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The 5 Best Rigger Boots With Ankle Support (2021 Review)

Welcome to our 5-minute review of the best rigger boots with ankle support. If you jump onto any ecommerce store, you’ll see dozens of rigger boots on offer.

The question is, which ones are going to provide the most ankle support and be the most durable?

Rigger boots

We’ve included our top pick for the best rigger boots with ankle support (both overall and for those on a budget). And, we’ve offered a couple of alternatives for comparison’s sake.

Best rigger boots with ankle support

Below are the 5 best recommendations for rigger boots — so there’s one to suit every budget.

1. DeWalt Tungsten [Waterproof]

Our Pick For: The Best Rigger Boots On The Market

First on our list of the best rigger boots for tradesmen, we’ve got the DeWalt Tungsten.

These are waterproof rigger boots for site work, rather than those that are simply water resistant “enough” to work in muddy conditions on occasions.

Ankle Support

Cheaper boots compromise something to weigh in much cheaper. That might be ankle support, waterproofing, or durability.

There’s no compromise here.

The DeWalt Tungsten, like the Scruffs (below) have upper ankle support built into the leather.

So, if you have a small slip, you won’t be having weeks of work with a dodgy ankle!


As these are waterproof boots, DeWalt has made sure they’ve built in breathable fabrics.

So, if water does get in over the top of the boots, moisture will be wicked away quickly keeping your feet dry.

And, there’s even a removable padded insole for those that have flat feet.


The DeWalt’s are built to last.

They’ve got a steel penetration resistant midsole, stitched seams, and ridiculously thick durable soles.

Basically, if you can’t make these rigger boots last, you’re a true grafter – respect!


What most cheap rigger boots don’t incorporate into their design is oil and petrol-based resistance.

The DeWalt soles repel both oil and petrol, so that’s going to reduce the chance of a slip/fall on-site (and weeks off work).


Are the DeWalt Tungsten rigger boots cheap? Nope.

There ARE cheaper boots on the market.

But, if you’re looking for value for money (i.e. comfort, safety/protection and durability) over just “cheap”, then they’re worth the cash.


Online Reviews

The online reviews are mostly positive for the DeWalt Tungsten.

The only negatives I could find relate to:

  1. They fit a little loose (solved: buy a size bigger)
  2. They lose their waterproofing after 6-12 months (solved: almost ALL waterproof outdoor products need re-waterproofing after 6 months – I use NikWax).


They’re one of the more expensive on our best rigger boots list, but they’re definitely worth the cash.

The DeWalt’s just offer that little extra in terms of ankle support, durability, waterproofing and even sole resistance to oil/petrol than anything else on this list.

If you want the best-of-the-best and have the budget, this is where we’d be heading.

Check price on Amazon

2. Apache Traction (Waterproof)

Our Pick For: The Cheaper Alternative To Dewalt’s Tungstens

OK, so you need a set of waterproof rigger boots like the Dewalt Tungstens, but don’t want to fork out that much £££?

You need the Apache Traction boots.

Ankle Support

The stiff TPU shell on the Apache Traction boots is going to offer you ankle support that rivals the DeWalts.

And that support is held together by Honcho leather, so you get flex AND support at the same time.


Your feet are staying dry with these Apaches – they’re waterproof.

But, if on the off chance you still manage to get wet, there’s a breathable liner built-in, so moisture is going to dry quickly.


And like the Dewalt rigger boots, the Apaches are built to last.

You’ve got a steel toe cap, tough outer shell, and mid sole protection – perfect for hard site work.


The EVA sole is comfortable and durable.

More importantly, it’s anti-slip!


These boots sit in the perfect mid-range.

Expect to pay around £60, so around £20 more than the cheaper boots on this list, but still around £20 saving when compared with the Dewalt safety boots above.

Online Reviews

Check out the online reviews for yourself.

There are a tonne of buyers saying how good these boots are for the money.

The only note is that like many other rigger boots, buying a “size-up” is probably a good idea.


The Apache Traction rigger boots are a pure contender for the DeWalt Tungsten, and not just because they’re cheaper.

They’re great for:

  • Wet and muddy site work, as they’re waterproof
  • Site workers working 5-7 days a week (they’re tough)
  • Those without the budget for the more expensive DeWalt’s

Our view?

If you’ve got the cash, head for the Tungsten’s.

But, if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, the Apache Tractions are the best alternative…

Check price on Amazon

3. Scruffs Gravity Safety Boots

Our Pick For: The Best CHEAP Rigger Boots

There’s no doubt Scruffs produce some quality workwear for tradesmen.

But, what about their safety boots?

Ankle Support

The leather on the Scruffs Gravity boots is flexible.

But, it’s slightly stiffer on the ankle, offering some support.

The whole of the ankle area is padded to offer that little extra protection on-site.


The comfort doesn’t just come from the ankle padding.

