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Are Online Boiler Replacement Quotes Legit? [Here’s What You Need To Know]

Welcome to our 5-minute guide to getting online boiler replacement quotes (and if they’re actually legit).

This is the guide you NEED to read before getting quotes, picking a boiler, choosing a company, and getting your new boiler installed…

Ever wondered why ALL boiler installers don’t offer you the ability to compare boiler installation quotes online?

Well, because it’s complicated. Your home needs to be spec’d to ensure that the boiler is correct for that individual property; that’s hard for an installer to do, over the tinterweb.

BUT, there are some websites that are leading the way in online quote comparisons. They’ve worked out a process that enables them to not only give online boiler quotes instantly, but more importantly, they’re accurate too!

Why Online Boiler Quotes Are CHEAP!

And here’s something most people don’t think of. Every time a boiler installer quotes a job?

Bad news; that’s time. And, time is money. They have to factor in the cost of each quote (especially for the jobs they don’t get), into their average boiler quote price.

So yeah, YOU are paying them in a round about way, to quote other people’s install jobs!

Getting an instant online boiler quote, removes the need for installers to make a site visit.

The good news? That’s saving them time, and that’s saving you money.

Cha-ching 🙂

Here’s how it works…

The Online Boiler Quote Process

Step 1: The Home Survey

To get an accurate online boiler replacement quote, your home needs to be surveyed. And, you can do it yourself, online.

Technologically advanced boiler installers (some tradesmen actually-know how to use a computer…really) have come up with a DIY, online home survey. That’s going to ask you simple, non-technical questions. But, it’s enough for them to get a complete overview of your property.

QUICK TIP: I know you want a quick and instant boiler quote. But, the more details you provide (property size, radiators, boiler type, postcode etc.), the more accurate the quote is likely to be. Here’s an example of the type of details you’ll need to fill out to get boiler replacement quotes.

It’s worth spending a minute or two filling out details on websites with detailed forms; those are the ones offering online boiler quotes that aren’t going to “suddenly” increase their prices, on the day of the install.

I’m sure you like some surprises, but I’m going to assume unexpected costs aren’t one of them.

Step 2: The Boiler Quote Comparison

Here’s the thing about boiler prices; they vary dramatically.

And, if you’ve only had one quote, whether the quote is £2,000 or £4,000 (prices vary depending on the specific installation), there’s a good chance you’re thinking one thing…

Am I Being Ripped Off?

My answer? I can’t help you, because I can’t see the details of your home survey, or the quotation.

But, there’s a way to figure it out for yourself; get more than one quote.

All you need to do, is get 2-3 quotes, from Gas Safe engineers.

And, do make sure they’re Gas Safe (check their ID card on the Gas Safe Register here).

Step 3: The Itemised Boiler Quote

I can tell you straight, no boiler quote or installation is the same. If you want to avoid a “sudden” bump in the price of your boiler quote on the day of the replacement, you NEED to get an itemised quote.

I’d suggest ensuring your installer includes the following:

  1. Hot Flush

This involves dosing the heating system with chemicals, cranking up the temperature, and flushing out any debris from your heating system. This debris (known as heating sludge), is a real killer of boilers; let’s make sure it’s not a killer of yours.

  1. Boiler Type (And Warranty)

If you’re looking for a true boiler quote comparison, you’ll need to compare the boiler’s being installed and their warranty.

For instance, some boilers come with a low 2-year warranty; sad face > 🙁 .

Other’s like the Ideal Logic Plus, come with a 7-year warranty; smiley face > 🙂 .

I’d not be paying £1,000s for a boiler, without a MINIMUM of a 5-year warranty; I’d suggest you do the same.

And, a final note on warranties. Many manufacturers will offer a warranty on their boilers, ONLY if fitted by one of their accredited installers.

Check the boiler brand’s terms and conditions you’ve been quoted for. If this is the case, and you use a Gas Safe engineer without accreditation, you could miss out on multiple years of extra warranty!

  1. Boiler Protection (Filters)

Remember the heating sludge mentioned above? It will continue to build-up over time. So, you’ll want a magnetic system filter installed. That filter catches this debris, and can be emptied out with your annual boiler service.

Top brands include BoilerMag, Fernox and MagnaClean.

And, if you live in a “hard water” area, you’ll also want a scale reducer installed. This catches limescale, rather heating sludge.

When the boiler’s fitted (with the suitable filters), you’ll also want central heating inhibitor dosed in the system. This breaks down sludge and limescale, ready for the filters to catch it.

  1. Heating Controls

On your itemised boiler quote, are controls included, or will the installer be using existing controls?

If new heating controls are included in the online boiler quote, what are they? How do they compare to what’s being fitted as part of another boiler quote you’ve been offered?

HINT: You can Google the name of each control and check the price; that gives you an indication of their quality.

Honeywell, Drayton, Tado, Hive, Nest, Salus and Danfoss are all leading brands in this field.

  1. Terms & Conditions

The all-important terms and conditions! Check what the terms and conditions of the boiler quote are, and think about how that could affect you.

You’ll want to see if there’s a section related to the “gas mains”, or “gas run”. Older building/gas regulations were more lenient, and many gas runs (the gas pipes feeding the boiler) are now not up to standard.

A boiler engineer can’t legally work on your property and then tick it off as Gas Safe, if your gas run isn’t up to standard. An upgrade could cost between £100-400 depending on the complexity. And, that’s a cost surprise you don’t want.

