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The 10 Best Wall-Mounted Electric Radiators

The modern radiator has come a long way since its inception. It’s become sleeker, more efficient, and easier to use. Whereas traditional radiators are somewhat of an eyesore, modern electric wall heaters are the epitome of 21st-century class and décor. Indeed, the design of a radiator is nearly as important as its ability to heat up a room.

This guide will examine the 10 best electric radiators that are wall mounted, in terms of looks, efficiency, reliability, and functionality.

Best Wall Mounted Electric Heaters for Safe, Efficient Warming

Below, we review what we’ve found to be the best wall mounted electric heaters for most people. We invite you to consider their attributes, then peruse our buyer’s guide further down the page to pick the right unit for your home.

1. Devola Classic Electric Panel Heater

Price: £ | Dimensions: 11.6 cm x 103.2 cm x 43.7 cm | Heat modes: Comfort Mode, Eco Mode & Frost Protection | Power: 1500/2000/2500 watts | Material: Metal | Finish: White

Devola Classic Electric Panel Heater

The Devola Classic Electric Panel Heater is perfect for people on a budget who just want a heater that’s easy to install without draining the bank. This wall mounted heater features a programmable thermostat with up to 4 weeks of scheduling, ensuring you can maintain the perfect heat setting regardless of whether it’s the middle of the working week or the weekend.

To keep you comfortable and help you save on energy, this heater comes with 3 heating modes — comfort, frost protection, and ECO mode. That said, the real benefit of the Devola Classic is the programming behind it. Specifically this — it will turn off and on automatically to maintain a consistent temperature, ensuring a consistent temperature even if you’re not around to adjust it.

Moreover, the Devola Classic Electric Panel Heater features splash-proof coating, meaning it’s safe to install in the bathroom. For ease of installation, the device ships with mounting brackets, a 1.5-metre power cable, and a UK power plug.

You’ll also be happy to learn that the Devola’s wall mounted heater features a 2-year warranty.

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2. Devola Eco 2,000W Electric Wall Mounted Heater

Price: £ | Dimensions: 83 cm x 10.7 cm x 40 cm | Heat modes: 5 heat settings | Power: 1000/1500/2000/2400 watts | Material: Metal | Finish: White

Devola Eco 2000W Electric Panel Heater

In all honesty, the Devola Eco 2,oooW Electric Wall Mounted Heater is quite similar to the previous heater on this list. It’s easy to install, although you might find the programming feature a little cumbersome. Despite the awkward learning curve, the programming shouldn’t be a problem for most people once you’ve learned the ropes—it took us less than 10 minutes to figure out.

One potential downside is that it has a black cable, so if you’re OCD and can’t stand the thought of a black cable ruining your feng shui, you might want to look elsewhere.

Aesthetics aside, the Devola Eco is a reliable machine that can easily heat up a 25 m² room in little time.

Like most electric wall radiators, this device might make a bit of noise as it heats up, but it probably won’t be a big deal for most people.

Overall, the Devola Eco 2,oooW Electric Wall Mounted Heater provides terrific value for money and offers a functional, yet elegant, design.

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3. Wärme Designer Electric Wall Heater

Price: ££ | Dimensions: 82 cm x 8 cm x 47 cm | Heat modes: 2 | Power: 2000 watts | Material: Metal | Finish: Black

Wärme Designer Electric Wall Heater Low Energy Panel Heater Radiator

If you’re looking for a black wall mounted heater, Wärme has got you sorted. At just 8 cm thick, you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for a TV at first glance; indeed, this Wärme-designed masterpiece is thinner than the average flatscreen TV.

While a little pricier than the first 2 items on this list, it’s easy to see where the money has gone. Performance-wise, of course, Wärme Designer Electric Wall Heater doesn’t waver either. It features 2,000 watts of power and doesn’t require any maintenance or servicing. It also has low running costs and is IP22 waterproof.

With a digital thermostat and “instant heat” mode, Wärme ties together both performance and minimalist design in one unique package.

Furthermore, Wärme makes this wall mounted heater a breeze to set up and operate, meaning less time setting up and more time basking in the radiant glow of blissful warmth.

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4. FUTURA Eco Panel Heater

Price: ££ | Dimensions: 67 cm x 66.9 cm x 14 cm | Heat modes: 3 | Power: 1000/2000 watts | Material: Aluminium | Finish: White

FUTURA Eco Panel Heater – 2000W Wall Mounted Lot 20 Low Energy Electric Heater

The Futura Eco Panel Heater is all about performance, but doesn’t fall too far behind other wall mounted electric heaters in aesthetics.

