Boiler Installation Edinburgh: Get A New Boiler Or Boiler Replacement in Edinburgh

Boilers always go wrong at the worst possible time and winters in Edinburgh can be cold. So, if you are in urgent need of a replacement boiler, this is the guide for you. We will share all the essential information and show you how to ensure you get the best possible price on the right boiler for your property.

No-one looks forward to buying a new boiler but like tax bills and rain on your wedding day, there is a crushing inevitability about it.

But getting a new boiler installed doesn’t have to be a grim, stressful, and expensive time. If you do your homework, you can actually get a high-quality boiler at a very reasonable price and make all the right decisions along the way. And if you are struggling with your homework, this guide is your cheat sheet.

Boiler installation Edinburgh

We will tell you everything you need to know about buying a new boiler with a particular focus on Edinburgh and the surrounding area. This isn’t just another generic guide. It has been written with your local area in mind and contains all the information the people of Edinburgh needs to know.

Buying a Boiler in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland, home to the Scottish Parliament, the famous International Festival, and the globally famous Hogmanay.

The city is also home to almost half a million people which means when it comes to buying a replacement boiler, there are both advantages and disadvantages.

Edinburgh map

Being a sizable city, Edinburgh has no shortage of heating and boiler retailers giving the people of Edinburgh plenty of choice when it comes to shopping for a new boiler.

But on the other hand, it means demand is high and when it comes to finding a local installation company, this can be a problem. There is a shortage of qualified gas engineers all over the UK and Edinburgh is no exception. This means you can find yourself having to wait for weeks, especially at peak times, to find an installer who is free.

In the cold winter months, you cannot afford to be without heating and hot water for that length of time and this is problematic for the people of Edinburgh.

But don’t worry. In this guide, we have some great tips to help you get your boiler installed both fast and affordably.

Who to use to install your new boiler in Edinburgh?

If it can be hard for the people of Edinburgh to pin down a local tradesperson, who should they use to install a new boiler? It’s a question we get asked all the time.

There are a number of different options available but we cannot guarantee that one will offer better value for money than another. The key for you is quotes.

We advise everyone to get at least three quotes before committing to buying a new boiler. In truth, you are well-advised to get more than this if you can. The more quotes you have, the more you understand about the market rates in Edinburgh, and the better your chances of finding that great deal.

There are three main types of boiler installation company available and it is worth getting a minimum of one quote from each type to see the different prices that are out there:

National Installation Companies

There are plenty of companies lie British Gas who install boilers all over the country. These are big businesses with big overheads and they spend lots of money on things like marketing and advertising.

This generally means they are more expensive as they have to pass these costs onto their customers. But they do have special offers and deals from time to time so it is worth finding out what they will charge.

Local Heating and Gas Installers

As we have discussed, local installers can charge a premium in Edinburgh because their services are in such high demand. But that doesn’t mean they always will and you may well find that they can undercut national installer by several hundred pounds.

The downside to choosing a local tradesperson can be availability (as we have already discussed) and quality of work. Local workers are independent and the quality of work they can deliver is distinctly mixed.

Word of mouth can be key to learning about the quality of work you can expect, but don’t just go with one person’s recommendation. Try to hear from three or four former customers at least to make sure you get someone who will do a decent job at a decent price.

Online Installation Companies

The newest addition to this list is online installation companies which have really shaken up the sector in recent years. They operate across the UK, but with an online business model, they have extremely low overheads. This means they can offer great prices and all the benefits of a national operation to their customers.

Their prices can often come in lower than national and local installers and their networks of engineers means they will often be able to install a new boiler as quickly as the following day.

Our pick of the bunch is HEATABLE

HEATABLE is one of the longest-established online boiler installation companies that offer terrific prices on a wide range of boilers from all the top manufacturers.

Heatable new boilers

They have a range of finance deals available and some superb special offers such as an extended ten-year warranty on a great and remarkably cheap Worcester Bosch combi.

If you are looking for a quote and need a boiler installed fast in Edinburgh or the surrounding area, HEATABLE is well worth a look.

You have nothing to lose by getting a quote. Just visit their website by clicking a link on this page and fill in their simple online form. You don’t have to share any personal detail, just a little information about your property and they will give you a fixed-price quote on a great selection of boilers that are perfect for your home.

Viessmann Vitodens 050-W from Heatable

Make HEATABLE one of your quotes and we are confident they will prove to be one of, if not the, most cost-effective offers you will find.

What type of boiler to choose?

Alongside choosing the right installer, the other big decision you have is deciding which boiler to buy. It is another complicated one as there are lots of different options out there.

Often, your preferred installer will tell you which boiler is the best fit. This can be helpful to people who know nothing about them but be careful. Installers will often have a particular manufacturer or model that they use most often. Maybe it’s the one they are most comfortable with or perhaps they get it at a discount from the wholesaler.

Either way, it might be a good choice for them, but may not be the right choice for you. It could also cost more money than you need to spend too.

We would therefore always advise you to have an idea of the type of boiler you want to have before going out to get quotes.

So, if you know nothing about boilers, where should you start?

The first thing is the fuel. You can choose between a number of different types of fuel to run your boiler:

  • Gas
  • LPG
  • Oil
  • Electricity
  • Renewable energy sources

What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Grab your fixed price online by 3PM, and get next-day boiler installation.

Worcester boilers installed from as little as £1,795.

As Edinburgh is a big city, almost everyone there will have a mains gas connection. Gas is the cheapest fuel to use and offers the widest selection of new boilers, so this is probably going to be the fuel you choose.

