Worcester Bosch Greenstar 32CDi Compact (Combi Boiler Review)

In this in-depth review of the Worcester Bosch 32CDi Compact combi boiler we’ll be discussing prices, the types of properties it’s suitable for, and how it compares to the other CDi Compacts.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Compact (review)

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About the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 32CDi Compact

The Greenstar CDi Compact series from Worcester Bosch is a set of boilers designed to fit in small spaces, such as kitchen cupboards. You won’t get this with their most popular boilers, such as the 25i and 30i, as they are slightly bigger.

The dimensions of all three CDi Compact boilers are 690 x 390 x 280. So, if you’re trying to save space, or simply don’t want a wall-hung boiler, the CDi Compact could be for you.

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Compact Series

There are three boilers in the range, including:

  • 28CDi Compact
  • 32CDi Compact
  • 36CDi Compact

Across that range, you’ll be able to get a boiler to suit most properties, from small to large, with 1-2 bathrooms.

The difference lies in the hot water and flow rate, because central heating output is 24kw on all 3 boilers. You’ll get just 10l/min from the 28CDi (small properties), 11.9l/min from the 32CDi (medium properties) and 12.9l/min from the 36CDi (large properties).

Worcester Bosch 32CDi Compact Features

Winter Protection

Worcester Bosch 32CDi Compact has a special feature that keeps condensate pipes from freezing in cold weather. A frozen condensate pipe is one of the most common boiler faults. It’s simple to fix, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t cause headaches — like boiler downtime in the coldest parts of the year plus an emergency repair bill.

Most of the time, the condensate pipe freezes when flue gases condense and accumulate in the pipe, turning to ice and causing a blockage. Worcester knows this is a big issue, so the 32CDi Compact comes complete with their CondenseSure siphon. The device builds up a pool of these condensed gases, then releases them in short sharp bursts, so there’s little chance of them freezing over. The CondenseSure siphon offers weather protection down to -15°C for up to 48 hours, which is more than adequate for the UK.


Warranties are a key piece of the puzzle when you’re buying a new boiler. At the end of the day, even a cheap boiler is going to set you back around £2,000. And, some lesser brands are going to offer warranties in the 2-5 year range (or even lower in some cases). I’m not sure about you, but I don’t want to be footing expensive repair bills for my £2k+ installation just a couple of years down the line. So, it’s always better to protect yourself with a long warranty.

Unfortunately, the Worcester Bosch warranty can be confusing. It varies depending on the boiler, whether you use an accredited Worcester installer, and own brand parts such as filters and controls. To avoid confusion, you can get a 10-year warranty on a 32CDi Compact from Heatable. That’s a standard warranty they’re able to offer on all their boilers, and the biggest selling point for the 32CDi.


The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 32CDi Compact is A-rated, and can be 99.5% efficient when operating at 30% capacity. This level of efficiency can save you £100s per year. In contrast, older boilers are typically just 60% efficient — meaning that for every £1 you spend on gas, you only get 60p worth of heat.

This potential for long-term savings is great news, since getting any new boiler is a sizeable investment, likely costing you £2,000 or more. With an efficient boiler like the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 32CDi Compact, you can expect the device to pay for itself in the span of a few years. 


The Worcester 32CDi is flexible when it comes to the controls options that you get. For instance, you can go for cheap thermostats, or a more expensive smart thermostat such as the Worcester Wave or Nest learning thermostat.

At time of writing, Heatable include a smart thermostat as part of your installation package, which you can check out here.

Boiler Protection

If you decide the Worcester Bosch Compact 32CDi is for you, make sure you get a system flush (cleans existing debris from the heating system) and a magnetic boiler filter included in the price. The magnetic filter will catch rust from pipes, radiators and towel rails, protecting your boiler from breaking, and your bank from expensive repair bills.

Like the thermostat, Heatable currently include a quality filter with all installations.

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Is the Worcester Bosch 32CDi Compact the Right Size Boiler for You?

Put simply, this isn’t a one size fits all approach — your property size and hot water demand are the principal determining factors. A 32CDi Compact boiler might be suitable for one 3-bedroom property, where another could get away with a 28CDi.

The easiest thing to do is fill out use this online calculator to determine the correct boiler size for your home. In around 90 seconds, you’ll narrow down the boiler sizes and get fixed prices on the most suitable boiler for your property.

Worcester Bosch 32CDi Compact Prices

There ARE other brands besides Worcester Bosch that are worth a mention: Baxi, Ideal, and Vaillant, for instance. In general, prices are similar or thereabouts when compared directly to Worcester. If anything, you’ll find that a boiler from Ideal is likely to be slightly cheaper.

However, that’s only when comparing local installer prices. It’s worth jumping over to Heatable, who are an industry-leading boiler comparison site. Naturally, because they work with the biggest boiler manufacturers on the market, they get preferential rates on Worcester boilers, including the 32CDi Compact. This means that you’ll get a quality boiler cheaper than equivalent brands, and at the same price as lesser brands.

So, we quickly filled out this form (in about 90 seconds) to see exactly what the prices were.

Heatable new boilers

With Heatable, you’ll get a long warranty, plus the Bosch filter and smart thermostat included in the price. And there are cheaper options if you don’t want a Compact boiler, or if the 32CDi is actually too powerful for your property.

Typically, (and without naming names) we’d expect this installation to be in the region of £3,200-3,500 from a national installer, so the above is an exceptional deal.

Worcester Bosch 32CDi Compact Verdict

The Worcester Bosch 32CDi Compact is a stellar boiler option if you’re trying to maximise your space at home without sacrificing heat or hot water flow. This model easily fits into a kitchen cupboard, and comes with variations to suit different levels of hot water demand. The boiler packs several handy features, such winter protection, and a range of control options. It’s also A-rated, so you can expect maximum efficiency if you operate it properly.

On the downside, the Worcester Bosch 32CDi Compact is limited to a heat output of 24kW, so it won’t be sufficient for larger properties, such as a detached home with multiple bedrooms and over 2 bathrooms.

If you’re not sure whether this model will suit your needs, or want to get a snapshot of the current pricing, we recommend you fill in this quick online form from Heatable, and get your answers on the screen in just minutes.

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