The Scruffs Gravity rigger boots have a thick fleece lining. It’s breathable enough that you’ll not get sweaty feet in the summer but offers enough insulation to keep your toes warm in the winter.


The thick leather is triple stitched to stop seams splitting, and you’ll get steel toe caps, as well as a steel mid-plate protection.

That’s not just giving these rigger boots that extra protective boost, it’s making sure they’re going to last too.


The first thing that wears out on most work boots is the sole. That’s why Scruffs have made sure the ones on the Gravity are extra durable.

That’s combined with a SRC slip rating, reducing the chances of a slip or fall on site.


And here’s the thing that makes the Scruffs one of the best rigger boots on the market; they’re dirt cheap.

Typically, you’d expect to pay £60-90 for quality boots from leading brands.

For Scruffs? You’ll be looking at forking out around £40.

Online Reviews

It’s worth going and checking out the 100s of online reviews for the Scruffs rigger boots.

They don’t have the MOST reviews online, but they have one of the highest number of positive reviews when compared with competitor products.


The Scruffs rigger boots tick all the boxes.

  • Cheap
  • Comfortable
  • Provide plenty of ankle support
  • Perfect for muddy and wet conditions
  • Breathe well enough to be used in summer and winter

Looking for the best rigger boots with ankle support (but on a budget)?

You won’t go wrong with Scruffs…

Check price on Amazon

4. Dickies Safety Rigger Boots

If you’re looking for alternatives, we’ve got a few more to consider, including the riggers from Dickies.

Ankle Support

The ankle support for the Dickies comes in the form of a PU/rubber on the outer of the ankle.

That’s enough to protect your ankle from twisting, but not much else – so it’s pretty-basic.


The main source of comfort here comes from the lining inside the leather.

Dickies have lined the leather with mock fur. That’s going to keep your feet warm and dry throughout the year.

More importantly, the upper leather is water resistant, so these boots are perfect for muddy site work.


The Dickies are more about durability than comfort. They’ve incorporated a thick leather which offers support (but again, is focused more on durability), as well as a TPU scuff cap both on the heel and toe.

There’s a steel toe cap for foot protection, and the soles are heat resistant up to 300°C.


These are cheap rigger boots, that offer a lot of bang for your buck. In fact, they’re one of the cheapest on the market (at least, from a well-known work wear brand).

Depending on what promotional deals are on offer, you could be paying as little as £40, and that makes them roughly half the price of the Dewalt Tungsten’s.

Online Reviews

The online reviews for the Dickies are extremely positive, with most buyers saying they’ve lasted a year or more on site, doing 5-6 days per week.


For cheap rigger boots, the Dickies are certainly a contender for the Scruffs Gravity.

They’re great if you’re:

  • On a tight budget
  • Need water resistant boots that keep your feet dry for muddy site work
  • Don’t wear rigger boots every day

If you wear rigger boots a few days a week, you’ll be saving a tonne on the Dewalt’s by buying the Dickies.

However, if you wear safety boots daily, you’ll want something with more durability, ankle protection and that are waterproof, so our suggestion there is definitely the DeWalt Tungsten (#1 on our list).

Check price on Amazon

5. Apache Safety Boots

And don’t forget about the Apache Safety Boots, a definite competitor to both Dickies and the Scruffs Gravity.

Ankle Support

Like the Dickies and Scruffs, you’ll get a padded ankle area, with supportive leather.

The difference here is that this integrates directly with the heel support system, offering a much more rigid ankle/heel area (and consequently, more support).


What a lot of rigger boots in this price range lack, is a sole that’s focused on comfort.

Alongside the support in the ankle/heel areas, the shock absorbing sole certainly helps.

And, it’s a noticeable if you get ankle or knee pain.


You’ll get a sole that’s tested up to 200 degrees which is dual density, a steel toe cap and mid sole protection.

And, that means the Apache rigger boots are going to last.


It’s not just the shock absorbing characteristics and durability of the sole on the Apache’s that’s impressive.

Not many boots in this price range resist both chemicals and oil, but the Apache’s do.

And, that’s going to mean less chance of a slip or fall on site.


Expect to pay under £50 for the Apache’s.

And, that puts these boots as not just one of the cheapest ones available online, but in a similar price bracket to the Dickies and Scruffs.

Online Reviews

Like all the boots on this list, the feedback on the Apache’s from online reviewers is positive.

The main takeaway though?

Buy a size bigger than your usual shoe size.


A great rigger boot for the money. If you’re planning on buying the Apache’s, you’ll be getting:

  • Great value for money (they’re cheap)
  • A boot that can resist oil and chemicals (less chance of slips/trips)
  • A durable sole that’s perfect for rough site conditions.

Check price on Amazon

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 5-minute review of the best rigger boots for construction work, inclusive of ankle support.

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Looking for other workwear?

Check out our post on trousers and shorts.

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  1. I have had two pairs of the dewalt and they have come a part at the heels.from 21st October 2018 to 2nd January 2019. So do not think much of them

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