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Potterton Boiler Guide: How Prices Compare With Worcester Bosch

If you’ve been tossing up between top brands, it’s likely Potterton boilers are on your short list.

Our review of Potterton boilers is going to cover:

  • Who are Potterton?
  • The current boiler range
  • Potterton boiler prices (and how they compare with Worcester Bosch)
  • Which boiler we’d choose to install

Who Are Potterton?

Potterton boilers are a UK company which have been in business since 1850. They’re known by homeowners and installers alike for reasonable prices, exceptional reliability and the use of top quality components.

They’re part of Baxi Heating (another top UK boiler brand), and Baxi in turn, are part of BDR Thermea Group (all very confusing). BDR have a global turnover well in excess of £1bn, so they really know what they’re doing.

Potterton Boiler Range

The current Potterton boiler range has something for everyone. The model you choose depends on your budget, warranty required and the type of boiler you have (combi, system etc). The range is made up of:

  • Promax Store
  • Promax System
  • Promax Ultra
  • Ultra Heat
  • Assure Combi
  • Assure Heat
  • Assure System
  • Promax Combi

That’s the core offering from Potterton. To add to confusion, they also offer a Gold and Titanium range:

  • Potterton Gold Combi
  • Potterton Gold System
  • Potterton Titanium Combi
  • Potterton Titanium Heat

And, they all come in a range of different KW outputs.


Which Potterton Boiler Do You Need?

As you can see from the lists above, there’s plenty of choice. And, that makes choosing a boiler slightly difficult.

The good news? You don’t have to trawl through output specs, compare warranties and the likes.

Local boiler installers will be able to spec a boiler for you, considering:

  • Warranty required
  • Budget
  • The type of boiler you have (combi, system, heat only)
  • The size of your property
  • The size of your heating system
  • Number of towel rails and radiators

They’ll then be able to give you an inclusive price for the boiler, all parts, and the cost of installation.

You can book in quotes for Potterton boilers here.

Potterton Boiler Prices

There’s little use listing the 100s of prices for all the different models, as that doesn’t really give a gauge as to how Potterton boiler prices compare to other leading brands like Worcester Bosch.

That’s why we’ve used a quick example; the Potterton Titanium Combi 24kw compared with the Worcester Bosch 25i.

With outputs being similar, the main thing to focus on, is the warranty that’s offered. The warranty on the Titanium 24kw Combi is 7-years, with Worcester’s 25i being up to 10 years.

Both warranties are good. If you’ve read any of our other boiler reviews, you’ll know we recommend a 5 year warranty as a minimum.

A quick search online shows the following prices:

Potterton Titanium Combi 24kw price: £770

Worcester Bosch 25i price: £911

So, considering Potterton is comparable in terms of reliability and quality, the prices are good. The are premium, but at the lower end of premium.

Potterton Boiler Installation Cost

But, the cost of the boiler, is only part of the story. Usually, it makes up less than 50% of the overall installation cost.

Typically, we’d expect a 24kw installation to cost in the region of £2,000 including flue, extensions and any other fittings.

That’s where Worcester Bosch can compete. They own a stake in an online boiler installation company, BOXT. Naturally, BOXT are getting Worcester boilers ridiculously cheap. So, at time of writing, you’d be able to get a Worcester 25i (10 year warranty, rather than the 7 years of the Potterton Titanium), from £1,795.

Here’s the fixed price we got; you can go and get your fixed price in less than 90 seconds here.

Potterton Or Worcester Bosch?

It goes without saying that when buying a new boiler, Worcester Bosch is a brand that most homeowners think of first. The question is, should you install a Potterton boiler, over a Worcester Bosch equivalent?

In the example above, the options are clear cut. In general, a Worcester Bosch 25i is going to come out around £100 cheaper, than the 24kw equivalent from Potterton. More importantly, you’ll be able to get up to 3 years MORE warranty on a 25i, than you would with the Potterton.

But, the prices relate to a local installer fitting a Potterton, and BOXT fitting a Worcester. If you were to get quotes from local installers for both brands, it’s likely that the Worcester is going to be £100-200 more expensive than a Potterton boiler.

Put simply:

The problem is, not all installs are that simple. If you’ve got an oil, LPG or electric boiler, have an extremely large property, or need a compact appliance, you’ll need to get your property spec’d to get the most suitable boiler.

A Note On Boiler Warranty

We’ve mentioned a few times just how important warranty is. Compare prices on a boiler with 2 years, over one with 5 years, and you’ll be able to save a tantalising £100, £200 or more.

But, warranties are set by manufacturers for a reason. There’s a good chance after the warranty expires, that’s the most likely time the boiler will start failing. After all, no boiler manufacturer is going to set a 5, 7 or 10 year warranty, knowing they’ll have to fork out hundreds of pounds on repairs during this time.

As the cost of a new Potterton boiler only makes up around 40-50% of the overall installation cost, it makes sense to fork out a little extra, to get one with a long warranty; 5 years as a minimum. And, if there’s an option to extend the boiler’s warranty, that’s something that’s worthwhile investigating too.

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