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Cheap Safety Boots With Exceptional Value for Money

While personal protection is something you shouldn’t skimp on, there are indeed some cheap safety boots out there worth looking into. Sometimes your budget just doesn’t allow you to spring for all the bells and whistles, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without solid protection!

Today, we look at a range of affordable work boots, each purpose-built with essential protections to satisfy your workplace requirements. Our recommendations span a variety of uses, and provide exceptional value for money. We’ll also share with you how.

Cheap Safety Boots

Best Cheap Safety Boots For Any Workplace

Whether you’re working the land or building on it, there’s an affordable work boot out there with all the protections you need to face down workplace hazards with confidence. Below, we cover the best deals on quality safety boots that offer fit, durability, and protections at an inexpensive price point.

1. Dunlop Half Wellies

DUNLOP Short Leg Half-Height Wellies Easier On & Off Good For Wider Calf Fitting

Despite their light protections, Dunlop’s half-height Wellingtons are among the best-selling safety boots out there. While the super-low price is doubtless a driving factor, these boots do offer a lot on their own merits.

For one, they’re 100% waterproof, and a lot more durable than you might at first give them credit for. What’s more, they’re incredibly lightweight, and feature roomy shafts about the calves that allow a dry, comfortable fit for absolutely anyone. That means these are ideally suited for throwing on and kicking off when it’s time to walk the dog, or for wearing out to do some gardening.

Just make sure you’re not expecting a steel toe or advanced resistances against environmental hazards beyond the wet. There’s no insulation to speak of, so you’ll need to double up on thick socks for use in wintry weather.

Still, made from PVC as they are, you’ll find the Dunlop half wellies work well to ward of thorns and thick brush. They also offer good protections against minerals, vegetable oils, fats, and other muck common to gardening and farming.

Protections at a glance

  • Waterproof
  • Resistance against oils, fats, and minerals

Fit and wearability

Whilst there’s plenty of room in the calves to tuck your trousers in, Dunlop‘s fit about the foot is quite reasonable, even for thinner feet. Still, you’d do best to order a size down, and still plan to wear some thick socks. On the plus side, you’ll have ample space to incorporate your favourite gel inserts.


For such a simple boot, Dunlop’s half welly is impressively durable. It’s not unusual to get a couple of years’ wear out of these, even when laying down many miles on hard pavement.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who faces messy jobs, but who doesn’t need high-impact protections. Light farm work, gardening, and dog walking in rainy weather are ideal applications for Dunlop’s half wellies.

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2. Scruffs T51448 Switchback

Scruffs T51448 Switchback Sb-P Safety Boots, Yellow

Who says steel-toed boots have to be expensive? Scruffs offer premium-tier protections with their T51448 Switchback, at the fraction of the price of other safety boots.

Bearing an S3 SRA HRO mark, the Switchback is ready for anything. A steel toe box protects your fragile foot bones from up to 200J of impact, or 1500kN of compression. What’s more, there’s a composite plate embedded into the midsole, which wards off penetrative forces (like stepping on a nail) up to 1100kN.

The Switchback won’t ever slow you down, either; with shock-absorbing heels, moulded EVA midsoles, and flexible vamps all working in concert to provide a stable, anti-fatigue fit. What’s more, Scruffs designed these safety boots with Nubuck leather upper, featuring a robust stitch that holds together in the face of excessive wear and tear.

Those uppers are also water resistant, and chemically bonded to the outsole forming a truly impermeable moisture barrier. The Switchback handles well on slick surfaces, offering SRA slip resistance that denotes traction even on soapy tiles. That’s not all the soles are good for; the Switchback offers anti-static resistance (in part thanks to the composite midsole shank), plus heat resistance up to 300°C.

Protections at a glance

  • Steel toe, composite midsole
  • Shock absorption under foot
  • Static, heat, and water resistance

Fit and wearability

As a mid-ankle work boot, the Switchback offers flexible utility both on and off the job. You can drive to the site, then get immediately to work–no fannying about changing your boots. There’s also speed lacing hardware to make donning your work boots that much easier.

While they’ll never pass as trainers, but their sleek, modern design makes for boots you wouldn’t mind wearing with a pair of jeans on your day off. They’re comfortable enough too, especially thanks to the Poron insert which moulds to your feet and cushions each step you take.

The leather is supple enough to offer a relatively shortened break-in period. You may even experience a comfy fit right out the box! Order true to size.


