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Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000 Sizes, Features, Prices, and Alternatives (2024 Review)

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000 is the most cost-effective boiler in the Greenstar range. Worcester Bosch’s Greenstar 2000 comes exclusively as a combination boiler that is perfect for smaller apartments. This combi boiler integrates into a smart home setup (despite its budget price) and comes with a 6-year Worcester guarantee. The Greenstar 2000 is an ideal choice for the budget-conscious buyer who still wants the bells and whistles of larger boilers.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000 Review

The Worcester Greenstar 2000 is a combi boiler that comes in two sizes: 25kW and 30kW. The 25kW model is best for one-bedroom apartments with one bathroom and fewer than 10 radiators. The 30kW model is better if you live in a two-bedroom apartment with 10-12 radiators.

The Greenstar 2000 is especially good for small apartments because it is small and one of the quietest combi boilers on the market. It produces just 43 decibels of sound and secured the “Quiet Mark” accreditation.

It costs £2,800 – £3,000 to install the Greenstar 2000. This price includes the cost of both the boiler and the installation. You get some impressive features for that price. These features include the ability to integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, a push-button LED with advanced controls, and the Greenstar filter system. The Greenstar Filter system uses magnetic filters to remove harmful debris and pollutants, extending the life of your boiler.

The Greenstar 2000 is highly energy efficient. It has an “A” efficiency rating due to several novel energy-saving features. Its “Quick Tap” feature means you don’t have to leave the tap running to heat your water. Further, its aluminium heat exchanger heats up water much more efficiently than stainless steel alternatives.

This aluminium heat exchanger does come at the cost of durability if not properly maintained. Although, it is more resistant to corrosion than stainless steel exchangers. The Greenstar 2000’s design makes repairs easy with well-labelled, accessible components.

What are the key benefits of the Greenstar 2000?

The six key benefits of choosing the Greenstar 2000 over other boiler models are as follows.

  • Great value: The Greenstar 2000 costs just £2,800 – £3,000 to install, including the cost of the boiler. That’s a great price for a model that has many of the advanced features of more expensive Greenstar products.
  • Bosch’s quietest combi boiler: The Greenstar 2000 ranks among the quietest boilers on the market, as it produces just 43 decibels while operating. Other “quiet” boilers, such as the Ariston Alteas One Net 30 and the Glow-Worm Energy 25C, produce 52 and 49 decibels, respectively, in comparison.
  • Energy efficiency: The Greenstar 2000 is packed with energy-saving features, like quick-tap water saving, output modulation down to 4.8 kW, and extensive temperature controls.
  • Smart home integration: You’re able to pair your Greenstar 2000 with your smart home system to immediately adjust heating and power output using just your voice.
  • Easy to repair: Bosch built the Greenstar 2000 with simple repairs in mind. Easily removable panels and clear internal labelling make getting your boiler fixed much faster.
  • Excellent brand: Worcester Bosch tops our list of the best boiler brands available for its high-quality, reliable boiler products. That’s why they offer some of the best warranties in the market for their products.
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What sizes does the Worcester Greenstar 2000 come in?

The Worcester Greenstar 2000 comes in two sizes: 25kW and 30kW. Boiler size refers to the capacity of the boiler to heat water measured in units of energy, kilowatts (kW).

The specifications of the Worcester Greenstar 2000 vary slightly between the 25kW and the 30kW models. However, both sizes are only available as the combination boiler type, and the differences between the two boil down to output and flow rate.

Greenstar Combi Options Greenstar 2000 25kW Combi Greenstar 2000 30kW Combi
Depth (mm) 300 300
Height (mm) 724 724
Width (mm) 400 440
Energy rating 93% 93%
Boiler type Combi Combi
Hot water flow rate 9 l/min 10.8 l/min
Efficiency rating A A
Noise level (dB) 43 43
Guarantee length 6 Years 6 Years
Suitability 2-bedroom small apartment with one bathroom 10-12 radiators in a 2-4 bedroom apartment with 1-2 bathrooms

Is the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000 reliable?

Yes, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000 is reliable. The Greenstar 2000 is a highly durable boiler (despite its reasonable price point) for the two key reasons below.

  • Aluminium heat exchanger: The C6 heat exchanger is made from aluminium, which is highly resistant to corrosion.
  • Professional installation: Worcester Bosch’s high-quality installation standards mean fewer repairs later on.

The following is a deeper explanation of each feature that gives the Greenstar 2000 its resistance to wear-and-tear.

Aluminum heat exchanger

The Greenstar 2000 comes with an aluminium heat exchanger that is highly resistant to corrosion, which increases your boiler’s durability. The material forms a non-porous layer of aluminium oxide when it comes into contact with water, which protects the metal from rust.

