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24 Best Safety Trainers and Safety Shoes For Men For Work

Our detailed guide to the best safety trainers for work focus on not just protection, but comfort too.

All the safety trainers and work shoes on this list offer excellent value for money, maximum protection, and a tonne of comfort.

Best Safety Trainers For Comfort

Based on our extensive research we have found these to be the top safety trainers on the market.

1. Scruffs Switchback High Top Trainers

Our pick for: Best Overall Safety Trainers

he Scruffs Switchback are a high-top work trainer that have been getting a tonne of positive online reviews.

They offer the comfort and look of a typical trainer, but the outright protection of a heavy work boot.

It’s the kind of safety trainer that you’re able to wear straight out of the box and go to work, without breaking in. If you’re after a UK brand that cares how you look at work, Scruffs are the brand for you.

In our opinion, these are the best safety trainers money can buy.

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2. DeWalt Krypton

With a steel toecap and composite mid-sole, the DeWalt Krypton safety trainers have everything you need to protect your feet. They’re the perfect work shoes for cold and wet weather.

With an antibacterial footbed, they’re a great solution if you want lightweight footwear that also has the extreme protection you need. These trainers stand up well to long-term use and are incredibly comfortable.

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3. DeWalt Cutter

At just 1.33 kg, the DeWalt Cutter safety shoes are about as lightweight and comfortable as it gets.

It’s the perfect shoe for trades people who want durable footwear, with plenty of protection around the toe and sole areas. You’ll get a grippy sole, reducing the chance of slips or falls at work, and a steel toe cap for outright protection.

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4. DeWalt Logic Low Profile Trainers

The DeWalt Logic Low Profile Trainers are about as protective as safety shoes get. You’ll get a steel toe cap delivering protection from up to 200 joules of impact.

And, there’s also plenty of protection in the mid-sole area. Like all DeWalt safety trainers, one of the big benefits is its lightweight build.

Sitting at a mid-range price point compared with other safety trainers, the focus here is outright comfort and extreme durability.

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5. Scruffs Haze

With a compact steel toe and steel mid-sole, the Scruffs Haze safety trainers have all the protection you need from lightweight work trainers.

It’s the sort of trainer that doesn’t take long to get to that comfortable state and breaking in takes days rather than weeks.

If you’re looking for cheap, these are the best safety trainers for you.

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6. Dickies Tiber

Whilst the Dickies Tiber safety shoes don’t look dissimilar from the trainers you find on the high street nowadays, the Tiber comes with a composite toe cap and anti-penetration sole. So, you can look cool at worth, but stay protected at the same time!

The problem with a lot of work shoes and safety trainers, is lack of water resistance, and that’s something you’ll get with Tiber; bonus!

You’ll also get excellent grip thanks to the moulded sole. The mesh and microfibre mean your feet get every chance to breathe, and they’re one of the most comfortable and cheap safety trainers on offer.

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7. Dickies Hiker

Another low-cost pair of Dickies safety shoes that don’t look all that at first, but deliver everything you need, including excellent water resistance.

Fitted with a 200 joule steel toe cap and a shock absorbent heel, this is a popular choice in the construction industry.

If you’re looking for cheap work shoes, no frills, but excellent durability; the Dickies are for you.

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8. Dickies Storm S1-P

You get great style at a low cost with the Storm; a pair of high-top work safety trainers.

It contains a 200 joule steel toe cap, with steel across the mid-sole for underfoot protection.

The outer sole is highly slip resistant to SRA standard, and there’s the advantage of a shock absorbent heel.

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9. Apache AP318SM

If you’re looking for a trainer style safety boot that is both functional and comfortable, the Apache AP318SM certainly hits the mark.

It has a strong steel toe cap and midsole protection with an S1P safety rating that makes it suitable for most environments.

A good choice for those who want a lightweight pair of work trainers that are solid in wet conditions and a great all-rounder.

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10. Apache Vault

The Apache Vault might look a little on the unimaginative side but if you’re after safety trainers that do the job, this is a great choice.

It has an aluminium rather than steel toe cap, which adds to the lightweight feel of the shoe.

If you’re worried that it won’t be able to take the pressure like a steel toe cap, most reviews suggest that you don’t find much difference. While it’s not the ideal safety trainer for high impact areas, for builders and DIY addicts it’s a reasonable alternative to heavy work boots.

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11. CAT Moor SB Trainers

Next, we’ve got the CAT Moor SB.