While the Nubuck leather uppers are tough, their stitching doesn’t tend to last quite as long, and will likely be the first thing to go. This is most likely to do with the exceptional flex about the vamps, which reduces fatigue but does put a strain on the stitching.

This nit-pick aside, the Switchback should last you about a year of daily wear. Additionally, Scruffs will make good on their 6-month quality guarantee should you encounter any trouble prematurely.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who needs S3 protections in a boot that’s extremely affordable. The fit is especially good for anyone with wide feet. While tough, the Scruffs Switchback is both comfortable and casual enough to wear on, off, or between jobs without skipping a beat.

Check price on Amazon

3. Black Hammer SRC 1007

Black Hammer Mens Safety Boots Work Waterproof Shoes Leather Steel Toe Cap

Another solid option for S3 protection on the cheap, the Black Hammer SRC 1007 really straddles the border visually between hi-top trainer and dedicated safety boot. Don’t let its mild-mannered appearance fool you, though; the SRC 1007 is built for long hours on your feet amidst myriad environmental hazards.

For a modest investment, these “cheap” safety boots offer bona-fide steel-armour protection for your toes and midsole. This suite is sufficient to deflect all sorts of kinetic damage, and is in full accordance with UK and EU safety requirements. Indeed, Black Hammer are well-aware of the requirements of the UK workforce, as they’re a British company themselves.

The SRC 1007 features genuine leather uppers–a step down from the premium full-grain stuff, but a durable boot material nonetheless. They form a naturally water-repellent barrier that doesn’t wear off with time like a chemical coating would. What’s more, a breathable mesh interior ensures that the interior of your boot doesn’t bog down from sweat, either.

The cemented PU soles offer exceptional SRC-level grip on wet tile and greased steel alike, while providing a stable base for your foot bed on any terrain. Not only that, but they offer anti-static and energy-absorbing virtues, as well. There’s even reflective patches sewn onto the rear of the boot, for enhanced visibility at night.

Protections at a glance

  • Water resistant uppers
  • Steel toe and midsole
  • Anti-static/energy absorbing/SRC non-slip sole
  • Integrated rear reflector

Fit and wearability

In terms of comfort, mid-rise safety boots are king. While there’s plenty of armour where it counts, the SRC 1007 allows plenty of mobility for your ankle. The PU insole offers generous arch-support, as well.

Black Hammer also makes use of a novel design for their lacing hardware. Essentially, it’s arrayed in such a way that actually matches the contour of your instep, allowing for a more snug, secure fit with no pressure points.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to size down to allow for some relaxing of the genuine leather. However, once you’ve got sizing sorted, this may well be the most comfortable safety boot you’ve ever worn.


PU is a fairly hard material, which is great for grip, energy absorption, and support. However, PU outsoles can split with hard wear, and the SRC 1007 are not immune to this. You should expect to get 6 months to a year of daily wear from these.

If you’d rather your boots last on the longer end of that range, take some time out to clean and condition the leather uppers. Genuine leather in particular appreciates some TLC, and will last much longer when treated with minimal care. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to baby the SRC 1007!

Who’s it for?

The inexpensive Black Hammer SRC 1007 safety boot is ideal for truckers, lift operators, and delivery drivers. While they offer tough protections that will keep you safe against falling cargo and rolling wheels alike, they’re flexible enough to switch seamlessly from operating machinery to working on the ground.

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4. Groundwork Tactical Safety Boots

Steel Toe Cap Combat Tactical Safety Ankle Boots Security Military Police Boot

When mobility is part of the job, you don’t want heavily armoured boots weighing you down. That said, Groundwork says you don’t have to choose between the two, and they’re here to prove it with their Tactical Safety Boots.

While the aesthetics won’t be for everyone, the utility is undeniable. Genuine leather and nylon fused uppers join with a robust, 1” thick outsole through a durable, yet flexible cemented bond. The result is a boot which can easily contain a steel toe without splitting, but which also flexes with each footstep for reduced fatigue.

That might be enough for most cheap work boots to offer, but Groundwork goes a couple of steps further. Those bold outsoles are ideal for use in urban environments; whether it’s on wet tile or uneven gravel, you’re sure to find your footing in your Groundwork safety boots. What’s more, these boots will withstand the heavy oil and grease of a factory or machine shop.