However, many heating experts (and companies) agree that stainless steel withstands exposure to heat and water pressure better than aluminium. For example, brands such as Veissmann and Vaillant fit their boilers with stainless steel heat exchangers for greater durability.

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether they’re content with Worcester’s aluminium heat exchanger. That said, Worcester boilers come with a part-specific warranty that protects the heat exchanger for 10 years. This warranty means you won’t need to pay for any wear-and-tear-related repairs out-of-pocket if you maintain the boiler in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Professional installation

Professional installation (either by Worcester-accredited installers or a reputable company like Heatable) guarantees the reliability of the boiler. Poor installation is a major cause of damage to boilers. Poorly installed parts will wear down and break more frequently. Professional installation ensures that the boiler is fitted correctly and all its parts are able to function as intended without experiencing undue stress and early wear and tear.

Clear documents, lightweight parts, and easy-to-understand labelling make installing the Greenstar 2000 easy and less prone to potentially damaging errors.

What are the Greenstar 2000 features?

The six main features of the Greenstar 2000 are listed below.

  • C6 heat exchanger: The C6 Heat Exchanger is an improvement on the WB3 model that came before it. The heat exchanger modulates from 4.8kW to 30kW and comes with a 10-year guarantee as standard.
  • Greenstar system filter: The new Greenstar System filter is fitted across all Greenstar boilers. The filter reduces the build-up of debris and pollutants to extend the life of your boiler.
  • Easy pairing with smart home systems: The Greenstar 2000 is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and Google Assistant. You can control times and temperatures for heating and hot water from your smart device.
  • Simple controls: The Greenstar 2000 comes with visual graphs to monitor heating and hot water use. You can set heating times and temperatures for specific rooms with Bosch EasyControl Smart TRVs.
  • Quiet operation: The Greenstar 2000 is one of the quietest combi boilers on the market with an output of just 43 decibels.
  • Compact dimensions: The Greenstar 2000’s compact dimensions make it easy to fit in an airing cupboard.

C6 heat exchanger

The Greenstar 2000 comes with the industry-leading C6 Heat Exchanger. The exchanger is made from highly-conductive aluminium that delivers high energy efficiency. The C6 is resistant to corrosion, and Worcester stands behind its durability with a 10-year warranty.

Greenstar system filter

The Greenstar 2000 comes with the option to include the Greenstar system filter. This revolutionary piece of technology uses magnetic and non-magnetic filtration to collect debris and pollutants.

The Greenstar filter system is designed to be easily maintained. The isolation valve indicators make it easy to isolate the filter, the drainage point is located at the bottom of the filter for easy access, and its body is easily detached for servicing or powerflushing.

The Greenstar filter system increases the efficiency and longevity of your boiler by minimising the damage that a build-up of debris can cause.

Smart home integration

The Greenstar 2000’s controls integrate with Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and Google Assistant to make controlling your Smart Home easy. You’re able to use your voice to set temperature controls and timers.

Intuitive controls

The Greenstar 2000 comes with a push-button LCD display that makes changing your boiler settings easy. The intuitive design of the display means you don’t need a deep understanding of boilers to program the Greenstar 2000.

Quiet operation

The Greenstar 2000 is one the quietest combi boilers on the market. The 2000 produces 43 decibels of sound during normal operations, which puts it on the lower end of the range for combi boilers. The low noise level earned the Greenstar 2000 its “Quiet Mark” accreditation.

The quiet operation makes the Greenstar 2000 boiler great for smaller properties for two reasons. First, excessive noise is a real issue in smaller homes, and the Greenstar 2000 is quiet enough not to be a nuisance. Second, the low noise level means you have more storage options and don’t have to hide the boiler to create a sound barrier.

Compact size

The Greenstar boiler is compact, measuring just 300mm x 724 mm x 400mm. These dimensions make it easy to store the boiler in a small cupboard. You could even fix the boiler directly on the wall without taking up too much space.

Is the Worcester Greenstar 2000 energy-efficient?

Yes, the Worcester Greenstar 2000 is energy-efficient in both heating and hot water modes. The Greenstar 2000 has a seasonal space heating energy efficiency of 93%. This means that 93% of the energy used by the machine is enough to heat a given space in a given season while the remaining 7% is wasted. The Greenstar 2000 has a water-heating energy efficiency of 84%. This means that 84% of the energy used to heat the water is converted to heat, whilst the remaining 16% is wasted. These data points land the Worcester Greenstar 2000 an energy efficiency rating of “A.”

Four factors make the Worcester Greenstar 2000 so energy efficient. These factors are as follows.

  • Modulation down to 4.8kW: A high modulation range means the Greenstar 2000 isn’t wasting energy when you only need a little heat.
  • Quick Tap water-saving: The Greenstar 2000’s Quick Tap feature means you don’t have to run your tap until it warms up. This feature conserves both water and energy.
  • Controls to fine-tune your energy usage: Better central heating controls mean less energy wasted on heating you don’t need.
  • Aluminium heat exchanger: The C6 Heat Exchanger is made from aluminium, which heats water more efficiently than steel.