It has a supremely accurate thermostat as well as a sophisticated daily and weekly timer, meaning you’ll never have to be cold inside your house again. What’s more, featuring an aluminium body and energy-efficient dry thermal technology, the Futura Eco Panel Heater warms up fast.

Sure, looks-wise the Futura Eco can’t hold a candle to the Wärme Designer model; but it’s by no means ugly. In fact, one of Futura’s showcase photos demonstrates that this heater would complement wooden floorboards quite nicely.

The Futura Eco Panel Heater features 3 modes of operation, including an anti-frost mode, and has editable preset programmes. Though this heater doesn’t cost a lot to run in its default mode, the Eco mode will ensure it doesn’t do a number on your electricity bill. What’s more, this device has a keypad lock, so you needn’t worry about your little ones’ wandering hands wreaking havoc with the thermostat.

Thanks to the complimentary wall brackets, the Futura Eco Panel Heater is easy to install. And, for peace of mind, it comes with a standard, 2-year warranty.

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5. MYLEK Premium Aluminium Electric Panel Heater

Price: ££ | Dimensions: 83 cm x 5.5 cm x 58 cm | Heat modes: 3 | Power: 600/900/1200/1500 watts | Material: Aluminium | Finish: White

MYLEK Premium Aluminium Electric Panel Heater with Timer, Thermostat & Remote Control - Wall Mounted

A lot of products bandy the word “premium” about like it’s going out of style, but the Mylek Premium Aluminium Electric Panel Heater completely deserves this description. That’s because it’s got far more functionality than most other electric wall radiators out there.

In fact, Mylek has packed so many features into this heater that we’ll probably struggle to cram them all into this review. Nevertheless, here’s a brief summary of all the things that stood out to us:

  • long-range remote control
  • 3 heat settings, including frost protection
  • safety features, including tip-over protection, overheating protection, and child lock
  • a wall-mountable and freestanding options
  • an intelligent thermostat for regulating temperatures accurately and consistently
  • a programmable timer that can be used hourly, daily, and weekly.

Installation is dead simple, and the heater’s quality is top-notch. The heat radiates from the front and adds convection heating at the top to ensure your room warms up in short order. The anti-frost countermeasure is ideal for sheds or other rooms that don’t get a lot of usage, but still require a bit of warmth to ensure that frost and mould don’t become an issue.

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6. ADAX NEO Modern Electric Panel Heater / Convector Radiator

Price: Variable | Dimensions: 474mm  (400W) to 1394 mm (2000 Watts); all models are 370 mm high | Heat modes: 2 – normal and reduced-heat mode (anti-frost) | Power: 400/600/800/1000/1200/1400/2000 watts | Material: Metal | Finish: White/Black/Lava Grey

ADAX NEO Modern, Electric Panel Heater / Convector Radiator, Eco Design Compliant

Adax is a Norwegian company that makes some outstanding electric radiators, and wall mounted models like the Adax Neo Modern Electric Panel Heater are their cream-of-the -crop.

Impeccably designed for optimal warmth and visual appeal, the Adax Neo Modern Electric Panel Heater has simple controls that look like they were shamelessly ripped off from an iPhone. Indeed, this slimline design is the definition of beauty through simplicity.

The device features all the usual trimmings that you’d expect from the best electric wall radiators, such as a timer, child lock, and overheat protection. But it also has a novel feature — an anti-allergy switch.

According to most consumer reviews, this device is super-easy to install. And, we were happy to see that it comes with an unusually long, 5-year warranty. This means Adax has a high degree of confidence in this wall mounted heater.

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7. Wärme Designer WiFi Electric Wall Heater — Ultra Slim

Price: £££ | Dimensions: 78 cm x 8 cm x 47 cm | Heat modes: 2 | Power: 2000 watts | Finish: Black

Wärme Designer WiFi Electric Wall Heater Panel Heater Radiator - Ultra Slim (8cm)

Wärme is back with another sleek wall mounted heater, and this one can be controlled remotely from your smartphone. This model was even featured in a magazine called Architecture Art Design; the heater is now of the most popular wall mounted electric heaters in Europe.