With full grain leather and an antibacterial cushioned insole and footbed, you may be paying a little more for these work trainers compared to other brands, but what you’re paying for is the best-of-the-best.

The Moor SB comes with a high non-slip rating and solid steel toe cap with mid-sole protection.

With plenty of support around the foot area, this will suit all kinds of construction work you can think of.

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12. CAT Streamline Shoes

Similar to the Moore SB, the CAT Streamline safety shoes, aren’t just protective, they’re cool-looking too.

The CAT Streamline shoes are more suited to light work rather than anything heavy, but does have a composite toe cap that provides plenty of protection.

It’s ideal for light construction work, driving or warehousing.

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13. CAT S1P

If you’re looking for a low cut pair of safety trainers, the CAT S1Ps are for you.

You don’t compromise on safety as it has a steel toe cap.

And, it’s perfect if you don’t spend all your time on a building site, but want comfort combined with durability and protection, as and when you need it.

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14. Amblers Kyanite

Let’s face it, most work safety shoes are incredibly ugly.

But, that’s not the case with the Amblers Kyanite.

This looks more like a traditional trainer but comes with the highly-protective steel toe cap and anti-penetration midsole.

With extra moisture wicking, it will also keep your feet dry on-site.

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15. Amblers FS40C

A shoe that complies to S1 EN ISO20345 P HRO SRC Safety Standards, the Amblers FS40C has a composite toe and protection for the mid-sole area.

Available in a range of different colours, you can expect to grip the floor solidly, reducing the chance of a slip or fall at work.

And, thanks to their excellent durability, they’ll keep your feet reasonably cool even when you’re working hard.

They’re also one of the most comfortable pairs of safety trainers you can buy right now.

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16. Amblers FS42C

If you don’t want a fully-fledged boot and prefer something low-cut and sleek looking, the Amblers FS42C safety trainers will be right up your street.

The breathable mesh keeps you comfortable all day long and the composite toe cap and mid-sole provides lightweight protection.

Not the perfect shoes for heavy duty work but if you want something that’s light, durable and comfortable, this is a cheap option, but a worthy contender for your cash. It’s a popular choice for builders, gardeners and those who work in busy warehouses.

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17. Dr Marten’s Gunaldo

Dr Marten don’t produce many safety trainers but the Gunaldo certainly ranks up there with the best.

For those looking for more than just a good trainer and want plenty of style as well, the iconic Dr Marten’s design is all over this product.

With excellent water resistance and a strong steel toe cap, these shoes will not only feel like one of the most comfortable safety trainers, they look awesome too.

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18. Goodyear GYSHU1503

The Goodyear GYSHU1503 are colourful safety trainers that come with anti-slip outsoles. They’re one of the best safety trainers in terms of outright looks.

You get protection from a composite toe cap, and they’re a great shoe for both casual wear and light construction work.

Compared to other safety trainers on the market, they’re actually a lot more flexible, but still offer support. If you’re looking for a hard wearing but comfortable work shoe, these are the ones for you.

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19. Goodyear GYSHU1532

Next on our list, the Goodyear GYSHU1532, a slightly more toned-down version of Goodyear GYSHU1503, this too has an S1P composite toe cap.

With an oil resistant sole and plenty of grip, this is a safety work trainer that is suitable for most light jobs.

It doesn’t take long to break the shoes in and they’re one of the best looking.

Looking for one of the most comfortable work trainers on the market? The Goodyear GYSHU1532 are for you.

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20. JCB Trakmid/GB

With a slip resistant outsole and anti-pierce midsole, as well as composite toe cap, the JCB Trakmid/GB is a work safety trainer that looks the part and doesn’t disappoint.

This is a relatively stylish safety boot for JCB and reviews highlight the fact that it’s very lightweight but also extremely durable.

More comfortable than many work trainers with steel toe caps out there, it’s a great choice for long working days, where you need to be on your feet all the time.

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21. JCB 2CX/B

This is another high quality, durable safety shoe that works in most environments and is built to last.

With all the waterproofing you need, the JCB 2CX/B are a little heavier than some other shoes on the market but if you’re looking for sturdiness and plenty of protection they definitely fit the bill.

They’re highly breathable, making these one of the most comfortable work shoes available.

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22. Timberland Split Rock Pro

More of a boot than a trainer, but if you want the trainer style safety boot and don’t want a high ankle, the Split Rock Pro looks stylish and provides all the support you need.