Output modulation down to 4.8kW

The Greenstar 2000 modulates its heating output to suit your needs, going as low as 4.8kW when you only need a little heat. The 2000 achieves this by using the venturi effect to reduce fluid pressure in the boiler. This ability to modulate tailors the boiler’s output to your temperature settings and reduces fuel consumption.

Quick Tap water-saving

Quick Tap eliminates the need to leave your tap running while your water heats. Turn on your hot water tap for a split second and the Quick Tap will warm up your heat exchanger. You’re able to use the hot tap 30 seconds later to get hot water.

The Quick Tap feature cuts down on water waste and makes your boiler more energy efficient. You no longer need to waste energy heating lukewarm water that’s just going down the drain.

Controls to fine tune your energy usage

The Greenstar 2000 offers sophisticated controls that allow you to set temperature and timer preferences. The 2000 comes with visual graphs to monitor heating and hot water use. You’re able to set heating times and temperatures for specific rooms with Bosch EasyControl Smart TRVs. These precise controls help you avoid using your heating when you don’t need it and thus slash your energy bill.

Aluminum heat exchanger

The aluminium heat exchanger helps the Greenstar 2000 conserve fuel. Aluminium is significantly more heat-conductive than stainless steel, so the fuel your boiler combusts heats the water quickly.

How Worcester Greenstar 2000 saves you money on energy bills

The Worcester Greenstar 2000 saves you money on energy bills by cutting down on energy waste. Exactly how much you could save by switching to the Greenstar 2000 depends on your property and your existing boiler. For example, switching from a G-rated boiler to an A-rated boiler like the Greenstar 2000 in a detached house could save you several hundred pounds per year on your gas bills.

What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

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How much does it cost to install Worcester Greenstar 2000?

It costs £2,800 – £3,000 to install a Worcester Greenstar 2000. This cost includes the price of the boiler and parts as well as the cost of fitting the unit. The installation costs vary based on the five factors below.

  • Location: Boiler installation prices vary depending on where you are in the UK. Prices in London and other urban areas with high real estate costs tend to be higher than elsewhere.
  • Installer: Different installers charge different prices for their services. National heating companies charge the most, whilst local and online installers typically cost less. However, you often get what you pay for, so be wary of ultra-budget installers. Your warranty or boiler cover may be invalidated if your boiler is installed incorrectly.
  • Scope of work: Every boiler installation is different and the exact scope of work factors into the cost of the service. Expect a higher price if you are switching boiler types, the location of the boiler in your home, or moving additional components, like the flue, to new locations.
  • Warranty: Your warranty influences the price of your boiler installation. Some warranties have specific requirements for how boiler installations must be carried out, which can drive up the fitting costs.
  • Extras: Any extras you purchase (such as pricey third-party controls) drive up the overall costs.

The installation costs for the Greenstar 2000 vary quite a bit, so the best way find out an accurate price is to get your own quote. Heatable is an online boiler installation company that allows you to get a fixed-price quote on a range of suitable boilers (including the Greenstar 2000) on your screen in only 90 seconds. All you have to do is answer a few property-related questions on Heatable’s anonymous online questionnaire.

How to get the best deal on a new Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000?

Get the best deal on a new Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000 by going to Heatable. Heatable offer lower prices than their competitors for high-quality installations by cutting down on unnecessary costs. They don’t have a physical storefront and can pass on that reduction in overhead costs to the consumer.

Heatable operate across the UK, allowing them to offer local service regardless of your location. Large-scale operations permit Heatable to source boilers directly from manufacturers rather than through third parties. All of these cut down costs without compromising the quality of your installation.

Check out Heatable to compare boiler installation costs and get the best possible Worcester 2000 deals.

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How long is the Greenstar 2000 warranty?

The Greenstar 2000 warranty is 5 years long as standard. However, you’re able to extend the warranty to 6 years by including the Greenstar Filter, and to 10 years by getting your boiler installed via Heatable.

Note that Worcester Bosch’s guarantees have better terms than their competitors’ warranties. Worcester are fully committed to repairing your boiler if it breaks – their guarantee comes free of charge and comprises a legal obligation to perform repairs in the event of a breakdown.

Heat exchanger warranty

The Greenstar 2000’s C6 heat exchanger comes with a 10-year warranty. This warranty means you don’t need to pay for heat exchanger repairs out-of-pocket – and heat exchangers are notoriously expensive to repair and replace.

What is the best alternative to the Greenstar 2000?

The best alternatives to the Greenstar 2000 are the Viessmann Vitodens 050-W and the Greenstar 4000. Both alternatives are among the best combi boiler models on the market.

