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Ideal Boiler Service & Repair Costs: The Homeowner’s Guide

Do you have an Ideal boiler? If you’re serious about it lasting a long while, you’ll get it serviced on an annual basis. And in this guide, we’ll tell you all you need to know about Ideal boiler service — what it entails, how much it costs, how to find the right heating engineer, and when it’s time to get a new boiler.

Ideal boiler service

Don’t have an Ideal Boiler? Checkout out boiler service cost guide here.

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How Much Does It Cost to Service an Ideal Boiler?

Different boiler engineers will include different things as part of their annual service package. Typically, you should expect to pay £70-90+VAT for Ideal boiler service.

Note that this price shouldn’t fluctuate much regardless of whether you have an Ideal combi boiler, system, regular, or oil boiler. But, you can expect this price to increase to £85-120+VAT when using larger heating companies rather than local Gas Safe engineers.

My Ideal Boiler Needs Repairing — Are Repairs Covered in Service Costs?

No, don’t assume a service engineer will fix any issue with your boiler. They do visual inspections, such as checking flue gases with a flue gas analyser, to make sure no problems develop in the future.

If your boiler has already developed a problem, you need to inform the heating engineer that boiler repair and service are needed, not just a service.

Why You Need Annual Ideal Boiler Service

Because it’s cheaper than a new boiler installation.

Repairing or replaceing a boiler can be expensive. Annual Ideal boiler service will help to minimise problems in the future, so you can avoid a boiler breakdown for as long as possible.

We’ve seen it time and time again, where boilers and heating systems have been left without maintenance and need replacing 5 years too early. With the cost of boiler installations starting at roughly £1,800, that’s a lot of cash to be throwing away. Unless of course, you want to upgrade your faulty old Ideal boiler, in which case you can get prices on screen using this form from Heatable.

Ideal Boilers Won’t Honour Their Warranty Without Service History

Ideal Boilers know that the longevity of their products is down to one simple thing — maintenance by a qualified boiler engineer. Without routine maintenance, there’s no saying how long their boilers will last.

And since they don’t want to foot the bill for avoidable repairs, they have a clause in their Terms and Conditions, which says they won’t honour a warranty unless the boiler is annually serviced by a Gas Safe engineer.

One-Off Service, or Annual Boiler Cover?

A one-off or annual service is usually the most financially viable option for older Ideal boilers. However, you should consider getting boiler cover if you’ve just fitted a brand-new Ideal boiler.

If you’d prefer boiler cover that includes an annual boiler service plan, there are some excellent boiler care plans out there. All we advise is that you read the small print and choose a boiler cover plan with an excess amount that fits your budget.

My Ideal Boiler Is Old, Should I Service or Repair It?

We’d recommend that you service your boiler every year. In fact, we’ve seen rusty old gas boilers that get serviced plod on 10 years past their typical lifespan. This assumes complete service, and that a magnetic system filter is installed to keep the heating sludge at bay.

Boiler repairs are slightly different. Depending on the boiler (and therefore, the cost of a new one), we tend to take a long hard look at any boiler repairs costing £350 or more for appliances over 10 years old. That’s a lot of cash to be ploughing into an old boiler, since it might not last much longer anyway.

Sometimes, the best option is a replacement. Especially as Ideal Boilers are not particularly expensive, and are available with 2-10 year warranties. You can get prices on screen for a new boiler in less than 90 seconds here.

Finding a Reputable Ideal Boiler Servicing Engineer

We’ve got links to the best Ideal Service Engineers in the country — you can get in touch with one of our service contacts here.

Any Questions?

Thanks for reading out guide to Ideal Boiler service. We’re always happy to offer central heating advice. So whether you’re trying to understand additional costs Ideal boiler service, or you want to know whether a replacement is in order, we can help. Leave us a comment below with your question and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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