So, check the terms and conditions of your instant boiler quote, and if necessary, try to survey/photograph your gas run for your boiler installer to check out, before agreeing an installation date and price.

Step 4: The Boiler Installation Company Comparison

So, you’ve had a handful of quotes, and you’re torn between 2-3? Or, you’ve picked a boiler installation quote you’re happy with and want to check out the company’s legit?

  1. Check out the company and engineers on the Gas Safe Register
  2. Search their company on Google
  3. Read online reviews (Google, FaceBook, Yell)

Under no circumstances should you accept a gas boiler quote from an engineer that’s not Gas Safe registered; they’re not legally allowed to fit boilers.

And let’s face it, if a company hasn’t got ANY online presence these days; there’s something going on.

When You Should Get A Boiler Replacement

There are two reasons to replace your boiler.

The first, is because your boiler is ridiculously inefficient. All new boilers are A-Rated. On some properties, compared directly with a G-Rated boiler, that could see annual savings of up to £305, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

The second, is when you’ve got an old boiler, and the cost of maintenance or repair is spiralling out of control. If your boiler is old, out of warranty, and likely to cost £500-1,000+ to fix, that’s the time to at least consider getting boiler replacement quotes.

There’s a good chance that between additional efficiency and a parts/labour warranty, your boiler essentially, pays for itself!

Boiler Replacement Costs

OK, with all that out of the way. How much should a boiler replacement cost?

You’re going to hate me. But, how long’s a piece of string? Prices are going to vary, dramatically.

A simple replacement using a 24kw Ideal Logic Plus? Around £800 inc VAT to buy, and around £1,800 including installation.

A Worcester Bosch 32/50 Utility oil boiler? Around £2,000 inc VAT to purchase, and upwards of £3,500 including installation.

Do you need a cylinder installed? Are you upgrading from a system boiler or regular, to a combi? These are all extras at additional cost to a standard replacement quote.

To add to confusion, labour rates can vary by as much as 20% throughout the country. Then there are national installers, that can be £500+ more expensive compared with a local fitter.

Headache yet?

The “Average Boiler Replacement Cost”

So, you can see, prices do vary considerably. All we can really offer-up here, is a guide to average boiler replacement costs…

Small Properties

If you live in a flat, apartment, or a 2-bedroom house with low hot water demand, you’ll probably go with a 24kw. The expected boiler quote and replacement cost would be in the region of £1,800-£2,000.

Medium Properties

If you’re in a 2-4 bedroomed property with reasonable hot water demand, you’ll be looking at the 28kw-35kw range. Expect boiler replacement quotes to be in the region of £2,500.

Large Properties

For large properties, it gets even more complex. There’s a good chance a combi isn’t going to live up to your hot water demand.

You’ll be using a regular or system boiler that has a cylinder, and that adds to the cost. Expect the boiler replacement cost to be in the region of £2,800-3,500.

Which Are The Best Boiler Brands To Install?

We’ve already mentioned that quotes are going to vary based on the type of boiler, warranty and so on. Some boiler quotes will be for brands that in our opinion, are inferior; I wouldn’t fit them in my home, and neither should you.

The majority of the boiler quote price is made up of parts and labour. The difference between a cheap (and unreliable) unit, and a premium one, isn’t as much as you’d think; a few hundred pounds on an installation that’s going to cost upwards of £2,000!

So, first, look for a boiler with a 5-year warranty or more. Then, stick to the best boiler brands available. We’ve created a detailed guide to the best boiler brands here, but here’s the shortlist.

The Best Gas & LPG Boilers

If you’re getting boiler prices for gas or LPG boilers, these are our preferred brands:

  1. Ideal Boilers
  2. Worcester Bosch
  3. Vaillant
  4. Potterton
  5. Baxi Heating

The Best Oil Boilers

Off the grid, and getting oil boiler quotes? Here are our 3 preferred brands:

  1. Grant
  2. Worcester Bosch
  3. Vaillant

NOTE: If you’re getting oil boiler replacement quotes, you’ll need an OFTEC engineer, NOT a Gas Safe engineer; you can visit OFTEC for more information here.

Conclusion: Should You Get Online Boiler Installation Quotes?

If all you’re entering in an online form is your postcode, contact details and being promised a fixed online boiler quote; there’s no way that quote is legit. Here’s an example of a site offering boiler replacement quotes.

A fixed boiler quote can only be achieved online by understanding property details, and therefore boiler requirements. Your installer needs to know things such as:

  • Property size
  • Number of radiators and towel rails (and their BTU)
  • Hot water usage (1 shower? 2 showers?)
  • The state of the gas run (does it comply to Gas Safe standards)
  • The list goes on…

There ARE companies offering legit fixed online boiler quotes, and those websites are the ones taking as MANY details are they can. If you want to get a quote that is truly fixed, expect to spend more than 3-seconds filling out a form.

If you’ve found a website asking for detailed information about your property and heating requirements, there’s a good chance the boiler prices being offered are going to be fixed, and not “suddenly” change on the day of your replacement.

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading out 5-minute guide to getting instant and online boiler replacement quotes.

Had a boiler quote you were happy with? Not sure if you’re being ripped off, or which heating controls you should buy?

If it’s about boilers, we’re interested; drop a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

And, bookmark this page and pop back soon, we regularly post up new buyer’s guides and boiler advice.

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