But there are a number of different types of gas boiler on the market too including:

  • Combi Boiler
  • Regular Boiler
  • System Boiler
  • Compact Boiler

The majority of properties in Edinburgh are smaller homes, flats, and apartments and for these, a combi boiler is likely to be the best choice. It can generate heating and hot water on demand without any need for a separate hot water tank.

If you have a hot water tank already and are keen keep it and your airing cupboard, a regular boiler is the right choice for you. System boilers are mostly for commercial properties these days.

If you have an especially small property, a compact boiler might be right for you. This is a type of combi boiler for small homes where space is at a premium.

What size boiler should you choose?

Boiler size is a term that is used to describe the unit’s power capacity rather than its physical size and it is an important detail because you need to make sure you have the right-sized boiler for your property.

If your boiler is too large, you will find your bills going up unnecessarily while if it is too small, it won’t be able to generate enough heat and hot water to meet your needs.

Often the advice given is to get an engineer to visit your property and advise you on the best size of boiler to buy. This is an option, but we can give you a broad outline here.

Combi boilers come in three main size ranges:

  1. 24kW – 27kW
  2. 28kW – 34kW
  3. 35kW – 42kW

Using these size ranges as our guide, we can estimate the size of the boiler you will need for your property based on its size, the number of bathrooms, and the number of radiators. Please note that this guide assumes that your hot water usage is around average for the size of your property:

Property TypeRadiatorsBathroomsBoiler Size
Apartments, 1 & 2 bed houses10 or fewer124kW-27kW
Medium size 2-4 bed homes10-15228kW-34kW
Larger Properties15-202+35kW-42kW

If you want a more precise opinion but don’t want to go to the time, effort, and expense of calling out an engineer, you can also use an online boiler size calculator such as the one available on the HEATABLE website.

Heatable boiler calculator

When you enter details of your property into their online form, they will make recommendations of boilers that are the correct size for your property. These boilers are usually extremely competitively priced but even if you decide not to buy your replacement boiler through HEATABLE, you can still see what size boilers they are recommending.

Edinburgh boiler replacement: How much does it cost?

This is the question everyone wants an answer to and while we’d love to oblige, there are so many variables involved that it is impossible to give a clear and definitive answer.

If we assume that you live in a normal-sized Edinburgh property and are planning to buy a 24kW combi boiler, we would expect a new boiler to cost you something in the region of £2,000, including installation.

But it could be less. HEATABLE has a fantastic Worcester Bosch that fits that same spec on offer for just £1,770 at the moment. If you want to buy a really high-spec boiler, you could pay a lot more than that.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar i from Heatable

Cheaper boilers are available too but we would generally urge caution with these. They are often built with low-quality components, come with short warranties, and will usually end up costing more in repairs over their lifetime than buying a better one to start with.

The main differential is likely to be the installation itself rather than the boiler unit. Labour and parts costs can soon add up and there are a couple of things that can really push up the installation costs. We will discuss these more in the following two sections.

Moving a Boiler’s location

If you plan to move your boiler’s location when having the new boiler installed, you can expect the overall bill to come in higher. Depending on how far you are planning to move it, this could be a sizable amount.

Moving a boiler means installing new pipework, new flues and associated work to exterior walls or the roof, and even some interior decorating work too. This means more labour and materials and therefore a higher bill.

If you only move it slightly, this might be a modest amount but if you are moving it to the other side of the house or to a different floor, you could be looking at big bucks.

Another consideration is the size of the boiler unit. If it is very big and needs more than one person to move it, you will need two installers and that means you will have to pay more.

As a broad average, to move a boiler in Edinburgh is likely to increase your overall bill by anything between £350 – £750. A friendly local engineer or an online installation firm like HEATABLE might be able to do it for less than this, but a big job could end up costing considerably more.

The Extras You Need

When you are buying a replacement boiler, it is likely that your installer will offer you a number of extras on top of the basic installation. Some will look to charge you extra for these while others will include them in your quote. This is a big reason why it is important to get an itemised quote so you know exactly what is included.

Don’t just dismiss these extras though. Some are extremely important and will help your boiler to last longer. Below are three extras that we would usually advise people to take up. If you are offered other things, do some research into what they are or leave us a question and we will give you our professional opinion.

  • Magnetic filter – A Magnetic Filter is a really helpful thing that collects the metallic debris that can float around in your heating system. This debris can build up into sludge that damages components and blocks up boilers and radiators.
  • Scale filter – Hard water isn’t a problem in Edinburgh but you still might want to fit a scale filter. It helps to prevent limescale build-up in your boiler which can, over time, clog up components and cause serious problems.
  • Hot / Power Flush – All heating systems build up sludge and scale over time and it is worth cleaning this out before your new boiler is fitted. This is done by either a hot flush or a power flush. A power flush is most effective but if you have an older heating system, make sure it isn’t likely to cause any damage before agreeing to it.


Getting a new replacement boiler in Edinburgh doesn’t have to be scary or expensive. In this guide, we have given you plenty of advice to let you make an informed decision and hopefully save some money too.

We have shown you how to choose the best boiler for your property, explained the different options available for you to buy it from, and detailed the various extras you might need.

We have highlighted the different types of boiler installation firm, with a special focus on online installation companies like HEATABLE which can save you a ton of money. We have also given you all the information you need to make sure your installer isn’t ripping you off and is giving you the best value boiler for your home.

If you have any questions about anything we have mentioned in this guide or if there is something you think we’ve missed, please do drop us a line using the comment box below. We always try to respond to all the questions and comments we receive and will be happy to provide any further information you might need and answer any queries you may have.

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