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Worcester Greenstar RI Boiler Problems

If you’re having problems with your Worcester RI, this guide is going to cover some of the most common faults, and potential fixes.

If there’s a cheap fix, this guide will help.

But, if you have consistent problems and are sinking tonnes of cash into your old boiler, it might be time to investigate a replacement. The cheapest place to get a Worcester boiler fitted? BOXT. They’re part owned by BOXT, so naturally, offer some great deals.

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Alternatively, keep reading, and we’ll try and uncover a few explanations for why problems are occurring and what to do next.

*Note. Do not attempt to fix your boiler. Speak to a Gas Safe registered repair company. You can do that for free here.

No Green Light: Burner on Indicator

The green light on a Worcester RI indicates the burner is operating. We’ve been called out to various boilers where the green light was off, but the rest of the boiler was working correctly.

There are two typical explanations for no green light being present.

Explanation 1: LED Failure

The most obvious explanation is the LED has failed, and needs to be replaced. If the rest of the boiler is working correctly (switch on a hot tap and you should be the boiler ignite), it’s not essential to change the LED.

Explanation 2: PCB Failure

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is what powers the light on the control panel. If there is a connection failure, it’s likely some or all the lights will stop working. Again, if the rest of the boiler is working correctly, it’s not essential to replace the PCB.

If the PCB is affecting the operation of the boiler, the PCB will need to be replaced. The problem is, a PCB for a Worcester RI is going to cost a few hundred pounds to replace.

Again, the big issue here is without a PCB, you’ll not be able to run any diagnostics if any other problems occur.

For those that own an old boiler that’s out of warranty, it makes sense to invest in a new boiler with a long warranty; a PCB replacement can be upwards of £400.

You can get a boiler replacement price online in less than 90 seconds here.

No Blue Light: Power on Indicator

The blue light on a Worcester RI indicates that the boiler has power. If there is no blue light, there are a few explanations.

Worcester suggest turning off the boiler, unplugging from the mains and then firing it back up after a few seconds. This acts as a basic reset for an RI boiler.

Explanation 1: LED Failure

Same as the “no green light” LED failure explanation above.

Explanation 2: PCB Failure

Same as the “no green light” PCB failure explanation above.

This is likely to be the case if there are no lights on your Worcester boiler.

Your two options are to repair the PCB at a cost of £400+, or replace the whole appliance.

If the boiler is fairly new and all other parts are in good condition (gas valve, pump, heat exchanger etc), then a repair is likely to be most cost effective.

However, if it’s constantly failing, it might be worth considering a replacement with a long warranty. You can get a fixed price online for a new Worcester Bosch using this form on BOXT’s website. They’re part owned by Bosch, so supply and fit Worcester boilers at incredibly low prices.

Explanation 3: Socket Failure

There may be a problem with the socket. Check a few other electrical appliances to see if they work, using the same socket that the boiler is usually plugged into.

Blue Light Pulsing: Service Mode Selected

Worcester RI boilers incorporate a service mode. This flicks the boiler into a model suitable for measuring flue gases during a service. If the service mode is selecting this will give a blue flashing light that pulses or flashes 3-5 times.

Explanation 1: Switch Accidentally Selected

Some newer Worcester RI boilers have the service mode button on the front of the boiler. Check you’ve not accidentally knocked the switch selecting the service mode.

Explanation 2: Switch Not Returned to Correct Position By Engineer

Older Worcester RI boilers tend to have the service switch behind the control panel. When an engineer services the boiler, they’ll use the tool (usually placed next to the switch) to flick the switch on. When they’ve finished, they should flick it back.

Blue Light Flashing: Issues with Gas Supply, Flue or Condensate

A blue light flashing on a Worcester RI boiler indicates there’s a problem with gas supply, flue blockages or the condensate unit.

Explanation 1: Gas Supply

The blue light on an RI will flash when it detects no gas supply, or low pressure. This could be a range of things such as a faulty gas valve. As this issue relates to gas, contact a heating engineer straight away.

Explanation 2: Flue Blockages

Another common cause of a blue light flashing is a blockage in the flue. Check the flue for blockages, but also for damage. A gas engineer will be able to replace a flue (where necessarily) cheaply.

Explanation 3: Condensate Blocked

This is typical in colder months. A condensate pipe can easily get frozen causing the blockage and the blue light to flash. However, sometimes a build-up of debris can be causing the blockage.

What’s Next?

As we’ve mentioned, you can get a boiler repair company to help fix any problems you’re having with your Worcester RI boiler.

Or, work out the costs associated with a new install, using BOXT’s boiler calculator.

Still got a problem? Leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to help you fix the problem with your Worcester RI boiler.

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