Protections at a glance

  • Steel toe cap
  • Tall genuine leather/nylon uppers for abrasion resistance
  • Slip and oil-resistant soles

Fit and wearability

Due to the lack of a steel midsole, these affordable Groundwork tactical safety boots offer a great deal of flex across the sole. If you’re walking, running, climbing, or lifting, you’ll appreciate that your boots move with you, rather than against you.

The interior is actually quite plush, with ample padding along the collar and tongue, and a cushioning insole. What’s more, the reinforced heel provides welcome support and stability, making it less likely to roll your ankle on uneven terrain.

This is all to say, they’re quite comfortable, despite the steel toe. And while they’re fairly tall, it’s easy to pull them on, and secure a comfortable fit with the zipper.

Groundwork’s tactical safety boots run true to size, so buy in confidence.


For low-cost safety boots, these Groundworks are quite durable if you pay them the slightest mind. With a bit of Dubbin to rejuvenate the genuine leather, you’ll find those flexible uppers more than suited well over a years’ worth of active duty.

We’ll double down on our Dubbin recommendation, though, as these boots are otherwise not at all waterproof. In fact, the lining will tend to absorb moisture, and degrade faster than any other part of the boot.

Finally, that zipper is something of a blessing and a curse. While the boot is noted for its flexibility, the zipper isn’t always able to withstand the strain, and may pop out. It’s not a problem that appears on every Groundwork boot, but it’s not uncommon either.

Who’s it for?

These are military-style boots which perform admirably in jobs where a uniform is required. Indeed, Groundwork safety boots are a popular pick amongst police and fire officers, doormen, and even emergency responders. While they’re not natively cut out for wet weather, a bit of conditioning goes a long way towards making these relatively cheap safety boots into all-weather heroes.

Check price on Amazon

5. Black Hammer 1997

Black Hammer Mens Safety Trainers Non Metal Free S1P SRC Ultra Lightweight Composite Toe Cap Kevlar Midsole

Need the protection of a safety boot, but the everyday wearability of a trainer ? Try Black Hammer’s 1997 safety trainers on for size, made for anyone who’s always on the job.

First, let’s talk protections: the 1997 features a Kevlar composite toe cap and midsole shank. While much lighter than steel, this material is renowned for its ballistic resilience, and will protect your most fragile bones with ease. (It also means you can walk through metal detectors without having to remove your shoes, which can be a real time saver.)

Like any good safety boot, it’s really all about the outsole. The 1997’s PU outsole bears superior SRC slip resistance, plus resilience against corrosive fuel oils. Additionally, the lack of metal in the midsole plus the sole’s makeup provide outstanding anti-static properties.

The uppers meet the sole with a cemented bond, reducing weight and increasing flexibility relative to a welted design. Adorning the sides of the shoe is a reflective material that enhances your visibility at night.

Protections at a glance

  • Composite toe and midsole
  • Oil and slip-resistant outsoles
  • Reflective uppers

Fit and wearability

It’s almost unfair to compare the Black Hammer 1997 to a proper safety boot. They share much more in common with trainers in terms of design and fit–and that’s a good thing for anyone on their feet all day.

For one, there’s virtually no break-in period, on account of the uppers consisting only partially of leather. The choice of Kevlar armour was a good one as well, since the material is categorically more lightweight and flexible than steel.

Inside, there’s a generously cushioned mesh liner which gently hugs your feet without creating pressure points. That said, the 1997 is perhaps over-roomy by default, so your best bet is to size down one.


Black Hammer made some wise design choices that allow these cheap safety shoes to really take a beating. The uppers, for example, bear tough double stitching around the areas of highest stress. PU is also amongst the most durable outsole materials, and can easily withstand a couple of years of the daily grind.

So, for the price, there’s not much to complain about. Of course, we have to nit-pick: Some brass lacing hardware would be a welcome addition to prevent the laces eating through the soft suede leather.

Who’s it for

Anyone who’s always on the go, but who frequents hazardous areas. The Black Hammer 1997 lacks the bulk of full-sized safety boots, yet provides similar protections in a sporty package. Lorry drivers, security, and maintenance crews will all find plenty to love here, and for a low price.

Check price on Amazon

6. Grafters Chelsea Boots M539B

Grafters Grinder Twin Gusset Dealer Mens Safety Boots

If your job requires safety footwear but you still need to look a bit smart, consider the dealers from Grafters. They offer all the protection of rough-and-tumble safety boot, but work magic to reduce the bulk for a sleek look.