There’s a composite safety toe cap but the mid-sole is steel and you get plenty of protection where you most need it.

These are work shoes that are intended to last, so the more premium price tag is worth it if you want both durability and functionality.

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23. Timberland Pro Powertrain

The Timberland Pro Powertrain is another low-cut boot/shoe that’s a worthy contender for your cash.

There’s an impact and compression resistant toe cap and high mid-sole anti-penetration that keeps your feet safe at all times.

It’s flexible and easy to break in while being sturdy and durable enough to handle most light DIY and construction work.

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24. Black Hammer 9007 Waterproof S3

If you need something that’s waterproof but still a trainer, the Black Hammer 9007 Waterproof S3 safety trainers are for you.

With a composite toe cap and strong grip, this is a shoe that meets all the latest EU safety regulations for work footwear.

What’s more the product comes with a six-month warranty and is one of the most comfortable safety trainers on the market today.

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Safety Trainers Brands: Buying Guide

Undoubtedly, there’s a huge amount of choice out there nowadays when it comes to safety trainers and work boots. Picking the right brand and style for your individual needs can be confusing and cost isn’t always a sign that you’re getting what you really want.

We hope our rundown of some of the top brands on the market today, help you make that choice.

Most people look for a combination of style and functionality but, at the end of the day, maximum comfort and maximum protection are generally the most important factors.

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What Are the Best Safety Trainer Brands?

The list below covers the most comfortable and best safety trainers brands, offering excellent value for money.

But, if you’re not a fan of any of the recommendations, just make sure you stick to the best safety trainer brands on the market. The top brands produce a range of boots, shoes and trainers suitable for construction sites, driving and even warehousing.

  1. DeWalt

DeWalt produce an excellent range of safety trainers, suitable for most budgets.

If you’re looking for a hard wearing product that’s built to last, this is a great brand to go for. They’re a company that often rate highly among reviews for being some of the most comfortable trainers on the market.

  1. Scruffs

Scruffs work trainers should be top of your list of brands offer workwear.

They’re a fairly new company compared to some of the big players on the market but they’ve quickly gained a strong reputation, particularly among construction workers and enthusiastic DIYers.

  1. Dickies

With nearly a century producing high quality trainers for a wide range of industries, Dickies tend to focus on the cheaper end of the market. If you want cheap and comfortable shoes, they’re worth checking out.

  1. Apache

It’s amazing how many UK based safety boot companies there are, and Apache is one that you should have your eye on.

If you’re on a construction site anytime soon, you’ll certainly notice plenty of builders wearing their boots. Comfortable and durable, the Apache safety trainers tick all the right boxes and more.

  1. CAT

CAT is probably one of the most well-known names in safety footwear. When you’re after a reliable product you can trust repeatedly, CAT should be on your short list.

  1. Amblers

Another UK company that focuses exclusively on work safety boots, Amblers are worth checking out.

They offer cheaper options than many other more well-known brands but that doesn’t affect the quality on offer. If you want a good solid trainer that does the job, at a price you can afford, you can’t do much better.

  1. Dr Marten’s

Formed way back in 1901, Dr Martens is often associated with popular fashion but has long been a staple of the work boot manufacturing industry.

While they may be a little more on the expensive side, you can always expect comfortable work shoes that really last.

  1. Goodyear

When you think of Goodyear, you may think of tyres. Their range of safety trainers aren’t too bad either. Should you be after some footwear that give a big nod to style but also comes in at a respectable price, they’re well worth a look at.

  1. JCB Workwear

If you’re looking for value and durability, JCB are another popular choice. Their products are seen around construction sites and across a wide range of other industries. For those who want a no nonsense safety shoe that meets all the current health and safety requirements, JCB safety trainers are a perfect option.

  1. Timberland

Probably one of the most popular brands around the world when it comes to work safety boots, Timberland may cost more but they deliver the quality and comfort you are looking for. Their boots are also durable, and they’re well worth the initial investment.

  1. Black Hammer

Black Hammer are a company that produces a broad range of safety and work wear. Their boots are becoming increasingly popular for their durability, sturdiness and value for money. If you want a brand that delivers on expectations and which you can rely on, this is one of the best.

Parting Words

Thanks for reading our guide to the best and most comfortable safety trainers and work shoes.

Still got questions, or used a set of shoes that you’ve got an opinion on?

We’d love to hear from you. Drop a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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