Spec-wise, the Wärme Designer WiFi Electric Wall Heater is virtually identical to the other Wärme heater on this list, although the WiFi-enabled design is a unique feature. Price-wise, you’re not paying much more for the WiFi functionality, so our advice would be to get this model if you’re deciding between the two.

If you’re wondering why you’d need WiFi on your heater, envision a scenario where you’re driving home from holiday in winter. All you have to do is find a place to pull over and start the heater remotely (or have a passenger do it for you).

As far as the more common features go, Wärme Designer WiFi Electric Wall Heater is waterproof, has low running costs, and requires no maintenance. Another handy function is the automatic child lock, which blocks the controls once the temperature is set to prevent kids messing with the thermostat.

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8. ADAX Neo Smart WiFi Electric Panel Heater/Convector Radiator With Timer

Price: Various | Dimensions: 565mm (400 watts) to 1403 mm (2000 watts); all models are 330 mm high | Heat modes: 2 | Power: 400/600/800/1000/1200/1400/2000 watts | Finish: White / Lava Grey

ADAX Neo Smart Wifi Electric Panel Heater/Convector Radiator

This is our second pick from Adax; and it’s not hard to see why. Of all energy efficient electric heaters, this wall mounted radiator is probably the most elegant. And, it’s WiFi enabled for quick, simple remote control.

The Adax Neo Smart WiFi Electric Panel Heater is compliant with EcoDesign Lot 20 (EU’s energy efficiency standard for space heaters). In simple terms, this designation means that the heater won’t cost you an arm and a leg to operate. Apart from efficient operation, this wall mounted heater has other perks that will save you money in the long run. For instance, it can detect open windows and adjust its heat setting accordingly.

You’ll be happy to learn that Adax has thought about your comfort and well being, too — this particular heater operates nearly silently, so you shouldn’t be disturbed by the typical noises electric wall radiators make as they heat up.

Also, don’t worry about being left out in the cold if you lose your smartphone, Adax ensures the inbuilt control panel is just as usable as the app the heater uses. The only downside is that this heater isn’t compatible with Alexa, but this is a pretty minor bugbear all things considered.

All these bells and whistles ensure that this WiFi version of the Adax Neo is one of the world’s most efficient wall mounted electric heaters on the market.

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9. Economy+ Electric Wall Radiator

Price: £££ | Dimensions: Width: 486 mm wide (560 watts); 648 mm wide (840 watts); 810 mm wide (1120 watts); 972 mm wide (1400 watts); 1134 mm wide (1680 watts); 1296 mm wide (1960 watts) | Heat Modes: 2 | Watts: 560 watts / 840 watts / 1120 watts / 1400 watts / 1680 watts / 1960 watts | Finish: White

Economy+ Electric Radiator - Electric Heater, Wall Mounted, Plug in Radiator, Slimline, Low Energy, Silica Filled Heater

The Economy+ Electric Wall Radiator comes in 6 different power variants. Like other electric wall radiators from this list, the units vary in dimensions depending on the power input. And, if efficiency and comfort are top of mind for you, bigger is better.

The Economy+ Electric Radiator is made by hand right here in jolly old England. As such, you’re paying a bit of a premium, but the Economy+ range is first rate and justifies the extra money (not to mention helping local industry).

Quality-wise, the Yorkshire production ensures that only the finest materials are used (it’s actually silica-filled), ensuring a long and reliable life for your new heater.

Each variant is maintenance-free and comes with free UK delivery, which is a lovely touch. You can mount the device to your wall with the supplied brackets and be up and running in as little as 15 minutes.

Like other mounted electric wall heaters on this list, it has a “comfort mode” that turns itself off and on to maintain a consistent level of heat; it does this by detecting the heat of the room.

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10. Futura 600W–1,800W Oil-Filled Electric Radiator Panel Heater

Price: £££ | Dimensions: 78 cm x 8 cm x 47 cm | Heat modes: 2 | Power: 2000 watts | Finish: Black

Futura 600W-1800W Oil Filled Electric Radiator Panel Heater

This marvellous entry from Futura finishes out this list. Like most oil-filled electric wall radiators, this model excels at heating up a space quickly, then retaining heat for a while without using more energy. In simple terms, it gives quick heat that’s slow to dissipate.

The Futura Oil-filled Electric Radiator has a pinstriped design that’s certainly striking, although it may clash with certain interiors. As the picture above shows, this design works well with floorboards and a modern interior. On the other hand, this heater would feel a bit incongruous in a rustic cabin.

