. It’s important to consider all factors when looking at boiler service costs. Consider the extra checks that are ideally required and see if anybody offers some as part of the service package. Additionally, nationwide companies are likely to offer various deals and special offers in order to attract new customers. Timing your boiler service so that it is done during the spring or summer is a great way to save money on your boiler service costs. Additionally, large supplies such as British Gas, EDF, and nPower offer financing schemes allowing you to pay for your boiler service in instalments. The same approach should be taken when looking at annual boiler cover plans as opposed to singular one-off boiler services. The UK government has three schemes that do not directly reduce boiler service costs but refund money to customers for their heating. This can then be offset against the cost of a boiler service. The three UK government boiler service schemes are listed below.

  • Warm Home Discount Scheme
  • Winter Fuel Payments
  • Cold Weather Payments

Boiler servicing costs: What’s next?

Planning ahead for your next boiler service doesn’t have to be scary. By monitoring a boiler throughout the year, any boiler service costs can be kept to a minimum. The added security and peace of mind offered by a boiler cover plan is a cost-effective option for managing boiler service costs by spreading the payments throughout the year. An annual boiler service is a vital check that needs to be done in order to keep boilers running efficiently and for their maximum lifespan. A well-cared-for boiler is more reliable and costs less to run. Any outlay in the form of boiler service costs is recouped by having a boiler that is running smoothly. There comes a time, however, when a boiler service leads to expensive repairs, and thoughts turn toward boiler replacement costsWhether you are looking into the cost of a boiler service or a boiler replacement, we’ve got you covered with all the information you need.

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