Greenstar 2000 Greenstar 4000 Vitodens 050-W
Depth(mm) 300 310 400
Height(mm) 724 734 700
Width(mm) 400 400 300
Energy Rating 93% 94% 95%
Boiler Outputs 25 – 30 kW 25kW – 30kW 25kW – 35 kW
Boiler Type Combi System, Combi Combi
Hot Water Flow Rate (l/min) 9 – 10.8 l/min 9 – 10.8 l/m 10.2 – 14.3 l/min
Efficiency Rating A A A
Noise Level (dB) 43 45 49
Warranty 6 Years 10 Years 10 Years
Price Estimate (subject to factors) £2,300 £2,600 £2,600

An easy way to compare alternatives to the Greenstar 2000 is to use the Heatable boiler calculator. The calculator factors in various property parameters to recommend the most suitable boiler models. Along with the recommendations, you get fixed-price quotes for all of the models (boiler, installation, and 10-year warranty included).

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000

Is Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000 right for my home?

Below are the three factors that determine if the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000 is right for your home.

  • The boiler’s size: The Greenstar 2000 has a smaller output compared to some other models that would be well-suited to a property of 10 radiators or less in apartments with one bathroom.
  • The boiler’s flow rate: Another key factor is the boiler’s flow rate, which is the amount of hot water it can push through your pipes per minute. Greenstar 2000 has a flow rate that’s sufficient for households with modest-to-average hot water demand.
  • Your budget: The Greenstar 2000 is relatively affordable as a smaller-capacity boiler. A more budget-friendly alternative would be the Alpha E-Tec 28kW, which has full installation costs of around £2,600.

Is the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000 worth it? (Review verdict)

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000 is worth it if you’re buying on a budget and living in a smaller apartment. It lacks the advanced features of the 4000 and 8000 Worcester boilers but still delivers on quality and energy efficiency.

There are four major benefits to buying the Greenstar 2000. First, the Greenstar 2000 has a small build and quiet noise profile that make it an ideal choice for a discrete boiler in a small apartment. Second, the Greenstar 2000 is a highly energy-efficient boiler that saves money on your energy bills. Third, the Worcester 2000 easily integrates into your smart home with advanced controls despite its budget price. Finally, the Greenstar 2000 is designed well with repair in mind to reduce hassle and costs when your boiler breaks.

There are a few drawbacks to this model of boiler. First, it lacks some of the advanced features of the Greenstar 4000 and 8000 models. Second, its aluminium heat exchanger is vulnerable to damage if not maintained properly. Third, it comes with a shorter 6-year warranty when compared to other Greenstar models.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000 FAQs

Below we answer the most widely asked questions about the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000.

What is the difference between Worcester 2000 and 8000?

There are three differences between Worcester 2000 and 8000. Firstly, the 8000 is a higher-end boiler that comes in a wider range of sizes. The 8000 is available at 30kW, 35kW, 40 kW, 45 kW, and 50 kW. In contrast, the 2000 is only available at 25kW and 30kW. Secondly, the 8000 has a 12-year warranty, twice the length of the Greenstar 2000’s 6-year warranty. Thirdly, the Greenstar 80000 also has a premium Style model that has full-colour controls and the option of a glossy black finish. Fourthly, the 8000 costs around £3,500 to install while the 2000 costs £2,900.

What is the difference between Worcester 2000 and 4000?

There are three differences between the Worcester 2000 and 4000. First, the Worcester is available as a system boiler with sizes 12kW, 15kW, 18kW, 21kW, and 24kW while the 2000 only has combi boiler models. Second, the Worcester 2000 has only a 6-year warranty while the 4000 has a maximum 10-year warranty. This is likely indicative of a lower-quality model. Third, the 4000 also comes with some additional features like a more advanced interface and the ability to fit external controls.

How many radiators can a Worcester 2000 run?

The Worcester 2000 can run 10 radiators. The 25kW and the 30kW have a central heating output of 4.8 – 20 kW that can support up to 10 radiators. Both models are both well-suited to smaller apartments with 1-2 bedrooms and one bathroom.

Can I fit a Hive to a Worcester 2000?

No, you cannot fit a Hive or any other external controls to a Worcester 2000. This is possible with the premium 8000 model.

Can you fit external controls to a Worcester 2000?

No, you cannot fit external controls to a Worcester 2000. The more-advanced 4000 and 8000 Greenstar models support external controls but this is sadly not an option with the 2000.

Can you pipe behind a Worcester 2000?

No, you cannot pipe behind a Worcester 2000. It is possible to pipe behind the 4000 and 8000, but the 2000 has a different piping configuration that makes this impossible. It is possible for your installer to fabricate a standoff kit that will create space behind the boiler for rear piping. The feasibility of this approach will depend on your situation.