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Red Lights on Vokera Boilers – Diagnosing Boilers Via Lights

If you’re experiencing faults causing red lights on Vokera boilers you’ve come to the right place; our 2-minute guide will teach you what needs to be done.

The red light on the display panel indicates a fault with your boiler. The way in which the light is flashing will help indicate the problem.

For those that have a digital display, the red-light fault indicator should also be coupled with a fault code. This helps to indicate the exact fault with your boiler (because lights on their own are not specific enough).

For example, on a Vokera Compact you might see an A01 fault code with a red flashing light, which indicates there has been a failure in the ignition sequence.

There are two common red light indicators:

  • A red light that keeps coming on, and staying on
  • Red lights that are flashing

This can lead to things like:

The Problem With Diagnosing Boilers Via Lights

Whilst we can explain a few possible causes below, lights on their own don’t help to indicate the exact problem.

Boilers are gas appliances, and problems are difficult to diagnose. Always contact a Gas Safe engineer to get the problem fixed.

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Red and Green Lights on Vokera Boilers: PROBLEMS

#1 – Red Light On, But Green Light Is Off

If the red light is on but the green light is off, this signals a safety-based lockout.

Your boiler will lockout when sensors notice the boiler isn’t working correctly. There are a number of things that can cause a safety lockout including:

  • A fan that doesn’t fire up during start-up sequence, so the boiler is unable to expel flue gases
  • The pump isn’t circulating hot water, so hot water stays in the heat exchanger
  • The high limit thermostat has caused a lockout – your boiler is overheating

#2 – Red And Green Lights Are On

If the red and green lights are on for Vokera boilers such as the Linea, there’s another list of problems. The following could be the case whether the lights are solid, or flashing.

  • The water pressure in the system is too high or low (the boiler will usually lockout below 0.6 bar and above 3 bar)
  • Your Vokera boiler is stuck in service mode (most likely if it’s brand new, or you’ve just had a service from an engineer)
  • Sensors monitoring heating temperature have failed

If it’s water pressure (which is a common problem), there’s a good chance the lights are flashing on and off together for a few seconds at a time.

#3 – Red Light Off, But Green Light Is On

If you’re unsure why the red light goes off but the green light stays on — with most Vokera boilers that’s normal.

The green light is a flame indicator. So, when you turn on your heating, the green light should stay on.

However, if it’s flashing it could be a signal of:

  • Faulty sensors on the hot water
  • The boiler is on standby (i.e. newer boilers have a green power light, which is what is currently on)

What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

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What’s Next?

Unfortunately, the lights on the display panel of a Vokera boiler don’t give enough detail into a fault.

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Try and to make a note of any fault codes you see,  anything unusual (i.e. boiler is leaking, making sounds, or not heating up radiators) and speak to a qualified engineer to help fix the problem.


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