Under the hood, you’ll find plenty of safety provisions. A steel toecap and midsole offer protection from crushing and penetrative force. For further underfoot safety, the PU outsole resists heat up to 200°C, reduces the build-up of dangerous static electricity, and wont corrode even after prolonged contact with fuel oils.

What’s more, the dual-density sole absorbs the shock of each step you take, allowing you to go long hours without excess foot fatigue. And with SRC slip protection, you can keep your footing sure, even on a steel floor slicked with grease.

Protections at a glance

  • Sole protects against heat, static, oil
  • Steel toe cap and midsole
  • 20J energy absorption in the heel

Fit and wearability

With cheap safety boots, you often have to compromise between style, comfort, and protection. But we believe Grafters have done a good job to walk that line with their M539B; they look great, protect well, and are quite wearable.

Admittedly, though, these will require a bit of a breaking-in period. While the dual gussets certainly help the boot flex and conform to your foot, they are a bit stiff out of the box. This is of course true for the leather as well, though that can be mitigated with some conditioning oil.

While we’ve mentioned it before, Grafters’ Activ-Step dual-density outsole is one of those things you only realise is essential once you’ve worn it. It offers a stable platform with plenty of arch support, yet beneath provides a feathery cushion to reduce the strain of walking, lifting, or climbing. Many swear they’re the most comfortable work boot they own–even more than brands twice the price.

The 539B dealer boots rise just above the ankle, and can comfortably accommodate wide feet. Order true to size.


Grafters’ Chelsea safety boots consist of genuine leather uppers and a dual-density outsole, joined together with stitched construction. The result is a sturdy boot which can take a fair beating and come out in one piece.

However, with all budget boots made from genuine (as opposed to full-grain) leather, you’re likely to run into trouble unless you condition and store them properly. Otherwise, the leather becomes brittle and soon wears away, especially over the toe cap. Since dealers are smart boots, a little bit of care will go a long way.

Who’s it for

Drivers, foremen, architects and engineers will appreciate the Grafters Chelsea. Equally at home at the office luncheon as on the job site, these affordable safety boots offer flexible utility, sharp looks, and uncompromising protections.

Check price on Amazon

7. Dunlop Protomaster FS160/142PP

Dunlop Mens Fs1600/142Pp Wellington Boots Black Size

We’ll end this list of the best cheap work boots as we began: With Dunlop. Whereas the half wellie is about as light as you can consider a proper safety boot, the Protomaster FS160/142PP occupies the opposite end of the spectrum. Indeed, Dunlop included everything but the kitchen sink in these full-height Wellington boots, yet managed to keep things affordable.

Those towering PVC/nitrile uppers are utterly waterproof, and will keep you dry even in knee-high muck. Of course, the Protomaster laughs at mere mud; these affordable safety boots defend you against all sorts of disinfectants and other bases, caustic chemicals, minerals, fats, and hydrocarbons like petrol and crude.

If that’s not enough, there’s steel inside. The Protomaster’s toe withstands 200J impacts, whilst the midsole is good against up to 1100kN of piercing force. The gum rubber sole has a slew of benefits, too, from antistatic and energy absorption to SRC anti-slip. And with oversized rubber treads, you’ll make short work of wet and rough terrain alike.

Protections at a glance

  • Meets S5 SRC safety standard
  • Offers a litany of chemical resistances
  • Knee-high Wellington design provides greater coverage

Fit and wearability

Despite their rugged utility, Wellingtons are designed to be easy to wear and comfortable. And Dunlop’s Protomaster doesn’t disappoint! While the uppers are made of a flexible material, they still keep their shape well and avoid sloppiness.

There’s plenty of room to tuck in your trousers, though sadly there’s no elastic or rope to seal off the cuffs. Indeed, the Protomaster is so roomy, you may prefer to size down one, or else plan to wear extra-thick socks.

On the bright side, you’ll have plenty of room for your favourite gel inserts, as these come with none of their own. That said, the gum soles do much to soothe the impact of footfall, and are quite comfortable after a short break-in period.


Truthfully, these Protomasters are unlikely to last more than a year of hard wear. The reason is that the PVC/nitrile tends to wear out over the steel toe, thus undermining the waterproofing. That said, the soles are rock-solid, and won’t split in cold weather or working with a spade.

