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Vokera Boiler Red Light Meaning – Diagnosing Boilers Via Lights

Are you seeing red lights next to the display panel of a Vokera boiler? You have every right to be puzzled — unlike alphanumeric error codes, these lights do a better job of alarming than telling what’s wrong with the boiler.

But you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will discuss the common causes of red light indicators on Vokera boilers, recommend some fixes, and answer some FAQs about Vokera boiler faults.

Vokera boiler red lights

Before we dive in, though:

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Red and Green Lights on Vokera Boilers: COMMON PROBLEMS

Whilst we can explain a few possible causes below, lights on their own can’t be trusted to pinpoint the exact problem. Boilers are gas appliances, and problems are difficult to diagnose. Always contact a Gas Safe engineer to get the problem fixed.

#1 – Red Light On, But Green Light Is Off

If the red light is on but the green light is off, your boiler has gone into a safety-based lockout.

Your boiler will lock out when sensors notice the boiler isn’t working correctly. Several things can cause a safety lockout, including:

  • A fan that doesn’t fire up during the start-up sequence, so the boiler is unable to expel flue gases
  • The pump isn’t circulating hot water, so hot water stays in the heat exchanger
  • The high limit thermostat has caused a lockout – your boiler is overheating

#2 – Red And Green Lights Are On

If the red and green lights are on for Vokera boilers such as the Linea, there’s another list of problems. For example, the following could be the case whether the lights are solid or flashing.

  • The water pressure in the system is too high or low (the boiler will usually lockout below 0.6 bar and above 3 bar)
  • Your Vokera boiler is stuck in service mode (most likely if it’s brand new, or you’ve just had a service from an engineer)
  • Sensors monitoring heating temperature have failed

If it’s water pressure (which is a common problem), there’s a good chance the lights are flashing on and off together for a few seconds at a time.

#3 – Red Light Off, But Green Light Is On

If you’re unsure why the red light goes off but the green light stays on — with most Vokera boilers, this is normal.

The green light is a flame indicator. So, when you turn on your heating, the green light should stay on.

However, if it’s flashing, it could be a signal of:

  • Faulty sensors on the hot water
  • The boiler is on standby (i.e. newer boilers have a green power light, which is what is currently on)

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When to Consider a Replacement Boiler

If you’re unable to resolve the issues described above, you may need to either repair or replace your boiler altogether.

Typically, if your boiler is still under warranty or you’ve got boiler cover, it makes sense to change the faulty part and get a few more years of service life out of your boiler.

However, buying a replacement boiler is your best option if:

  • Your malfunctioning boiler is not under warranty
  • You don’t have a care plan to take on the repair costs
  • Your boiler is quite old, and the cost of repairs will likely be over £300

In either of the scenarios above, getting a new part will only prolong your old boiler’s inevitable demise, meaning you’ll still have to replace it soon (hopefully not in the middle of winter).

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Vokera Boiler Still Not Working?

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FAQs About Red Lights On a Vokera Boiler

Diagnosing red lights on your Vokera is no easy feat, so we decided to answer some common questions on the topic before we wrap up the post.

How do you fix the pressure on a Vokera boiler?

It depends on whether the boiler pressure is too high or too low.

If the boiler pressure is too low, there’s probably a leak in the boiler or the central heating system. You’ll have to find and fix the leak (or get a heating engineer to do so), then repressurise the boiler until the pressure indicator shows an acceptable pressure reading. You can read more about repressurising boilers here — the advice applies to all modern boilers, Vokera included.

There are several boiler faults which may lead to high pressure problems. However, the pressure typically rises above its normal working threshold either because the heating system has been overfilled, or if one of the pressure release mechanisms is faulty. You can learn more about high boiler pressure problems here.

Once you’ve resolved the root cause behind your boiler’s pressure surge, you can simply bleed a radiator to bring the pressure down as needed.

How do you reset a Vokera compact He boiler?

One of Vokera’s popular combi boilers — the Compact HE — doesn’t have a reset button, so you’ll need to use the mode selector switch instead. Simply turn the mode selector switch to the “OFF” position for several seconds, then return it to the original position. This should kick off the ignition sequence and clear the error code your boiler was displaying.

If there’s still a fault code, or the red LED light stays on, you’ll have to call a Gas Safe heating engineer for further diagnostics and repairs.

Why is my Vokera boiler not working?

There’s a whole host of reasons a gas boiler from Vokera might leave you with no heating and hot water. These include:

  • A faulty gas valve that’s restricting the boiler’s gas supply
  • A pilot light that won’t stay on due to carbon build-up
  • A frozen condensate pipe

If the boiler’s error codes aren’t helping you diagnose the problem on your own, it may be best to call a Gas Safe heating engineer to find the underlying issue and recommend repairs. You can also read more about Vokera boiler problems in our guide here.

What’s Next?

We hope that this guide has helped you understand what the red lights mean on your Vokera boiler. Though it’s not always simple, try to make a note of any fault codes you see,  anything unusual (i.e. boiler is leaking, making sounds or the radiators are not heating up) and speak to a qualified engineer to help fix the problem.

If there’s anything we’ve missed, or you have a question, please leave us a comment below.

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