Worcester Bosch 28CDI Compact Boiler Review, Price & Alternatives

If you’re looking for a Worcester combi boiler to suit a mid-range property, it’s no surprise that you’re considering the Worcester 28CDi Compact from the Greenstar range. In this review, we’ll cover details relating to the 28CDi Compact and how its prices compare to other boilers in the Worcester range, and other brands.

If you’re in a hurry, you can get an exact quote in 90 seconds by filling this online form from Heatable — which we think offer great service while installing Worcester Bosch boilers for fixed prices starting at £1,785.

Worcester 28CDi Compact Boiler Review

The Worcester 28CDi is the most popular boiler in CDi Compact range. However, there are two others in that range — the 32CDi Compact and the 36CDi Compact. We’ll talk about them below.

Suitable Property Size for a Greenstar 28CDi Compact

The Worcester Greenstar 28CDi Compact is a relatively small boiler. You may think that the “28CDi” designation indicates an output of 28kW for central heating — enough to heat a 3-bedroomed home — but that’s not what it means. The number “28” actually refers to the heat output for domestic hot water.

In terms of central heating, the Greenstar 28 CDi Compact offers 24kW — enough for smaller properties, like 1-2 bedroomed flats, apartments, and houses. That said, a 24kW boiler will leave you struggling to warm up more than 10 radiators.

Heating Output For Worcester 32CDi & 36CDi

There are two other CDi Compacts in the range. The 32CDi and the 36CDi. Again, the names are a bit misleading — these models ALSO have 24kW of heating output.

It’s the flow rate that differs here. The 28CDi is 10L, the 32CDi gets 11.5L and the 36CDi gets 12.9L.

Worcester 28CDi Prices

The best way to compare Worcester 28CDi Compact’s prices versus those of other boilers in the range, is to head over to Heatable and fill in their anonymous questionnaire. The survey takes around 90 seconds to complete and requires no personal details. You’ll get fixed prices on your screen for all boilers that are suitable for your property, including the Worcester 28CDi.

Heatable are a new online boiler installation company, with a small overhead but stellar deals with the likes of Worcester Bosch. That’s why their prices are about as good as you’ll get, with no hidden extras.

We just plugged in details that lead to a Worcester 28CDi Compact landing on screen, and our fixed price was £2,600, including:

  • System flush and clean
  • Magnetic system filter, worth up to £200 including installation
  • £199.99 Honeywell Smart Thermostat
  • Long, 10-year warranty

The price may vary depending on your exact property requirements, but you can get your fixed quote from Heatable here.

Worcester 28CDi Compact Features

All Worcester CDi Compact boilers easily fit in a kitchen cupboard. The display is simple to navigate, and allows you to adjust hot water and heating from the control panel.

You get built-in frost protection, which is particularly important when temperatures start dropping below zero. This feature will prevent your condensate pipe from freezing and stop your boiler from locking out, so you won’t need to call a boiler repair engineer every time the temperatures plummet in winter. This frost protection function is even more vital if you want to install your boiler in a loft or garage, where it’ll be more exposed to the elements.

Thanks to Worcester’s low-energy pump, this boiler’s electrical consumption is minimal. Overall, this a boiler that’s up to 92% efficient, which is how it earns its A+ ErP rating.

What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Fixed price online with next day installation

Worcester boilers from as little as £1,965.


Worcester Bosch boiler warranties change constantly. They also vary depending on which additional Worcester-branded products are installed alongside the boiler (such as a filter), and whether or not they are installed by a Worcester Accredited engineer.

At time of writing, the CDi Compact range comes with a 7-year standard warranty, which can be extended to 9-years if you use a Worcester-Accredited Installer.

Essentially, these installers AREN’T Worcester engineers — they’re the same as any other Gas Safe engineer, but they’ve been on a training course provided by Worcester. Lots of local installers have taken this course.

If you want to stretch this warranty a bit more, we recommend you head over to Heatable — you’ll get the full, 10-year warranty as part of the package.

The Best Alternatives to a Worcester 28CDi

You’ve got a whole host of alternatives to the Greenstar CDi Compact range. Although Worcester Bosch and their Greenstar are the most popular, there are plenty of other models that stack up nicely in terms of quality and come with a better price.

Do You Need A Compact Boiler?

First of all, do you actually need a compact boiler? In general, you’ll pay 10-20% more for a compact than you would for a normal boiler.

The reason compact boilers command a premium is that they fit into your average kitchen cupboard. So, if you’ve already got a boiler installed in a kitchen cupboard, or have a wall-hung boiler and would prefer it tucked away in a kitchen unit, you’ll need a compact.

However, if you’re planning to replace a wall-hung unit, or simply fitting a boiler in an airing cupboard, you don’t need a compact, so we’ll give you an alternative below.

Worcester 25i

If you’ve decided you’re dead-set on a Worcester Greenstar, but you don’t need it to fit in a kitchen cupboard, you’ll want to head for the 25i, or 30i.

The Worcester Greenstar 25i gets you a similar flow rate and heating output (actually, 1kW more, at 25kW). And it’s roughly £200 cheaper than the Worcester 28CDi Compact.

We’ve written a full review here.

Baxi 600 Compact

If you’re looking for a Compact boiler, but don’t want to burn cash for the sake of it, I’d suggest checking out the Baxi 600. Like the CDi Compact, the Baxi 600 will fit into a standard kitchen unit, so you can install it out of sight.

Baxi offer 24kW and 30kW versions — great options if you’ve got a small-to-medium-sized property.

Whilst Baxi are nowhere near as popular as Worcester Bosch, their products are top notch. They just don’t have the budget to market themselves like Worcester do.

The best thing about the Baxi 600? It’s ridiculously cheap. In fact, you’ll be looking at paying £800-900 for a Baxi (boiler only), rather than £1,100 for the CDi Compact range.

Other features include smart technology capability and it’s hugely lightweight, so, easier and cheaper to install).

We’ve written a full review of the Baxi 600 here, so you can compare it directly to the Worcester 28CDi.

Getting Your Compact Boiler Installed

If you’re not 100% sure about which boiler is the most suitable, speak to an engineer. As part of a quote, they’ll spec your property, ensuring the boiler you’re about to buy has the output to supply hot water and heating at sufficient levels.

A boiler installation can cost more than £2,000. So the last thing you want, is to get the wrong boiler fitted — you’ll likely have to live with it for 10+ years!

You can get your fixed price from Heatable in less than 90 seconds here.

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our review of the Worcester CDi range. Hopefully, that gives you an idea of what you’re getting for your money, and the alternatives that are out there.

Still got questions about the Worcester CDi Compact range? Drop a question below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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