Considering the low price of these S5 safety boots, you’re unlikely to feel hard done by due to limited longevity.

Who’s it for?

This is the festival-goer’s dream boot, thanks to their performance in the mud and muck. Of course landscapers, farmers, and dog walkers will appreciate the myriad protections offered by the Dunlop Protomaster. Basically, if you’re facing a dirty job where unsure footing and kinetic hazards are likely, this is the most cost-effective way to necessary S5 protections.

Check price on Amazon

Shopping tips for finding good safety boots on the cheap

If you’re on this page, chances are good you have plenty of experience shopping online. Go to an online marketplace, type in your search, and sort by price to search for deals–we’ve all been there, right?

But sadly, finding a good pair of cheap safety boots isn’t quite so simple. After all, isn’t it worth it to pay a little more for boots that will actually prevent injuries? The answer is yes, but you’d be surprised how much value you can get on a tight budget. 

Modern manufacturing and smart designs have made certified protective footwear more commonly available–you just have to be able to spot it amidst the rubbish. Here are a few tips to help you out:

Don’t accept vague language on specific protections

It’s generally true that talk is cheap, but that’s especially so when it comes to online product listings. If you’re a shady company looking to dump stock and disappear afterwards, you’ll promise anything to make a sale.

In order to cut through the bull, look for specific safety certifications. A company which has gone through the trouble and expense to test their products against UK safety standards will have no troubles proving they’ve done so. Usually, a good pair of cheap safety boots ships with the paperwork–or else you’ll be easily able to find it on the manufacturer’s website.

Certifications not only guarantee a certain level of protections; they help you narrow down the type of safety boot best suited for your specific workplace.

Don’t make assumptions about performance

Related to the previous point, a common pitfall amongst budget-conscious boot buyers is to fill in the gaps in product descriptions with assumptions. Let’s clear up a few of the most common:

  • • Just because a boot’s leather, doesn’t mean it’s waterproof. The lining and stitching are equally important as the leather for keeping moisture out. Water resistant boots will have an SRU or S3 rating.
  • • No, that rubber’s not actually thick enough to stop a nail. In fact, you should never rely on your outsole for puncture protection; that’s what midsole shanks are for. Look for specific mention of steel or Kevlar, a P rating, or better yet an S3 rating.
  • • Don’t assume the word “safety” means there’s an armoured toe cap. This is particularly true of rubber Wellington-style boots, which are made for tromping through the rain well away from the crushing and impact hazards of a construction site, for instance. Even if there is mention of a reinforced toe, if it doesn’t have an S1 or I/75 C/75 rating, it’s not going to keep you safe.
  • • A rubber sole isn’t always a guarantee against heat and electricity. If it doesn’t bear an HRO or A rating respectively, it’s not going to keep you safe.
  • • Finally, don’t assume all inexpensive boots are worthless! If they’ve got certifications, they’ll be at least worth a look. Read reviews, and carefully consider which protections are actually essential for your job. You can save big by simply avoiding the safety features you don’t actually need.

Keep a close eye out for reviews on fit

When you pay for a premium boot, companies go out of their way to make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase. If you accidentally picked the wrong size, no worries–they’ll swap them out, often free of charge.

Budget safety boot brands, on the other hand, usually don’t have the margins for that kind of thing. Many will hit you with a restocking fee and won’t refund your return postage, making your cheap work boot purchase that much less cheap in sum.

Make sure you get the right size! Boots are infamous for running big, small, wide, narrow, and all other deviations in between. Keep a sharp eye out for reviews, as this is probably the single most common thing customers complain about if there’s a problem.


There’s an old saying: “buy nice, or buy twice”. Turns out, that’s only true some of the times, like when you find an awesome deal on a pair of CE certified safety boots. Or, you might be looking specifically for a pair of beater boots, cheap enough to toss in the bin with no hard feelings after they’ve done their duty.

Whatever the case, there are quite a few good options for cheap safety boots available to you, if you know what to look for. To be sure, we always encourage you do plenty of research when it comes to personal protection gear, as a low price with no quality to back it is a recipe for injury. 

We’ve taken a look at seven affordable work boots, and talked about what makes them great despite their low prices. If you’re conducting your own comparison shopping, why not leave us a comment on what you’re looking for? What kind of workplace do you have, and what’s your budget? Let us know your thoughts in a comment below!

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