Thanks to its ability to emanate warmth even after being switched off, the Futura Oil-filled Electric Radiator is perfect for conservatories, or other spaces where just a touch of warmth will do.

That said, you can use the digital controller to maintain a constant desired temperature at all times.

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Wall Mounted Electric Heaters: Buying Guide

The array of wall mounted electric heaters is dizzying just on our list alone–and shopping the broader market can get quickly overwhelming.

But, you don’t have to go it alone; use our tips below to help you winnow down the selection.

Pick the Right Heater Size

Generally, large electric wall radiators consume more energy, while smaller heaters use less. However, larger heaters also tend to do a better job converting that power draw into heat, so they’re more efficient. Keep in mind, too, that it’s easier to turn the heat down than to turn it up when there’s no higher heat setting.

That said, you don’t always need the biggest heater you can find. Instead, opt for the heater that best suits its application.

A bathroom will likely do best with a small wall mounted heater that’s splash-proof (be sure to check the IP rating; IPX4 and up should work well). Even though a smaller unit may lack efficiency, most bathrooms heat up rather quickly (don’t forget that you’re adding heat to the room while you shower, too).

But the reverse is also true — don’t pick a tiny heater for a massive space, or else you’ll pay for it in the monthly bill.

RELATED READING: The 7 best towel rail heaters

Look for Safety Features

Even the best wall mounted electric heaters will wear out with time. So, make sure it’s got fail-safe systems that will prevent a catastrophic breakdown that puts your home at risk.

For instance, look for automatic shutoffs, which monitor extreme temperature fluctuations and shut down the unit past a certain threshold.

Make Sure It’s Easy to Control

Even the most efficient and modern electric wall heaters will drive you insane if you struggle with their controls. This is why you must always ensure that your chosen heater is user friendly.

Be on the lookout for energy-saving features like a thermostat, remote control, timer, and ability to program, among others.

If you’re buying a series of heaters, make sure it’s a breeze to activate the ones you need and deactivate the ones you don’t. Modern home networking makes this possible, but you shouldn’t need an advanced IT degree to make sense of it all.

Consider How and Where You’ll Mount the Radiator

Radiator positioning is critical for safe and efficient usage. If you decide to mount your heater low to the ground and have young children, be sure your model has a child lock. If you’re not sure that it does, contact the manufacturer to check.

Keep an Open Mind, but Be Persistent in Finding the Best Choice

We repeat: the consumer heater market is absolutely awash with wall mounted electric heaters.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and settle for the first unit that sort of makes sense. Just remember that this is an investment you’ll have to live with for many years to come. So, a poor-fit heater will prove horribly inefficient, and cost you in the long-term.

Don’t forget the safety implications, either. And with technology constantly improving, there may be advanced features you hadn’t considered that could make your life easier, more affordable, comfortable. Meaning, do thorough research before you commit to a purchase.

How to Make the Most of Your Wall Mounted Electric Heater

  1. Read the instruction manual — Yes, it’s mind-numbing, but electric wall radiators’ user manuals contains vital information. Remember what we said about safety and efficiency? Consider it out the window if you don’t bother to learn your radiator’s settings beyond “on” and “off”.
  2. Experiment with heat settings — Every room is different (think size, insulation, windows, etc), so you’ll want to tailor the heat output via your radiator’s settings. After all, the perfect temperature is the one you don’t notice–it shouldn’t feel overly hot or chilly. Also, remember that there are settings beyond temperature; for instance, some heaters let you customize how they disperse heat, which can make a huge difference.
  3. Make use of the controls — Take advantage of the myriad ways to programme the way your radiator functions. If there’s a timer, why not set it to only produce heat when you’re at home to enjoy it? If there’s a thermostat, set the device to respond automatically to deviations from your comfortable temperature.

The Bottom Line

Wall mounted electric heaters are a fantastic choice for the home or office (among other places), and this list offers you the best of the best. When deciding which electric radiator to buy, don’t just consider price and power — design and features are sometimes just as important.

As mentioned earlier, safety is the utmost importance. Ensure you follow all instructions carefully, as improper use may lead to a dangerous situation. Thankfully, many wall mounted electric heaters come with overheat protection, but vigilance during heater operation is always recommended.

Are you on the market for a new radiator? Where will you mount it, and which features are most essential to you? Reach out to us in the comments below.

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